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"Err, I really need to get going…I'm rushing for time, you know." Tsuna tried to convince Reborn to let go of him but was once again ignored by the focused manager. Xanxus had wanted Reborn to not let Tsuna go, and Reborn was interested in finding out the brunette's true identity.

Thus, there was no way Reborn would easily let Tsu-ah go.

Finally reaching the table they were supposed to be sitting at, along with several big-shots, Reborn settled down and pulled Tsuna along. There was still some time before the main event starts, so there was enough time for Reborn to dig something out of the mysterious brunette.

"You know, you have talent to be a model. Why don't you join Vongola?" Reborn smirked, handing Tsu-ah as glass of orange, who in turn flinched a little at Reborn's words. Reborn had spoken the words Tsuna was reluctant to hear.

Tsuna narrowed his eyes and smiled warily at Reborn, a little aware that the black-haired man was testing him.

He is suspicious of my identity.

Tsuna was not going to lose. If Reborn wants to play, Tsuna would do his best to play along by acting. Maybe by doing so, Tsuna could successfully draw Reborn's attention away from him.

"I'm sorry; do you say that to everyone you meet? I'm not sure of the culture in Italy, but it sounded like a pick-up line to me." Tsuna snickered as he hugged his bag closely to him, his eyes glowing in glee. (Don't forget, Tsuna still has his bag with him~)

"What?" Reborn was stunned for a moment. That was the first time someone say something like that to him after hearing his praise. For a while, Reborn just stared at Tsu-ah, speechless. Maybe the manager had mistaken; Tsu-ah was not Tsuna…

"I'm already part of a company, so I'm sorry!" Tsuna stood up abruptly and bowed as he quickly turned and walk away before Reborn had a chance to grab him.

Tsuna was getting aware of the stares and gaped looks from people nearby. He had looked weird enough for people to notice, but the attention-catching Reborn had brought even more eyes to Tsuna. He had to mix into the crowd and escape, fast.

The brown-haired man was lucky, he spotted Hibari, Yamamoto and Mukuro entering the hall. If he could get to them, Tsuna would be able to get away from the stubborn Reborn.

"Wait, you can't go yet!" Reborn frowned as he reached over and grabbed Tsuna's left shoulder, pulling the latter back. Tsuna gasped at the sudden action and turned back, glaring at Reborn with irritated eyes. He could not stand it anymore; there was no way Tsuna was going to hold up his act anymore.

"Let go of me, Reborn. Didn't I tell you, I'm part of a company? Unfortunately for you, I will not be joining Vongola." Tsuna snapped as he stared straight into Reborn's eyes, his eyes flashing orange.

"Give it up." Tsuna smirked as he harshly pulled out of Reborn's grasp and stormed off, towards Hibari and his friends, not giving Reborn a backward glance.

Reborn's eyes widened as he cursed himself for not realizing Tsu-ah's real identity sooner. How could he not believe his own instinct? It was Tsuna!

He was careless.

However, what made Reborn a little unnerved was Tsuna's attitude towards him. Somehow, the shy errand boy was secretive and unusual.

If the brunette really tried, he could actually stand up to people more aggressive or stronger than him. He could have his way with others. Now that Reborn thought of it, Tsuna had settled the problem between the waitress and the lady with just his words…

The younger man might not be aware of his attractive looks, but from what Reborn had observed and concluded, Tsuna was by means no idiot.

He was definitely not a mere errand boy.

So why, why did Tsuna want to hide his abilities, or maybe, his true expertise?

As Reborn noticed Hibari and noted the direction Tsuna was walking to, Reborn realized an uncomfortable fact—he had been beaten. Tsuna had actually willingly joined Cloud Studio, a rival company of Vongola. The great manager Reborn was defeated by a mere errand boy.

Pulling his fedora down, Reborn shook his head. He might be defeated the first round, but next time; he would surely have his own way with Tsuna. It had further proven to him that Tsuna was not one to underestimate.

You win…for now.

Reborn glanced at the piece of paper he had accidentally grabbed from Tsuna's opened bag when he was reaching for the brunette. It was strange, for an errand boy to carry clothing designs around with him.

Was it someone who wanted Tsuna to do an errand for him? Yet, Reborn was sure that no designer would be willing to hand their precious designs to someone, even if they trust them.

Thus, it was uncommon, for Tsuna to have his hands on such detailed designs.

Either way, it might give Reborn more clues about Tsuna.

Smiling to himself, Reborn sat back down and analysed the paper silently, deep in thought.


"Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome Vongola's top model, Xanxus!" As Xanxus strolled up the stage, he yawned lazily, not caring if he was the main character or not.

The man was bored. He did not care for such parties, full of annoying and fake-looking trash, unlike the interesting brunette he found.

Xanxus snickered when he saw Tsuna approached Hibari. It seemed that even Reborn could not keep the brown-haired man around for long. For now, Xanxus would just go along with his old man's plan to join the Fashaly.

Somehow, Xanxus was quite sure he would meet Tsuna again, in due time.


"Oh, Tsuna, you are here too?" Yamamoto laughed in greeting as he patted Tsuna fondly on the back. Tsuna inwardly sighed in relief and gave his taller friend a smile.

"Since you are here, I might as well introduce you to some of the company bosses." Hibari stated calmly as he expected Tsuna to follow him.

It was rather surprising to see Tsuna appear out of nowhere, but Hibari could make use of this opportunity to increase Tsuna's popularity and chances…

"Oh no, he is my assistant, naturally he will follow me to take photos." Mukuro mused as he threw Tsuna a mischievous look, who in return, nodded, a little grateful.

Mukuro was not going to hand over Tsuna his dear assistant just like that. Since the party was a rare chance for Mukuro to work with Tsuna, he was not going to give up his time with Tsuna to Hibari easily.

Tsuna had promised Mukuro to help the purple-haired man in his work. Also, Tsuna did not want to gain any more attention by following Hibari around. His heart was still not really yet. It was still better to hide behind shadows and do some work to keep him occupied.

"Sorry, I promised!" Tsuna bowed apologetically as he quickly ran behind Mukuro, who glided through the crowd smoothly. Honestly speaking, Tsuna was kind of excited to see what Mukuro does for work. This was a chance for him to enjoy himself and learn something new.


"Ha, ha, ha, this is totally unexpected!" Reborn laughed out loud, not bothered by the shaken looks from others. The manager was staring intently at the piece of design when he finally figured out what was going on.

"I know your secret, Tsuna! There is no way for you to run now!" It was amazing, yet disbelieving at the same time. It was indeed frightening, what the seeming-harmless Tsuna was capable of.

The errand boy might be someone that Reborn should be impressed of, at the same time, cautious of.

Standing up abruptly, Reborn's smirk stretched as he walked calmly towards his target-Tsunayoshi Sawada.



A well-known fashion brand, SkyZ designs are separated into two main groups: the Stage Version and the Casual Version.

Stage version is mainly for fashion showcases, for major events like balls and competitions.

Casual version is mostly for daily wear, from dresses that are suitable for parties to jeans for teenagers.


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