Chapter 1: New Life

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Harry Potter or ½ Prince (I would be getting paid for this if I did…)

So I noticed this was the first crossover for these series because not many people read ½ Prince. They soooooo should though, because I think it's hilarious and cute and awesome at the same time!

Game Start:

"Second Life?"

"Yes, sir! It's the newest game on the market. 99.9% realism guaranteed!" Harry briefly scanned the manual, and then shrugged.

"I'll buy it. Doll said she had a character in this game. Maybe I'll get to meet her," Harry mumbled under his breath. Then he looked up at the salesman and asked, "How much?"

Cautiously Harry made his way back to the new apartment he had just bought in T City. He knew the war was over but the last five years had been hectic and dangerous because of living Death Eaters that didn't know when to give up. They had found him in every European country he had fled to, so the black haired boy had decided to try something new. The Asian countries, more specifically Japan.

The war veteran had not been expecting to be mobbed, in his disguised form, the moment he had set foot into Tokyo. At first he had thought the magical government had recognized him as Harry Potter but that didn't seem to be the case. The real reason had shocked him to the core.

Upon reaching the emperor's house (he was head of the magical government in Japan just like China had an emperor as head of the magical government as well) Harry was given a chair and the emperor began a story.

Twenty-two years ago China was blessed with a male heir, but barely six months after the babe's birth, the child went missing. Search parties were sent out and always came back empty-handed. After three years of fruitless searching the emperor was forced to announce his son, Wang Fei, dead to the muggle world. Even the Wizarding world believed the child to be dead because his magical signature had completely disappeared. Barely a year later the empress was declared pregnant. China rejoiced when the second child, a female, was birthed.

After more details were added here and there a servant of the house came in declaring that the Chinese emperor had successfully been informed of their prince being alive. The boy's parents wanted to meet with him immediately and announce his presence to the world. Harry, being completely horrified had shot that down and quickly removed his glamour to show them his true identity. To say the two governments were shocked was a gross understatement. The heir to the Chinese throne had been battling for his life in Britain.

Immediately all people that were not important were obliviated of his true identity and that he ever existed. The newfound prince expressed his desire to stay anonymous for fear of his life, and his 'parents' agreed only if he lived in China and stayed in contact with them. Harry new it was dangerous but he couldn't help himself. It was like finding Sirius all over again. He had family! He was especially excited to find out he could stay in contact with his little sister who liked to be called Doll.

Once the shock had worn off about who he really was, it was extremely difficult to keep his new and precious parents from declaring war on Britain. Thankfully, Harry had successfully calmed his parents down through a week of short and intensive letter writing. The poor birds were exhausted and refused to carry anymore letters, which ended the argument rather quickly in Harry's favor. Now that he had Second Life he had a chance of seeing his family without putting anyone at risk.

Skimming the Manual a little more slowly this time Harry didn't see anything new, so he pulled the headset for the game out of the box and slipped it onto his head. It was a bit tight but he shrugged and lay down in bed after making sure he had gone over his checklist of thing-to-do-today and found it completed. Slowly, Harry drifted off into slumber, missing the shimmering of three white orbs over his head that slowly sank into the game headset.

Black. Everything was pitch black, and for a moment Harry felt a peace that he had never felt before. That was rudely interrupted by a great blinding flash of white as his surroundings melted into a blank white chamber.

Harry blinked up at the new figure sitting in the floating chair. She wore a helmet that made her look as if she was part of an experiment or something. There was a giant three emblazoned on it and her long chestnut-colored hair seemed to flow from it and down to her waist. "Hello and welcome to Second Life! Here you will be creating your avatar and once it is made there can be no changes afterwards. Because it is supposed to be 99.9% real there will be no changing of genders or anything of that sort~," the brunette stated cheerfully.

She cocked her head as if listening to someone say something. After a moment her attitude became even more cheery, which the green-eyed wizard hadn't thought possibly. Excitedly she said, "Wow! You are our one millionth player to log on. How extremely lucky! The creators are going to give you one wish. So choose carefully!"

"Um… I'll use my wish later," Harry stated. The girl only nodded energetically.

"Can I view myself as an elf possibly?" Harry asked. He had always been fascinated by elves when he was a child. Just because there were House Elves in the wizarding world that didn't mean there couldn't be other elves as well. It had taken quite some time but Harry was able to locate an ancient tome in the Black's family library that spoke of High Elves that had left this dimension for another one. That day Harry had been in a joyful mood all day, and nothing anyone did could destroy his happiness. Not even the cruciatus' he had suffered that night, through his dreams, had crushed his high spirits. Dented a little maybe, but definitely not destroyed.

Slowly a form fizzled into existence in front of him and Harry had to admit that he liked it. He barely even paid attention to the, now blushing, young woman as he ran a critical eye over the avatar. "Would you like to beautify or uglify by 30%?" came the faint voice above him.

"I guess that I'll do the beautify," the male said softly. The girl nodded her head, though Harry really wasn't paying attention to her, and added the beautification to the bishie that was already in front of her. What came from the beautification had the girl trying, in vain, to stem a nosebleed, while Harry nodded approvingly. Harry then glared at the avatar and if hearing his thoughts the eyes slowly came open. Two gasps resounded throughout the chamber along with a resounding thump behind Harry.