Hours had passed before Kabuto finally gave Madara control of his body back. The Uchiha held his brother, soothing the still-distressed boy.

"Aniki's here, now…" Madara whispered, kissing Izuna's forehead. "It's okay… Aniki has you… Shh…"

"Aniki…" Izuna sobbed. He was just glad that Kabuto had healed his mouth before leaving them alone. "Aniki, I hate it here… Why can't we go home…?"

"Baby brother, I've told you…" Madara said in a tone barely above a whisper. "…We have no home to return to…"

Izuna sobbed louder at these words. "I hate it here! I do! Mada-nii!"

"Shh…" Madara tried to calm his brother, but there was nothing that he could do. "Just go back to sleep, okay? Aniki will protect you."

Izuna did as he was instructed. He knew that his brother only wanted what was best for him. He closed his eyes and cried himself back to sleep.


Two days later, Madara was going to suffer more than he ever had before. He realised this when his brother was taken away from him and dragged out of the prison. He had chased after them, trying to rescue his thrashing brother, but the door had been slammed in his face.

It was then that Madara heard it – his brother's terrible, agonised screeches.

"Izuna!" Madara screamed. He started banging on the door, throwing himself against it, but there was no way out. "Izuna! Stop hurting him! Stop it!"

Madara's panic only grew as the boy's screams became more and more distant.

Without conscious thought, the older Uchiha slid down the wall and dropped his face into his hands, bursting into tears. His precious baby brother… What were they doing to him…?


Madara had been at the door for hours when someone pulled it open, sending Madara tumbling out into the hallways.

Madara howled as the light burned his eyes. He tried to crawl back into the darkness that he was so accustomed to.


Madara tensed at Sasuke's cold voice.

"You call yourself an Uchiha? You're a disgrace. You don't deserve your brother. You're never going to see him again."

Madara's eyes widened at the accusation. "What did you do to him?"

Sasuke sneered. "He's going to be in Orochimaru's company from now on. You're my new toy."

With these words, bright light and loud chirping were the last things that Madara knew before a horrible pain went through his hand and all went black.


When Madara awoke, he was laying in the middle of one of the large chambers. Orochimaru and Kabuto were sitting off to the side while Sasuke stood before him. It was so fast, Madara didn't even see it happen – Sasuke had charged at him and impaled his chest with the large sword.

Madara yelped out, trying to get free, but Sasuke wasn't done yet. Sasuke attacked Madara for hours, causing more damage to him then he had ever been put through before.

If only Madara knew that this was going to become a daily occurrence – as Sasuke had said, he was now the younger Uchiha's training dummy.


A few more years had passed. Madara had not seen his brother since that fateful day, despite hearing the younger's screams almost daily.

Madara had grown so angry and bitter, it was becoming harder and harder for him to stay sane. All he could think about was how much he hated the world and wanted revenge for everything that had been done to Izuna and him.

"What did we ever do…?" Madara snarled to himself as he paced back and forth. "What did Izuna ever do…?"


Madara turned at the unfamiliar sound of his prison door being opened. He glared as Kabuto's shadowy form approached slowly.

"What do you want?" Madara hissed.

Kabuto smirked. "Always so angry… Why? I'm just here to tell that something. Orochimaru-sama has been killed. Sasuke did it. I now own you and your brother. There's a war waging, and you are my trump card. I'll be using you when you're needed, but I have no use for Izuna. I don't think I'll ever let him out of Orochimaru-sama's room. He can stay in there and find a way to kill himself."

Madara felt the rage overwhelm him, but no matter how hard he tried, Kabuto was keeping him in place.

"You bastard…" Madara snarled. "You fucking bastard… Do what you will to me, but I want my brother…!"

"Your brother is a little whore." Kabuto laughed. "Why would I hand him over? The prisoners absolutely adore him."

"You sick, disgusting creature!" Madara screamed. "How could a human like you ever be allowed to live?"

Kabuto smirked with a shrug. "Don't know. I'll be seeing you soon, Madara – when I need a trump card."

With that, Kabuto had left once again. Madara would not hear from him again for months.