Beginning of a Future: The Truth Comes Out

**This is the sequel or after math of the first fanfic called "Truth about the Past". You can read this one without reading the other, however certain characters and memories/flashbacks won't always make sense…actually a lot may not make sense; but ultimately it's up to you. For everyone that read "Truth about the Past" hope you enjoy!~xox**

Chapter 1: (or 49 if your counting from T.a.t.P…just saying)

"Hey guys I think she's waking up."

"Huh?" Serena said as her eyes blurred from waking up from her sleep. "What's going on?"

"You just woke up from your snooze-fest Serena; you know after all that fighting you did against the evil Princess." Rei said in a matter of fact voice.

"Yes, we told your parents you had a bit of food poisoning and needed rest though. We wanted to make sure you were okay." Ami continued.

"Food poisoning?" Serena asked.

"Yea, it was the most likely excuse we could think of." Mina explained.

"I mean you're constantly eating anyway Serena." Rei added.

"Rei!" Serena said now scooting up to a sitting position on her bed looking angry at Rei. She looked around.

"Darien…where's Darien?"

"Sorry, but he didn't think it would be best if he came here." Lita said apologizing for his absence.

"You know what your father is like around Darien…" Luna added pouncing up on the bed.

"Yea, but don't worry. Everything is alright! I mean if it wasn't for Darien you probably wouldn't even…" Mina said smiling.

"SHH!" The girls said, as Lita put her hand over her mouth.

"Don't mind her Serena," Rei said in a kind of awkwardly cheery voice, "We'll let Darien tell you about it later."

"If you are feeling better a little later you should go visit him. He was quite worried." Luna added.

"Okay." Serena said nodding her head.

"Plus, tomorrow we're having a meeting at Rei's house." Artemis said leapt onto Mina's lap now quiet. "We need to continue our conversation from before all of this happened."

"Right." Serena said.

"We'll see you tomorrow kay Serena?" Ami said getting up to leave.

"Yea we should get going." Rei agreed.

"Bye Serena!" Lita said.

"Bye!" Mina followed holding Artemis.

She slumped back into her bed under her covers. It all felt like a dream; I mean now what was going to happen? Her eyes started to droop again. She was really tired. It's hard being a Sailor Scout, and a Princess, and save the world all in one day.

"Hey Serena where are you off to so fast?" Sammy said watching his sister pull a pink sweater over her head while trying to balance her way out the door.

"None of your business dweeb." She said finally pulling it over her head, as she regained her balance.

"Wow, up already? I'm surprised Serena, especially after that food poisoning. I mean no wonder you got so sick; you eat so much!" Sammy teased.

"If you only knew the real reason why I was 'sick'…" She thought. "I do not eat a lot." She said aloud to Sammy, weakly defending herself.

"Hey ! Where are you off to young lady?" She turned around to see her father standing in the kitchen with her mother by his side.

"Just to go visit a friend…" She said looking sheepishly away.

"Oh, and would that friend be Darien?" Her mother asked in a high lovey voice.

"Darien! That boy is too old for you Serena!" Her father said, getting defensive.

"Dad he's only like…" She looked to her fingers to count. "One…two…three…about three years older than me! Plus I'm eighteen now!"

"Darling don't you remember our love for each other? You are a few years older than me…" her mom coaxed her dad.

"Yes…but uhm…it's not the same!" He continued.

"Ignore your father Serena; he's just worried because his precious little daughter has grown up." Her mom said.

"Just make sure your back before dark!"

"I will Mom! Goodbye!" She said waving to her parents as she scurried out the door.

"I can't imagine what he would say when he hears Darien and I are going to get married…" She thought to herself, "Or if they ever find out that he's Tuxedo Mask…" Her stomach knotted quickly before it let go. "Oh well, there's not much he can do to alter this future." She continued walking at a fast paced down the street as she began to see Darien's apartment building.

Ding Dong!

"Who is it?"

"It's me Darien."

"Serena!" He said opening the front door to his lofty apartment. He smiled as soon as he saw her.

"Darien!" She said rushing up into his arms. It felt so nice there; so warm, so safe.

"So how are you feeling?" He asked.

"Better. How are you doing?"

"Great actually, now that you're here."

"Oh Darien, I'm so happy it's all worked out."

"I'm so happy you're here. I was so worried so many times yesterday that I was going to loose you."

"Uhm speaking of loosing me Darien, how exactly did you save me after I used the Silver Crystal…I don't want to be nosy or anything but…"

"Serena you're not being nosy. Here come sit down." He sat on his bed, and she sat beside him.

"I can't even start to explain what happened. I'm guessing the mansion just kind of disappeared with the dark crystal room. It was just me and you for a while. I couldn't find the scouts and well you were in my arms…"

"Oh Darien…" She said looking up to him. She could tell this was a touchy thing for him to relive but she was just so curious.

"It's okay. Anyway … Serena you know how your mother has come to you, kind of in an angelic or fairy like form. She's not really there but she is…"


"Well that happened. At first I thought it was Princess Malaena, but you saved her…and I guess she's in this world … somewhere. So it wasn't her."

"But then who was it?"

"Her mother Queen Esmeray…I mean Queen Sera."

"Queen…really? But how?"

" I don't know. Anyway she apologized to me for everything that happened basically. I really saw a different side of her that I don't think many people saw. She really is one of the moon kingdom…she even wanted to be called Queen Sera. Anyway she wanted to do us a favor so she gave me her dark crystal. I was amazed and I told her I would watch out for her people as a thanks."

"Wait, wait you have a dark crystal?" Serena said skipping ahead, slightly freaking out.

"No, no just wait. Serena, remember what the past revealed; that she made the crystal to do good, even if it used negative energy? Well I thought about the sadness, the mourning I felt for you, and how much I wanted you back. It then gave all its energy to you. It saved you. I see what she meant now; I see where in the past it all went wrong. I used my healing powers after to awaken you. But now I see what we have to do when we rule. We shouldn't rule biased. We should give everyone a chance, because then nobody can feel left out."

She looked up at him. He seemed so noble. So Prince-like. This is why she fell for him. "Oh Darien I couldn't agree more." She said smiling up at him. "Thank you!"

He looked down at her. He couldn't be happier to see her blue eyes shining up at him again. He put his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled up back, closer to him. He closed his eyes and the next thing they knew they were kissing."This is how I want it to be; to be in his arms forever." She thought.

"Hey Serena…when do you have to be back home?"

"When it gets dark…why?"

"Because I can already see the moon and the suns going down…actually it's basically down."

"Crap my father's going to kill me…but I don't mind. It was worth it." She looked up at him. Even it if had been just a short while of talking and well…kissing, she enjoyed every moment of it.

He smiled back at her. "Well I think it's about time you go back then. I don't want to get any further on his bad side than I already am."

"But I don't want to leave." She said in a slightly whiney voice.

"Well how about I drive you home then. You only live a few blocks away, it will be quicker so you won't have to walk home in the dark."

"And I can be home quicker so my dad doesn't have a cow."



"Goodnight Serena."

"Goodnight Darien. Oh, and the scouts are having a meeting at Rei's house tomorrow. We're going to discuss all that stuff about the future, and since well we have that dream thing cleared up…"

"I'll be there." He smiled back at her in the driver's seat of his red sports car.


"See ya Serena!" With that his car zoomed off into the night.

She looked at the passing tail lights in the dim light of the evening. She walked into her house.

"Serena was that Darien you dropped you off?" Her mother chimed in from the living room.

"He's got a car! He drives you places?" Her father said in the background.

"Yea, he offered to drive me home so I wouldn't have to walk in the dark."

"That was very thoughtful of him." Her mother approved.

"That was his car?" Sammy popped in. "That's an amazing car! I want a red sports car like that when I'm older!"

"You better get a good job then son." Her dad warned.

"Did you just complement Darien's job and car darling?" Her mother insinuated to her father.

"Uhm no…why would you say that?" He said as if he was lying, trying to shrug off the accusation.

"Hey when can I get my license? I'm old enough now!" Serena piped in trying to change the conversation topic.

"Hah you with a drivers license? That's deadly!" Sammy teased.

"We'll talk about that another time darling. Goodnight!" Her mother said as she started to walk upstairs to her room.

You know she hadn't really thought about it but Darien did have a nice car. And a nice apartment. And nice clothes…so probably a decent amount of money. Plus he was smart. What was it about him that her father couldn't possibly like? Oh she had such a catch. Darien was perfect. I mean he was a Prince…literally.

She flopped down onto her bed.

"Serena how was your evening with Darien?" Luna said pouncing on her bed, just as Serena got up to take her buns out to go to bed.

"Amazing Luna."

"Did he fill you in on everything that happened?"

"Yep, and more." She giggled to herself as she got ready for bed putting her p.j.s on.

"That's good. Now don't forget about the scout meeting tomorrow. The summer is here so you have no excuses for being late."

"Mhm." She mumbled brushing her teeth.

"I am serious Serena. Why don't you put on your alarm clock for tomorrow? You never use it."

"Luna I don't use my alarm clock because I have you." She said as she fell back on her bed.

"Well, well now, what happens if I decide not to wake you up anymore?"

"Don't worry Luna, Darien's coming. I'll be there…Goodnight…" She said as she turned away from Luna in her bed drifting off to sleep.

"Good and now that Darien's there, we can finally finish our conversation about the future…and everything that goes with it." Luna said circling in a ball at the end of the bed, before closing her eyes too, to go to sleep.

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