The Curly Fry Theory

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Teen Wolf related. Shame.

Pairings: Derek/Stiles, Scott/Allison

Characters: Derek, Stiles, Scott, Allison, Lydia, Jackson and Danny

Spoilers: Takes place after Episode 1X13 so possible spoilers for that I guess?

Author's Note: I can't seem to get myself away from cutesy little Derek/Stiles stories for some reason. I really am working on some porn I just can't seem to stop getting sidetracked. Sorry! Hope this is okay anyways. Reviews are love!

"Are you insane! Curly fries are ten times better than regular fries." Stiles eyebrows had fled into his hairline at the incredible lies that were spewing from his best friend's lips.

"Chill out Stiles. I was just saying that I can see what Allison is saying. Regular fries can be as good as curly fries. It all depends on where you get them."

Stiles flailed his arms out helplessly and Jackson had to duck out of the way before he got smashed in the face. "Hey!"

Stiles ignored him in favor of turning to Lydia across the room. "Are you hearing this?" Lydia rolled her eyes in response and went back to typing out a text message. Stiles mouth opened and shut in disbelief. "So is this really what you think or is this another one of those, because Allison likes it I like it kind of deals, because if it is that is not cool Scott. Everyone should have their own fry favorites. This is not something that should be decided by others. Not every couple has to share the same fry brain."

Scott frowned at him in objection but before he could speak the door to the front of the house opened and Derek walked in carrying a couple of take out bags. Jackson sniffed the air noticeably while Scott attempted to hide his own nose's interest by faking a nuzzle into Allison's shoulder. Stiles simply bounded out of his chair and trailed after Derek into the kitchen.

"You would not believe what Scott just told me. He just tried to argue that…" Stiles trailed off at a glare from Derek.

"Would you shut up for a second and help me unpack this stuff." Stiles scoffed inelegantly but reached his hands into the bag anyways and started tearing the food out. Once he had gotten all of the burgers unloaded from one bag he reached for the other.

"I was just saying that Scott still amazes me sometimes. I mean I know that he has a girlfriend now but does that mean that he can't even have his own opinions anymore. If I had a girlfriend I certainly wouldn't be agreeing with everything she said especially if it involved my choice of…." Derek cut Stiles off again by cuffing him on the back of the head and reaching around him to the other bag.

"Did you ever think that maybe that's why you don't have a girlfriend?" Stiles frowned and grabbed the bag back.

"What! Since when has individuality become a bad thing?"

"Don't worry Stiles I'm pretty sure it's not your individuality that's keeping the girls away." Stiles turned just in time to see a quick upturn of lips before it was quickly replaced by Derek's default face.

"What is that supposed to mean? I'm a great catch. I'm fun, charming, witty…"

"…Annoying, clumsy, unable to shut up for more than two minutes at a time."

Stiles sputtered for a full minute before he finally found his words. "I'll have you know that I can shut up whenever I like…I just choose not to."

Derek snorted and grabbed the burgers off from the countertop. "Now you just need to find someone that will put up with your mouth and your looks. Good luck."

Derek's back disappeared into the living room and Stiles scrambled to grab the other bag before he followed after him. "I am very attractive!" Everyone in the living room looked up at Stiles' outburst before casting their eyes toward Derek.

Derek leaned back into the couch cushions and pinned Stiles with a stare. "Oh yeah. Says who."

Stiles crossed his arms over his chest defensively. "Danny. I asked him (more than once actually) and he agreed I was attractive. Right Danny?"

Stiles pinned Danny with his own stare and Danny shifted uncomfortably for a second before he shrugged. "Yeah, I said it." Jackson and Scott both gawked at him while Lydia and Allison just smiled. Derek looked slightly murderous. "What! He wouldn't stop asking me so I told him what he wanted to hear. Sue me." At that Danny ducked his head and took a huge bite out of his burger.

"See. That doesn't count." Derek grabbed a burger off the table while Stiles almost launched the second bag at his head.

"How does that not count. He still said he found me attractive!"

"Yeah but he only said that because you annoyed him into saying it."

Stiles bristled and leveled his glare at Danny. "Fine. Tell them now Danny. That way they can tell if you're lying or not."

Danny took another bite of his burger while he looked pleadingly at the others in the room to save him.

Lydia was the one who finally broke the tension with one of her patented sighs. "You're attractive Stiles. I know it, Danny knows it, the whole room knows it. We just don't tell you because we don't want it to go to your head or give you any ideas about how we feel about you. There. See. That wasn't so hard now was it." She glared at Danny and he smiled back in silence.

Stiles grinned wide and threw his hands up in the air in triumph while Derek rolled his eyes. Then Stiles bounded over to the spot between Scott and Jackson and ripped open the second bag.

"Thank you for your honesty Lydia." He peered around Jackson and sneered at Derek. "See, I told you other people think that I'm attractive. Just wait, I'll have girls hanging off me before you know it."

Derek didn't reply. He just tightened his grip on his burger and glared at the rest of the room in silent disapproval. Stiles continued to gloat.

When everything had finally settled into a tense silence Stiles started pulling out the rest of the food. When he finally opened the last box in the bag he quickly shot a look at Scott. Scott peered into the box and snorted. "How's that for your theory?" Stiles was silent for a minute before he got up and pushed Jackson over so that he could sit next to Derek. Jackson flailed for a minute before he righted himself and glared daggers into the back of Stiles head.

"So, what are your thoughts on pizza toppings?" Derek raised an eyebrow as Stiles pulled a curly fry out of the box on his lap and stuffed it into his mouth.