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About 3 months after Amy arrived:

Amy had been worked to the bone by Anko, but on a positive note Amy could now perform jutsus, and had already begun to create her own. Amy had also come up with her own fighting style as well, that for some odd author induced reason would work for Naruto as well. The blonde haired kid himself was confused to where the freak Amy had gone. He had been kind of sad about it even though she had been a little annoying she still was pretty nice to him. He had hoped that she could help him, though he was glad that Nee-san had shown up in Konoha to train him. All these thoughts whizzed around the poor kids head as he sat in class looking at Iruka with an expression upon his face that epitomized the definition of boredom.

2 Months earlier:

"That girl, she was trying train the boy. I see, well…. as long as he does not cause any harm then I guess I can pick up where she had left off." Wittcutter mused out loud to himself as he stood in the shadow of a large oak tree in the corner of the Academy school yard. He was currently stal- I mean observing Naruto's skills, and was unimpressed to see the value that the girl had seen in the kid. His gut was telling him to help the kid, and from his past experiences Wittcutter had to trust his instincts for they were usually right.

If he was going to train him, though how should he go about it. There were several options, he knew for a fact that the Tiger Birthing option would not work in the least. That kind of training was meant for some one of a shy disposition, and this kid as far as he could tell was not shy at all. Though Naruto's stalker he found quite amusing in her shy antics towards him. Maybe that way would work. It hadn't been tested, yet what could possibly go wrong in this world if it failed. Nothing too major certainly. Well, now was the time to find out. As his thoughts came to their conclusion the bell rung for the end of the day, letting the students know that their day of torture was over.

Wittcutter quickly caught up to Naruto in an effort to help the young boy. "You're Naruto correct?" he asked with a slight nod of his head in greeting towards the young blonde.

"Yes, what is it to you?"responded Naruto as he stopped in his tracks and swiveled to face Wittcutter.

"Well I happen to be a dear friend of Amy's and am here to continue the training she was to start, but never did." Lied the pale man.

"Prove it." Demanded the sun kissed boy.
"Amy is kind of tall and has long brown hair that reaches down to her back and has a tendency to annoy people at great lengths."Thank god for files on the powerful ones.

"Ok, fine your real, what do you have planned." Wittcutter gave off an evil smile that would've made Orochimaru(A/N: I think I spelled that wrong)

"Come with me we have training to do, but first we need to get rid of this horrible outfit you are wearing. If you want to be a ninja you have to start to dress like one." Wittcutter turned on his heel, his coat flapping behind him and headed off towards the center of town. "For today, we will only worry about clothing, but after today prepare for Hell."

2 Months later:

Naruto realized after all the training that he wasn't lying. His training was hell. For some odd reason this man knew a lot about chakra, and knew several jutsus from around the area. He had been attacked with scythes, swords, kunai, shuriken, spears, arrows, chickens, squirrels, exploding squirrels, soulless puppets, Konohamaru, logs (Amen), and shoes. The attack methods had varied from throwing all of these objects to swinging them to whipping, don't ask him how that worked, and finally exploding them. The shoes were the worst though. Wittcutter always seemed to have an endless supply of shoes with him. He wondered where they came from. Naruto was certain that they had asked for his blood at one point. "Ehhh…. Never again please." Naruto thought.

Wittcutter had taught him how to better control his chakra through the walking of trees, water, the Hokage monument, balls, stampeding cows, and the walking on and around the Konoha walls. It was absurd what he had made him do. Wittcutter though denied him access to his library of jutsus stored away in his mind. Naruto was kind of bummed out by that, hopping that he would be able to impress Iruka so much that he wouldn't have to do the clone jutsu. With his new chakra control, though Naruto was able to create a functional clone (A/N: not shadow clone just thought I'd make that clear.)

Naruto was currently waiting outside his classroom doors hoping to be fashionably late to class. At the thought of everyone's expressions Naruto let off a small giggle. Inside the classroom Iruka was taking roll call. He had already noticed that Naruto wasn't here. He was kind of sad about, but he was one of the few.

"Choji Akamichi."

"Munch. Munch. Munch."

"Hinata Hyuuga."


"Ino Yamanaka."


"Kiba Inuzuka."


"Naruto Uzumaki." Silence resounded throughout the class room.

"Saskue Uchiha"


Sakura Haruno


"Shikamaru Nara."


"Shino Aburame."


"I really hope he hasn't given up on his dream yet, he is a very nice kid after all."

"The blonde isn't here…..troublesome as usual…. Probably going to try and by fashionably late or something like that."

"Yes, Naruto isn't here, finally he won't pester me about dating me. Damn twerp!"

"Naruto, are you pulling a prank without me? I mean Akamaru and I love pulling pranks with you so why'd you leave us out on this one."

"The dobe's not here. Thank god no one needs that useless piece of skin anyway."

"Oh NO, now that Naruto isn't here Sakura will have her full attention on Saskue today. Naruto you better show up or else!"

"Why would Naruto not show up today? I calculate a 57% chance that he is going to try and pull a prank as usual."


"Naruto… I hope you haven't given up."

"My young master still seems to be thinking about causing pain upon his instructor. I hope he won't follow through with the plan or else Kuromaru will kill me like he has in the past."

"The demon brat isn't here today, maybe he finally gave up. That's too bad, because now I don't have the chance to kill him."

"Naru-" Before Iruka finished what he was going to say a body came tumbling into the classroom with a foot extended in the doorway.

"Don't worry instructor. He's here." A gruff voice shouted from the hallway. "I realize he had been away for a few months, but don't worry about it; I spoke with the Hokage about his absence."

Flashback The Mentioned Meeting

"And why should I trust you, and why should I believe any word you are saying?" stated the wrinkled old man, as he lounged in his chair.

"You should trust me because I can do this, and because offering you help, when I could easily destroy you with a few words. Instead, you suggest that I would take the time to weed my way into your village and take it over by educating one small boy. That does not seem very logical" The Hokage could not believe his eyes. He tried to dispel the technique, but discovered it was real. This man could destroy him in a matter of seconds with the power he held.

"Fine you can train the boy, but beware I will be watching you."

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