A/N: Hi...This is my first fanfic. EVER and It's lame, I know but I hope you all would like it. I tried my best to make this fic have less flowery word/s but...I don't know. It's hard to be narrating using Johan's P.O.V...His just too...Complicated, urghh...I hope he's not (too) OC here (I don't want to have dreams of him killing me with fire or manipulating me into killing myself. No, no way!). Okay, so let's end this ranting and just...enjoy. Inspired by the song, "The scientist". I might do sequel, reviews and some advice on how to write a proper and wonderful fanfic/story are welcomed

DISCLAIMER: This anime and even the song does NOT belong to me, this anime belongs to the amazing Naoki Urasawa and the song belongs to Coldplay.

The Monster

The monster is in a deep sleep, so deep he's not moving a single muscle or even twitch. He may look asleep but his mind is awake. He wanted to wake his sleeping body but he couldn't, so he just thinks. He thinks of wanting to wake up, he thinks of where he is now. The doctor. He thinks of the doctor, he thinks of wanting to see the Doctor and come up to meet him. The monster has some things to tell the doctor, telling him he's sorry...no not that. The images of the Japanese doctor came to his awakened mind. That's it, he wanted to tell the doctor how lovely he is because... 'mein lieber Doktor Tenma, You don't know how lovely you are'.

'I have to find you', the monster thought inside his mind. He really has (if only he can) find the doctor, while the monster inside him is still in a deep coma of its own, he has to tell the doctor that he needs him. Tell him he set him apart.

'You can tell me you secrets, Doctor Tenma.' he thought once again in his mind. 'You can ask me your questions then, I'll answer your questions. I would love us to go back to the start'

His mind is running in circles, coming on tails, head on a science apart.

Nobody said what his planning on doing was easy not even his own mind. But he thought it was a shame for him and the doctor to part. Wished someone could take him back to the start.