Thanks for the reviews on this one. :) This will be the last chapter. I know I was originally going to do Larry's POV but I don't think I would do him justice.

Title: Strength
Author: Cindy Ryan
Notes and summary: See part one

Amita had heard of panic attacks she'd just never thought she'd experience one. She had read about PTSD and knew the symptoms but had thought she'd been coping with the kidnapping.
Apparently not.

The young professor sat huddled on the floor of Charlie's shower at eight that morning. Five days after her rescue. Hot water streamed down hitting the shower wall just above Amita's head. Her hands shook violently and tears flowed down her face. Sobs wracked her body and Amita found it hard to breathe.
Rationally Amita knew she was safe. Knew she was home. It had to have been the nightmare that had triggered the panic attack. Remembering the nightmare had brought everything about the ordeal back in crystal clarity.

Between her sobs and the running water Amita hadn't heard the knock on the door.
Hadn't heard Charlie call for her as her fiance poked his head in to the bathroom.
Amita barely noticed as Charlie turned the water off and knelt next to her. Briefly disoriented the young woman jumped and pulled back when Charlie lightly grasped her right shoulder. After a few minutes Amita felt the panic and fear subside and she met Charlie's worried gaze. She buried herself in his arms.
Neither caring that she was getting him soaking wet.

"Sssshh, sweetheart, you're safe."Charlie whispered as he rubbed Amita's back. "You're safe, I've got you."

Amita clung to Charlie for several long minutes before composing herself and pulling back. Charlie retrieved a blue towel and wrapped her in it as he gently pulled Amita to her feet.

"I'm sorry I got you wet."Amita apologized with a sniffle.

"Doesn't matter."Eppes soothed as he brushed a wet strand of hair away from his fiance's face. "You scared me when you didn't answer."

"Sorry."Amita replied quietly. "Panic attack."

"Triggered by the dream?"Charlie inquired with concern.

Amita nodded wordlessly as she interlaced her right hand with Charlie's.

"You need to talk to somebody."Charlie suggested. "Even if it's not to me."

Tears came again and Amita hugged Charlie. "I know...I love you."

"I love you too."Charlie replied huskily. "You can tell me anything...we're in this together."

They stood there for several minutes wrapped in each others arms. Amita was never more grateful for Charlie.
For his strength.
For his love.
It was the only thing keeping her from falling completely apart.
Amita knew with Charlie by her side she'd recover from the kidnapping and move on to their new life together.