Author's Note: So, like the description says, this entry will entail a series of oneshots devoted to the Juliet/Mr. Carpenter relationship. Carpenter will be played by Jason Dohring on the show, and his first episode will be October 18th. There will be no particular order to these, necessarily. As of right now, I have about four oneshots written, and will no doubt continue to add on to the collection. They will have very little (if any) romantic connotations, however. I'm sticking with the brother-figure, mentor angle. I'll let you guys know if that changes. However, since the writers did reveal that Juliet WOULD be harboring feelings for Carpenter, I'm sure you can expect certain undertones from me in these drabbles at the very least. Plus, as usual, you guys are up to interpret however you like. ;P

This one specifically would take place after Carpenter "rescues" Juliet from a bully at her new school. This is all guesswork on my part, since the episode hasn't aired yet, and no one's sure how the scene of him rescuing her actually goes down. (Again, sorry, once the episode actually airs, some characters might be slightly OOC. All guesswork, remember.)

Two chairs faced across from the principal's desk in Ms. Edgar's office. In the one on the right sat Juliet, looking positively livid and making no effort to hide it. Ms. Edgar arched a stern eyebrow as her shrewd gaze swept over the girl appraisingly. "Do you realize how much trouble you're in, Miss Martin?"

"Are you serious?" Juliet spat out venomously. It was her first day and she was already in the shithouse. And for something that wasn't even her fault. There was no justice.

"Starting fights?"

Juliet glared, but a loud bark of laughter emitted from the individual in the chair on the left.

"Defending one's self against the terminally stupid teenage boy holding her down on the ground," Mr. Carpenter recited with a mirthless snort. "Edgar, you can't really be considering punishment here."

Ms. Edgar was clearly surprised. "Are you forgetting that Miss Martin also struck you, Mr. Carpenter?"

"That was a misunderstanding. I grabbed her arm to help her out of the way once Jared was incapacitated. She took it to be one of his friends coming after her. Honest mistake."

"She gave you a black eye," Ms. Edgar insisted.

"Which will heal in about a week," Carpenter replied, clearly at a loss on its relevance. The subject of the principal's reasoning seemed to flummox him in general. "You really think I'm going to press charges against a seventeen year old girl for socking me in the face? When she was just trying to defend herself?"

Ms. Edgar pursed her lips, conceding the fact. "And your handling of Mr. Adamson? A student?" she inquired. "From what I hear, he was rather shook up and had to be taken to the school nurse."

"He deserved it," Juliet interjected, looking harried. Besides, she was the one who had given Jarhead the bloody lip and broken nose.

Carpenter appeared relaxed, however, looking unprovoked and untouchably calm in his seat. "I pulled him off of Miss Martin and restrained him. Does that qualify as being shook up, these days? If Mr. Adamson would like to file a complaint against me, I'm here from eight to five every weekday."

Ms. Edgar frowned. "From the sounds of his squawking, he might."

"Then let the record show that Jared Adamson needs to grow a set."

Juliet tried to disguise her stunned burst of laughter behind a cough. Ms. Edgar merely sighed, massaging her temple briefly. "Very well," she said. "Miss Martin… frankly, I'm not sure what to do with you. Tread carefully these next few weeks, please? Mr. Adamson's parents are very opinionated, and very rich. A hazardous combination when incited. The fewer headaches that make it past my door, the better." Ms. Edgar glanced witheringly at the clock over all their heads. "I suppose this conference is adjourned. Get out, both of you." She pressed her intercom with an air of eternal forbearance. "Beverly, please send in Mr. Adamson when he arrives."

Carpenter exited the office, reflecting upon the sheer lunacy that sometimes masqueraded as the school system. He halted though in his tracks at the loud banging coming from the small alcove in the hallway. He watched as Juliet pounded relentlessly on the vending machine, shaking it in frustration when it appeared to ignore her wishes. His forehead wrinkled in bemusement, and the tiny little thing let out a curse and glared through the glass as though she could intimidate the items out of it.

"Troubles?" Carpenter asked.

Juliet spared him a glance. "Yeah, this piece of crap ate my money. And that piece of crap in the principal's office ruined my lunch hour, so…" she trailed off, shrugging irately. She resigned herself to the loud protests of her empty stomach the remainder of the day.

Carpenter looked a little amused, but sympathetic towards her plight. "Yeah, I gathered. I seem to recall such events. Even picked up a souvenir." He dryly indicated the faint bruise on his face, but grinned ruefully. "It appears we share the same attitude towards bullies." To her surprise, he'd dug his wallet out of his back pocket, retrieving a couple fives. "Here," he said, extending them to her. "There's a deli across the street. Why don't you go get some real food?"

Juliet stared at him a little blankly, unconsciously accepting the bills. "I, uh, have a class," she started to say, knowing that she was already late as it was for whatever period beckoned her. Normally, she wouldn't care in the slightest, but she'd decided to at least put up a minimal effort to cause less trouble for what was left of the day.

Carpenter gave her a perceptive smile. "Juliet Martin, right? Yeah, you have my class right now." He glanced at his watch. "I think you can be to the deli and back by quarter after." He winked conspiratorially. "You have my permission. Amscray." He turned away, starting off towards his room before calling over his shoulder. "And look both ways before crossing, will you? My conscience would suffer a huge blow to its morale after having rescued you from Adamson only to have you get hit by a bus."

Juliet snorted, looking down at the money in her hand, only to suddenly then feel a swell of irritation at his comment. He hadn't rescued her!

If he'd only waited a minute, he would have been rescuing that dumbass from her. Alas, the Lit instructor apparently had reservations with standing idly by as a hapless teenage girl took on a harem of bullies by herself. Decent of him, if damn annoying.

Squaring her shoulders and scowling after the young teacher, Juliet turned on her flats and tromped out the door for the deli. Secretly thrilling at the promise of a turkey sub.

Secretly curious about what was to come when she returned in fifteen minutes and to the class that awaited her.