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First sight…breathless

Chapter 1

You got it…
Some kind of magic
You're leaving me breathless


"Everybody sing…like it's the last song you will ever sing. Tell me; tell me do you feel the pressure now? Everybody live…like it's the last day you will ever see. Tell me; tell me do you feel the pressure now?"

I danced around in my room singing along to one of my favorite bands while packing my clothes.

Thank goodness I'm done with school. I've graduated from Forks High and I'm attending Dartmouth in two months. I sighed.

"Hey Bells" Alice yelled and I smiled.

"In my room Ali" I yelled back. I turned down the volume of my CD player when Alice entered my room. I smiled at my best friend.

We've been friends for over a year now. The Cullen's moved to Forks last year and Alice and I have been friends ever since. Alice has a twin brother, Edward and an older brother, Emmett. I haven't met them yet but that is soon going to change, since I'm meeting them this weekend.

Emmett owns his own gym in Phoenix and Edward stayed behind in Phoenix to finish his school year there.

Alice planned a camping trip for us after graduation. Oh she's been planning this trip for over six months now and she's been looking forward to this. I on the other hand, hate the cold. I hate everything about the cold; the rain, the snow, the wind, everything. Even though it's June and we're supposed to have summer…it still pours almost every day and it still gets cold. And planning a camping trip in this weather is just beyond me but my little demented pixie-friend thought otherwise. It's not exactly a camping trip since we won't be sleeping in any tents; Alice hired a cabin for the weekend.

"What the hell are you doing?" Alice giggled before falling down on my bed. "I thought you were ready" she said.

"I am" I grinned. "Just listened to some music while waiting for you."

My little black haired friend rolled her eyes.

"I had a really difficult time with packing my clothes for the weekend" she said.

"Really?" I asked astounded, "We're going to a cabin Alice" I reminded her.

"I know that" she sighed. "You know me Bells; wanna look beyond gorgeous…at all times." She emphasized the 'all'.

"Yup, pretty scary" I widened my eyes with a smirk. She slapped me playfully on my back.

"Hey" I smiled.

We laughed together.

"I still can't believe your father gave his permission to go on this camping trip" she said.

"That makes two of us" I sighed when I remembered asking my father about going on this trip with Alice.


"Hey dad," I said and my father looked up from his morning paper.

"Morning Isabella" he said and I cringed hearing my birth name. He is the only one still calling me that. He refuses to call me 'Bella'.

"Um Dad, Alice planned a camping trip the weekend after graduation and I was wondering" I swallowed when I noticed the deep frown on his forehead, "I was wondering if I could go with her?" I said nervously playing with the hem of my shirt.

Charlie Swan is the CEO of Swan Corporation and one of the richest men in the Continental of US. His office is here in Forks where I was born. My father rules me and his household with an ironclad fist. I'm not allowed to do anything and no one is good enough for my father. His power and money has made him very selfish and loathed by many.

"Isabella, you know how I feel about the Cullen's. I don't like you hanging out with this Cullen-girl, they are not our type" he sighed pulling a face.

"Dad, you know I don't care about money and besides, Alice has been my friend for almost a year now. Please let me go Dad?" I pleaded.

He rubbed his forehead in frustration.

"Fine, but as soon as you get back you will get ready for Dartmouth" he said.

I'm going to New Hampshire, Hanover to go to Dartmouth to study. Charlie wants me to follow in his footsteps and he wants me to take over Swan Corp one day. I had other dreams but I have to give them up for Charlie.

"Thanks Dad" I sighed.

*End of flashback*

"After this trip I won't be able to go anywhere though." I sighed and Alice frowned.

"Why?" she asked.

"I'm going to Dartmouth Ali" I said while pulling a face.

Her entire face lit up and she started jumping up and down, squealing but then her face turned serious.

"You never told me this, Bells. This is very important information to withhold from your best friend" she pulled a baby face.

"It's not very exciting news to share Ali" I groaned.

"The only reason why you won't be excited about something is because of Charlie" she said and I nodded.

"I wanted to be a journalist or author but Charlie wants me to follow in his footsteps, so I'm taking over Swan Corp in a couple of years." I said sadly.

Alice wrapped one of her arms around my neck and pressed her head against mine.

"I'm sorry you are sad Bellsy" she pouts and I giggled at the nickname. "But you know what?" she suddenly said.

"Nope?" I popped the 'p'.

"You are eighteen years old Bella, you should stand up against Charlie. You are a grown-ass woman now and you can make your own choices in life." She smiled.

"You don't know Charlie" I moaned.

"There's at least one highlight about Dartmouth" she smirked.

"Really? I can't think off one" I said, my voice thick with sarcasm.

"Edward's going to Dartmouth as well" she squealed.

"I don't even know your brother Ali and besides who says he's going to like me or who says he would want to hang out with me?" I closed my bag and smiled at my friend.

Her green eyes were all sparkly.

"I know he'll like you. I know his taste Bells" she grinned.

"I think we should go" I said before Alice decided to hook me up with her brother.

"Let's go" she said nodding her head.

We ran out of my room and down the stairs. Well, she ran because it's not easy being uncoordinated. I have fallen down way too many times in my life and embarrassed myself.

My black Porsche was parked in the driveway. Alice and I walked to my car and I threw our luggage in the trunk.

Charlie bought this car for my eighteenth birthday. I hate the car, by the way, but it stops Charlie and Charlie's driver from driving me everywhere which means a little freedom.

"Oh Bells, this is so exciting" she climbed into the passenger side. I climbed into the driver side and started the engine.

Alice switched the stereo on and the last song I listened to started playing. Alice giggled and we started singing with Hayley.

"We were born for this

We were born for this

We were born for this

We were born for this"

"Hey Ali?" I sighed after the song ended.

"Mmm" she said with her head rested against the headrest of the seat.

"What is Edward like?" I asked hesitantly.

Her head shot up and the biggest grin spread across her gorgeous face.

"Sweet, charming, funny…"

"Really?" I rolled my eyes.

"It's the truth Bella. Edward is perfect" she smiled.

"I'll finally get to see that for myself" I grinned.

"And I'm extremely happy that you're finally going to meet my brothers." She squealed.

I smiled while staring at the road in front of me.

My stomach turned. I'm a little nervous about meeting my best friends' brothers. She talks about them all the time and it's clear that she looks up to them. I just hope they like me.

We reached the cabin half an hour later and we unloaded the car. Alice's dad, Carlisle, organized for the cabin to be stocked with our favourite foods and drinks. He's a great man; I wish that Charlie could be that compassionate and loving and giving.

This was like a five star cabin but of course it would be with Alice organizing everything. There are six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a very spacious living room and kitchen. The bedrooms each have a double bed, small dressing table and a small closet. Everything in the bedroom looked so elegant and stylish.

The bathrooms have a bath and a shower in and I literally squealed when I saw the big round tub of a bath. I'm definitely taking a bubble bath tonight.

The living room has comfortable couches, a big flat screen TV and…a fireplace. Everything looked so cosy. The kitchen wasn't that spacious but then again we won't be spending a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend so who cares how big the kitchen is.

Alice and I picked our rooms before the others arrived and I was about to unpack when I heard Alice's shrilling screams.

"They're here!" she squealed and ran down the hallway and out of the door. I heard a car door slam and I slowly approached the window in the living room to peek outside. My stomach lurched and when I reached for the curtain to pull it away, I noticed my hands trembling. Why the hell am I so nervous about meeting my best friends' brothers?

I was in time to see a huge, I mean huge, guy wrap his arms around Alice as she ran into his arms. He twirled her round and round. He reminded me so much of a grizzly bear. My guess would be that that would be Emmett and it's pretty obvious that he owns his own gym; I mean I can see it by just looking at the guy. He takes really good care off his body.

I heard a second door slam and turned my head to the other side of the car.

My heart stopped…literally stopped beating or maybe my heart moved because I felt a pounding in my throat. The boy on the other side of the car looked like a Greek God and I'm only seeing this from the inside of the cabin. I don't even wanna think about how he would look from up front.

His hair has different shades of bronze and is tousled…more like bedhead, but sexy as hell. I can see from here that he has a strong jawline and a gorgeous smile. He is tall and muscular but not like the other brother.

Alice danced to his side and he gently pulled her into a hug. I heard Alice chuckling while she pointed to the cabin. I sighed. This is it…it's time to get my butt outside and meet the rest of the Cullen's.

I went outside and felt my stomach turn for what felt like the hundredth time. Alice smiled widely and I couldn't help but smile back. She just has a way to make your lips curl up and form a smile all to their own accord.

I swallowed hard when I got closer to them. Edward was beyond sexy. I swallowed again when I met his gaze. His eyes…wow, deep shades of emerald green looked back into my own and I felt my heart sped away. All of them have green eyes but Edward's eyes…his eyes have the power to look all the way into my soul and the intensity in his eyes has the power to make my heart melt. Our eyes were locked and I didn't have the will power to break contact with him. I wanted to stare into those perfect, sexy as hell eyes all day long.

Alice cleared her throat and I snapped out of the hypnotizing stare of his eyes.

I've never been interested in anyone before…ever! I felt a smile form on my lips.

That was before I met the Adonis that's standing in front of me…hell yeah, I'm very interested.

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