Rating: M, foul language, mature content.

Pairings: AizGrimm

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Summary: AU After two years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Grimmjow gets out & he promises himself to never go back to the world he came from, instead creates a new life. But, there is one man who threatens to drag Grimmjows right back in. AizGrimm.

A/N:Revised Edition. Please give this a story chance, it's not a waste of time, or at least I hope so. Enjoy (:

Prison Break

Alone in his cell room, a blue haired figure was lying on the floor, one leg resting on top of the other, his arms behind his head, the once slightly tanned body was now a paler colour due to its lack of exposure to the sun. Azure eyes starred up at the ceiling, a rare contemplative look on the occupants face. Very rarely did Grimmjow Jeagerjaques have time to himself and it was something he wasn't going to waste, not that he did much in his alone-time. After all, there was never much to do in prison.

Contrary to most people's belief, prison wasn't that bad. Sure once you first get thrown in, it's a shit hole, you get stuck wearing an ugly as hell jumpsuit, then get stuffed in a crappy little room where it's better to sleep on the floor rather than the iron clad frames. You still get three meals a day, if you count baby puke mixed with ketchup as food. Any sane person would go crazy within three days, but then again, sane people don't wind up in prison do they? It's only the fucked up ones.

Not that Grimmjow was fucked up, actually he was, but not enough to end up here...well, maybe not. A few strands of blue hair were out of place from the rest, lying on Grimmjow's forehead, moving with the rhythm of his breath. He yawned, revealing clear white teeth that were too sharp to be natural. Once he heard the approaching sound of footsteps, he took in a breath and rolled over onto his stomach, arms flat on the floor. As the footsteps neared his cell door, he pushed up off the ground with his arms, and then dropped back down. Up. Down. Up. Down. The set of footsteps had now paused right outside his door.

"Boy, give it a rest. You ain't fooling me, ya really expect me to believe ya were doing fuckin' pushups all this time?" Came a voice from the other side.

Grimmjow looked up and grinned, "Some of us still need to stay in shape."

There were two men outside his door, one was tall, broad shouldered, with features showing he was from was a Chinese background. He had a long face with small eyes, his black hair had been tied into a plate and hung over his shoulder, the man was wearing the blue and white uniform of the Head Guard. Next to him, the one who had addressed Grimmjow just moments before made even the Chinese man look short in comparison to his height, he was extremely thin, more lanky than thin and unlike the other man's his jet black hair had been left open, and it was very long. A small piece of white cloth with a thin black border, suggesting it was custom made, was wrapped around his left eye, leaving him to depend on his right eye. He too was wearing an orange jumpsuit identical to Grimmjow's. His eye was focused on the blue haired, a large smile on his face, revealing his top line of teeth.

The taller man once again addressed Grimmjow, "Sayin' something about me? Looks like ya need to be reminded which one of us loses in a fight."

Grimmjow's grin never faltered, in fact it grew, "Careful Nnoitra, that sounds like a challeng-"

"Gentlemen, please do not make me break up a fight that hasn't even started." Interrupted the Chinese man, his words made both the two men stop their banter instantly. He stepped around the one named Nnoitra, pulling out a key. He unlocked the cell door, and moved aside to let him in. Nnoitra quickly stepped inside. Once he had, the guard locked the door before turning and walking back down the corridor from where he had come from.

Grimmjow picked himself off the floor and stood up. He looked at his cell mate who, just like him, was still grinning, both serious about the fight.

The black haired man raised his hands, "Easy Grimmjow, normally I'd love to hand ya ass back to ya, but not tonight." With that he walked up to the bunk beds and eased himself onto the bottom bunk.

Grimmjow frowned, all signs of humour disappeared, "Since when do you say no to a fight?"

"Since I got a very special phone call. Try again tomorrow." With that he turned to his side, ending any form of further conversation.

The blue man raised an eyebrow and just shrugged instead even though the other couldn't see him, he then pulled himself up onto the top bunk. He'd known Nnoitra for 2 years now, and he still couldn't figure the guy out. Mood swings. The guy had been here since before Grimmjow got chucked in, and he never really said why he'd got thrown in, and knowing Nnoitra, it could have been anything. Literally. Not that he minded.

One of the many things Grimmjow had been thankful for during his long stay in this shit hole was the fact he ended up with this weird ass roommate. They did get along a little bit but this guy was crazy as hell, and they spent most of their time annoying the shit out of each other.

The first two months he'd been here, Grimmjow had been fucking piece of work. If someone so much as looked at him the wrong way, he'd try and snap their arm off. Soon enough people got the message and nobody was willing to talk to him, and he didn't mind, it was what he preferred. Then he got a cell change, and ended up with this asshole.

At first he did his best to not respond to the guy, hoping that like all the others, he'd leave Grimmjow alone. He did the opposite, every time he ignored Nnoitra, he'd make that much more of an effort to be all up in his face, smiling and laughing, it was creepy as fuck. Untill of course, Grimmjow introduced his fist to the guy's face. Grimmjow almost snorted, Nnoitra wasn't laughing after that.

That wasn't the end of it, the guy may seem thin and fragile, but fuck, could he fight. Almost did Grimmjow in a few times, almost. The two of them had ended up fighting so much, that the guards had saved two of the solitary cells for them permanently. After three cracked ribs, couple of torn ligaments, one black eye, a sprained wrist and a week straight in solitary, both of them had learned their lesson and had swallowed their pride and maintained a somewhat pleasant relationship.

The sound of humming echoed through the room, causing the blue haired man to close his eyes and frown, after a few more minutes he deepened his frowned. He tried counting to 10 but the sound got louder and louder, Grimmjow growled, he heard a quiet snicker before it continued again. He knew the other was just doing it to piss him off, but guess what? It was working.

Having had enough he rolled over to the edge of his bed and lowered his head to look at the other man, "Hey canary bird? Shut the fuck up."

"Aww, why ya so harsh Grimmjow? What's wrong with humming a little tune if ya feeling happy." His single eye creased as a smiled stretched across his face.

The blue man frowned, "And why would you be happy? You finally getting out of this dump?"

The others single eye twinkled, "Oh it's much better than that."

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean? The hell did you get so cryptic?" Grimmjow yawned, revealing those sharp canines.

"I just had a very enlightening phone call, that's all."

At that the blue haired man snorted, losing interest he lifted his head back up and put it down on his pillow, but he couldn't help but wonder who could've called Nnoitra, because first off, no one gets a call at the end of the day, it was their curfew now, they were all suppose to be in bed. Visitors or phone calls were only in the morning, and if that wasn't weird enough, Nnoitra had been 'escorted' straight to the head guard's office for the call, and nobody receives a phone call from Shawlong's office, ever. The Chinese man had his rules, and the fact they were being bent for creepy ass here seemed just a little off.

Grimmjow forced the feeling down, he was just being paranoid, but he couldn't help it, not after what he'd been through. He thought back to the time when he had first been put in prison, he remembered feeling terrified and furious at the same time. Terrified because prison meant he'd be trapped and that made him feel vulnerable and furious because after all he'd done, the decisions he'd been forced to make, he'd felt cheated, but days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and after a while not only did he get used to it, he felt safe. He honestly felt safer here in prison than he ever did outside.

The idea of being here surrounded by plenty of walls, guards and other people made him feel less exposed. It all meant it would be harder for him to get to Grimmjow. He had begun to absently scratch his lower abdomen, a habit he had developed over the years. He stretched, flexing his muscles before turning over in his metal bed. Closing his eyelids the blue haired man drifted off to sleep with a sense of security that he was finally beginning to get used to.