This is set 2 years later.

"Tara Lee. Get your little butt out here."Jo called.

Then her two year old daughter came running into the lounge room.

"Hello mummy " she said sweetly.

"Hello sweetie, come on get dressed and then we can go see the boys."Jo said, helping Tara Lee put on her favorite dress.

"Remember what I said. We have to get some payback on Steve. Don't we."Jo said, putting her in the her car seat.

"Yes."she replied, playing with her doll.


"Morning guys."Jo called.

"Morning."Steve said, walking out of the change room. "Is that the Tara Lee I know."

"Yes." Tara Lee said, giggling.

"I don't think so. The last time I saw her she was smaller. Are you sure?" Steve said, tickling her.

"Yes."she replied, still giggling.

"Morning Jo."Mike said, as he walked through the doors.

"Morning."she replied, looking up from her file.

"Shouldn't you be coming back soon?" he asked, sitting down at his desk.

"Yeah. Next week." she replied, smiling at her daughter who was throwing pencils at Steve.

"Jo did you tell your daughter to get revenge on me or something?" he asked, grabbing the little girl and tickling her.

"Maybe."she replied. " OK no more Tara Lee."