for the fanfiction idol competition, round one.
challenge: riddle era
thanks to
zhie {renzhie} for reading over this for me. :3

sometimes, love happens over time,
but sometimes, it happens in an
i n s t a n t.


this isn't a love story,
at least, not one with a happy ending,
because, we all know – those are fairytales in themselves.


you meet on a saturday in a wizarding coffee shop,
she's gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous
&& way out of your league,
but you're tom riddle jr. and damn it all,
you're going to try anyway.

she laughs and raises one eyebrow,
and, it's kindasortamaybe
love at first sight.


you just click.

she gets you & you get her &,
two different people have never been more alike.

{they said you were i n s a n e,
they said she was too nice for her own good.}

she's the yin to your yang,
and, as cheesy as it sounds,
you make each other better people.

and, at first,
it's all rainbows&unicorns&happiness
but, happy never lasts too long with you,
does it?


two months in
and she's starting to see the r-e-a-l you

and, let's be honest here,
she doesn't like what she sees.

you're obsessed over horcruxes
and she wants so badly for you to just

you don't.
you can't.

you {{won't}}


you push her away,
because you don't know what else to do.

shake her up,
&& break her down.

love was never the goal,
you wanted a one-night-stand,
not a relationship.

but she isn't the type,
and things got out of hand,
and you've broken every rule you've ever made for youself,
and all for this lowly half-blood girl named 'delilah'

{you've never admit how much you like her name}

and, you're going soft,
so you n e e d to do this,
you need to screw this up, you need to tear her apart,
and you need to not love her.4

{but you do anyway,
and you hate that.}


the love deteriorates before your eyes,
and you don't have the courage to fight for it,
you convince yourself you don't want to.

soon, tender kisses&stolen touches&hushed whispers are
r e p l a c e d w i t h


things are

{where's that ductape when you need it?}

and, she's fighting like hell,
trying to get the old you back,
sacrificing her own sanity in the process.

{it doesn't work,
but she has to try.}


you're too far gone.

all your thoughts are clouded with that
and not even she can save you now.

you're a lost cause.

and, if we're still being honest here,
you can look back and pin the blame,
for the way you turned out,
on a thousand people.

but you can also blame yourself.

she tried to save you,
but you wouldn't let her.

{you never wanted to be saved, anyway.}

^that's a lie.^

you're just a coward.

afraid to find real happiness,
always trying to replace it with artificial things that won't make you feel
anything like the way she did.

but, even if you changed your mind tomorrow,
she's made hers' up.

you aren't worth it.
{but you are to her.}

so she'll pick up the pieces
& move on with her life,
as if it never happened.

{but it did.}

and, neither of you will ever forget,
even though
you will pretend you have.