Full Story Summary: After the Titian War, Annabeth & Nico go to stay with the Jackson twins, Percy and Leila, but they all find out quick that High School will not be as easy as they thought it would be. Can they survive projects, parties, and homecoming? With annoying Snobs, and visits from our favorite Hunter, High School might take every ounce of training they've got.

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Phase 1

"Percy!" I screamed. "I'm going to kill you!"

"You'll never catch me!" he shouted, running the out of the bedroom.

He's dead, I thought, jumping out of bed. I slipped on my sneakers and some random clothes—praying to the gods they actually matched—and went tearing after him. "Percy!" I shrieked, storming into the kitchen with vengeance. "You are so dead!"

"This is not my fault," he said, sticking the bucket in the cabinet under the sink. "You need to get up earlier."

I quickly calculated how many times I could hit him for this—eight, maybe nine if I aimed right—but then decided sparring really wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of the morning. "Whatever," I stated, "but next time you do that, you will pay."

"What'd I miss?" Nico said, sliding into the room on his socks. He stopped himself by crashing into the counter and then started hopping from one foot to the other like he was ready for a monster attack.

I shoved Nico away from the fridge and pulled open the door. "Leila wouldn't get up so I found a very effective way to get her out of bed," Percy told Nico with a smirk.

"And by 'effective,'" I muttered, getting out the orange juice, "he means dumping a bucket of ice water all over me."

"Well, it worked," Percy said, grabbing a cup from the cabinet behind his head and tossing it to me. "So yeah, it was effective."

"Dude!" Nico laughed and high-fived my brother. "You should have warned me! I would have dug out my camera!"

I pulled out some juice and then practically threw the carton back into the refrigerator. "And what would you have done with the video, Nico?"

"Blackmail," he stated.

I rolled my eyes. It was way too early for this. "Shut up," I told him. "My bed is soaked."

"Then you should wake up earlier," Annabeth joined in as she leaned against the counter next to her boyfriend.

"Traitor," I accused her.

She shrugged and kissed my brother on the cheek. Percy grinned like an idiot and kissed Annabeth on her head.

Nico and I faked gagged while Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"We should go," she stated loudly, packing up her bag—probably got up early to get a head-start on homework or something—and throwing it over her shoulder.

Nico groaned. "Already? We have tons of time!"

"Yeah, come on," I agreed, putting my cup in the sink. "It's only 7:15."

Annabeth nodded once, like she expected this argument—she probably had, but you can't blame us for trying, right?—and carefully explained her plan for the morning. "Yes, but if we get attacked on the way," she reasoned, "that's going to really make us late if you plan to leave—"

"Fine, whatever," I interrupted. I always tried to avoid Annabeth's possible half-hour explanation of what could go wrong, but today, I was especially on edge. High school did that kind of stuff to me, I guess. I shuddered and reached for my backpack.

"Oh, no. We had a bet, remember?" Nico reminded me with an evil glint in his eyes. "You have to carry a purse today since you lost."

"You were serious?" I tried. I knew there was no way I was getting out of this, but the thought of carrying around a purse all day seemed like a total waste of energy. I mean, come on! When you're attacked by monsters almost everyday, you need to be prepared—and what if a monster attacks us? What the heck was I supposed to do with a purse?

"Nice try," Nico told me while Percy nearly died of laughter. "Go find a purse."

"I don't own a purse," I said smugly.

He frowned then smiled. "Maybe Annabeth can lend you one," he said, gesturing towards a suddenly offended daughter of Athena.

"You really think I own a purse?" she asked accusingly.

Nico shrugged, unfazed by Annabeth's tone. "It was worth a try," he said. I mentally did a happy dance—no purse for me!—but then sobered up when I realized Nico would probably come up with something equally as annoying.

"Well, actually, I do have an orange one my stepmom gave me," Annabeth—I wasn't sure whether to thank her or kill her—offered. "I've never used it, though."

"You're using that one," Nico instructed, jabbing me in the ribs. I sighed. A deal is a deal, and we all took our bets pretty seriously, so there was no way out of this.

I reluctantly started back toward the bedrooms when I remembered my own bet. I whirled around with a smirk. "Annabeth, aren't you forgetting something?" I taunted, with a glance toward her sneakers.

"What—?" she stopped with wide eyes.

"Heels," I stated, pointing at her shoes. "You have to wear them."

She sighed and slowly dragged herself over to the bedrooms with me. "I can't believe you're making me do this," she stated, slipping off her sneakers.

"Hey," I objected. "I wouldn't be carrying a purse today if it wasn't for you."

"Trust me, Nico would have found a purse one way or another," she promised.

I laughed and grabbed the only pair of heels the two of us owned as she searched around for her one and only purse. Okay, maybe we were pretty pathetic when it came to completely-girly-teenage stuff—one pair of heels and one purse? Probably not normal—but can you really judge us? After all, we spent our summer saving the world.

"Here we go," I said slyly, pulling out a pair of four-inch flowered heels and holding them up. "Aww, they even match your outfit."

"Well, so does your purse," Annabeth countered tossing me her orange purse.

I scoffed, "My orange purse? I am not keeping this thing."

Annabeth laughed and strapped the heels to her feet. "At least I'm almost as tall as Percy now," she commented, spinning around.

"That's the spirit," I teased.

"I want something to drink," I commented, tossing some drachmas and emergency nectar into the stupid purse. "Want to go to Starbucks since we have so much extra time?"

"Hoping you would say that," she agreed. "I could go for something."

"No boys," I told her.

She smiled. "Of course not."

Within the last two weeks, Annabeth and I started these special girls-only trips to the nearest Starbucks. It started about two days after we got back from camp. Living in a closed-up space with two teenage boys you're related to can really wear you down. Now, I grew up with a twin brother, but after he gets a girlfriend and your cousin moves in things can get a bit… crazy. (Percy and I once had a fight so big, our mom refers to it as "The Great Blender Incident of 2011.") Our mom and stepdad were cool about letting two more teenagers move in, but that's not all that surprisingly. Our mom has never turned down a kid in need, especially not Annabeth or Nico.

Anyways, one night at about ten-thirty, Annabeth suggested we just get out of the house for a while since I was ready to murder Percy with fire and dance on his ashes. The two of us ended up sending about two hours just talking at Starbucks and ever since, we've gone there to get overpriced drinks and have some time away from boys.

"Talked to Will lately?" Annabeth asked, taking a cautious sip of her tea—"Caffeine before school?" she said when I suggested she should get coffee. "You are crazy."—while we left Starbucks.

"Actually, yeah," I said, running my fingers through my long hair. "He called me last night to wish me good luck with school."

"That's good," she nodded, fighting a smug-looking smile.

"Actually, I was really surprised," I admitted, biting my lip.

Annabeth snorted. "Why? You two are dating."

Sort of, I corrected her in my head. Yes, I liked Will and yes, he liked me back, but we had agreed that it wouldn't be a pressured relationship or anything. We're both just too close as friends for things to get weird. "See, we never talked about what we were going to do after I left camp," I explained, rolling my Cherry Coke bottle over and over in my hands. "We both sort of avoided that subject."

"When he called you last night," Annabeth started in her most wise tone, "did he ask you what you had been doing?"

"Yes," I said slowly, waiting for her to get to the point. "But I asked him that too."

"Why? Afraid he had been hanging out with some Aphrodite girls while you were gone for the winter?" she teased, knowing exactly what I had been thinking.

I hit her on the arm but still laughed. "Oh, please. We only dated for a few weeks."

"You mean you've only been dating for a few weeks," she corrected with a wink.

Sometimes, I still couldn't believe how funny and carefree Annabeth was. It had taken me almost five years to get to know her this well, and now, we didn't hold back. "You're nuts," I told her, shaking my head.

"Me?" she protested. "All right, let's compare how nuts you think I am to every crazy stunt you and Percy have pulled over the last few years around the U.S.—"

"Okay, okay," I stopped her, knowing who would this fight. "I get it."

Annabeth gave one simple nod and brushed some unruly curls out of her eyes.

"Are you still planning to get your hair cut?" I said, tugging on the end of her blonde hair.

"Should I?" she replied absentmindedly, drinking more of her tea.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "It's your hair."

She raised her eyebrow. "Are you ever going to cut your hair?"

"Probably not," I said, swinging me hair back and forth so it brushed against my ribs.

"It's just going to keep getting longer and longer," Annabeth warned in a mocking tone. "You can barely deal with it being this long. What are you going to do when it's down to your knees?"

I smirked and answered her as we walked up Goode High School's front steps. "Get a haircut," I said.

She rolled her eyes. "How about when you get a haircut, so will I."

"Deal," I agreed.

Annabeth quickly finished the rest of her tea. She tossed it in the nearest trash can. "I'm going to go find Percy," she said.

"I am not going into that building until I have to," I stated, taking a seat on one of the steps.

She laughed. "Bye, Leila."

"See you," I called.

It was still a little strange to be getting along with Annabeth after the past few years of fighting but we became shockingly close a couple months ago. When Percy and Annabeth finally started dating, I wasn't surprised, but what did surprise me, was how happy Percy suddenly was. I had never seen him that happy and just like that—I liked whoever caused him that much happiness. (AKA: Annabeth Chase.)

She and my brother were really happy and now we were like sisters. Besides Rachel, Annabeth is the only girl best friend I've had since elementary school. I don't usually have time to make friends, but it was different with Annabeth.

After years of training together, I already knew her strengths, weaknesses, and everything that irritated her. On the other hand, I couldn't have been able to tell you her favorite color or even what schools she had tried to go to in the past.

Now I'm pretty sure I'd be able to write a long, very embarrassing biography on her life. Although, if I ever tried to publish it, she would probably write one about me, then I'd definitely regret it. We know just about everything there is to know about our lives.

Oh, except her relationship with Percy—that was the last thing I ever wanted to know about. He's my brother! That stuff is just gross.

Percy appeared next to me. "Hello, my dear sister," he said, sitting down next to me.

"Speak of the devil and the devil saw appear," I muttered under my breath as he got comfortable on the steps.


"Nothing," I told him, knowing he'd totally kick my butt in sparring later if I made fun of him. "What'd you want?"

"I'm looking for Annabeth," he said. "Have you seen her?"

I nodded. "Yep. She just went inside looking for you."

"Cool," he stated but didn't make any move to leave.

I sighed, figuring it would be less painful just to get this over with. "What else?"

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to share..." he trailed off gazing at my Cherry Coke.

"Yeah, right," I scoffed. "You dumped water on my head this morning, why would you expect me to share with you? Go bother your girlfriend."

"It's not like you got wet!" he protested. "Besides, I would got bother Annabeth, but I can't find her."

"What a shame," I commented dryly.

"It is," he nodded seriously. "And it is not my fault you were up most of the night talking to Will—"

"Coming from you," I interrupted, "who didn't come to bed until about two in the morning."

"I was—"

"—too busy kissing Annabeth to realize how late it had gotten," I finished for him with a smirk.

He blushed then mirrored my smirk. "Yep. That's right."

I punched him in the arm. "Don't tell me these things!"

He laughed. "Then don't act like such a know it all."

"Whatever," I snapped. "Just leave me in peace without the awful mental images you put in my head."

"If you'd had just given me some of your soda then I wouldn't have to put such awful images in your head," Percy smiled.

I sighed and handed him my drink. "I'm done anyways. You can have the rest of it."

"'was going to finish it anyway," he shrugged, draining the bottle.

"Jerk," I muttered loud enough for him to hear.

Before Percy could say anything else, the first bell rang signally the start of another school year.

Percy groaned. "I hate school. We shouldn't even have to go to school."

"Come on, it won't be that bad," I said, hyped on soda and probably being way too optimistic. "We shouldn't even have to worry about monster attacks this year. They're all in Tartarus or smart enough to stay away from us."

"I'm just saying this whole thing isn't very fair," he grumbled while we headed into the school.

"Face it. We might be heroes there but this…" I paused and sighed, thinking of Olympus. "This is high school," I finished grimly. "You've crushed the small hopes I had for this year," I informed my brother with a frown. "Thanks so much."

"Nah, it won't be so bad," he said, changing his mind.

"You're just saying that because you remembered you have most of your classes with Annabeth," I criticized, pushing my way through the crowded hallway.

"Yeah," he said, following close behind me, "but I think that's okay. Speaking of classes, I have Art first."

"With Annabeth," I added, shoving past a group of loud, giggling girls.

Percy sneaked around in front of me to avoid the girls who had actually started jumping up and down in excitement—what the heck was wrong with mortals these days? "You know me well," he said, grinning.

I laughed. "Too well."

"Thank you, my darling sister for the drink but I must say farewell. My maiden awaits me," he gave me an obnoxious kiss on the cheek and turned for his class.

I swiped the back of my hand over my cheek. "Gross, Percy!" He turned around and gave me a deep bow, laughing the whole time.

"You'll pay for that, Percy," I murmured under my breath as I walked off toward my History class.

My morning was spent in an inaccurate History class, very flawed Greek class with my brother, a headache most people call Math class, and finally a Biology class with Annabeth.

"Hello, my name is Mr. Peterson," the teacher introduced once everyone was seated and had textbooks as heavy as bricks.

"This semester in Biology," he continued, "we'll be studying the oceans."

I couldn't quite contain the laughing fit that gripped me at that second. If only this teacher knew how easy this semester would be for me! Apparently, Annabeth was thinking along the same lines, because a short laugh escaped her too before she caught herself.

Mr. Peterson turned a critical eye toward the two of us. "Something funny?" He asked condescendingly.

I could barely open my mouth without cracking up but I managed a pathetic, "No, sir."

As soon as class was over, Annabeth and I rushed out of the classroom.

"Why can't I stop laughing?" I demanded, as my sides started hurting from laughter.

"Two—reasons," Annabeth replied between her own fits of laughter. "First: you had soda for breakfast—and that's never a good idea. Second: these classes are so boring, they're funny!"

"I never thought I'd live to see the day a daughter of Athena would tell me learning was boring," I said as my laughter subsided.

"I haven't learned a thing," she huffed. "I knew all of this."

"What classes did you this morning?" I asked.

"Art with Percy, Math and English alone, then Biology with you."

"You're just lucky you haven't had Greek yet," I told her. "It's so bad, it's not even funny."

She groaned. "Great. Another class to look forward too."

"Well, I've got to go to Art," I said, pushing away from the wall I had leaned against for support.

"And I've got History," Annabeth sighed.

The two of us turned and headed for our classes.

Art turned out to be pretty easy. All the teacher wanted us to do was paint or draw something for today.

It only took me a second to come up with something then I went over and took some brushes and blue, purple, silver, and green paint from one side of the room.

I caught a few people staring at me with doubtful expressions. All of them were eyeing my long hair as if they expected me to cover it with different colored paints. I sighed and snatched a hair tie out of my bag.

I expertly swung my hair into a perfect ponytail in a total of about two seconds. A boy who had been staring at me a few seats away, almost fell off his chair in shock. Not even my record time, I thought wryly.

Over the years, I had been in enough fights and battles that I actually became used to the sudden, unexpected need to pull my hair out of my eyes. So, long story short, it was easy to deal with all of my hair.

By the time class was over I had almost finished my picture while also managing to avoid getting any paint on my clothes—or hair. Image that!

"Ms. Jackson, this is amazing," the teacher complimented, looking at my painting.

I tensed and quickly scanned him up and down. He was slightly overweight man with a receding hairline, probably in his late forties. He didn't seem like much of a threat—and Annabeth would have warned me if she sensed a monster. I smiled, not completely relaxing. "Thanks."

"Do you paint a lot?" he asked, stepping close to examine the picture. "Your technique is superb!"

"I've only ever painted a few times," I admitted, "but my mom is a bit of an artist so maybe I get it from her."

He nodded, and hummed in approval. "Did you have a certain place in mind when you painted this?"

I scanned my painting. It was a low, stone fountain with silvery blue water flowing down the sides. It was the fountain that my dad had put in our Camp Half-blood cabin a few years ago as a gift for Percy and I. Of course, Percy had destroyed it by cutting it in half, but I'd never forget what it looked like. "No," I lied.

"You did this free hand, correct?"

"I didn't draw anything before I started painting, if that's what you mean," I said, hoping I didn't sound as clueless as I felt.

"Yes, well, I'm impressed. You need a very steady hand to paint this well freehand and it seems you have that skill." He nodded and wandered off to go check another student's work.

"Nothing like five years of demigod training to give you a nice steady hand," I mumbled painting some more.

"Finally," Annabeth sighed when I met her after Art.

"What? You didn't enjoy your lovely History class?" I teased.

"Well, that was the best class I've been to all day but it was still pretty bad—ouch!" she complained running into someone who was walking the opposite direction.

"Watch it," I told the kid, pushing him away from her. "We're walking over here!"

"Oh, I saw you," the boy flirted with a glance toward Annabeth skinny jeans, and my tanned legs.

"We have boyfriends," Annabeth informed him with a dangerous light in her eyes that promised trouble.

I confidently pushed my hair back. "And defensive bothers who will kick—"

"Well, they shouldn't let you wander around without protection then, should they?" the boy smirked cocky. "Maybe I should take of you two till then."

"Who said we needed protection?" I demanded, reaching for my dagger.

"Maybe you shouldn't," Annabeth deadpanned, dragging me away from the polo-wearing idiot.

"Come on," I objected. "One little punch won't put him in the hospital, but if aimed right, I might be able to knock out a few teeth."

"Pushing him so hard he would lose teeth? Yeah, that would put him in the hospital," she told me.

"It's not my fault the guy is a wimp," I grumbled, releasing the hold on my dagger.

"Forget it," she advised while we walked into the Cafeteria.

I scanned the room for Percy and Nico. Thanks to the pervert who decided to hit-on two girls at once, they must have gotten to the Cafeteria first.

"There," Annabeth said, pointing toward a table in a corner of the lunchroom. "Get in line, okay? I'm going to see what the boys want to eat."

"Fine," I huffed, "but tell them if it takes up more than two trays, they're getting their own food." Percy and Nico weren't just teenage boys, they were demigod teenage boys—that pretty much means they ate about twice as much as normal teenagers. Although, at least the boys got away with eating all that food. Try explaining to a mortal why you—an average looking teenage girl—can eat enough to food for an army, but never gain any weight. Monster training—definitely the best diet ever.

Annabeth laughed and nudged me toward the line. "I will."

A minute later, she returned with a long look on her face. "I am not getting all that food," she stated.

I snickered. "They should get their own food anyway."

"I'll get some," she shrugged, "but I don't even have enough limbs to carry all the food they want."

"Careful, they might eat your limbs if they don't get enough food," I joked.

Annabeth rolled her eyes and started grabbed a tray.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Nico and Percy familiar black hair easily, but there was something else. One of the girls I had seen staring at me in Art class was standing at the end of the table with another girl by her side.

The worse part was, I was across the room and I could clearly see she was flirting. And if I could, Annabeth definitely could.

I nodded to the girl. "Who's that?"

"She wasn't there a minute ago," Annabeth stated.

I was pretty sure she was dangerously close to running across the room and killing them—and I probably would've helped—but I decided to spare us the paperwork. "Get me something—a Coke—will you?" I asked, still staring at across the room.

She nodded and stiffly turned around to grab an apple from off the counter.

I made my way over to the table and swiftly slid into the seat next to Percy, cutting off whatever the one of girls was saying.

"Percy!" I said quickly. Picking the first thing that came to my head, I started talking fast enough to keep the other girls from saying anything in between. "Oh my gods! You are never going to believe what we're studying in Biology! Go on try to guess! Never mind. Let's face it, you won't guess right. It's the ocean."

Of course I knew Percy already had Biology class by now—but I couldn't think of anything else to say! Luckily, he was smart enough to keep from questioning my actions. He laughed knowingly and shook his head.

"Of course," Nico sulked, "you get the ocean, and I get atoms. How can they even be proved that they're really? No one has actually ever seen an atom."

I made a note to thank Nico for the help later—even though he probably had no idea he was helping—and I was about to keep talking when another voice spoke up. It was voice that made Percy's face light up and me sigh in relief.

"That's because scientists haven't been able to make a microscope strong enough," Annabeth said, taking a seat across from Percy. A disarming smile was poised on her lips, but her eyes warned anyone who had seen her in fight that she was dangerous.

I leaned against the bench and smirked, wondering why I ever had problems with this girl.

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