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Chapter 7

Running out of room

Humming as she walked down the rocky slopes of the mountain she called home, Zephyr was pretty content. It was a nice summer day, her dragons were all occupying themselves, and she had time to relax.

She slowed down as she spotted what she had been looking for. It was a sweet smelling herb that grew amongst the rocks here, and made a very nice tea. She knelt down and began picking it. She quite liked tea, but with so many other things needing to be done, she had not been able to collect any more of the herbs needed to make it.

Over the last month, Sylexion had fully matured and taken up the role of protector and alpha, Alexis had began catching small birds and aerial mammals on the wing to feed the hatchlings, the grey hatchling grew wings, and was found to be female (and named Gildarex), as had the red hatchling (another female, and named Puku), the Magi hatchling was growing wings, and would be done in a few days, and the glowing egg had hatched into a purple hatchling, who mostly slept during the day, and played while they were trying to sleep.

Zephyr had also gotten another egg, one that was purple and grey. The white egg was starting to make noises, but the two green and yellow eggs were still solid and silent.

She stopped humming as her thoughts turned to their current state of accommodation. While the cave was dry, it was cold and windy. And it was getting crowded. With Rooreth and Sylexion (and the assorted hatchings and herself) on the floor, Alexis had taken to sleeping high up on a ledge that was too small for her. And with the hatchings growing every day, there would soon be no room. Echo had told her she didn't mind sharing her partially submerged cave behind the waterfall, but it was damp in there, and Zephyr knew that any non-water type dragon wouldn't like staying there too long.

Why had the last dragon clan that lived here have to seal the cave? It would have been much easier if they had the whole cave to use, instead of just the entrance.

That was what Sylexion and the hatchlings were working on today. When Zephyr had left, he had rounded up the growing hatchies, and asked them to help him dig.

So they had gotten started at the wall, slowly and carefully removing the blockage. The little Magi was starting to come in handy, levitating the removed soil and rock, and putting it outside.

They wouldn't be able to remove the whole wall today, but over a few days, they would be able to break through. With him and the hatchlings digging, Rooreth gathering plant food, Alexis catching small prey, and Echo catching fish, they would be fine food wise, and the digging would be good training (as well as fun) for the little ones. And the look on Zeph's face when she saw what they were doing would be well worth the effort.

Realy, REALY short chapter, but this one shows the dragons DO have a mind of their own, and that Sylexie loves to please his tender *nawww*.