In the beginning, the Creator spawned two life forms to bring forth the new world. They were the Kantuva, and they brought forth the Gods. Of them were four great Gods who began the creation:

Aene, of the earth.

Ilco, of the sea.

Duré, of the fire.

And Kaere, of the wind.

Together, they massed together the strengths and powers of their brothers and sisters to create the universe under the watchful eye of the Lord of Stars, Haidele Netting-star. Inspired by the power of the Fire Everburning, the Gods created the Sacred Realm.

There, they built great temples and lights in their honor to praise their creator. Beneath them were servants who carried out their wishes, and beneath them were the offspring of the creator's thought for whom all was made. In harmony, all life existed to praise the glory and majesty of the Gods and of the Creator. There was much rejoicing.

But amidst the noise and clamor, there stifled a thought of doubt. Amongst the lesser creatures, a rationale for glory and self-worth had come to disturb the peace. And lo! the god Akron himself bade them to ask the question: "What of me?"

Inspired by this desire to sing their own songs, create their own themes, a group known as the Interlopers sought to claim hidden treasures within the Sacred Realm. They began to war with their brothers and sisters, and soon brought rebellion to the Gods. These Interlopers found favor in the eyes of Akron, and their greater servants found power in the form of dark magic with which to dominate.

The Gods themselves found war in their numbers as Akron deceived them to believe one of them began this affair. Almost entirely, the Sacred Realm turned to darkness as the lamps of the world were brought down in battle, the temples desecrated, and the lands fraught with death. Soon, the world had broken and the universe was sucked into the Void.

Alas! Such was the fate of the world, and such was its beginning: death and chaos.

But not all was forsaken to entropy, for three clever goddesses saw opportunity in the din of evil. Out of the destruction, these three reformed the universe.

Din, who is the strongest and most passionate of gods, reshaped the mass and made a celestial body of it so that life and law may prevail upon it.

Nayru, who is wisest of all gods, constructed the physics and laws that govern the universe and all its creatures.

And Faroré, who is the most gracious and inspiring of gods, brought life to the universe that they may uphold the Law and sustain itself.

When the Triune had done all this, the Gods had seen the error of their ways and found peace. They set aside the Sacred Realm and had replaced it with a new one, which they called Gaia. In it they established their dominions on the bodies that dwelled within its vast and spacious depths. The most powerful of these gods, to include the previously named four along with the Triune, found their kingdom to rest upon the body known as Yleia. It was here they established the standard by which all Gods would govern their worlds.

Because of his treachery, Akron was cast into the Void to dwell for all eternity, until Creator returns to make a second paradise.

Of the lesser creatures who had also committed sin, the Gods had left the good-hearted to deal their punishments. In such fashion, the balance had been secured once more and the inhabitants of the universe could grow and develop.

However, there grew doubt amongst the Gods as to whether this new world would destroy itself as the previous one had before. In response, the Triune made a pact:

"The fate of mankind, the universe and all that rest within it shall be set forth by these Newdwellers. We will it that all life live and let live, for to live is to praise the Gods, and to love one another.

"Alas, evil dwells in the hearts of Man even as Akron waits in the deep Void. Even the Gods do not know what the future entails, save what Lady Ordona has sworn never to speak. Therefore, we leave the fate of the universe in the hands of man. And we shall give that man the power to do whatever is wished through our very power."

At that time, the three departed from the universe to dwell with the Kantuva and the Creator, leaving behind a relic of magnificent power that carried the sum of all their powers, to include the power of their greater sister Ordona. This relic, called the Triforce, seemed to bear resemblance to the majesty of the Fire Everburning, and was just as alien to all creatures and deities. The Triforce was laid to rest in the Sacred Realm under the watch of the Hero of Time, who in times past had overcome the doubt of the people and preserved the will of the Gods.

Such was the creation of the world, now but a legend to these new dwellers. Ages passed and wars ravaged Yleia as persons sought the power of the Triforce. Some had found doorways leading into other dimensions aside from Gaia, but none were able to harness the power of the Triforce. Servants of the Gods forever fought for the preservation of the new world and its peoples.

Then there came a beast of man who had seen the eye of Akron, and that beast's name was Ganon. With the thirst for power in his heart, the evil sorcerer wrought an empire of death and massacre which almost brought down the dynasties of all ancient civilizations. Powered by some heritage to the Interlopers, Ganon had spawned an era of darkness.

But then came the Hylia, a race of mortals descended from the very servants of the Gods. It was the Hylia who struck down Ganon, and they do so with the power of the Gods. At his destruction, the Hylia established Hyrule Kingdom with Triforce, which their sages locked away before vanishing from history. Any trace to their origins was wiped away to secure secrecy, to hide the door to the Sacred Realm.

All power corrupts absolutely, and so mortals continue to search for this Triforce.

This here is a collection of stories of several individuals of Hyrule at the dawn of its golden age, during a time of war and of economic prosperity. At its onset, war pitted neighbor against neighbor for the balance of power before peace could be established. However, behind everything, a master pins many strings to all puppets for absolute control of the scene.

Behold these tales which establish the Legend of Zelda.