Please note: This story is set outside of Disney's canon universe. I will attempt to keep the characters true to form, but certain requirements of my alternate universe will impress changes upon them.

Warnings: Mild violence, Homosexual relations, Mild language

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Chapter One
In Which a Hero is Born

When her alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. Kimberly Ann Possible was already awake, packed for her last day of classes, and sitting at the kitchen table. Her backpack leaned against the front door of her apartment – though most freshman were required to live in dormitories on campus, her parents were on the Board of Trustees for Go State University and had pulled some strings for her. In the second, smaller bedroom, her best friend snored onwards. He had managed to schedule all of his classes for after lunch, though she wasn't sure how.

She ate her breakfast slowly and watched the news with the sound turned off. At the bottom of the television screen the subtitles trailed just after the movement of the anchor's lips. A fire had broken out on the south side of the city, but it had been in an abandoned apartment building. There had only been a small population of homeless huddling inside when it started and all had been evacuated successfully. The police believed the cause to be a discarded cigarette that was still smoldering.

Thankfully Dr. Drakken had been nearby – the anchor's face broke into a wide, fake smile. The blue-skinned superhero used an invention of his creation to blast the building with bubbles that quelled the rising flames. The image on the screen flickered to the good doctor standing in his traditional blue jumpsuit. The dark scar across his eye stood out in stark contrast with his skin. Kim turned the volume up a few notches. Though she disliked the superheroes and super villains running rampant in Go City, she appreciated a job well done.

"Of course, my genius was able to easily take care of the problem." Dr. Drakken boasted. He stood with his hands akimbo.

The onsite reporter tilted the microphone back towards herself. "You got here so quickly. How did you know?"

Drakken's eyebrows ferreted together and he looked perplexed for a moment. He tightened a gloved fist. "Oh, I was just around and saw the smoke. I was busy, you know, saving people with my giant intellect."

Kim snorted. While Drakken and his intelligence were indeed a boon, she couldn't help but feel slightly derisive. Many of the students she worked with on a daily basis could probably outthink the superhero. Although her modesty would never let her admit it, she knew she was one of those smarter than him. But she had to give it to him – instead of keeping his talents to himself, he was out there night after night protecting the city.

As his interview wound down, Kim muted the television once more. She spooned the last few pieces of her cereal into her mouth and crunched it thoughtfully. The rest of the news was a wash of global problems and special interest stories. At seven o'clock, Kim grabbed her bag and headed out to the school's gym.

At that early hour, only a few other industrious youths were working out. Kim grabbed a spare treadmill and began her daily workout – a 20 minute run followed by 20 minutes of weight training. Although she left cheerleading behind in high school, she stayed in shape simply for the way it made her body feel. One month of inactivity after she graduated left her feeling lugubrious. Her temper had swerved from good-natured to hot-headed. She had dressed her brothers down one evening for touching her iPod, and her mother had handed her an ultimatum: find a way to behave or spend the rest of the summer doing yard work. It had been an easy choice to make.

She panted as she ran, beads of sweat dripping down her face. With her body occupied, she let her mind wander along the twisting roads of her thoughts and memories. The last day of anything was difficult for her. A sense of loss permeated the transitions in her life. Coming to college in the first place had been a trial. She had wanted to pursue the Peace Corps, but her parents had quashed that with a firm insistence on a college degree. They didn't trust the world with their only daughter.

In the end, she had to concede that she was ill-prepared for the Peace Corps as an eighteen year old with few life experiences and that attending Go State was the best course of action. As much as she felt the need to help those less fortunate than her, she also felt a deep passion for academic interests. She was pursuing a degree in Education with a minor in History, in the hopes of teaching at the high school level. Perhaps she could inspire a few young minds with stories of the heroic past.

Her cell phone buzzed in her pocket, alerting her to the time. She pulled it out as she walked to the showers. A text from her mother encouraged her to have a great last day of classes and requested a phone call later that evening. She set the phone aside with her clothes and took a brief scalding shower.

Though she lost track of time, she still managed to get to her 8 o'clock class first. The professor showed up a few minutes later with a fistful of graded papers. He handed hers back with a smile – each assignment she received had a bright red A+ scribbled at the top. It was, generally, a rather slow day of classes – her first two were completely devoted to reviewing for the final exam which was in the latter half of the week. By the time lunchtime swung around, Kim was bored nearly to tears.

She returned to her apartment, done for the day. As she waited at a crosswalk, the people around her pointed up at the sky. Guarding her eyes against the sun with one hand at her forehead, she glanced up. Dr. Drakken hovered a few hundred yards above them, his jetpack rumbling and belching exhaust. Ahead of him, a slim figure in a black and green cat suit perched on the lip of a building. She held a thick burlap sack in one hand; the other was alight with green flames.

The people around Kim murmured with pleasure. Tourists, Kim thought. The encounters between heroes and villains were commonplace in Go City and most of the inhabitants were all at once grateful and scornful. As far as Kim was concerned, only tourists and newcomers were impressed by the scene above her. She crossed the street as soon as it was safe.


The moment she stepped through the front door, her roommate pounced on her, grabbing at her arm. His blonde hair had been gelled into a small cowlick and his fingers were still slightly dewy with product.

"What's with the fuss, Ron?" She asked as he dragged her into the kitchen.

He jabbed his finger at the stovetop, where a pot bubbled. "I have created greatness!"

"Will this greatness create a mess?"

For a split second, he puzzled over this. "Does it count if I promise to clean it up?"

She laughed, honestly bemused at his blind enthusiasm. "So what is it?"

"I call it a Spaghettaco."

Kim blew on the froth covering the pot's contents – spaghetti noodles and ground beef. In a separate pot, brown beans simmered. Ron was busy lining taco shells with spaghetti sauce as she inspected his work.

"I hate to say it, Ron, but I'm not so sure about this."

"Give it a chance." He pled. "If you don't like it, I'll totally make you a sandwich."

She shrugged. "I don't see why you're not going into culinary school."

"Couldn't take the stress of it all," he muttered. "Besides, I'd much rather run a restaurant than cook for one."

"Well, I'm glad one of us is good at cooking." She settled down at the table. "I don't know if I could live on cereal and precooked meals. I know my mom thanks you."

He chuckled as he finished doling out the Spaghettacos. When they were complete, he slid the platter in front of Kim and waited expectantly for her response. She crunched through her first bite and grinned.

"I don't know where you get your inspiration, but you always make the most interesting meals."

"So do you like it?"

She took another hearty bite. "It's unusual, but I do."

They discussed their finals as they ate – which ran a little too long. Ron glanced at the clock on the wall and smacked his forehead with a fist. He darted to his room and back out, this time equipped with a messenger bag and a small bulge in his jacket pocket. The bulge shifted and Rufus poked his naked head out. A yawn burst out of his small mouth. Kim waved good bye as her disorganized roommate pelted down the street - a few minutes later he was calling her phone.

"Kim, I forgot my wallet." He sounded out of breath and she deduced that he had sprinted the distance to campus. "Can you please do me a solid and bring it by?"

"So not the drama." She responded. "You're in Collins 321?"

He confirmed that was his classroom and ended the call with a heartfelt thank you. She entered his room, carefully sidestepping dirty laundry and other unidentifiable substances. His wallet perched on his dresser and she grabbed it. Mimicking his urgency, she made the trip to campus at a sprint.

"Man, thanks, K.P." He tucked his wallet into his bag. "I'm just glad I didn't forget pants this time."

"I couldn't get those to you fast enough last time."

"I swear Professor Montgomery was eyeing me the whole time I waited. Totally awk-weird." He commented.

"Get to class." Kim chided.

He saluted her and entered the classroom. Deeming her mission accomplished, Kim turned and leisurely walked back in the direction of the apartment. She had no plans for the rest of the day and was in no particular hurry. It was rare that she was out and about with no direction, so she savored the experience of meandering. She wondered what she would do with her summer – though she certainly could get a job, her parents were more concerned with her academic success and wanted no distractions. If they had their way, she would spend the summer studying and exercising.

She roamed onward.


"You'll never get away with this!" Drakken hollered, waving his fist at his self-proclaimed arch-nemesis.

Shego snorted. "What, blue boy, are you going to stop me?"

"Of course." He proclaimed, reaching into his jacket pocket. She watched him root around for thirty seconds before laughing loudly and recapturing his attention.

"Looking for this?" She dangled a small blunt gun from her forefinger and thumb. The name on the side proclaimed it to be the Freez-O-Matic 3000.

"That's mine." He fumbled with the controls on his jetpack for a moment before it surged forward. Shego jumped nimbly out of the way, a bag of loot securely in her other fist. There was no challenge to these encounters, but she felt entitled to a little bit of sparring before she made off with her objective. She had been teasing him for the better part of an hour and could tell that his short temper had already blown a fuse, been replaced, and was wearing out again.

"I don't think so."

He swung back around and puttered again towards her, but couldn't keep up with her agility. After several failed attempts at catching her, he kicked his legs angrily in her direction.

"Stop making me look bad." He whined, a pathetic pout adorning his lips. "That's not fair!"

"I'm not making you do anything," she scolded, shaking his gun at him before pretending to crush it in her hand. His panicked yelping resounded through the air – she wished she had a free hand to block her ears.

"Give it back right this second, Shego." He demanded, stretching out his palm.

"Whatever." She responded, throwing the gun at him. "You're not a threat, no matter how many weapons you have. Makes this almost not even worth doing."

"What?" The confusion that descended upon his face almost brought Shego back to laughter.

"Stealing. But, as I like to say, once a thief, always a thief."

"But you weren't always a thief. You were my sidekick. You should be loyal to me forever."

"Keep dreaming."

Shego ran across the rooftop and jumped into the alleyway below. He zoomed as quickly as he could down to street level. Several camera flashes exploded in his face and he grinned manically. Once he stopped her, this would be a fantastic publicity moment. He eyed the mouths to the different alleyways between the nearby buildings. She would have to exit through one of them.

With shaking fingers – he had never tested his weapon on a real living person before – he switched the safety off and began charging the freezing beam. With his finger tightening on the trigger, he waited for Shego to burst out onto the street.

As he waited in the middle of the street, the crosswalk before him switched. Only one of the bystanders, clearly lost in her thoughts began the journey from one side of the street to the other. When the redheaded traveler reached the center of the street, Shego darted out from the darkness beyond her with one hand blazing. The fireball left her fist before she realized a pedestrian was in the way. Drakken fired his gun, dismissing the civilian as a necessary victim in his conquest of all that was evil. The two blasts connected almost instantaneously, consuming Kim's body entirely. Billowing smoke trailed up into the sky.

Shego stayed only just long enough to see that Kim lay prone on the ground before she made her escape. Too distracted by his gun, Drakken failed to spot her. He tapped it and shook it, but it refused to charge again. Cursing under his breath, he finally looked up and spotted the nearly silent crowd staring alternately at him and then at Kim. Tucking the gun away, he did the only thing he could think of to save his reputation. He ran to Kim's side and threw a curled hand into the air.

"Damn you Shego!"

He heard a camera click somewhere around him and was pleased. Shego would get blamed for this fatality and he would be justified in his over-the-top manhunt.

"Is she alright?" A voice from the crowd yelled. He squinted in the direction the voice came from, but had no answer. A frowning woman peeled off from the herd and approached. "I'm a registered nurse. Please stand aside."

He stepped back obediently, cowed that someone had the audacity to order him around. The woman placed her fingers on Kim's neck. A moment later she whipped her cell phone out and dialed 9-1-1.

"I have a nonresponsive female in the middle of the street, on the corner of 11th and Baine." She reported. She dug through Kim's pockets and pulled out Kim's wallet. "Her name is Kimberly Possible. She has a pulse, but it's faint."

Sirens sounded in the distance.

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