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A few days, maybe a week had passed since anything significant had happened in the cell the three boys shared. Conner had held them together though flimsily. Right now, his main concern was Wally. Even with both he and Kaldur giving extra bits of their food to him, the boy was quickly growing weaker. Prison food wasn't very plentiful or delicious in the first place, but with Wally's metabolism, it was verging on lethal.

The cell door opened, causing the boys to look up. Two officers entered the cell. "Mini-flash," one of them spoke harshly. "You're coming with us." He moved over to grab Wally, but Conner stepped in his way, barring the man's path with a growl.

The man reached for the button to activate Conner's collar, but was stopped by a voice from the door. "I think it will be better suited to our needs to conduct business here." The boys and the officers both turned to see Question and Wonder Woman standing in the doorway.

Question, obviously the one who had first spoken, walked casually into the room. The officers exchanged looks, and left.

Conner stood in front of Wally and Kaldur defensively. "What do you want?" he asked.

Question reached inside of his coat pocket and pulled out an item, a small energy bar. Wally looked up, his eyes hopeful at the prospect of food.

"I thought so. Prisons do ignore the meta-human needs regulations," he muttered, sounding quite satisfied with himself.

Diana rolled her eyes. "Let's get to the point here. We're going to be asking you some questions, and you are going to answer them."

"Why would we do that?" Conner asked, trying to sound resolute.

"Because, you don't have a choice," Wonder Woman replied as she pulled her lasso from its place at her waist and skillfully wrapped it around Kaldur, who had been standing inanimately behind Conner.

Artemis landed softly on the ground in front of the gate, quickly incapacitating the three guards. "Go time," she muttered, vaulting over the gate while shooting an explosive arrow at the door beyond.

Artemis rarely had a chance to use her real skill level. Her father's training had put her on a level where she could go hand to hand with Black Canary, but she never showed that level of prowess until now. (It would have caused too many questions). As she ran though the building, knocking out guards that came at her, rushing for the room where her sister (non-biological) was being held, none of that mattered. She was going to save Me'gan, fuck consequences.