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When I wake up this morning, my stomach flutters nervously. My house is already bustling with excitement, and I can hear Aunt Tereska downstairs, telling people where certain flowers need to go. The doorknob turns, and Lillian, Aria, and Celeste stand in the frame, along with my mother.

I am marrying Finn Odair today.

We had to compromise greatly on the location and style. Finally, we decided that we'd have the wedding in District 4 and the ceremony would have some District 4 wedding values, but also the toasting. I wouldn't bend on the toasting, and Finn didn't seem to mind at all. The pre-wedding was District 12 tradition, so I hadn't seen Finn yesterday, and I know I won't see him until we're at the altar today. Instead, yesterday had been spent ridding me of all my body hair and everyone else discussing how I should look, and then the night being spent with Asteria, Lillian, Aria, Celeste, Aunt Tereska, Aunt Annie, Aunt Johanna, Grandmother, and my mother. They had all gotten up early this morning to prepare. Thankfully, they let me sleep in.

Celeste goes straight to my closet and brings out my wedding dress. Lillian and Aria help me quickly pull it over my head. The dress is beautiful. It's floor length and the skirt style is very simple, not big or poofy. The sleeves hang off my shoulders and fall to the middle of my bicep. It's the designs on the skirt that make the dress. They're waves around the bottom, and a shower of primroses falling from above. Celeste and Aunt Tereska had it custom made.

I stand still while Celeste fusses over the dress, making sure that everything is perfect. Mother told me last night that Aunt Tereska got extremely excited about weddings and took it on herself to make everything perfect. She had even done Mother and Father's wedding. Then she passed all those traits to her daughter. Thanks to Celeste and Aunt Tereska, I've had to do minimal work on this wedding. And honestly, I don't really mind. As long as I get to marry Finn, I'll be okay.

Aria starts putting makeup on my face, and Celeste starts to move towards my hair when Mother's voice breaks through the room.

"I'm going to do this part, OK Celeste?" she asks. I assume Celeste nods, because I feel Mother's nimble fingers gently pull their way through my long dark hair. She begins to braid sections of it.

"How do you feel?" she asks me.

"Great!" I say, but Mother sees through my lie. She looks at me with raised eyebrows. I sigh.

"I feel like I'm going to throw up. I mean, it's all so crazy. I'm twenty and I'm getting married. But I know that I can't stand another minute not married to him," I babble quickly. Mother gives a light laugh.

"Well think of it this way, I got married just a couple days before I turned eighteen. And I felt the same way right before I got married. So you're not alone," she tells me. I let out a sigh of relief. Since she told me about her Games, my mother and I have been extremely close. She's one of the only people I can talk to about anything.

"Don't worry, Electra," Mother murmurs reassuringly. "He's the best possible person for you to spend the rest of your life with. I'm sure of it."

I can't turn my head around, but I nod slightly. Mother will know how much those words mean to me. I find that I'm actually in danger of crying. That wouldn't be good, especially if I want Celeste to stay calm.

In no time, everyone's done with me. I'm not allowed to see myself yet until I'm with Finn, but everyone assures me that I look gorgeous. They all give me hugs before going downstairs. Mother is the last one to leave. She actually does have tears in her eyes.

"I can't believe that my baby is all grown up and ready to be married," she practically whispers. "I still remember the day you were born. Everything was so beautiful and I remember the first time I held you. Your father and I both loved you so, so much-" her voice cracks in the middle of what I'm sure would be a long rant about how I was born. I know that it wasn't an easy time for Mother, because Gale had come the day before. I didn't know the specifics of what happened with Gale, but Mother told me the basic story and how I spent half of my first year of life in District 4, with Finn. She also told me how she almost miscarried Luke, which, from what I've heard, was one of the scariest times of her life.

Mother's now just standing there crying, so I don't know what else to do but put my arms around her. "Thank you so much for raising me so perfectly," I whisper into her ear, and I really mean it. I can only hope to raise my children half as well as Mother and Father raised me.

Father walks into the room moments later, his face bright. He waits until Mother and I break apart, then he kisses Mother lightly on the tip of her nose. She gives us a watery smile then finally leaves to go sit down.

"My baby girl's getting married," Father says after Mother leaves. "I'll always be your baby girl," I tell him, and Father hugs me too. "I can't believe I'm actually giving you away," he says quietly as we leave the room.

We come to the backyard, where everyone sits under the blistering District 4 sun. The waves of the ocean crash in the distance, and I close my eyes for a moment. This is where I've spent so much of my life. This is where Finn and I grew up together, where we became best friends. The beach that's just a couple of minutes away is the first place he ever kissed me, where he proposed to me.

I open my eyes and see Finn himself. He's in a light blue suit and looks even more stunning than usual. His bronze hair is tousled and his green eyes are alive with anticipation. I have a vague feeling that my eyes are reflecting the same feelings.

Aunt Annie, Luke, Hector, Jason, Asteria, and Mother sit in the front row, with an empty chair that I assume is meant for Father. Aunt Johanna, Lillian, and Aria sit behind them, with Aunt Tereska, Uncle Kelton, Celeste, her younger siblings Ceres and Jonathan, and Grandmother. Even Uncle Haymitch is there, and even more surprising, he's sober for once.

Father places my hand in Finn's and it's all I can do not to kiss Finn here and now. His eyes never lose their glow that I first fell for so many years ago. I remember that when we were kids Father would always joke about us falling in love, and then nobody being surprised when it actually happened. We started dating on Luke's twelfth birthday, right after he had gotten "The Talk" from Mother and Father…

A bowl of saltwater is being handed to Finn, and he dips two fingers in the bowl and then presses those two fingers to my lips. Then he takes my ring and slides it onto the fourth finger of my left hand. Then it's my turn. When I press my fingers to his lips, I can tell that I hold them there longer than necessary. I then slide a simple gold band around his finger.

A golden net is draped over us as the mayor of District 4 says, "Finn Odair, do you promise to love, serve, and protect Electra Mellark, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," Finn says radiantly. His eyes have never shined brighter than they do now. I'm overcome with a sense of extreme giddiness, and I almost miss what they mayor says next.

"Electra Mellark, do you promise to love, serve, and protect Finn Odair, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," I say, barely managing to keep my voice below a shout. I've also been proved wrong about Finn's eyes and how they shine. When I pledged myself to him, they shone even brighter. The sun should be envious of the way Finn's eyes shine.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," the mayor says. Slowly, Finn tilts my chin up and lowers his mouth towards mine. Finally, our lips meet and I can feel that we are truly connected as one. No one can ever take that away from us now. Finn is mine, I am his, forever and ever.

All too quickly, this kiss is broken, and as the net is taken off of us, I am enveloped in Asteria's arms. She's just barely twelve, she's just barely learned of the Games and our parents past. And she looks so much like Aunt Prim it must almost pain Mother to look at her. But even hearing about the Games didn't blot Asteria's innocence. She's such a beauty, and I've done everything so that she won't grow up too fast.

"Congratulations, Electra!" she bubbles excitedly. I laugh and kiss the top of her forehead. "Thanks, 'Steria!" I say, and I hug her again. I remember when Finn and I announced our engagement, everything was quiet until Asteria yelled out, "Well, it's about time!" The memory makes me laugh, and then Asteria goes to hug Finn. He picks her up and spins her around, seeing as he's almost a foot and a half taller than her. Asteria, out of all of us, was the only one to inherit Mother's height. I'm five inches taller than Mother, and I'm five six. Finn towers over me, at six two.

"Now I can officially call you my little sister," Finn says as he sets Asteria down, and that makes me laugh too. From the moment Asteria was born, Finn treated her like a little sister.

Slowly, I'm passed through the arms of everyone there, with Mother being the last one to embrace me. "I'm so proud of you," she says almost inaudibly. "Why?" I ask her. Surprisingly, she gives a light laugh.

"For not following in my footsteps," she says. "It took me years to figure out that I loved your father. You knew Finn was what you wanted, and you made no hesitations to have him." She's laughing and crying at the same time, and before I know it, I am too. I've had issues with people saying that I'm just like "Katniss Everdeen" in the past, but I've come to learn that I'm someone different altogether. I'm not Katniss Everdeen, and I'm not even Katniss Mellark. I'm Electra Odair, and I like being her.

I go towards Finn, and I see him with Annie. Very quietly she whispers, "You're father would be so proud of you if he could see you now." Finn nods slowly, and wraps his arms around his mother. I think I see a tear fall down his cheek. Before I know it, I'm being lifted up, but not like Asteria. Finn has swept my legs out from under me and is carrying me now.

"Put me down, you idiot!" I exclaim, but the effect is lost because I can't stop laughing. Finn leans close to my ear.

"You should've known," he whispers, "That by marrying me, I am never going to let go of you, Lec-ta Odair." A pleasant rush fills my stomach as he says my new name for the first time. I bring my face to his and kiss him, smiles on both our lips.

Finn sets me down in a chair as Father brings out a masterpiece of a cake. It has designs of a beach on it. The beach is surrounded by primroses, and two figures walk hand in hand. You can't see their faces, but I know the two people are Finn and I.

"Daddy, it's beautiful!" I exclaim, and Father laughs as he bends down to hug me. "I'm glad you like it, flower," he says and then goes to sit down next to Mother. He gives Finn a piercing look.

"Now you better take care of my daughter, or I might just have to teach you a couple things on how to treat a woman right," he says, and Finn just laughs. "Lec-ta will be perfectly fine with me. Like I told her, I'm never letting her go." We then cut two slices of the cake together and eat them quickly. Mother tells us a story of when a member of her prep team smeared some cake in Johanna's face at her wedding, and how Johanna retaliated by dumping her cake down his shirt. Johanna laughs.

"I'd gladly do it again too!" she says, and her words ring true, because she takes the rest of her cake and dumps it down the shirt of the person nearest her. Unfortunately, this person turns out to be Haymitch.

"AUGH!" he yells, and then takes a swipe at Johanna with his bottle. She easily avoids it and Haymitch curses under his breath.

"I'll get you for that, Mason," he grumbles as he uses his napkin to dig all the cake out. I laugh. For years, there's been a pranking war between Uncle Haymitch and Aunt Johanna, and Johanna has always had the upper hand.

When most of us have finished our cake, we all go into mine and Finn's new house. We have one in District 12 as well, and we'll start settling things over there in about a month. Celeste steers me to a mirror first thing.

Is that really me I see in there? A dark haired beauty with glowing blue eyes that seem to laugh whenever she looks at Finn? Mother had braided my hair so tightly that when she undid the braids, my hair fell in soft waves down my back. I look like a woman that has stepped right out of the ocean.

As if sensing my thoughts, Finn tells me, "You're so beautiful." I look over to him. "Not nearly as beautiful as you," I say. He smirks at me. "Well, there's no one more beautiful than me. I mean, just look at me," he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm. I laugh again, then the warm smell of bread fills my nostrils.

I turn to see Father with two small pieces of bread, and I know that it's finally time for toasting. Finn and I each grab a piece eagerly then go into our living room, which, thanks to Lillian and Aria, has a hearty fire glowing in the hearth. I see the sun setting out of this window, spreading a layer of gold over the ocean. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect setting.

Finn toasts his bread first. "Lec-ta, I've loved you for as long as I can remember. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's completely true. I remember one time when we were young, maybe five or six, and you were climbing trees in the meadow. I was afraid that you were going up too high and that you would fall. And when you did fall, I remember running to catch you and it ended up both of us just falling onto the grass. That was the first of many times laying in the meadow or the beach. I remember all of those times and I'm so thankful that we can now spend those times not as two, but as one. I love you, Lec-ta Odair." And with that, he places the toasted bread in my mouth. I remember all the times he spoke of too, and I wonder how I will manage to say something half as beautiful as his little speech.

"Finn, I've loved for as long as I can remember too. I remember all of the times we spent together and how through everything, you've been my best friend. Thank you for being the one person I could always go to and talk to about anything. Thank you for keeping me sane all these years. Thank you for everything you are. I love you Finn Odair," I say, and place my toast into his mouth. The room bursts with applause, and right after he swallows, Finn pulls me in for another kiss, and finally, we are truly married.

Later that night, when everyone has left, I go to the beach while Finn's getting ready for bed. I remember talking to Asteria earlier, and thinking how she looked so much like Aunt Prim. And then Annie, telling Finn that his father would be proud.

I tilt my head towards the starlit sky. I hope that you approve of Finn, Aunt Prim, I think, praying that she somehow hears me. I hope that I've made you proud too.

I turn around to go back to the house when I see Finn, wearing only pants. Wordlessly, he scoops me up again, and I just manage to take some of my clothes off so that I'm in a tank top and swim bottoms when he dunks us under the cool surface of the water. He pulls me in for another kiss as we live together, as Mr. and Mrs. Finn Odair.

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