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9 months later at around 4pm in the arvo

"Hey" Jo said as she walked into the HQ carrying the two week old Chelsea

"Hey" Steve smiled as he got off the couch and took Chelsea out of Jo's arms. "How are you?" Steve asked as he cradled Chelsea in his arms, he noticed that Jo looked tired and she had bags under her eyes

"Uh….TIred" Jo said letting a yawn slip out

"You look it" Steve admitted

"Yeah, it's been tough" Jo said taking a seat beside Steve

"Is everything okay between you and Declan?" Steve asked concerned

"He uh…He went on a holiday to get away from me and Chels to clear his head" Jo said sadly

"What?" Steve asked shocked

"Yeah..So it's just been me and Chelsea" Jo said as she let a yawn slip through

"Why don't you get some rest for a few hours tonight and me and Gaby will look after Chelsea tonight?" Steve asked

"Are you sure?" Jo asked worried

"Yeah, it's fine" Steve smiled as he held Chelsea up in front of him.

"Well everything is basically already in this bag" Jo said handing a bag to Steve. "Here's a spare key" Jo said handing it over to Steve

"What's that for?" Steve laughed

"In case I'm asleep when you bring her home" Jo said

"Who said I'm bringing her home?" Steve asked laughing "She's so cute, I don't know how you and Declan made a little cutie like this" Steve added

"Funny" Jo said sarcastically as she took her daughter out of Steve's hands "Love you beautiful, be good for Steve" Jo said as she smothered her daughter in kisses. He handed Chelsea back over to Steve before walking out the door.

She arrived home twenty minutes later and curled up into a ball and fell asleep on the bed. Steve and Gaby were having fun looking after Chelsea at their house

"Have you ever thought about being a father?" Gaby asked

"Of course I have, I love children" Steve responded as he fed Chelsea "Why have you?" Steve asked

"Yeah I have…I would love to have a family with you Steve" Gaby smiled.

The following morning

Jo woke up to someone rubbing her fore head, she looked up to see Declan sitting on the edge of the bed next to her "Hey" he smiled down at her

"Hey" She said as she got up and sat in front of Declan

"I'm sorry I left you babe, I'll never do it again" Declan said kissing her forehead

"It's okay…Just don't do it again" Jo said getting up. She walked off into Chelsea's room and saw her sleeping, there was a note stuck onto the change table Jo picked it up and read it to herself

'Hey Jo.
Hope you had a good night's rest, remember that me and Gab are here if you need us. We had a good time looking after Chelsea; she was very good and didn't take all that long to get to sleep. We dropped her off at 11pm, we tried not to wake you up, you looked to peaceful sleeping.

I hope you let us take care of Chels again, see you at work.

Steve (Chelsea's god father;) )'

Jo laughed and scrunched up the piece of paper and threw it into the bin.

The enddddd.