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"Instructor Irie!" the door to the toilet was knocked for the third time as Shoichi Irie finally sighed and got up from his stiff position, his right hand still clutching his pained stomach.

He knew it was easy for him to get stomach pains whenever he was nervous, he was somehow more or less used to it. He did not need the bathrooms, yet he needed a place to calm himself down, especially when he recognized who his new students were.

Yes, he was at first a little glad for the 'in-flux' of students.

Yes, he was screwed, big time.

Shoichi Irie was still feeling grateful two days ago when Reborn called, notifying him that the manager had managed to get him a few new students to attend his ballet class. The red head was just running out of ideas and feeling anxious due to the declining number of students in his class when Reborn's news brought him hope.

All for it to be dashed when he met his new 'students'.

"You should be grateful to me for introducing you to so many new students." Reborn had declared smugly that day.

Thankful my foot.

Slapping himself lightly on the face to prepare himself, Shoichi Irie reluctantly opened the door, letting himself a small smile when he saw his cute assistant standing in front of him.

"Instructor Irie, the students are still waiting for you to start the class! It's their first class after all!" Dance assistant Kyoko beamed as she half pulled half guided Irie back to his dance studio, where the seemingly innocent 'students' were.

All of them were sitting cross-legged on the dance floor, their attention on him the moment Irie stepped in.

Noticing an obvious group of people sitting near the back, away from the rest of the new students, the dance instructor had to resist the urge to sigh. With their apparent disinterested faces, Shoichi knew these people were definitely not there to learn and obviously out of place. Not only will his other students be distracted and attracted by the charismatic men, he himself was a little unsettled by the strong pressure they were emitting.

Doing his best to gather himself under the intense stares and smirks, Irie coughed and managed a tight smile, addressing his to-be students.

Upon spotting a familiar brunette within the group, Irie felt his smile grow wider. It appeared that within these new students, there were still some who were genuinely interested in learning ballet. The brunette, Tsuna he recalled, came to him three days ago for a trial class. He remembered himself being excited, glad as interested students were always welcomed.

At least there was one real student in the beginner class, Shoichi consoled himself.

"Thank you all for signing up. I'm glad there are still many people interested in learning and experiencing the fun of ballet." Shoichi started.

"I'm Shoichi Irie, your main dance instructor for this course. Beside me is Kyoko Sasagawa, my dance assistant."

"Today we will do some warm-ups and a few simple moves, just to experience what ballet is like. By the end of the lesson, if you decide to continue, feel free to approach my assistant to complete the registration." The red-haired man announced, and Kyoko waved when she heard her name.

Giving his new students one last glance, Shoichi narrowed his eyes in focus and faced the studio mirror.

"Let's begin the warm-ups."

Tsuna beamed when he spotted Kyoko, the young lady walking slightly behind when their dance instructor marched in. She was just as he remembered: soft brown hair and beautiful sparkling eyes!

His angel he met at the airport!

How Reborn knew his angel, Tsuna had no idea, but that was just a minor issue compared to the one he had now. How should he approach his angel? After agreeing to Reborn's request, he had gotten information on her workplace from the manager.

He had been content to just watch from afar, when he decided to muster his courage and approach Shoichi Irie for a trial class, in order to get a little closer to the angel.

Now he was a little regretful, just a little.

Not only was he still too nervous to talk to his angel, what the brown-haired designer did not expect was a bunch of familiar yet unwelcomed people joining the class along with him.

Sneaking a peek behind, Tsuna raised an eyebrow when he saw his friends' awkward posture from the stretching exercises.

When their eyes met, Tsuna immediately turned back, trying to focus on his on position. His intuition told him that they were there for the 'angel' too. Judging from the knowing smirks and cunning looks on their faces, Tsuna was sure they were up to no good.

Giving his right leg one last stretch before standing up, the designer was determined to ignore the bunch of famous people behind him, as well as pass the day in peace. He prayed that the four well-known people would just keep out of trouble…especially Gokudera and his loud voice…

Yes, a difficult goal indeed. However, he first had to go through the tough stretching exercises...

Xanxus growled deeply when he refused to follow the warm-up exercises. To him, the warm-ups were a simple waste of time, and he refused to go through such strange and clumsy movements. Why did he decide to follow along with the others' stupid plan?

He was curious who the 'angel' the trash was talking about, not that he would admit it out loud. However, it did not mean that the tall man was willing to go through the boring classes.

Barely keeping his irritation under control, the model gritted his teeth and reluctantly stretched an arm when he caught Mukuro's mocking look, the latter flexibly stretching his back.

He would know who the rumoured 'angel' was.

He was sure going to make the brown-haired trash pay for making him go through all this s***.

After class

"I hope you have all enjoyed today's class!" Shoichi smiled brightly when he bide his students farewell. The moment most of his students exited the studio, the red-haired instruction turned to face Mukuro, Xanxus, Yamamoto and Gokudera, his expression dark.

"Gentleman, I'm glad you are willing to try a new art, such as ballet. However, I would suggest that you spend your money somewhere else if you are not planning to continue." Shoichi frowned, his nervousness temporarily forgotten.

"How are we not continuing? Come Ms Kyoko, here's my card." Mukuro ignored Shoichi's unhappiness, flashing his black card to Kyoko carefully took the card. Xanxus just casually threw his card at the brown-haired girl.

"Me too." Yamamoto grinned, his own card in his hand.

"Me too, I'm joining the class with Tsuna-san!" Gokudera exclaimed, Tsuna flinching when the silver-haired man shouted out his name. Now all the attention was focused on him…

"Tsuna, you know them?" Shoichi asked, surprised. He just could not put such a nice and docile young man with the bunch of celebrities.

"Of course, we are close!" Mukuro cut in, taking the chance to slide an arm over Tsuna's shoulder. Yamamoto nodded in agreement, before Gokudera stepped in and started to argue with Mukuro.

Over the large noise, Shoichi pulled Tsuna to a side.

"They are your…friends?"

Tsuna was silent for a while, before he finally raised his head and stared right into the red head's eye, the look in his eyes strangely unwavering.

"Yes, they are strange alright, but I count them my friends." The brunette gave a small smile as Shoichi nodded, unable to say anything else. It was rather shocking, but not his place to say anything. However, the dance instructor was curious who Tsuna was. He did not recognize the brown-eyed man at first glance, but judging from the way the young man interacted with the others, he was sure Tsunayoshi Sawada was not someone ordinary.

At least the brunette was more meek and easier to talk to than the others...

Irie was about to continue when the studio door burst open, a sheepishly Simon Cozarto standing before them, waving a little when he spotted Tsuna.

"Sorry, I might have broken the door knob." Simon laughed awkwardly when he realized everyone staring blankly at him. Remembering his purpose of coming, the businessman stepped forward and handed a card politely to Kyoko, who took it in confusion.

"Please sign me up for the beginner class too." It was clear why Simon was there too.

Suddenly, all Tsuna wanted was to dig a hole to cover himself.


Shoichi: *stares at the cards in Kyoko's hands* these rich people…..

Kyoko: Yes? *puzzled smile*

Shoichi: I have decided. We will raise the class fees! *determined face*

Kyoko: For all the students in the beginner classes?

Shoichi: For those students with these cards.

Kyoko: …

Shoichi: Oh, and remember to give Tsuna a discount!

Kyoko: …I didn't think we are allowed to do that.

Shoichi: …We are raising the fees all the same.

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