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Love Unexpected chapter 1

Not caring, not curious, not interested—those were the three things that described May Maple as she sat at her desk in Room 249C of Lilycove University High, where her Pokémon Contest Appeals class was taking place. She appeared for all the world to be paying attention to the lesson when in reality, she was secretly thumbing a text on her PokéNav to her one of her best friends, Gary Oak, under her desk.

Two seats behind her, another one of her best friends, Dawn Berlitz, had put down her own PokéNav to look up to the front of the room—just like everyone else in the class—where a new male student was being introduced by the teacher, Mrs. Pennington.

"Class, I'd like you to all meet Andrew Hayden. He has just transferred here from LaRousse City and will be joining us for the rest of the year, so please help make him feel welcome," the kind fifty-seven-year-old woman said in a friendly tone, completely oblivious to the way the class had already welcomed Andrew.

The guys had all looked away from Andrew, either from loss of interest or jealousy at their new threat. Meanwhile, the girls remained transfixed by him, their mouths slightly agape in awe. His tousled green hair, his emerald green eyes, his chiseled face, his tall, toned body—everything about him captured their attention. They found themselves unable to look away.

The boy was not unaware of this fact. "Please call me Drew," he requested with a smirk on his face as he scanned the females in the room. He was rather pleased when he noted that he had dazzled them more with his handsome smirk.

But then his pleasure was met by disappointment when his eyes fell on a girl in the room, the only one not looking at him. Her eyes were suspiciously glued to something in her lap. He took note of this and resisted the urge to frown in dismay. He was not accustomed to being ignored by members of the opposite gender. The feeling was foreign to him and he loathed it, but he refused to show his irritation over some girl who had yet to show her face. Perhaps she had not yet seen his face from behind the curtain of her brunette hair. Surely she would become interested when she got a look at him.

At least the rest of the girls in the room were clearly attracted to him.

Beside Drew, the short Mrs. Pennington continued to smile.

"Of course, Drew. You may take the last empty seat beside Lily," she said, giving him a pat on the back before she turned to the class. "Lily? Could you raise your hand please?"

Lily, a pretty girl with long, plum colored hair, shot her hand up into the air. Her eagerness to have the hot new student sit beside her was evident, earning her a couple of dirty looks from her fellow female classmates. She received more after Drew sat down in his assigned seat and gave her a smile. The poor girl nearly shriveled up under their heated glares.

After Drew's introduction was over, Mrs. Pennington retired to her desk to prepare for the day's lesson. Animated conversations buzzed in the air as everyone began to discuss Drew, who had already begun to chat up Lily. The girls who sat around them made their attempts to enter the conversation, some succeeding and others failing. Dawn, who sat two rows down from where Drew was sitting, studied him inconspicuously. When a thoughtful opinion of him developed in her mind, she turned her attention to her PokéNav to thumb a text to May, whose attention had yet to leave her own.

December 2, 8:13am
To: May
From: Dawn
New kid's pretty cute, don't you think?

May frowned down disapprovingly at the text message that her PokéNav currently displayed on its screen. Her thumbs danced across the keyboard to type a response.

December 2, 8:13am
To: Dawn
From: May
Don't you have a boyfriend?

December 2, 8:14am
To: May
From: Dawn
Yes, but he's not here now is he? ;)

At the last text, May snapped her head up and swept her hair back from in front of her face to look over at Dawn. The girl stared back at her with a naughty glint and a mischievous grin, eliciting a loud laugh from May. Some students broke away from their conversations to look over at her. Mrs. Pennington peered up from her glasses.

"That's not a PokéNav in your lap, I hope, Ms. Maple," she expressed disapprovingly though her face clearly hid amusement.

May hiccuped a final giggle and indiscreetly cupped her PokéNav in between her hands. "Absolutely not, Mrs. Pennington," she assured with an exaggeratedly innocent smile.

Mrs. Pennington simply chuckled and looked away from May to shuffle some papers.

Drew, on the other hand, found himself unable to look away from May. She sat a few seats away from him, but she had caught his attention the second she had laughed—and she was continuing to hold it. She had already returned her attention to her PokéNav when the teacher had looked away, but her hair was tucked behind one ear this time, allowing him full view of her face. His mouth was slightly agape as he took her in.

She was a modest kind of attractive, yet impossibly alluring. Her skin was a creamy ivory tone, void of any blemishes save for the bit of darkness beneath her eyes, but it did not take away from their beauty. They were a brilliant sapphire blue color, framed by her full and slightly arched eyebrows. Her nose was not too high though it was slightly too wide, but it did suit her. Her pink lips were the only feature that seemed to be unfit for her face. They were almost too sexy for her otherwise youthful features, and Drew wondered how it would feel to kiss them. He unconsciously licked his own lips as he pondered over the feeling.

She was intriguing. Beautiful. Breathtaking. He could not look away from her, even when she and the rest of the class looked up at the front of the room. It was not until an amused smile began to play at the corner of her lips that he actually turned away to follow her stare.

The room had gone quiet when a girl with black hair appeared in the doorway. It was clear that she had just run to class as she gripped the doorway to catch her breath. An exasperated grin stretched across her lips as she heard the snickers of some of her friends in the class, including Dawn and May. When she was able to compose herself enough, she began to make her way to Mrs. Pennington's desk.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Mrs. Pennington. My usual ride to school failed me, so I had to ride my dragonite, but I ended up getting lost," she explained, offering the teacher a sheepish smile.

"You're only lucky that the lesson has yet to start, Ms. Ko," Mrs. Pennington said with a stern expression. But then, she chuckled and waved her hand dismissively. "Go to your seat, Natalie."

"Thank you, Mrs. Pennington!" Natalie said, smiling graciously, and then turned in the direction of her seat.

She walked a few steps before she realized that there was someone occupying her desk. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she turned back to look at Mrs. Pennington.

"Uh, Mrs. Pennington? There's someone in my seat," she noted.

Mrs. Pennington's eyes traveled up from the binder that she was flipping through to look up at Natalie, and then over at Natalie's seat. Her eyes landed on Drew, who was slightly slouched in the seat with his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He cocked an eyebrow at both of them, wondering if he was about to be asked to moved and not liking the idea.

"Oh goodness, how silly of me, I assigned Drew the wrong seat," she chuckled with a shake of her head. "Drew, honey, you can take the seat in the seat next to May. May, raise your hand please."

Said girl flinched at the sound of her name and directed her glance to the front of the room. With the hand that she had been using to text, she quickly slipped her PokéNav into her boot while she raised the hand that she had been propping her head on. Her eyes were wide with surprise and exaggerated innocence.

Drew suppressed the urge to chuckle as he turned his head to look at her along with most of the class. One look at her and he immediately rose from the seat, convinced that this class was going to be a fun one. He struggled to contain his excitement as he waited for Natalie to arrive at her seat.

"I'm sorry for taking your seat," he apologized with a charming smirk as he gestured to the chair. "You can have it back now."

"Thanks," Natalie replied sweetly, the corner of her lips raised in a smirk of her own.

She managed to catch a good glimpse Drew as he passed her, noting that she had never seen him before. After a quick assessment of him from head to toe with her eyes, she decided that he was rather attractive. The moment she slipped into her seat, she pulled out her PokéNav to send texts to Dawn and May to inquire details about him.

December 2, 8:19am
To: Dawn, May
From: Natalie
Has that guy always been in our class?

December 2, 8:19am
To: Natalie
From: May

December 2, 8:19am
To: Dawn, May
From: Natalie
Thought so. I'd notice someone that hot.

December 2, 8:20am
To: May, Natalie
From: Dawn
See? I'm not the only one that thinks so!

December 2, 8:20am
To: Dawn, Natalie
From: May
You both have boyfriends!

December 2, 8:20am
To: May
From: Natalie

December 2, 8:21am
To: May
From: Dawn

At the last sent text, Dawn stifled a giggle and Natalie bit back a laugh. Snapping their PokéNavs shut, they turned to look at May. She rolled her eyes at them for their behavior, but it was evident that she was not actually annoyed.

As Mrs. Pennington stepped up to the board at the front of the room, May shut her PokéNav, too, and retrieved her pen in preparation for any notes. From the corner of her eye, she saw Drew kid sitting down in the empty seat beside her, but she paid him no mind until he spoke up.

"Hi, I'm Drew Hayden," he said, a kind smile in place of his smirk as he offered his hand.

"Hey. May Maple, nice to meet you," she replied, returning his smile as she took his hand.

The handshake between them lasted longer than average, making May slightly uncomfortable. When Drew finally let go, she immediately tucked her hand in toward her stomach and returned her full attention to the front board.

Drew watched her as she did so, noting her disinterest again with frustration. He didn't understand it, didn't understand her. He didn't understand why she wasn't immediately inquiring details about him, or at least showing interest like all of the other girls. They had all pined for his attention, nearly squealing with delight when they managed to capture some of it. This girl, May, didn't even seem to care whether or not she got any of his attention. In fact, she didn't even bother to give him any of hers. And it annoyed him. Annoyed him beyond belief.

"Do you not like me very much?" he blurted, unable to contain himself as his frustration grew with every second he spent pondering over her lack of interest in him.

To his relief, May actually turned to him despite her not being sure if his question was directed at her or not. When she saw that he was looking at her, her eyebrows knitted together.

"What makes you think that?" she asked.

"Well, for starters, you don't seem to be as interested in me as your other female classmates are," he told her, sounding like a professor who was trying to decipher a new discovery, as if her disinterest was truly something mind-boggling and unexplainable.

May rolled her eyes at him, unable to believe his arrogance. "Not every girl is going to swoon over you. There's bound to be one who isn't interested," she deadpanned and turned away, prepared to leave their conversation at that and ignore the arrogant boy for the rest of class. Or the school year.

Drew, however, did not seem ready to drop their conversation. He ignored the sting of her comment and forced a smirk.

"There never has been," he remarked in response.

That got May's attention. She snapped her head in his direction, her mouth slightly agape in disbelief. How was it possible that someone could be that openly conceited? His smirk seemed to be screaming the word arrogant while his eyes twinkled with a naughty glint similar to that of Dawn's earlier in the class. But unlike Dawn's, Drew's did not make May laugh. She would have gotten more pleasure from wiping it off of his face.

"I guess I'm the first then," she retorted and then turned away, determined more than ever to ignore him.

Luckily for May, Mrs. Pennington had turned around to shush the class in order to teach the lesson. It helped May for a moment, but after a few minutes, Drew was back to trying to draw her into conversation. May found herself constantly checking the clock and rolling her eyes.

The end of class just could not come fast enough.

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