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Chapter 17




"Check. Checkmate!"

Primus growled and lowered his titan.

Unicron laughed. "And you lose again, old friend."

"Only because you cheated," Primus said, getting up from his planet and starting to open his hemisphere-wide chest plates.

"Wait, not yet." Unicron wasn't in a hurry to claim his prize. "I thought you would be interested in talking about the consequences of our game."

Primus shrugged his shoulders. "What's it to talk about? We rotated the table, those idiots fragged everything up again… End of the story."

"So that's it? Your beloved Optimus Prime turns into an evil spawn of a glitch and destroys everything the Autobots have fought for, and you don't give a frag?"

"Ha! Don't you dare mentioning Optimus Prime, because you don't want me to start with your Megatron! What was that 'protect the humans' slag? As for our bet, you won, right? But if you don't want to frag me, that's okay with me."

Unicron seemed hurt, so much that he didn't finish eating the planet he had been chewing during the entire game.

Primus sighed, hating himself for always being the good one. "Just remind me why the heck we created the Transformers in the first place."

"We wanted an army of devoted fangirls."

"Which curiously don't give slag about us and only worships those ungrateful sons of mine… argh!"

"Would you stop complaining? At least you're not the one who always end up destroyed by the fragging Matrix!"

"Maybe that wouldn't happen if you stopped eating planets."

Now it was Unicron who growled. Once again, Primus hated himself for being so soft-sparked.

"Okay, okay… let's forget about those Transformers glitches for a while and let's focus in a certain bet we made, uh?"

"Heh." Unicron smirked and allowed Primus to take him into his arms. "This reminds me of the time we sparked Megatron and Optimus Prime… Do you think they ever knew they were brothers?"

"Who cares?"

The end

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