This is set 25 years after the events of the 7th book and will reference only events up to that point. I will not be going into detail about Tom and Alice and what happened before Ashley and Laurance came around unless required by the plot, this is about Ashley and Laurance not Tom and Alice. Another thing If there is an interest in this I will continue. On a side note an update on my 2 other stories: Both are on hiatus Tos:ToD will be continued shortly, ToC is going to be scrapped and restarted eventually.

Brightest Day and Darkest Night

It was the happiest day of his life, not only was he married to Alice the woman of his dreams, his first born where on the way. They had been ecstatic when they found out Alice was due with twins. Tom thought back to all they had gone through since they met, he had killed old gods, witches, boggarts, even the Devil himself had not stopped him, the only thing that had really hi him as hard as his mother's death was that of the Spook's. The Dark had lost a lot of it's strength when he destroyed the Fiend but he could feel it growing again,something even more sinister approaching that he had never seen before. "Mr. Ward, you can come in now." The midwife told him snapping him out of his thoughts. He walked into the bedroom. On the bed lay an exhausted Alice holding two babies, a boy and a girl. "Ahem." The midwife coughed holding out a hand. Tom dropped a few coins into her palm and watched her hurry out the door. He couldn't blame her no one liked to be around a she was through the door he turned back to Alice. "They're beautiful." He said. "Yes they are." Said Alice rocking the sleeping babies. "Have you thought of any names?" She asked. "Yes but I thought we could each name one." He said taking his son in his arms. Alice looked down at her daughter and thought for a moment. "Ashley." She finally said. "Laurance." Tom said back.

The years went on at their repaired house in Chipenden, Tom had found his son had inherited the gift of the sixth sense although he was a first born. Alice and him had chalked a large part of the reason to his strange heritage. So when he became of age his training as a spook began, Likewise Ashley had shown great aptitude to be a witch and so began her training by her mother. The two formed an inseperable pair as hey did not have any friends in town.

Laurance grew to be a tall muscular man, with short hair and an even shorter temper. He grew very protective of his sister, a short woman with long Raven hair, and a quiet personality. They butted heads with each other and heir parents as siblings and offspring do. Tom watched all of this growing ever more paranoid. He could feel a great power rising in the Dark concentrating all it's energy in creating a single monster whose only goal was to kill him. He increased the intensity of his sons training both physical and mental. He made sure there where supplies in travel packs always ready. This went on for years the twins reaching 15,16,and finally 17 years of age, when the feeling stopped. Tom could no longer feel the Dark at all it was as if it had vanished completely.

Finally one night during the middle of summer. "Alice wake up." "ALICE!" Tom yelled. "What is it dear?" She said sleepily. She saw Tom dressed in his cloak with his bag on his shoulder and staff in hand. "Wake up the kids, get them dressed and tell them to run to our house in Anglezarke and to wait there until we come to get them." Tom said hurredly. "Honey what's wrong?" Alice said fear in her eyes. "Something is coming, now go!" Alice got up and ran to the twin's bedroom. "Laurance, Ashley get up now!" The two nearly fell out of their beds. "What's going on?" Ashley asked. "No time to explain. Grab your things and head to our house in Anglezarke, I'll follow you soon." Alice said. The pair quickly got up and began getting their things. They where soon out the door heading north to Anglezarke, They had just passed the front gate when an immense chill filled the air. They turned and saw thousands of bats descending on their home. Ashley tried to run back but Laurance caught her arm and dragged her down the hill.

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