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This story takes place several months after the end of the primary canon of both franchises. This means a few months after the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi and the Hobus Supernova of Star Trek '09

Chapter 1

"Let's go to the beach!" exclaimed a hyperactive young male, bouncing around the room.

"I can't wait 'till we get back to Earth! It's so boring onboard and I'm tired of just fooling around in the holodeck all day!"

"Shut up! I am trying to get some work done!"

Doctor Horace J. Smith massaged his aching temple as he tried to ignore his blond companion. They have been in space for several months already for a shakedown cruise and spent the last few weeks patrolling what was left of the Romulan Neutral Zone. All the while he was getting tired of a certain science officer's antics. He was looking forward to some relaxation next week when the mission was scheduled to be over.

"If you're that bored why don't you go stare at comets in astrometrics or look for rogue warbirds?"

A raspberry was his only response. Commander Doran was acting incredibly immature for someone who was second in command of a starship as well as chief science officer. His physical appearance didn't help the situation either. Despite his age, Doran looked and acted like an average teenage man from his silver-gray eyes to his never ending hair style changes, which is currently in its usual short, golden color.

"I would but I decided that hanging out with you is much more entertaining."

The doctor sighed, about to resume his task when he glanced up to see Doran hovering near some of the medical samples.


Captain Aka'ula Kagami turned his head at the sound of a chirping combadge. Nicknamed Red by his colleagues, it was his first assignment as a Starfleet Captain and already he was getting a bit stressed by the responsibilities. Moving away from the mirror he was looking in he strolled over to the desk to see who was calling so early in the morning.


Aka'ula smirked, knowing that Doran was probably stirring up trouble again and annoying the hell out of Horace.

"…sickbay here. I suggest that you come down here and help me with a certain teenage idiot."

"Alright, I am on my way. Kagami out."

Ending the call, Red took a quick glance back at the mirror. His dark hair was a bit unruly but acceptable for the moment so he left his quarters after a quick uniform check. Along the way he kept getting held back by crew members attempting to shove reports into his arms. He ignored them and he moved at a more brisk pace, stopping only once to tell off two ensigns loitering in the corridor.

When the sickbay doors opened at his arrival, he stifled a laugh, glad he didn't walk inside. For some reason the artificial gravity was down so the doctor was floating upside down near his desk, arms and legs crossed Indian-style and a glare on his face.

"Took you long enough."

Red turned and found the culprit floating near an examination table with a glass of questionable liquid in hand, giggling madly.

"Hey Cap! Did you ever try this stuff? Found it in the doctor's personal stash earlier. It's….it's…um…..it's green!"

The teen giggled even more, a blush starting to form from the whiskey. Red merely smiled, glancing over at the doctor, who was now trying to get himself toward the deck, grumbling to himself.

"Why did they ever give that idiot his rank? He spends more of his time drinking and annoying the hell out of me than actually doing anything else…."

"Quit exaggerating Horace, you know as well as I do he is competent when he is on duty."

"Too bad he isn't on duty when I am around…..Red! Turn on the damn gravity already!"

Commanding the computer to restore gravity, Red laughed as his blond first officer fell onto the table with a thud. Doran pouted, looking even more immature than usual.

"Awww. Captain! Why did you have to ruin the fun?"

"Why don't we let Horace do his work? Alpha shift is about to begin and I need you to sober up and get to business. Starfleet really wants us to perform a few more long range scans before we return next week."

The captain then grabbed the officer by the wrist, dragging the teen in the direction of the bridge. Doran merely shrugged, looking back toward the doctor with a grin on his face.

"Jaa nee Hora-sama!"

The doctor shuddered at the nickname, watching the doors shut behind the two.

"Why did she ever teach him that language?"

Captain's Log: Stardate 64560.11

Long range sensors have detected a strange anomaly a few light years from the former Romulan Neutral Zone. As the closest ship, Starfleet Command has ordered us to investigate the phenomenon to determine possible causes. The only thing we can determine at the moment is that it is of neither Romulan nor Klingon origin.

Red sat watching the bridge crew perform scans of the anomaly in front of them before looking at the image on the viewscreen. Although he wouldn't admit it, the anomaly seemed almost beautiful. A massive whirlpool of dust and particulates were slowly spinning in the void of space, a faint light emanating from the center. Turning his gaze from the screen, he then looked over to where the commander and a lieutenant were reviewing some data readouts.

"Commander, report."

The commander did not respond, looking down at the PADD in confusion.


Doran jumped a little, giving the captain an apologetic look.

"It seems to be a new, stabilizing wormhole. Graviton and neutrino levels are higher than expected. We haven't yet determined where it leads but we are about to send a probe."

'A stable wormhole?' thought Red, looking back toward the viewscreen. A stable wormhole would result in a large interest in the area, just like what happened with Bajor and Deep Space 9. Hopefully this time they won't find themselves with another Dominion.

"Understood. Send a quick briefing on what you have learned so far to Starfleet and then launch the probe."

"Aye Sir."

A few minutes later as final preparations for the probe where being completed, a small alarm brought everyone's attention back towards the wormhole. At the center of the swirling cloud, green flashes appeared at random moments before fading away. Red's expression tightened slightly, concern gripping the edge of his mind.

"What is going on? Someone, report!"

"Plasma discharges detected. Data readouts indicate that that the energy is too uniform and direct, so we can rule out natural phenomenon."

Red glanced up at the viewscreen. 'Could the plasma be some form of communication or a weapon? Is there a group trying to make contact or is there a battle waging on the other side of the wormhole?' Even if it wasn't the latter, as Captain it was his duty to protect his ship and crew.

"Go to yellow alert. Raise shields and place weapons on standby. Mr. Doran, launch the probe, I want to know what is going on."

"Aye Sir"

Seconds barely passed when the situation changed.

"Captain! Two contacts detected! A small shuttle is exiting the wormhole followed by….Sir! The second vessel is over one and a half kilometers long!"

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