Chapter 18: Hello World!

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Okay here we go!

Game Start

Caelus frowned and looked around. "Where is here?"

"The living world."

Caelus blinked once, then twice. Harry was able to pull himself up into a sitting position with his husband (were they still married in the real world?) in his lap. A light frown formed on the golem's face and Caelus ran his eyes over Harry's form again. Then he gaped.

"You're different!"

Harry chuckled. "Of course I am. I'm not in my avatar body anymore. And you're a bit different too actually."

It was true. Caelus' face was the same but his eyebrows were shaped normally and the red dots on his forehead were no longer there. His eyes were still a beautiful golden color and his hair was still white though.

Caelus couldn't believe it. In fact, his mind was still processing the fact that he was in the real world. Harry looked so different. His eyes were still a wonderful vivid shade of green but there was no black around it, instead there was white. The long black tattoo line that cut down his lover's face was nonexistent leaving a smooth expanse of creamy white. And his hair! It was so short and messy!

Actually…it was really sexy.

The nymph boss (though he supposed he wasn't anymore…) ran his fingers through Harry's short hair, marveling at the feeling of it. In the…game… he could feel the hair, yes, but it wasn't exactly the same. His senses were more acute. It was a wonderful feeling.

Harry relaxed into his lover's hands as they carded through his hair. Now he could show Caelus the world and maybe learn something about his life before he got stuck in the game. He could take him to the park and maybe stop by the university, show him the Second Life website and then…

Harry's eyes flew open and he ran his eyes over the man in his lap again. He gently pulled his lover off of him and set him on the bed. Caelus of course was confused but he didn't protest so the wizard walked to his closet where he kept some of his everyday clothes. They would be a little small on him but Harry knew a little wandless magic would resize them to fit Caelus just right.

A pair of worn jeans flew through the air and smacked the white haired man in the face. After a moment of spluttering Caelus was able to pull them down only to be hit the face by a pair of shorts, maybe… At least they seemed to be but they were a little stretchy for that. Before Caelus could contemplate more a black shirt hit his face.

He pulled the cloth down revealing his twitching eye. That was the third time he had been hit by projectiles thrown from Harry. He was going to yell but Harry seemed a bit preoccupied as he sat in front of a glowing rectangle.

Harry almost jumped out of his chair as he opened the homepage to the Second Life website. He couldn't help but stare in shock at the picture in front of him. It was only Caelus innocently asking what he was doing that he shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"Well I was looking to see if they had a picture of you on the website…"

"Website?" Caelus appeared behind him. "Oh my…"

Silence reigned for three minutes before Caelus squealed and threw his arms around Harry. "You look so beautiful in that picture~!"

Harry supposed he did. The picture was taken during the tournament after some players had destroyed Caelus hairband. He definitely looked the part of an Angel of Death. At least now he knew how everyone knew what he looked like…

Harry decided after a few more moments of staring and Caelus squeezing him that he needed to get back to his original objective. Finding out if they had a picture of Caelus on the website. He clicked on the Bosses link and waited for it to load while Caelus watched curiously. The page finally finished and it listed the bosses by continent, then in order of strength. At the very top there was a list of the top twenty strongest bosses. Third was Caelus and he clicked on the name.

The first item to load was a very handsome picture of his husband. Caelus gasped and Harry sighed.

"This is very wonderful Harry. Such a nice picture~! They got the lighting and shadows just right."

"Since when did you know about photography?"

"… I think it might have to do with what I was in real life. The information is there… but it is just out of my reach," said Caelus with a frown.

"I see. Well I was going to show you around but we have a problem."


"See this picture? Unfortunately, this makes you very recognizable. I can't just take you around without someone recognizing you… Why didn't you put on the clothes I gave you?"

"They were small…"

Harry blinked. "Right. Give me a moment."

He had made the golem for Caelus so he knew his exact measurements. Now all he needed was a bit of magic. Good thing he was a wizard!

A wave of his hand later and the clothes were resized. They took twenty minutes just getting the clothes onto the golden eyed man as Caelus was used to kimonos. Then Harry braided the long silky white hair just as his love had done for him. With that done he pulled the only cap he owned out of the closet and plopped it onto the white hair.

"Now what do we say if someone recognizes you?"

"Would that be bad?"

"Well if a boss from Second Life were to randomly appear, people would freak out and things would become messy really fast… So what- Ah! Cosplay!"

"Excuse me?"

"Cosplay! Costume Play. We could say you are pretending to be Caelus because you like him or something. But you need an actual name…"

"Zhen Tian…"


"It feels familiar. Ever since coming here I've been having more flashes… That name just… It feels… right."

"… I see. Zhen Tian it is then."

"This is amazing~!"

The first place Harry had taken his white haired lover was Moshu Hutong. In the Wizarding world people wouldn't mind his white hair and golden eyes so he was more relaxed here. The first thing Caelus had done was run from window to window like a little kid. Then Harry had bought him some ice cream to show him how wonderful it was. Of course, the nymph had declared it his most favorite food and had demanded to know how it was made. Caelus had to be dragged out minutes later before a big scene was made, but Harry had gotten the recipe to appease him as well.

At the moment they were in the pet shop, their last visit in the alley, and Caelus was flitting around everywhere. Harry, of course, was over by the reptile section listening to their conversation. It wasn't very interesting, mostly based on mice, but he could understand them. He didn't know why, at first. The horcrux was gone so why could he still understand snakes?

Harry watched Caelus coo over the cats and kittens as he reminisced on the theory of why he still retained his special ability.



"Potter. I'm surprised you're even at the ministry; I thought you were in hiding."

Harry nervously scratched at the side of his neck. "Well you're the only one that knows I'm here."

Kingsley sighed and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'harder training' under his breath. Harry gave a weak smile.

"So what is it you need Potter?"

"You… you're one of the only people left from the Order of the Phoenix and the only one I really trust. I…I was in my garden yesterday and I… I heard talking. That shouldn't be possible though with all the wards I had erected. So I went to check it out. I… what I found… Kinglsey it was a snake! I shouldn't be able to understand them anymore!"

"Potter. Harry! Calm down!"

At that point Harry was up and pacing the room as his magic swirled agitatedly around him. Kingsley's voice broke through his haze and he took in a deep breath to calm down.

"Sorry Minister…"

Kingsley only chuckled. "It's fine. Now I assume you are referring to the Objects."

The Objects was how they talked about Voldemort's horcruxes. It was how they kept other wizards searching for immortality away from that option.

"Yes. It was destroyed when he killed me so why can I still talk to them?"

"Well… I don't know much about soul magic. The only thing I could guess would be that his soul piece imprinted on yours."


"Because he was latched onto you so long, everything from that piece translated over into your soul… That is the only thing I can come up with."

"…Well it's better than anything I would have come up with," sighed Harry. "Thank you."

He turned to leave the office after Kingsley acknowledged him.

"Oh Potter!" Harry turned. "Next time you freak out. Try not to break into the ministry. I don't think my Aurors will appreciate it much."

A real smile crossed Harry's face before he slipped out the door and disappeared.

"Harry I want this one~!"

Harry had to lean back slightly to look at the fuzzy ball Caelus had in his hands. It was a small black kitten with heterochromatic eyes (the right was gold and the left green… was someone trying to tell him something?), a white patch of fur on his chest and at the tip of his right ear, and a white sock on the left rear paw.

"We're not here to buy anything. Just looking remember?"

Caelus' eyes got bigger and they sparkled with unshed tears. "Oh no… no, no, no! Do not use those eyes on me! Where did you even learn that!?"

"Oh please love! I really want him! I've even given him a name." He turned and cuddled the cat into his chest. "You're such a good boy! Yes you are my Xiao Jin (Little Gold)!"

Harry groaned. If the man had even named the damned thing it would be futile to try and keep it from him. Now Harry wouldn't have minded if it had been any other animal (except a snowy owl…). He just didn't like cats, especially since he had to put up with Crookshanks clinging to him after Hermione had died. Eventually the poor half-kneazle had keeled over from starvation and depression as it refused to eat much after his owner died.

Harry could tell the kitten was at least partially kneazle because of the price. Normal cats were this expensive… and that was another reason not to get it!

But Caelus' puppy dog eyes still hadn't stopped and Harry sighed in agitation and exasperation. He grabbed the kitten still squirming in Caelus' hands, by the scruff of the neck and dropped it on the counter. He pulled ten galleons from his money pouch and dropped them on the counter. The clerk counted his change and grabbed a carrier, making some suggestions for tools to care for it.

Another twenty minutes and a few galleons lighter Harry left the shop with a giddy Caelus carrying Jin and all the supplied he had bought for the cat.

"Alright, you are not carrying that mongrel everywhere. He will stay here in my apartment inside of his carrier because I do not want to come home and find a mess."

Caelus pouted but set the carrier on the lone chair in the room and Harry, in an act of pity, enlarged the inside so the creature had more room to move about. Caelus was ecstatic and gave Harry a very tight grateful hug. Harry just patted his lover on the head.

"So where are we going now?"

"Well…" Harry hesitated, "I was going to take you to my University where I learn but I think I might get chewed out by Gui…"


Harry turned to the white haired man sitting on the park bench next to him. "He is a player in Second Life but he is also a University professor, a teacher."

Caelus said nothing, only turned to look at the fountain with a thoughtful look and something in his eyes that Harry couldn't read.

"My love?"


"You're still injured aren't you?"

Harry blinked in surprise and asked, "What makes you say that?"

"I know you've been trying to hide it from me all day but I do remember you saying your injuries came from real life. I have also seen you flinch when I touch you unexpectedly or hug you tightly. It hurt me at first but I remembered your words in the bedroom and I couldn't help but wonder," Caelus replied.

He was much more observant than Harry gave him credit for. The wizard knew his lover was smarter and more perceptive than he let on but he truly hadn't wanted to ruin this day.

Harry sighed and snuggled into the arm that just curled around his shoulders. "I didn't want you to worry. I had hoped that you forgot but obviously not… Yes. I'm still injured."

Caelus gazed down at the smaller man in his arms. "Then how do I not see your wounds?"
"Ah, I thought you'd ask that. Remember when I told you I was a wizard and could do almost anything?" He got a nod. "I'm wearing glamours. They're basically illusions. I can take them down if you like?"

Caelus murmured yes into Harry's untamed hair and the magic holding the illusion faded leaving an obviously bruised and battered form.

"When did you put it up?"

"Huh? Oh… right when you came flying out of my trunk to hug me with your death grip."


The wizard turned to his lover in curiosity. His chin was grabbed in a gentle grip and turned upwards more. Caelus leaned down, his face mere centimeters from the other and murmured, "Don't hide from me please. I want to see you. Whether that is in perfect health or not. You are my husband and you are my life."

With that said he leaned forward the rest of the way to capture his lover's petal pink lips in a gentle kiss. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Sure he had tried with Ginny, Cho, and a few other men but it was nothing like this. He was in heaven as Caelus' soft tongue broke through his lips and mapped out the inside of his mouth. Surprisingly the nymph tasted like vanilla and strawberries. He wasn't very fond of strawberries, but it was a taste that he could come to love.

The kiss went on for a few more moments before they both pulled back for air. Caelus' eyes were wide and his pupils were slightly dilated. Along with his slightly harsher breathing, Harry thought the man looked beautiful.

Caelus hadn't known just how much that kiss would affect him. Sure he and Harry had kissed once or twice in the… the fake world he had been in… but they had never affected him this much. He knew he should have expected it because everything else was so much… more as well but it… it had been mind-blowing. And he definitely wanted to do it again. So, Caelus did so.

The two sat in the small park completely engrossed in one another so they missed the smoldering silver eyes that held malicious glee.

"I don't think I'll take you to the university today. Maybe tomorrow. For now let's go home."

Caelus agreed and Harry apparated both home pissing off the person hiding in the bushes.

It was a week later that it happened. A week of lounging in his home with his love and their (mostly Caelus') new pet. They would go outside and explore sometimes but Harry avoided going to the University and Caelus seemed inordinately pleased for some reason. A week of sweet kisses and gentle touches. A week of no Second Life.

Harry was unexpectedly pushed onto the bed startling Jin into falling off.

"Caelus! Wha…?"

"Harry you are mine. My only. My beloved. I've had so many memories return and one of those was making love. I wish to do so with you. Will you allow me?"

Harry was gaping but his mind was a hurricane of movement. This was his chance. His chance to finally put down any doubts that Caelus was his soul mate.

It took a moment to get his mouth to work but a squeaky 'yes' finally came out. The white head smiled gently and tugged the black turtleneck shirt over Harry's head exposing pale flesh marred with scars. There was a sharp intake of breath from the man above him but he wasn't deterred. Instead, the nymph brought his mouth down to a scar and carefully licked.

Harry shivered and felt the gentle curve of Caelus' lips on his skin as he smiled. Many minutes passed as Caelus lavished attention on each and every scar on his front, whether small or large. Once finished, his lips returned to Harry's in a gentle kiss.

Slowly all clothing was shed and thrown across the small room.

As they were making love a low humming started in the room that continued to grow louder the closer to release they came. Finally they both finished crying each other's names which was followed by a blindingly white light that sealed the bond.

The last thought that flittered through Harry's exhausted but deeply satisfied mind was, 'I was right'.

AN: Okay so there you have it! I know some people were hoping for an actual lemon scene and I tried to write one… it didn't like me. I feel really bad about taking so long to update so here's some omakes about Caelus in the real world. Again sorry for any mistakes found.

Omake 1

"Wang Fei!"

Harry blinked and looked at his door which was suffering from his neighbor's knocking. He slowly opened it making sure Caelus couldn't be seen.


"OH! You'll never believe it! Mom finally got me a Second Life!"

Harry blinked and smiled. An Di's son Bao was a sweetheart and for some reason had taken an absolute shine to Harry. Harry liked him but tried to keep his distance.


"Huh? Oh you have a guest! I'm sorry!"

"It's fine Bao…" Harry knew that if he didn't introduce the two, they would both die of curiosity. So he opened his door slightly and gesture the small mousy haired boy to come in. The child immediately did so but stopped upon seeing who it was. Harry moved around the prone form to find the boys mouth hanging open.

Harry chuckled. "Bao this is a friend of mine. His name is Zhen Tian and as I'm sure you can see, he can pull off the boss Caelus very well. That's your favorite boss isn't it?"

Bao squeaked.

"You should see him in a kimono!"

The boy fainted.

Omake 2

Harry sighed as he looked at the kitchen. It was an absolute mess. He knew he should have ignored Caelus' puppy dog eyes.

"I'm so sorry," Caelus cried holding an egg and flour covered Xiao Jin.

"Caelus I left for a moment to make sure Bao was doing okay and you started making the ice cream without me… what I don't understand is how you made this mess when it doesn't even ave to do with how to make the ice cream…"

Caelus just sniffed.

"Alright. I'm going to go out so don't move. Understand?"

Caelus nodded and wiped away some egg that dripped down into his eye.

About thirty minutes later, Harry returned and set down a large plastic bag. He waved his hand and all of the mess sorted itself out. Caelus blinked and turned a questioning stare on his lover.

"Well I had to make sure you'd understand not to do it again. Now let go of Jin before you choke him to death and come over here."

Caelus did as told so Harry reached into the bag to pull out three tubs of ice cream. The nymphs gold eyes widened and he squealed before giving a large kiss to Harry.

Omake 3

Harry cuddled closer into Caelus' side. Today they decided it was going to be a lazy day so they didn't want to leave Harry's magically enlarged bed.

Caelus buried his face into his lover's hair and took a deep whiff. He loved his unique smell. It had a spicy smell mixed with a bit of citrus. It was heavenly and it was all Harry. Harry huffed as Caelus pulled some of his hair lightly. When the nymph didn't stop he swatted the hand away and buried his face deeper into Caelus' neck.

The man chuckled but that was cut short when he shot up with a gasp which sent Harry toppling off the bed.

Disgruntled, Harry peeked over the top of the bed and choked on his laughter at what he saw. Ji was sitting on Caelus' lap where he most likely landed, and the man was trying to regain his breath while trying not to chuck the cat across the room.

"You're the one that wanted the kitten~!"

Caelus' gave him a hurt look but Harry just burst out into laughter.