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It had been a cold, tough, long day for the MRU team, Jo had lost a patient and she wasn't handling it very well. It was around eight o'clock at night when they had got back from the call out. She was sitting down in the change rooms untying her shoes and Steve was across from her taking of his shoes. Jo looked sad and hadn't talk to either of them since the incident had happened.

"Jo…It wasn't your fault" Steve said trying to make her understand that what happened wasn't her fault

"It was. I was treating her, now she's dead. I must have missed something" Jo said throwing her shoes of

"We were all there Jo, we all missed it" Steve said

"You weren't treating her were you" Jo voice shaky as she tried to push the tears away from falling.

Steve got up and walked over to Jo, "You can grab the first shower" he told her

"Thanks" Jo said putting her head in her hands. She slowly began to get up and have a shower. Appearing where Mike and Steve were sitting minutes later, she grabbed a report and began to fill it out quietly, not raising her head to look at the boys.

"Who wants to go out for a drink? My shout" Mike spoke up to break the silence

Jo shook her head and so did Steve "No thanks mate" he said

"Alright.." Mike said awkwardly "I'll see you both tomorrow" he added and walked out of the HQ leaving Steve and Jo alone

"Nearly finished?" Steve asked Jo

Jo shook her head "No…I don't know what to write" she said sadly

"Just write what happened. No one is going to blame you" Steve said trying to re-assure her

"Her husband is. I don't even blame him for blaming me. Now he has to go home to an empty house every night and never see his wife again" Jo said angered in herself

"Come on, let's get home. It's getting late" Steve said getting up

"No, I won't to get this done first before I go home" Jo said trying to finish her report

"It's getting late and I don't like the idea of you walking alone in the car park" Steve said

Jo shot Steve a glare "I'm a big girl Steve, I can walk through the carpark"

"Alright. Stay safe" Steve said worriedly before he walked out of the HQ and headed to his car

It was an hour later and Jo had just finished her report, she closed up the doors and headed off down the lift. She arrived at the Emergency Department and started walking through before she was stopped by Gaby at the nurse's station

"Jo" She said surprised

"Hi" Jo smiled and stopped

"You're here rather late" Gaby said checking her watch

"Yeah, late call out. Didn't get back till about eight" Jo sighed

"Looked like a pretty tough one, you look drained" She commented as she looked at how tired Jo was "Hope your not planning on going out tonight in that?" Gaby asked as she noticed Jo was just in shorts and a t-shirt

"No, just straight home" Jo said

"Alright, don't get too wet it's freezing out there and you'll end up sick"

"Okay, thanks. See you later Gaby" Jo said waving as she walked of and out of the E.D. She had one of those feelings you get when you feel as if someone is watching you, it was a cold dark night and it was starting to rain. The water droplets felt cold against Jo's warm body. She began to look around again as she felt eyes watching her, she picked up her pace nearly running to her car. She was about to unlock it when someone came behind her and pulled her down. Their muscular hands covered her mouth so she couldn't scream for help. She struggled trying to kick them away but it just made the man angrier. He pulled her up by her hair as Jo whined he slapped her across the face, he pulled her too look at him

"Do you know who I am?" He asked her shouting as he gripped tightly onto her wrists

Jo nodded her head "I'm so sorry about your wife" she managed to say breathlessly

"You're sorry isn't going to bring her back is it?" He asked her shouting. He brought his hand back up to her face and slapped her again before kneeing her in the abdomen. She fell to the floor in pain as she held her stomach "I'm sorry" she said again

"You bitch, you killed her!" He screamed at Jo before he pulled her up again. "I'm going to make sure you pay you know that right?" He asked her as he held her body tightly against his

All Jo could do was cry from the pain she was receiving she shook her head "Pleas-…Please don't….hurt…..me" Jo stumbled to say

"Too late" The guy nastily smiled and smashed her head against the car making her fall into a ball on the ground unconscious. The guy ran off leaving her lying unconscious of the floor as the rain pelted down on her. Blood was dripping from a deep laceration to her face and bruises were starting to form all over her body. Her watch had broken at 9:20pm.

She had been lying there for two hours, her whole body was soaking wet and her body was shaking from the coldness of the rain and weather. No one had even noticed she'd been lying there, no one had seen her. It was 10.20 and Jo was still lying there. Claire had always parked her car next to Jo's, Claire had just left the E.D and began walking to her car. She saw a familiar body lying on the ground, she ran up to Jo.

"Jo…Jo" Claire said shaking Jo's shoulders. Jo's eyes fluttered open as Clair held an umbrella above them "Jo, are you okay?" Claire asked. Jo shook her head, her whole body ached and she felt so weak. "I'm getting you into the E.D" she added picking up her phone

"No" Jo said quietly as she tried to pull the phone out of Claire's hand but Claire was too fast and was already calling Gaby.

"Gabby. It's Claire; you need to get one of the guys out here. Jo's being attacked" Claire said as she looked down at how frightened Jo was

"Alright Claire, I'm sending Frank and Adam. I'll get Charlotte to just in case" Gaby said grabbing the doctors attention. She told them what had happened and they began to run out to the car park.

"Jo, keep your eyes open for me" Claire said urging her to wake up

Jo shook her head "I'm tired" she said

"Just hold on, there nearly here" Claire said looking up to find the doctors racing towards her. Charlotte and Adam bent down to Jo's level. Charlotte started to try and asses her while Adam tried to rub her forehead

'Please…Don't" Jo said to Adam moving away from his touch

Adam looked at the other doctors concerned and stood up with Frank who was watching Claire and Charlotte check her out.

"We really need to get her inside, she's absolutely freezing" Charlotte said concerned about her temperature

"I don't want to go in" Jo complained "I'm fi." She was explaining before she collapsed onto the ground. Adam picked Jo up and they began to carry her through to the E.D. Gaby had ordered all the doctors and nurses to go into their patients rooms, because she knew Jo would not have wanted anyone to know what happened.

"That was nice what you did" Frank stated to Gaby. Gaby looked up and smiled as she continued to take blood from Jo

"Call Taylor" Frank said to Claire before she walked out and went to ring Steve.

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