I wrote this after my Bio test. It's just a OneShot and I don't intend to do anything with it. But I might use the song in a different fic I also started during Bio. I don't own anything except the exceptionally cute scene, not the character or the song (although one day I will kidnap Naya and keep Lea as my little pet attention whore).

Santana had had enough. She'd had enough of friends. She'd had enough of glee club. She'd had enough of life. She'd even had enough of love. As she rushed through the halls of William McKinley High School, she just wanted to take her anger out on someone.

Now that she had a destination in mind, she slowed her pace slightly, just enough so that her heels didn't make any sound against the linoleum tiled floor. People instinctively moved out of her way, all afraid they would be the target of the Latino's rage.

Santana knew if she opened her mouth she would burst into tears, that was just how shitty her day was. So she decided on and much more efficient approach and, as her target rounded the corner, she raised her hand and slapped it hard across Rachel Berry's face.

Rachel stood there in shock for a moment, Santana guessed it was the surprise of being slapped and not slushied. Santana glared at Rachel with all the hate she could muster, but it didn't feel like enough.

Just over Rachel's shoulder, Santana could see Brittany, watching with concern. Santana missed Brittany's warm, safe, comforting embrace, but she felt hurt now looking at Brittany's worry. If she were truly worried, why didn't she come and comfort her? Santana knew why.

As if on cue, Artie wheeled himself up to Brittany and took her hand in a possessive manner. Santana knew she couldn't win against him.

A single moment of weakness was all it took. Without thinking, Santana was out of her heels and wrapped in Rachel Berry's embrace.

The waterworks were set loose. Rachel didn't ask questions, she just rested her head on to of Santana's and softly began to sing.

Dancing bears, painted wings
Things I almost remember
And a song, someone sings
Once upon and December

Someone holds me, safe and warm
Horses prance through a silver storm
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory

Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember

And a song, someone sings
Once upon and December