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She felt the adrenalin pumping through her veins at an incredible speed. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She had been out on the stage almost a billion times before and never once did it bother her quite like it did this time. What was the reason for her sudden panic? Well, maybe it was because she was so young when she played her first gig that the reality of the situation never really bothered her. She just seemed unaware of how important the Gorillaz were at the time. Then, there was the El Manna video which skyrocketed to epic proportions. That was the begging of her starting to realize that these gigs were more than just gigs, they were showcases. If she screwed up one bit, she would always sink to a new low after the show. On top of that, the atrocious dress which Murdoc ordered her to well didn't settle well with her stomach as well as her brain. It was just completely degrading. When she first showed it to the gang, Russell almost killed that little green goblin of a man. However, he did point out a very good point. "If it worked for Madonna," He stated, "It should work even 10 times more for Nood-luv."

And that's how Noodle found herself standing on a platform under the stage, dressed in possible the skimpiest lingerie ever, waiting for the song "Dare," to begin. Tonight was a big night and it seemed as if though everything was going against her. It was their first show in nearly 7 years, and most of the band was a bit rusty. She could pick out Russell making a couple of mistakes rhythmically on the song, "Clint Eastwood." On top of that, this was the return of her. The return of Noodle. What would the audience think? They were use to the old bucket and bolts that was the cyborg at this point. Now, the flesh and blood Noodle was back at her rightful position on the throne. But she had grown up. Would the audience be shocked to see Noodle, sweet innocent Noodle, fully developed and grown. Not only that, she was in slutty lingerie. Many of the audience members might be sick.

But the biggest thing that disturbed her was the fact that she, herself, was rusty. Playing in the studio provided her with all the time in the world that she needed to collect herself and play a rift or sing a melody. But in the concert atmosphere, it was all out or bust. There was no time. The only time was now, and she felt as if her knees were going to buckle.

At that point, a man walked up beside Noodle. He wore kaki Jeans and sported a black Gorillaz crew member t-shirt. Equipped upon him, was a headset microphone, to which he received the message, which he relayed to Noodle.

"30 seconds Noodle." Steve the crew member stated.

Her pupils began to dilate. Her heart rate increased to a point of internal combustion. She was frightened. But, she was ready. She stood firm as she stared up to the ceiling towards her. Gears under her platform began to shift and the trapdoor above her began to open. The song which the rest of her fellow band mates were on had officially ended with Day La Souls epic laugh. The crowd cheered tremendously. The stadium was roaring with applause. It was as if though the audience thought the Gorillaz was going to end it there.

Oh no. it was only the begging.

The platform began to rise. All the lights in the stadium had shut down immediately. Dry ice flooded the floor. Behind the band, the screen flashed images of the "Dare," music video. It was a brilliant masterpiece of image and sound. The platform had finally gone up high enough for Noodle to peak her head out and see the audience. She was awestruck. The place was jammed pack. It left her breathless for a few moments. But then, she regained her composure and got in her posture for the song. She looked ready, fierce, and carried around this image of a rock god. At this point, no matter how much resentment and fear Noodle had about this moment, there was no going back. It was time.

"It's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up…..IT'S DARE!"

"Ugn," Noodle released her grunt into the microphone as the lights beamed on immediately and drastically.

The audience lost their fucking heads. The noise level was so powerful that the band couldn't hear their own instruments for a second. This left Murdoc with a feeling of elation and self-righteousness. They were almost like the Beatles. Hell, the way Noodle was smiling, she felt like she was bigger than the Beatles. This was not the reaction she was expecting. The audience was extremely happy to see her return. They greeted her in a way that made her heart rise in spirit. Had this been her first time performing anything, she probably would've missed her cues. Fortunately for her, it wasn't. And like a professional, she crossed the stage to her points, and began to sing.

"You've got to Press it on you, you just think it, that's what you do baby, hold it down dare." She sang fluently with excellent pronunciation.

The crowd simple went ape shit; especially the young guys from 13 on up to 21. They were going berserks. Their minds were warping themselves around this new and possibly improved image of Noodle. And their hormones simply couldn't take it. The reason for such a colossal and hysterical reaction towards Noodle was because…..she was HOT! She was defiantly not the small girl that most of the male audience members discovered back in the days of their debut album. The Asian rock guitarist had transformed herself into this absolute sex goddess. No man was leaving that stadium without a dirty thought in place.

Except for one man. He held his back stage pass in his right hand as he stared in humble satisfaction at this amazing girl. He sat in the far back of the stadium to the point where Noodle herself on the stage was nothing more than a dot. But the screens developed her face very largely, and this man now had the opportunity to stare at this rock n roll idol in worship. However, he did not only cheer in sexual amazement. Moreover, he just cheered in appreciation. He was delighted at how attractive she was, but he never saw her as just a sex object. Instead, he saw her as an amazing, talented woman whom he couldn't wait to meet backstage.

If destiny had a look, it was this. For this man would in the future, be more than just a fan. In fact, he would be a vital and important person in Noodle's life. And his name was Clarke Gibson.

The show was a tremendous success, as signified by how loud the mass had applauded after the ending of "Feel Good Inc." None of the Gorillaz members would dare argue with their audience, for they most certainly agreed with them. The comeback tour was spectacular, and 2-D, Murdoc, Russell, and Noodle couldn't wait for the upcoming venues. Goodbye Montreal; Next Stop, Staple Center in Los Angeles, California. And the fun didn't stop there. Soon, there would be shows in New York, Texas, Florida, and the train didn't end right after the northern hemisphere. Epic Arena and Stadium gigs from Brazil to Italy were rapidly approaching.

While most bands would feel burdened with all this incoming pressure, this bad felt otherwise. In fact, they were extremely giddy for all the extra work coming their way. It had been ages since the band toured together, and as the saying goes, 'it feels good to be back.' And it felt even better because this time, they were going as 'friends.' No longer were they at each other's throats like in the early days. (Although occasionally, Murdoc and 2-D would gind themselves within a tussle, but that was just unavoidable). No, this time, they actually legitimately liked each other as people, and they were going to spend much more time together. It was going to be a blast.

But as of this moment, there were more important matters at hand; such as who would be worthy to hang out with the Gorillaz back. As Murdoc began walking down an unknown path towards the line that waited outside their dressing room, the fan reactions started like a bucket of water. First came the initial splash as one teenage girl looked up and recognized Murdoc's sleek green figure coming towards her, then the downpour erupted when she exclaimed, "OH MY GAWD! IT'S MURDOC!" and the ladies' scream would last for an eternity. Hands flew out of the line grasping photos, posters, t-shirts, and albums waiting for their signatures to be placed upon them.

Murdoc smiled. Nostalgia never loses its touch. And apparently, his appearance never lost its touch among the ladies either. Taking his hands out of his pockets, he calmed their blistering hearts and proclaimed the news.

"Aright now," he began with a cackle and a devilish smile that made their hearts melt. "Now, I'm sorry to say that I was just informed by our tour manager that we can only bring 10 people backstage with us. So we will have to pick and choose." At that moment, people in the line gave off one big exasperated sigh of frustration. "However," Murdoc continued, "I promise that we will sign everything you've got for us to sign. So-" Murdoc was immediately interrupted with the sound of frantic fan screaming that rattled his ear drums and shook his core. Then, the room got quite once more, and he ventured forward. "So, if you please sit tight and wait, we will begin autographs. Starting with you," Murdoc stated with a laugh and a sly smile as he leaned in closer to the one dark haired woman who appeared no older than 32. "Hi, how are you doing?"

And thus began the autograph session. Many things were sign. 2-D would even leave with the satisfaction of knowing that he actually signed a baby. It was truly bizarre. But what was really strange was the fact that while Murdoc got the most requests, Noodle was second in line. Even though there were boys within the line that got their memorabilia signed, many girls were actually impressed by Noodle's come-back. The guitarist didn't care. She rather enjoyed the fact that she made a subliminal impact equally amongst the genders.

But all that came crashing down when she got to Becky Whilston, a super fan from Quebec.

"Hi," both the girls exclaimed at the exact same time and in equal pitch fluctuation.

"How ya doing?" Noodle asked, always being the polite one.

"Fantastic. I'm standing in front of one of my idols!" the fan girl squeed in excitement.

"Why thank you." Noodle stated in an almost southern bell style. "What do you have for me to sign sweetie?"

"Oh, just this autograph book," the girl exclaimed as she pulled out a leather black pocket notebook from her pockets. She gave to Noodle, who flipped it opened as was shocked to see so many recognizable signatures. "I've been collected them since I was 8 and my parents took me to see Styx's annual reunion tour." She gave off. "I'm hoping to one day complete the entire book and sell it on Ebay or something."

"I gotta say," Noodle declared as she flipped through the pages, "I'd rather not sell this. You've got some amazing signatures on here. Though, I do agree as to why you'd want to sell it. Many of these autographs are extremely valuable." She paused as she read some names aloud. "Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, Thom York from Radiohead, Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Damn Girl, you got some skill."

"Yeah," she blushed in modesty. "But seeing you guys was the best. I swear my Boyfriend lost his shit when you entered the stage." Becky stated as she pointed at Noodle.

Murdoc, upon hearing this, was intrigued, and began to lean his head towards the lady and interject his piece into the conversation. "Really? I take it that he liked the clothes I picked out for Nood-luv.

Becky had two reactions at that moment. First was the preliminary and always active "Oh my GAWD! YOU'R MURDOC," reaction. Then, she answered his question. "Oh Hell yeah. By the Way, Noodle, I so totally want to buy that off you if I could get the chance."

Murdoc chuckled, as he was given the notebook from Noodle who had finished her signature. "Really now? What do you suppose you're gonna do with that lingerie? You gonna excite him before you shag his old bones out?"

Noodle gasped in surprised and playfully smacked Murdoc in the arm. "Murdoc, that's just mean."

"What, I'm only saying the truth." He replied with a grin as he eyed down the girl.

Becky laughed as her face flushed with pure redness. She was embarrassed and aroused at the same time; if ever such a mixture of emotions was possible. Then, she gave forth her argument. "Actually, I'm the older one in the relationship. My boyfriend is only 15."

Dead silence.

Murdoc and Noodle looked like deer's caught in the headlights as they tried to wrap their minds around what Becky had just said. It was simply astounding and it left them flabbergasted. They had never felt more awkward in their entire lives.

"um…..how old are you, If I may ask?" Noodle requested politely as her voice shook.

"18," Becky humbly replied.

"Your boyfriend's a player," Murdoc exclaimed with a smile as he finished his autograph on the book.

"He totally is," Becky stated with enthusiasm and a laugh as she received her autograph book back and placed it in her pocket. "Thank you guys so much." She said with a smile as she reached forward to hug them. They complied and both Murdoc and Noodle shared this hug with the strange teenage girl with red hair. When she pulled back, she made known, "Listen, I'm not going to go backstage because I understand you can have so many people in the room with ya."

"I'm rather sorry about that," Murdoc vowed.

"Don't be." Becky said with a giggle. "You signed my book and that's enough. Now, if you tell me where 2-D and Russell are…" she left the last part of her sentence hanging in the air mischievously, hoping Murdoc would pick up on it and direct her towards the blue hair front man.

He most certainly did, and with a smile he exclaimed, "Yep. He's just down the line." He pointed to the back where 2-D gave off his toothless grin as he posed in a picture with two other fan women.

Becky squealed in excitement, and then she turned to Murdoc. "Thank you so much." She stated before she rushed down the line towards 2-D.

Murdoc smiled as he watched this woman barge her way through oncoming traffic just so she could get a signature from face-ache. Watching the fans for some reason brought more delight to Murdoc now than it did back in the early days. Maybe the bassist had finally managed to grow a heart throughout all those years.

He was brought back to reality with the repetitive sound of a tapping foot. He noticed Noodle glaring at him intensely, with a smile that was far from friendly. He wondered for a brief moment why she would be so drastically pissed off. Then, she made her terms known. "So…a 15 year old boy saw me almost naked."

Murdoc smiled as he placed his hands on his hips, almost mimicking her. "Well, he'll be leaving with a happy memory. That's for sure."

Noodle attacked, flinging herself towards Murdoc, and grabbing his throat. She didn't squeeze, but she didn't have a loose grip. It was more of a reminder, to tell Murdoc whom she was and why she was not to be trifled with. "Maybe you don't seem to be following me here." Noodle proclaimed much more intensely. "A minor almost saw my lady parts." Then, she made her request known. "That's it! I want a different costume. I am no longer going out in that skimpy thing."

"But the fans loved it." Murdoc explained to her without yelling or screaming, (which was a first). "Besides, I think you look rather good in that outfit."

"It doesn't matter." Noodle whispered viciously in amazement. "What if something ripped and I was exposed."

And that's when a new voice chimed in.

"I would've rather enjoyed that." A male voice called out from the line.

Noodle turned to face her delinquent…. And her heart stopped.

He was somewhere around 6'2 to 6'3; being over a foot taller than Noodle and outweighing her by only a couple of pounds. But that was just muscle mass; pure, unadulterated, brilliant muscle mass, that wasn't too showy, and yet gave him a define, slender toned up body. He wore a blue 'Plastic Beach,' t-shirt and sported a beautiful hair cut which could only be described as a shaggy crossover between a bowl cut and a mullet. It was strange yet fantastic at the same time, and shinned cleanly and bright black. In between his fingers, was a recently lit cigarette, which he promptly placed back into his mouth as he walked closer to Noodle.

"although, I was paying much more attention to how magnificent you sounded tonight," he conjectured as he finally stopped at the edge of the ropes. Then, he held out his hand. "By the way, the name's Clarke."

For the first time ever, or at least in Murdoc's eyes, Noodle stuttered. "um….y-y-y-yeah. Hi….y-yeah-hi.'

Clarke chuckled. "Do you usually react this way around fan boys?"

"No!" Noodle called out in surprise. Her brain screamed horrible things at her, such as you dullard. Now he'll never be attracted to you! "Not at all. Just…..you know…..fraternizing…and…stuff."

Clarke chuckled, knowing the effect that he was having upon Noodle. Although he wasn't prepared for such a reaction, he quite well welcomed it. It was rather enjoyable; to know that one of his rock goddesses actually found him as attractive. It certainly was mind blowing. But the amazing thing was, Clarke never showed it. He was one suave motherfucker.

Suddenly, at that moment, another personal from the Gorillaz crew came rushing up with their headset on, and clipboard handy. The person whispered in Murdoc's ear. "Your road manager Tony just told us to wrap up the backstage passes." And then was off like a flash.

Murdoc made his selection. Not surprisingly, they were all girls, all girls with big hooters for that matter.

But this left Noodle somewhat angry because Murdoc didn't select Clarke. She wouldn't admit this but she was looking forward to getting to know the man. Know, it seemed as if though that dream was gone. She turned to talk to Clarke, and apologize for Murdoc's ill-behaved and unwise backstage selection, when she realized that he wasn't there. Clarke had simply vanished. Like some nocturnal creature, she darted her head around desperately seeking Clarke. She turned completely around and found him soulfully and lonesome traveling away.

"Hey, wait up!" she called out as she ran towards him.

Now, at this moment, Murdoc was holding on to a blonde hair lady bridal style and wiggled his tongue out in front of her for her amusement. 2-D, however, was looking out at Noodle when he noticed her starting to run away. He tapped Murdoc on the shoulder, drawing his attention towards him. Murdoc placed the lady down, and was about to give face-ache a piece of his mind, when he looked towards where 2-D was pointing. He also noticed Noodle running towards the strange man, and smile slyly as he watched the events about to transpire. It was almost like a parent watching their child go after love.

Clarke turned his head towards the fare lady who dashed her way towards him. Once she reached her destination, she held her knee's as she was somewhat out of breath from sprinting so quickly. Then, once she regained her composure, she tried her damnest to speak fluently. "I was wondering….since you didn't make it backstage….is it possible….if you can go out for a drink with me?"

Clarke smiled. "That would be lovely." And then, against everything she knew about the world, he held out his arm for her to grab.

She was stupefied. "um…what's this?"

"Well I certainly don't know the way myself." The charming young man replied. "I was hoping a fare lady such as yourself would be up for the task. Are you?"

"Certainly," she stated with a smile and a laugh as she clutched his arm and began walking. They made casual steps through the hall and as they did so, they shot each other question back in forth. Before they reached the door, Noodle found out that Clarke was a videogame designer working a Berthesa Studio's. It made her eyebrows raise that's for sure.

As they turned the corner, 2-D leaned towards Murdoc's ear and whispered, "Tis' wood certainly make a good drunk stowry. Woodn't it?"

Murdoc only smiled. "It certainly will."

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