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My puzzle piece


With every kiss, our love is like brand-new

And every star up in the sky

Was made for me and you

Still we both know that the road is long

We know that we will be together

Because our love is strong


Bella's POV

I kept staring into the crib where my son was sleeping. He is one month old and I feel he is growing up to quickly. I want to spend every second of every minute with him. We named him Matthew Antonio Cullen and Edward is so proud of his new-born son.

We were at Carlisle and Esme's for Christmas when my water broke. I didn't know what it felt like to give birth because my twins have been removed from me while I was unconscious. I wanted to die when the contractions started. I made Edward swore that he wouldn't want any more children and I still remember the terrified look on his face. I almost broke Edward's hand and he didn't know how to help me or what to say to me. I guess I was a bit scary.

Right after Antonio was born and I held him in my arms for the first time and I saw the happiness in my husband's eyes I agreed to have more children. Edward looked at me confused and shook his head, telling me that he will never understand woman. I told him that he couldn't even begin to try and understand a woman in labour and he quickly nodded in agreement.

I've been married to Edward for seven months and I love him more every day. We had a small simple wedding. Edward and I didn't want anything big since we've been married before, of course Alice was pissed, but we didn't give in.

Edward changed the company name to Cullen Corp and Jake was now Edward's partner. I can't believe it but Edward and Jake are almost best friends, their like brothers now.

Jake came by our house before my wedding and I saw the change in his eyes. I knew he met someone that he fell in love with and I was extremely happy for him. He fell in love with Edward's new secretary, Renesmee, and they are getting married next month. Renesmee is one of my closest friends now and I'm so excited to see them getting married. Edward is a bit irritated because he has to find a new secretary now and he has been complaining a lot because Renesmee was one of the best secretary's.

Antonio started moving and I saw his eyes open, he started crying and I picked him up. I cradled him in my arms and stared down on his beautiful face.

I've never been happier in my life than I am today. I am married to a man who adores and worships me, never stops to show me how much he loves me, I grinned at the last thought. I've got three beautiful children who fill my days with laughter and happiness and love. I have two sisters and two brothers whom I want to kill sometimes, but love them to death. I've got three wonderful parents, who are an inspiration to me and my children, someone they can look up to one day. And I've got Jake and Renesmee my best friends . I am completely blessed.

I sat in the rocking chair in Antonio's room feeding him when I felt Edward's lips on my head. I closed my eyes and felt my heart racing. He bent down and kissed his son on his head.

"I've missed you today," he said and softly kissed me on my lips. I smiled at him and placed my palm on his cheek.

"You always miss me Edward," I said and he nodded in agreement.

"Of course love; the hours seem like days in the office. I need you with me every second," he said and I laughed.

"I love you and our children so much Bella that it sometimes hurts me. My heart wants to explode with all the love I have for you and our children," he said his voice full of emotion.

"We love you to," I said and kissed him passionately. I heard him moan and he deepened the kiss. My heart started pounding and I wanted Edward more than anything at that moment, but I was feeding my son and the twins are running around in the house so I pulled away looking down at Antonio.

"Speaking of our children, where are the twins?" he asked me and his face lit up when he heard them running towards Antonio's room.

"Daddy…" Isamarie called and ran to her father. My daughter adores her father and is a true daddy's little girl.

Edward knelt down and she ran into his arms throwing her arms around his neck. She pulled a face trying to hug Edward tightly and I chuckled, she is so cute.

"Hey sweetie, did you miss me?" he asked her and she nodded her little bronze head. "I've missed you a lot. What did you do today?" he asked her.

"I helped mommy in the kitchen, we baked a chocolate cake just for you daddy, and then Edward and I watched movies and we played hide-and-go-seek, I also played with my dolls and watched mommy give Antonio a bath. I don't like to watch if she changes his diaper…" she told him and was out of breath a few times. She always wanted to tell him everything in one sentence and I heard Edward chuckle.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you and how cute you are?" he asked her and she giggled.

Edward junior ran through the door while I laid Antonio back in his crib.

"Daddy" he yelled while running towards Edward. Both of our children were in his arms and Edward looked fascinated by them, as he always does. He is never too tired or too busy to listen to them. His family comes first and I love Edward for being a good father and amazing husband.

He laughed when Edward told him the same story Isamarie did, but never looked bored once. To be truthful, it's kind of cute hearing it from both of them.

"Can I have some of the chocolate cake since it was baked for me?" he asked and grinned.

"Of course," I said and he pulled me into his arms kissing me with need.

"Thank you Bella for being my wife and thank you for giving me three adorable children. You are my life and I love you deeply," he confessed into my neck and I held him tightly.

"Edward my whole life has been a puzzle and you were the missing broken piece. When you returned to my life I had my puzzle piece back and I could finish my puzzle, because everything I'll ever need is right here in this house. You'll always be my only. The only man to make my whole body shiver just by kissing me. The only man to set my body on fire with one single touch. The only man that can crumble my heart with one look…" I was about to say more when his lips came down on mine and kissed me slowly but needy. I moaned into his mouth and he plunged his tongue into my mouth, which sent shivers down my whole body. I pulled away slowly and his eyes were filled with desire

"My only love…" I whispered to him as his lips rested on mine.

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