"Mummy!"Tara Lee yelled from her room.

"Yes baby!" Jo yelled, back walking out of her room and into her daughter's.

"Why are we going to a nice dinner?" Tara Lee asked as her mother helped her put on her favorite party dress.

"Because. Von is leaving the hospital and you have to come and be good. And no throwing food at people." Jo said, fixing up her earrings.

"Oh. You look very pretty mama." she said, walking out the front door towards the car.

"Thank you baby. Hop in." she replied, buckling her daughter in.

At the restaurant

"Hey is Jo here yet with Tara Lee?" Gabby asked, walking up to Steve who was waiting outside for her.

"Not yet. Wait hang on. That's her car." Steve said, holding Gabby around the waist.

Jo hopped out of her car and went around the front to the other side and let Tara Lee out who ran up to Steve.

"Hey." He said, as Gabby picked her up.

"Hey. Sorry about that she won't sit still long enough." Jo said, walking up to them.

"Beautiful dress." Gabby commented, walking inside with Tara Lee on her hip.

"Thanks. Hopefully she will start to get tired a little later. I can't drink anyway. Have to drive home."Jo said, walking in behind them. Everyone stopped and stared before going back to talking.

"What a single mother can't bring her daughter here because the babysitter is out of town at the moment." she mumbled to herself.

"I heard that." a voice said from behind her.

"Oh. Hey Von." Jo said, walking up to the older woman.

"And this must be little Tara Lee." Von said, walking up to the little girl.

"Yes." she replied is a quiet voice.

"You look just like your mummy." Von said, standing up straight and walking over to Frank and Mike.

"Thanks."Jo said, grabbing a water.

"Ahh. The monster has come." Frank said, picking her up.

"Yeah. More than likely she will start to fall asleep in about an hour and a half." Jo said, watching as Frank put her in her high chair next to her mother's chair.

"Thanks Frank."Jo said, sitting down.

An hour later

"Steve. I'll be back soon. I need to put her to sleep."Jo said, standing up during the dinner and picking her daughter up and taking her out onto the balcony.

"Shh baby. Go to sleep." Jo said, swaying back and forth.