Made With Love Beta

Ch 1

At 16, life was perfect. I had a loving boyfriend who told me every day he loved me more than his own life and he was my world. But then a week after my 17th birthday he broke my heart and told me he didn't love me anymore. I was broken and to me my life was over. Little did I know I was pregnant with his child.

To say I was scared shitless would be an understatement because this wasn't just a normal baby, this was a vampire baby.

Maybe I should start a little from the beginning…

My father Charlie and I lived just outside of London England; I have lived here since I was a baby. I was a quiet kid, got good grades growing up and kept to myself. I never been a big talker and I only had one friend called Jacob, who lived next door to me but then moved in with me and Charlie when his father died when he was 12. You may wonder where my mother is, she died when I was 4 years old so it's only been me and Charlie till Jacob came along.

Even though I did well at school I never loved it, well that was until the Cullen's entered my life. I was 15 and in my last year at school, when Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett first started school. They were all so stunning. Every one of them had perfect jaw lines. Hair, bodies, and their faces were …

I have no word other than stunning. Every girl at school was jealous of them and bitched about them nonstop. The Cullen girls didn't take any notice of the bitches and they were always smiling and laughing together.

As for the boys, they were also trying to big it up to the Cullen brothers, which was funny to watch because the Cullen guys were pure muscle. One was a little smaller than the other but watching them playing sports you could tell they worked out a lot.

So like I said before I kept to myself until the Cullen's all sat at my lunch table. I didn't speak to them and finished eating my pizza while they all talked about a baseball game they were are going to be going to. I tried not to listen but it's hard when the big one, Emmett, was nearly raising his voice every time he spoke. I jumped every time and I could hear the little pixie girl named Alice laughing lightly at me. As I went to leave the table the blond girl Rosalie spoke up and told me I didn't need to leave and said to join them, but I told her I need to get a book from library, so they all said bye then I left. Two weeks later and they still came and sat on my table and I would finish eating then leave, and every time they tried to get me to stay but I never did. I wanted to but they were all perfect and I was the clumsy girl that everyone stayed away from cause I would always drop something on their toes or would walk into them. I didn't fit in with them.

Within those two weeks I watched and listened to them and I found out they all lived together and that Emmett and Rosalie were together and Alice and Jasper were together. I found it weird at first as they all have the Cullen name but then I heard from my father they were all adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

They never eat which I found weird but I don't blame them, the fucking school lunch meal sucked big time.

So anyway after three weeks of them sitting with me I finally gave up running away from them and started join in with their conversations. Alice and Rose wanted to talk fashion and I haven't a clue about all that shit, the boys would talk about baseball and football, which I had a little info with that due to Jacob and Charlie but not a lot. They all seemed really nice and never made me feel left out. They all became my bff's, they were cool to hang with but there was something different about them and I could never figure it out. I didn't care.

They all told me a little about their past, and invited me to their house for dinner. It was nice to have friends outside of my family. They told me they had a brother that would be joining them at school soon but he had been a way for personal reasons. I never asked more about it, as it wasn't any of my business but then….

Edward Cullen started school.

Edward was fucking hot hot hot and every girl at school wanted him including myself. I never was one for boys but fuck me I wanted him. Tall, muscled, green eyes, brown/ golden hair which was messy but pure sex. He was nice to me just like the others but I would catch him watching me and give me a crooked smile and I would blush and look a way every time.

After 3 months of that he asked me out to dinner. I couldn't believe it, Edward fucking Cullen asked me out on a date. I was speechless but managed to say yes and we had been together ever since.

He was my world and even when I went to dinner at the Cullen's and they all sat me down and told me what they were I still loved him. I didn't care he was a vampire I just wanted him; I didn't want a life without him. We kissed a lot but never took it to far till for my 17th birthday. I asked Edward to make love to me. He said no at first but then I started to cry, asking why he didn't want me. I knew he hated to see me cry and I did feel bad, but I wanted him and that's what I got. He gave up and made love to me, a couple times he would stop and freeze up but a couple second later he would continue. It was the best night of my life, and a week later it was over.

They all left.

No Alice, no Rose, no Emmett, no Jasper, no Carlisle, no Esme.


I stopped eating. I didn't go college. I would say in my room and lay numb on my bed, until Charlie took me to the hospital to be force fed, I kicked and screamed for them to leave me alone but they just sedated me and when I woke I had tube up my nose and my hands were tied down so I couldn't yank them out. I would hear Charlie crying and it broke the little bit of heart I had left into tiny pieces, so I gave up fighting everyone and started to eat. Jacob would come sit with me every day after he finished school. I just wanted to go home but they wouldn't let me, saying it was in the best for me to stay.

They were hiding something from me; I could see it in Charlie's face. I waited for a couple of weeks to see if they would tell me on their own but no-one would fess up. So I confronted them.

"What are you all hiding from me" I asked Jacob, who was sitting next to me in the hospital chair.

"Nothing "

"Don't fucking lie to me Jacob."

"Look it's not for me to say ok, just wait for Charlie."

"Don't you worry I will."

Two hours later he arrived. Before I could speak Jacob got up out the chair and pulled Charlie outside. Then when Charlie came back in his face looked a little nervous. I got out of bed and walked to the window then turned to Charlie.

"Dad what's going on, what aren't you telling me" I asked as he went and sat on my bed.

"Well….. Um…. When you first came to hospital they did some blood tests ….and well…. Something came up." Charlie didn't look up at me.

"What do you mean something came up…. …am I dying?" I asked. I didn't know if I was upset or relieved about the prospect of dying. Charlie looked up and smiled at me.

Ok so I can't be dying because he is smiling.

"I would say more like something's living." he said now smiling with teeth.

"What you mean something's living? Charlie just fucking tell me!" I nearly shouted at him, he only laughed at me.

"Ok ok… you, my baby girl, are pregnant. I can't say I was pleased about it at first because I wasn't. Jacob had to hold me back to stop me from searching for that fucking Edward that left my now pregnant daughter."

That made me laugh, Jacob holding my dad back. Yeah right " Jacob holding you back dad? He is 16 years old and you're a 42 year old man " I laughed at him but then what he said came back to me, I'm sure I must of heard him wrong. "Did you just say I was pregnant?"

"Yes baby, you're 8 weeks pregnant, and just so you know Jacob might be 16 but he is one hell of a strong boy. When he was holding me back I couldn't fucking move, I'm sure it's all them protein shakes he keeps drinking. I might just have to invest in them." he laughed but I couldn't.

Oh my god I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant with a baby, pregnant with Edward's baby, Edward's fucking vampire baby, holy shit.

Everything went quiet and started to go fuzzy. My face must have paled because Charlie stopped laughing. His mouth was moving but I couldn't hear him, then it all went black.

I woke up two days later.

A month later I went home. I was still shocked, but when they scanned my stomach I cried when I saw what Edward and I had made together. He can say he doesn't love me now but that night our baby was conceived, it was made with love. No matter what he said or anyone else says my baby will know how much love there was when he or she was made.