When People Cross Paths.

AN: So basically this story is about how Naruto winds up meeting a girl from a different time and place, yet has many of the same powers as him, and is willing to teach him due to her seeing a lot of herself in him. This girl, Amy, then proceeds to train Naruto so that he can become much better and so he can surpass even THE HOLY LOG. Eventually, two more OCs do show up and these two will help train the other Rookie 10 to become the best group of ninjas the world will ever see.

One more thing before we start. I am HORRIBLE at updating unless I am getting positive feedback so IF YOU LIKE THIS STORY AND WANT IT TO CONTINUE THEN READ IT AND REVIEW IT OR IT WON'T CONTINUE. I think you got the point. Now let's get on with the story.

"Log damn it."Naruto cursed under his breath, as he rocked back and forth on the swing that swung underneath a shady old oak that's leaves shone the colors of fire. Naruto had failed the graduation test again. This time he really felt bad, because he knew he just wasn't getting any better. A pair of pale lavender eyes noticed this from the front entrance of the school. This girl was Hinata, and something had welled up in her chest, which she recognized as pity. Hinata felt bad, because she knew he worked so very hard, yet he could never pass. She sees the boy is wearing the same clothes as usual. He is wearing the same orange jumpsuit and the same pair of goggles. Ko Hyuuga notices this and tells her not to pay any attention to the boy, but she wants to, even though she wants to help him, she leaves with Ko.

The second Ko leaves, a big noise resonated in the small school yard. Smoke enveloped the air in front of him as he lifted his head to see what the commotion was. The smoke was thick and heavy as Naruto tried to peer through it, but as it cleared he saw a girl lying sprawled on the girl, and it looked like she was unconscious. Naruto looked upon the woman who was sprawled in the crater where the explosion had occurred to see that the woman was truly stunning. She looked to be about seventeen to twenty years old, yet her face body showed signs of weariness and combat. The woman was wearing a pair of blue skinny jeans and red t-shirt and over top of that a leather jacket. Her hair was reddish orange color, though the strangest thing of all about her was, that scattered all around, what seemed to pieces of metal scattered about. Naruto walked down to the bottom of the crater, which wasn't that deep, to see if he could help her in any way shape or form. Naruto avoided the strange looking pieces of metal as he approached the girl, and as he did he heard a groan come from her. The girl seemed to be slowly regaining consciousness from Naruto's perspective, but one could never know she might just be having a good dream. Naruto was hoping for the latter so he wouldn't get have to explain what happened. Unfortunately for Naruto, that was not the case. The red headed girl slowly rose to her feet, and started to massage her temples it seemed with her eye closed.

"Man, I hate that guy. You, in the orange jump suit, where am I?" That was the first thing out of the girl's mouth, and left Naruto a solid first impression. She was absolutely useless.

"Well, you happen to be in Konoha, but why did you fall from the sky or whatever you just, do you think you could teach me that?" Naruto was partially excited, yet not very impressed by this girl. "Watch it to you're talking to the future Hokage you know."

"What the hell is a Hokage, and sorry about the kind of arrogant way I just said that, it's just that … well …. let's just say the last few days have been far from pleasant. By the way my name is Amy, what about you?"

"You're cool I understand my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am going to be the greatest Hokage EVER!" Naruto said this with a gleam in his eyes and a triumphant pose, as if he could do anything.

"For the second time, what the hell is a Hokage?" Amy was now pissed. The last few days truly had been particularly awful, and her patience had run thin.

"Amy, one question though, what is all this metal doing lying around on the ground? I think the village could put it to good use, except maybe that sword, I wonder if the old man will teach me how to use it. He is Hokage after all." Naruto just went on and on and on.


"Oh them, they are like the best of the best in this village and they pretty much are the leaders of this village, which is Konoha, duh." Sighed Naruto in bewilderment.

"Thank you. That's all I wanted to know." Amy sighed, yet unlike Naruto she sighed with exasperation.

"Anyway will you answer my question now. What is this metal stuff?"

"Oh that that's armor, you wear it for protection, though this stuff is extremely light and doesn't take much effort to run around in, but any way you are going to take me on a tour today, because you were probably the cause of all this."

"Not possible."


"Everyone hates me, well except the old man."

"I don't believe you."

"Then come to school with me tomorrow, and I will show you how much people hate me, and I'll even show you my house."