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"Hey, isn't that Dame-Tsuna? What is he doing here?"

"Oh, you mean that Dame-Tsuna, the errand boy? I heard that he always run errands for different companies, since he is so poor!"

"I'm sure he is just here to deliver something! If not, I bet that he is a waiter! There is no way Dame-Tsuna could be a formal guest of this party!"

Tsuna inwardly whimpered when he heard the not-so-soft comments made by several 'high-class' ladies as he carefully made his way through crowds of people. Just because he was used to such harsh comments did not mean that Tsuna liked to hear them.

Sighing to himself, Tsuna tightened his hold on the bag he was hugging. Tsuna was currently walking in the middle of a party event, where there were only rich and influential people present. Of course, someone who was wearing a cheap suit like Tsuna would be seen as someone from the lower class.

Tsuna had always covered his eyes with his brown hair, giving others an impression that the brunette was shy. Furthermore, Tsuna had never argued or complained when others bullied him, causing people to think him as someone easy to be bossed around.

Tsuna had accepted a job to deliver a bag of clothes to the models that were showcasing in this party. Hence, the brown-haired man was heading towards the changing room to deliver the branded clothes…

He really cannot shrew up his task this time. Tsuna, being clumsy, had messed up most of his jobs given by the companies he worked for.

If he messes up this time, like falling and dirtying the branded clothes, Tsuna would really be fired—for good.

Shaking his head helplessly, Tsuna's thoughts were broken when a group, consisting of a tall man and several women stopped in front of him.

"Oh, isn't this Dame-Tsuna? What are you doing here?" one of the women asked arrogantly, her tone indicating that she was taunting Tsuna.

"There is no way, such a useless and poor man like him will be invited." Another woman with blond hair was saying.

Frowning under his curtain of hair, Tsuna was a little annoyed that those women were looking down on him. It was not that he was not invited at all…

Nodding curtly, Tsuna was about to walk away when a low stopped him in his tracks. The black-haired man among the haughty women had spoken.

"I've never seen you before. Which company are you from?" Hibari asked silently, his eyes staring straight at Tsuna, who turned his head away from Hibari's piercing gaze.

"Come on, Hibari-san, Dame-Tsuna here isn't from any company! He's just an errand boy! Let's not bother about him!" the blond lady continued, her hand snaking up Hibari's right shoulder.

Hibari slapped the woman's hand away, not caring if the lady was hurt or something, his eyes never leaving Tsuna. Hibari hated crowding and those cocky women around him were annoying. If he was not in this formal event, Hibari would have bitten them all to death.

Hibari had not wanted to come to this packed party at all. However, since he was the boss of one of top companies in the fashion and model industry, Cloud Studio, he had no choice. The moment Hibari stepped into the party, held at a grand hall; these irritating women had surrounded him and started talking to him…as if he would respond.

The rich man wanted to know who the brown-haired man before him was. Was Tsuna just an errand boy? Or was he much more?

Hibari was a powerful man, having experienced many hardships and challenges. He was sure that he could recognize people who were strong, who had potential.

He had felt a cool aura from Tsuna, one that people normally would not have…

"Which company are you from? Who are you?" Hibari inquired his tone slightly darker. He disliked crowding, but he had no love for people who purposely ignored him too.

Hibari did not care if the women around him were shocked that the normally quiet Hibari would be willing to speak to a mere errand boy. It was curious to know more about Tsuna, who was still silent and still.

Glaring coldly at the females, Hibari smirked. "If you would excuse me, I would like to speak with this man…alone." Hibari then turned back to Tsuna when the ladies escaped.

"Sorry…sir, if you don't mind…I need to deliver this," Tsuna held the bag up before continuing.

"To the changing room for the model. He needs it for the showcase soon." Tsuna bowed quickly before dashing away, not giving Hibari a chance to react.


"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Now, we will be showcasing the newest clothes designed by the famous designer of SkyZ! Please wait for a few minutes before we start!" the people present in the party all clapped as they waited patiently for the music to start.

SkyZ was a famous clothing brand that was well-known world-wide, its designs all unique and cool. Many people were willing to spend a large sum of money just to buy the limited number of clothing designed by the SkyZ's designer.

Surprisingly, although SkyZ was famous, no one actually knew who the designer was. Even the employees working in the company did not know anything. There were rumors that the designer was actually the boss of SkyZ…

_gokudera and reborn_

"What do you think you are doing? Not telling me anything! You just suddenly drag me here and expect me to work?" Gokudera growled as he glared at his manager. The silver-haired man was a famed model in Italy, with many companies wanting him to model for them. However, Gokudera had a hot temper.

Right now, he was very angry, since his manager, Reborn, had just accepted a job without his permission! Reborn had just drove him to the party and asked the make-up artist to tidy him up, before actually telling him what was going on.

"Stop being so stubborn, if you quit, the whole thing would be ruined. Then Vongola's reputation would be spoilt…by you." Reborn smirked, though he was not that pleased that his model was ignoring him. Reborn knew that Gokudera cared for his company greatly and would accept the job…

"Fine, I'll do it." Gokudera growled as he grabbed roughly at the clothes Tsuna brought, turning towards the changing room when a hand grabbed him.

Turning sharply towards the person who grabbed him, Gokudera frowned deeply when he saw Tsuna holding onto his sleeve.

"What?" Gokudera asked harshly, slightly confused. He did not know Tsuna, thus he did not understand why the brunette would unexpectedly grab onto him.

"Please handle the clothes with care." Tsuna said softly, his bangs shadowing his eyes. Those clothes that Gokudera were holding…Tsuna had carefully ironed them and cautiously delivered them to Gokudera. They were after all Tsuna's hard work and Tsuna did not want them to go down the drain instantly. On the other hand, if the designer clothes were creased and crumpled, it would not be nice…right?

Which led to this situation where Gokudera was glaring directly at Tsuna, whose eyes was still covered.

"Are you looking down at me?" Gokudera snarled his face red with anger. He refused to be taught by a stranger on what he should do.

"Since you are so great, why do you and I compete? Both of us wear a costume each for show case, we let the audience decide." Gokudera sneered, daring Tsuna to refuse or back down.

Reborn raised an eyebrow, thinking about the idea. It was interesting…Reborn decided. However, Reborn had his doubts. The brown-haired man standing in front of them had a good posture…but the manager was not sure about Tsuna's confidence and skill.

Maybe he should advice Gokudera to take back his challenge.

"Fine, if I win, please handle the clothes with care next time." Tsuna said firmly, raising his head higher so that Gokudera and Reborn could see part of his eyes under his hair.

Reborn and Gokudera had not expected Tsuna to agree so easily.

"I'm go talk to the management." Reborn announced before walking away, leaving both Gokudera and Tsuna to prepare themselves.

"You seemed awfully confident, huh?" Gokudera snickered. The silver-haired man was confident in his looks and skills, since he was sure that he had way more modeling experience than Tsuna. He was going to win for such.

"You better try your best and don't ruin the clothes yourself, not being able to present the clothes well." Gokudera taunted before he strolled surely away, waving a hand in farewell.

Turning to face the make-up artist, who was watching silently all along, Tsuna smiled and offered a handshake.

"Please to meet you…"

The make-up artist grinned and shook Tsuna's hand.

"That was extreme! You actually accepted Gokudera's challenge! I mostly cannot stand his temper! I'm Ryohei, please to meet you!" Ryohei beamed before patting Tsuna on his back.

"I'm Tsuna!" Tsuna smiled back before he decided to ask Ryohei.

"Err…do you happen to have some pins? I would like to pin my hair up." Tsuna scratched his hand sheepishly, wondering how Ryohei would response.

"No worries! I'll extremely help you make-up! I will give you some extreme pins too!" Ryohei exclaimed before towing Tsuna to his equipment and handed the brunette several hair pins.

"I was wondering if you had experience on the stage, since you readily accepted Gokudera's challenge." Ryohei started as he watched Tsuna slowly pinned his hair.

"No, this is my first time going onto the stage…my job was always to…" Tsuna trailed off as he pinned last of his bangs up, earning him a startled gasp from Ryohei.

"Is something wrong with my face?" Tsuna questioned curiously, wondering if there was something stuck to his face.



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