The last two years have been hell and I don't even know why I agreed to move with my family to fork cause I don't plan to be a round for much longer but I promised Alice I would try make it work but she only has 3 months to convince me that the vision she has of me being happy to come true or I was off to Italy.

My hell of a life started 2 years ago when I lied to the love of my life bella, I thought I did the right thing by leaving her but it turned out it was the worse decision I had ever made. I left her so she could have a normal life but now she dead.

When my family moved to London I was looking forward to it, Alice had a vision of me meet a dark hair beauty but the only problem was she was human and that her blood was my singer. So when they moved I stayed in Paris till I could control myself round this human, only problem was how was I going to get used to her scent if I was nowhere near her but Alice being Alice had a solution to help me. she and my sibling worked slowly to get to know the girl and when she had befriended them Alice would take her worn clothes and replace them with a new one, this girl never noticed so Alice did this for a couple of mouths and when I was ready I would go to them.

Yer I know its creepy taking some girls clothes so I could sniff her scent but it needed to be done for me to be in the same room as her, let alone be with her. If I had gone straight to London with my family I would of ended up killing the poor girl. Her scent was nothing like I had ever smelt before. She had the sweetest blood I had ever smelt in over 80 years. When I first opened the package from Alice I was hit with her scent, the venom filled my mouth. The most violent thought came into my head, setting off the monster deep inside me.

I pulled a top out of the package up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I couldn't get enough of her scent, I wanted to run straight to the airport and get the first flight to London but as I looked down to the package that Alice scent I noticed a photo had dropped onto the floor, it was a picture of my brown haired beauty.

She was stunning, she looked so innocent but I was too selfish to not want her.

Every day I would inhale her scent, every day the monster would come alive but gradually he started to fade. So when I felt strong enough, I got on a plane to London to join my family.

It was so good to see them all again, but most of all I just wanted to start school to meet my angel.

She was everything my family had said she would be, I did struggle a little with her scent but it was bearable. I slowly got to know her, the more I knew the more I fell in love with her.

The day she agreed to go on a date, was best day of my life until it was beaten by her agreeing to my girlfriend and every day it was beaten by something she did or said. When I kissed her was …wow, I couldn't believe my luck and even to this day I can't believe it.

Bella is my everything. I had never felt so alive but on her 17th birthday I nearer lots her to the monster.

I knew bella wanted to take our relation to the next level by making love, I wanted it too but it was too risky. I wanted to wait till she was a little older and was the same as me. I was dead set on waiting but when she started to cry, saying I didn't want her I couldn't bare seeing her cry, so I gave him. It was the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt but it was also the most painful.

I was fighting with the monster to not bit her and suck her dry, her heart was beating so fast and every pump of blood going round her body was calling me for just a taste. I had to stop a couple time just to control myself and I was proud of myself that I didn't give in but after I pulled out.

As I pulled out of bella, I could smell her blood. I started to panic thinking I had hurt her in some way, but as I looked down to my cock I could see blood on it. I quickly wash it off but the monster was on red alert. I made a quick exit, saying I had a family thing and then left her.

I felt like a fucking arse but I couldn't risk staying any longer.

It took me a week to convince myself I needed to leave for her safety, Alice said I was wrong and that bella and me was meant to be. I asked every member of my family, what they would do in my shoe's .l no-one a part from rose agreed with me, I nearly didn't go through with it but rose said bella would have a better life just being human. She also said bella would regret changing in years to come and it was best to end it now before it was too late.

So I did

A years of fighting with myself to stay away from her in Italy, I gave up and headed back to London. I had planned to go to her and beg for her forgiveness. I knew there was a chance she would most likely move on but I hoped she hadn't.

I was so nervous when I first knocked but no-one was home so I tried the old man next door, the man was a really nosy guy, he always told Charlie when I had been round and also told Charlie about mine and bella kissing sessions in my car. We always laughed about it but some time it was a cock blocker. He did recognise me straight away and told me Charlie had moved with Jacob, he said he didn't have a following address. When i asked about bella, his face saddened

"I'm sorry but she died a few months ago, that why Charlie moved "as he spoke he was remembering Charlie coming round to tell him but he asked about the funeral Charlie said it was just him and Jacob and they didn't want other due to grieving.

Let's just say I lots it after that. I returned to Italy and shut myself away from my family. I couldn't eat or you could say I didn't want to. After a year of staving for a year I gave up the hope that I could starve to death and made a plan to piss the volturi off.

Of course Alice saw my plan; she wouldn't let me leave the house. She said that she has been having visions of our future but for it to work out I needed to be alive, so I agreed I would stay around for a while longer but I gave her a dead line for the visions to come true. If the vision didn't come true then they all agreed they would let me go.

So now I'm on my way to fork to see what my future has in store for me.

It wasn't too hard to find our house as it was in the middle of no-where, plenty of privacy and by the smell of it, lots of prey. I could smell my favourite mountain lions and even Emmett's favourite bear but none of that could change me mind about going to Italy.

As I opened the door I was hit with her scent, it wasn't possible. I inhaled deeply and followed the scent into the living room where it was the strongest. I wasn't ever going to leave this room. I have missed this smell too much. I was confused as to why after all this time I was could smell bella

"Edward darling, "esme came over and hugged me

"hi mom" I hugged her back I was trying to listen to her thoughts to see if she could smelt bella but all I could hear was she was happy to have me home and also relieved she wasn't going to lose her son

"What do you mean not going to lose a son and why does it smell like bella"

"I don't know what you on about darling" she said while starting to sing Cher 'turn back time' in her head, she was hiding something. Before I could ask her what she playing at my father walked into the room

"Edward son it's good to have you back" he pulled me into a hug while thinking of what he wanted to do to esme later on, I quickly tuned him out. They were both hiding something and I wanted to know

"So is one of you going to tell me what's going on and why is bella scent in this house"

"Edward I think you're losing it son, I can't smell anything apart from us" if he thought he was being funny then he was sadly mistaken

"No I can smell bella and you two are keeping something from me. Where are the others?"

"They are all hunting and I can't smell anything" he was lying

After an hours or so, jasper and Emmett had returned from there hunt but Alice and rose hadn't returned. All four of them where keeping something from me, I was about to blow up when Alice and rose entered the room wreaking of bella scent and both singing 'Celine Dion- my heart will go on' as they sat next to their partners


"Someone better tell me what the fuck is going on or I'm out of here" i shouted but no-one listen they all smiled at me, it was dead silent but then I heard a car pull up. I tried to listen to their thoughts but it was totally silent apart from there heart pumping really fast. Whoever it was very nervous. The car stopped and the door open and closed. They paused at the door taking a deep breath and light tapped on the door

No-one was rushing for the door so I went, as I open the door I froze

"Hello Edward" the angel said

I dropped to my knees and sobbed because standing in front of me was my bella