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Naruto: Birth of the New Demon King

Chapter 1: Awakening

When Uzumaki Naruto had been told that he and his team would be entering the Chunin Exams, a prestigious tournament style exam that promoted a villages genin and offered a chance at promotion by his sensei, Hatake Kakashi, he had been expecting to fight strong opponents and overpower them with the sheer amount of awesome he possessed. He would beat the crap out of every team that came his way, he would kick ass, take names and get promoted. Then Sakura-chan would realize that Sasuke-Teme was nothing more then a loser with a big Clan name and fall in love with him and soon after that the old man would name him Hokage. Yes, those were the thoughts going through the head of one Uzumaki Naruto when he had first learned he would be in the Chunin Exams.

What he got instead was a fight with some freaky Kunoichi from Kusagakure (Village Hidden in the grass), who was not only ridiculously strong, but also had her disgusting tongue wrapped around his neck.

"Oi! Let me go of me you fucking hag! Let go or I'll rip that damn tongue out of your mouth and shove it up your ass!" Naruto shouted, his voice a gravely snarl that didn't sound entirely human as he kicked and struggled within the grasp the Kusa Kunoichi. His struggling didn't do much, however, as the woman's grip over him was quite strong, despite the appendage being used.

"My, how interesting…" The Kunoichi said, ignoring the boys rather crass words as she looked at Naruto's now red eyes. "When your emotions are running high and the risk of death is great, the seal must leak Kyuubi's chakra. This is a most interesting development. Unfortunately for you, Sasuke-kun is the only one I wish to test right now. So you'll have to go." the fingers of the Kunoichi's left hand glowed in a light purple as she slammed then into the seal on the blond's stomach, "Gogyo Fūiin (Five Prong Seal)!"

Naruto let out an intense roar of pain as the woman slammed her hands into his abdomen. Every muscle in his body spasmed as his body lost control of his normal functions. It felt like his finger had gotten stuck in a socket plug, or a current of lightning was racing through his veins. The soon became so intense that his eye's roll into the back of his head and his body slumped in the kunoichi's grasp.

"Now that that's over with," the Kunoichi tossed Naruto away, not caring if he fell to his death. The blond was lucky Sakura decided to do something useful for once and managed to pin him to a tree with a well placed kunai. The Kusa Kunoichi turned her attention back to Sasuke, who was still quivering in fear, "now my dear Sasuke-kun, show me how strong you are."

Birth of the New Demon King

Naruto gave a soft groan as he opened his eye's, blinking a few times as he sat up. "Great," Naruto groaned as he looked around the dank and darkened hallway. It wasn't hard to recognize where he was, if the craggy and cracked walls didn't give it away, then the knee deep water soaking the floor would. "Looks like I'm in a sewer of some kind. How the hell did I get here?"

He frowned as he looked around. This place looked nothing like the sewers of Konoha, and he had traveled those sewers many times to escape the occasional drunk who wanted revenge against the Kyuubi brat. The main difference he noticed were the pipes that were traveling along and through the walls and ceiling, they were glowing blue. He absently wondered what the hell was in those pipes to make them glow blue. His thoughts were derailed when his eyes saw that one lone pipe was red.

Standing up he began walking down the hall, following the red pipe, which was the only one that traveled down the hall. When he came out he found himself standing in front of a gate, a very large gate, nearly twenty times his size and with fairly large steel bars. In the middle was a large piece of paper with the kanji for Fuiin (Seal) on it.

However, it was, surprisingly enough, not the gate that got his attention, but instead the two people that were standing near the gate.

The first was a man with long whitish blond hair that went down to his back in a strand of messy spikes. His clothes consisted of a yellow head band, a yellow obi sash, and white pants. He was not wearing any shirt, allowing Naruto to see that the man was fucking ripped, lean hard muscles compacted on his frame giving him a look that spoke of both immense and power and overwhelming speed. His face twisted into a smirk as he saw Naruto.

The second figure was that of a young teenage girl maybe four years older then Naruto, kneeling before this man in a bow of submission just behind the cage. She had long red hair with streaks of gold that were highlighted in it, her long locks went into nine ornate braids that reached her lower-back. Two bangs framed a face that was beyond perfect, a slight mixture between oval and heart-shaped. Her face had a regal beauty about it, with higher then average cheekbones that still managed to retain a 'soft' look, a small button nose and cupid bow, lips which were a rich red color. Naruto felt it would be very easy to mistake her as some kind of hime (Princess), or at the very least a rich noble.

Her skin was a pale porcelain color, giving her a delicate and smooth as silk look. She was wearing a red kimono that went down to her feet, with two slits running down the sides, and a V neck-cut in front, showing a little of her generous assets. She had an hourglass figure that civilian girls could only dream of, and even the most active kunoichi would kill for. All in all she was very beautiful, in fact, Naruto had never met anyone prettier then this girl and considering he had met the likes of Kurenai and Anko that was saying something. However, the most notable features on the girl were the nine fox tails laying limply behind her.

The man prodded the woman who was kneeling and turned her attention towards the blond. Naruto saw the woman's eyes were a deep and intoxicating color of red with black slits running down the middle. He also took note of the shame that was currently written all over her face.

Absently, he wondered just how he could read her face so well, but didn't dwell on the thought for long.

As Naruto walked up to them the man grinned, "I'm pleased to see you gaki, I had been hoping we would meet soon. But that damn seal kept getting in the way."

At the word seal, Naruto stopped walking. He looked at the man for several seconds, before turning his gaze onto the woman. He looked back at the cage, specifically the seal, before things managed to click together for him.

"You're the Kyuubi aren't you?" Naruto asked, turning his eyes back towards the woman. He did not know how he knew this, well, aside from the nine tails giving her away. However, Naruto would have normally not noticed those details right away, despite how glaringly obvious they were. Yet even as he wondered over his new sense of observation, he could feel that something inside of him was different then the few moments before he had come to wherever he was. It felt like he was undergoing some odd change that was beginning to affect him. It was as if a door had opened in his mind and allowed him to think more clearly. He didn't know what it was, or why it was happening, but he was too grateful at being able to actually think in a more logical manner to care.

"H-hai," the woman said, her voice cracking with raw emotion. Naruto frowned at the tone of voice, even as the woman continued speaking. "I am, and I am so so sorry for what I have done to you, Naruto-Sama."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the honorific, but did not comment on that. Instead he chose to comment on his most recent observations of her character. "You don't seem to be some kind of demon of mass destruction like I had been told."

"That is because she was not quite herself when she attacked your village," Raizen interrupted, bringing Naruto's attention from the woman to him. Seeing that he now held the boys attention, the powerfully built man continued, "she was manipulated into attacking Konoha."

Naruto frowned for a moment, not quite sure what to make of this knowledge. Contrary to popular belief he was not as stupid as he looked. Ignorant? Yes. Naïve? Definitely. Slow? Maybe. But not stupid. If he had been, then Naruto never would have survived past his fourth birthday. His problem had always been his notoriously short attention span, which was due to the nearly unlimited amount of energy he possessed. That overabundance of energy made it hard for him to concentrate on any one thing that he found uninteresting for too long.

However, even with his new found ability to think, he did not know what to make of the knowledge that had just been presented to him. In the end he decided to put what he had heard on hold for a moment so he could deal with something less troublesome then the possiblity that Kyuubi may not be a raging beast of hate and destruction.

With that thought in mind, Naruto turned his complete attention on the male of the duo, and in a blunt manner said, "and who the hell are you?"

"My name is Raizen," the man said with a smirk. He sounded amused by the blond's blunt words, and perhaps even a little impressed. "I am one of the three Demon Kings of Makai, but more importantly, I am one of your ancestors."

Naruto eyes widened at the comment, surprise over taking his features. "My ancestor?" This was definitely not something he had ever expected, though he had never expected to meet his tenant either. His mind went to thoughts on what Raizen meant when he said Demon King. It was definitely a title of some kind, and it was obvious from the way Kyuubi was being so subversive to the man that it meant he held a higher status then Kyuubi herself. Did that mean this man was more powerful then the supposed most powerful Bijuu in existence?

Raizen nodded, "that's right. You are a direct descendant of me, and I suppose, in a way, my successor."

"Successor?" Naruto asked, confused. "So I'm a demon?" had he heard that before coming here, where ever here was, he would have been depressed at the knowledge that he was no longer human. Or had never been human. But even as he felt the small amount of sadness and fear creap into him, he could feel it being squashed by something else inside of him. Something that was changing him. Maybe it was a demons pride, maybe it was just accepting the inevitable, or maybe his whole out look on life was being fundamentally shifted to one where he looked on the world and everything in it with apathy. He couldn't say for sure, all he knew was that he didn't particularly care that he was a demon.

"Well, part demon anyways," answered Raizen, "you are my heir, you see I died around six hundred years ago after I had fallen in love with a human. She was a doctor and had nursed me back to health after I had been injured, after that I promised never to eat another human again."

"Wait a minute!" Naruto screamed, interrupting the man as an old part of him came to the fore.

The incredibly stupid part that often put it's foot in his mouth.

"What do you mean you ate humans!" The thought of killing didn't bother him like it probably should have. Indeed, while Naruto had never thought about killing before, and it had even repulsed him when he had learned how closely entwined death was with being a shinobi during the mission to Nami No Kuni, the thought of killing humans now didn't bother him at all anymore. It was just another one of those changes he was likely undergouing. He didn't particularly have any feelings on whether or not humans were killed. But eating one sounded disgusting.

"Stop yelling damn it!" Raizen yelled back. "Yes, I ate humans. I could not gain sustenance from anything else, they were my source of food and strength. However, after I fell in love, I vowed not to, and in the end, I died."

"So how are you here then?" Naruto asked as he looked around. A frown marred his face as he just now remembered that he had no clue where he was. "And where the hell is here anyways?"

"This is called a mindscape," Raizen said, a fanged smirk on his face. "More specifically, this is your mindscape."

"This is my mind?" Naruto asked, receiving a nod. A disgusted look soon passed over the blond's face. "Kami this sucks, my mind is a dump!"

"Yes, yes it is," Raizen said, snickering a bit. Naruto glared at him, but it did not seem to affect the man. "However, that is not really your fault. You see, the seal that keeps Kyuubi here at bay, also keeps your potential at bay."

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto with a quizzical expression.

"I doubt he meant to, but when your father sealed the Kyuubi inside of you-"

"MY FATHER!" Naruto shouted again, his eyes narrowing. "You mean to tell me my father is the reason I'm hated!"

"Didn't I tell you to shut up!" Rizen yelled, unleashing his power on the blond, making Naruto tremble and fall to his knees, gasping for breath. "Yes, your father is the one who sealed Kyuubi inside of you, he did not have much choice. It was either that or allow you and your village to be burned to the ground. Now don't interrupt me again or you will regret it!"

Naruto gulped and quickly nodded. This man's power was on a scale of it's own. The blond couldn't help but feel like he was in the presence of Kami that was how powerful the man was. He had no desire to test this 'Raizens' patience. He vowed to keep his mouth shut until this Raizen finished speaking.

"Good," Raizen said, letting up on his pressure and allowing Naruto to stand, albeit shakily. "Now as I was saying, your father, who was also my descendant, was forced to seal Kyuubi into you. However, this also locked away nearly all of your potential, since that potential is almost all demonic in origin, and the seal was designed to lock away demons."

"Almost?" Naruto questioned.

"Yes almost," Raizen said, "you see you are also of the Uzumaki clan, a clan that, like the Uchiha and Senju clans, is descended from the man you know as the Rikudou Sennin." Raizen quickly saw the blond's blank look and sighed. He had forgotten that while Naruto may be able to think more clearly, he still didn't know anything due to his not paying attention in class. And he wasn't even sure the boys academy would have taught about the Rikudou Sennin.

Thus, he decided to explain.

"The Rikudou Sennin is a legend amongst the humans and was considered to be the first shinobi. He was the creator of modern day Ninjutsu, and was considered a god amongst your people." Raizen paused, allowing that information to sink in, before he continued. "But that that is neither here nor there. What is important is that thanks to what that snake summoning ninja did to you, it blocked off the affects of the seal, granting you access to you're power and heritage."

"I see," Naruto said, going into a look of deep thought for a moment. "That's why I feel so different, isn't it?"

"Yes," Raizen said, sounding pleased that Naruto realized that fact so quickly. "With your demonic heritage unlocked, your mental paradigm is shifting. I'm sure you can already feel some of the differences, your thinking more clearly, your logical thought processes are working much more efficiently, allowing you to come to conclusions that you have never been able to before. Your more observant as well. These are all small changes in your psyche that are being affected by your demonic side being unsealed."

Naruto nodded his head, before getting to something he had wanted to know since showing up in his mind. "That still doesn't explain why you are here?"

"Isn't that obvious?" Raizen asked rhetorically, "I was summoned here to help bring out your full potential."

Naruto blinked a few times, "and how are you going to do that?"

The rather insane looking grin that Raizen gave him sent shivers down Naruto's spine. "That should be easy, I'm going to beat the shit out of you until you get stronger!" Before Naruto knew what was happening Raizen appeared right in front of him, smashing a fist into the blonds stomach and sending him flying.

Birth of the New Demon King

Sakura did her best trying to keep an active vigil over the love of her life, one Uchiha Sasuke. However, if the bags under her eyes, the way her head kept lolling down, and her completely slouched posture was any indication, the girl was exhausted beyond all belief.

She had been awake for almost twenty-four hours now, forgoing even short naps, since she did not know if or when an enemy would attack. Sakura knew she had to keep constantly alert, constantly vigil. Yet, even as these thoughts crossed her mind, her head once more began to nod off, eyes closing as exhaustion started setting in...


It snapped back up when she heard the sound of a twig snapping. Her eyes now wide her, Sakura's head swiveled around to see a squirrel running towards her. She gave a sigh of relief when she realized it was not an enemy, however, her eyes widened again when she saw where it was running. In an act of desperation, she threw a kunai at it. Luckily for the squirrel it hit the ground right in front of it, causing the creature to squeak and run off.

She let out a relieved breath as she watched the small forest critter scurry away, then turned back to watch her teammates. Once more, Sakura attempted to keep her silent vigil. She had no clue how long she sat there, staring at her teammates and occasionally looking around at the surrounding forest, but soon enough, her head began to nod and her eyes began to close. That was when she heard a chuckle coming from in front of her.

Looking up it was to see the three Oto genin that had attacked Kabuto before the first exam. The boy on the far left had spiky, dark hair and dark eyes. A large beige T-shirt covered his upper body with the word 'death' inscribed upon it in kanji on the front. He also had a pair of snake-patterned pants, two black strips fastening his shirt to him around the shoulder areas, black sandals, a snake-patterned scarf around his neck, and a headband secured tightly around his head.

The guy in the middle, though he was slouched over, it was hard to tell just how tall he was due to this fact, but Sakura figured he'd at least be as tall as the other male in the group. He had bandages covering most of his face with the exception of the area around his left eye, had a large poncho with incredibly long sleeves, a snake-patterned scarf around his neck, and a straw raincoat protruding from his back where the scarf went around.

The final member of their team was a girl, who had dark colored eyes and extremely long black hair nearly reaching the ground, and was tied at the end by a violet ribbon. She was fair looking, with a green vest similar to a flak jacket covering her upper body, a snake-patterned scarf adorned around her neck, a pair of pants of the same color, and sandals.

All of them had a cocky looking smirk on their faces, well, the two whose faces could be seen. She could not tell if the one with his head wrapped in bandages did or not but figured it was safe to assume he did.

"Looks like you've been up all night," came the smug voice from slouched man in the middle. "Now if you don't mind, why don't you wake up the Uchiha. We're here to fight him." It was clear this man was the spokesperson and leader of the group. While he was talking, the other two just leered at the pinkette.

"What do you want here? I mean what do you really want?" asked Sakura. "I know Orochimaru is calling the shots from the shadows." Her words caused the trio to widen their eyes in recognition of the name. "You guys work for him don't you! Tell me what that mark he put my Sasuke-kun is?"

"I wonder what that man is up to…" Dosu wondered out loud. There was something going on here that he wasn't getting. Out of the three of them, he knew what the mark the girl was talking about was, having seen it on Orochimaru's elite before. Why would their leader give the brat they were supposed to kill such a powerful mark?

He shook the thought off, who was he to question Orochimaru's methods?

"Hmph, I can't stand hearing some snot nosed little brat talking down to me like this. First I'll kill you, little gir, and then I'm gonna kill Sasuke." Zaku prepared to charge the girl.

"Wait Zaku!" Dosu ordered, getting his teammate to stop. The man walked forwards until he stopped at the spot where Sakura threw the kunai. Kneeling down on the grass he ran his hand over the area. "The color of this soil is the kind that shows it's recently been dug up, and this kind of grass doesn't grow in the Forest of Death. It looks like you tried to set a trap for us, rather poorly I might add."

Sakura paled, causing the three Oto ninja to smirk before they leapt over the ground. Before they reached the apex of their jump Sakura smirked, using the kunai in her hand to cut a strand of ninja wire attached to the kunai embedded in the ground next to her.

As the second wire was cut, a large log came flying towards the three Oto genin. While the three Oto ninja were slightly surprised at the second trap, it wasn't so surprising that they couldn't do anything to defend themselves. Dosu placed the hand with the odd metal gauntlet on the log and channeled some chakra into it. The results shocked Sakura as the log was split in two, leaving the trio's progress to her unimpeded.

Her eyes widened as the three descended towards them. As her mind registered that she was going to die a loud shout of "Konoha Senpuu (Leaf Hurricane)!" distracted her from the defeatist thought, and a green blur appeared in front of the three Oto genin, knocking each of them away with a kick.

As the green blur stopped moving, Sakura managed to recognize the familiar figure. Lee! She thought, confused. She remembered how he had fought and defeated Sasuke before the first stage of the exams. Why would he help her?

"Who the hell are you!" Zaku shouted as he stood up and rubbed his sore cheek.

"I am Konoha's beautiful green beast, Rock Lee," Proclaimed the bowl cut, spandex wearing Genin.

"Lee, what are you doing here?" asked a bewildered Sakura.

The boy looked back at her and grin, "I will always appear whenever you are in danger, Sakura-san." He reached over towards his shoulder and gently grabbed the squirrel sitting on it, before setting the woodland creature on the ground, "It's all thank to you, little guy."

Sakura gave the boy a smile. She may not like him, but at least he was doing something to protect her. "Thank you, Lee."

Lee gave her a thumbs up before turning to the Oto genin, "I said it once before, I'll protect you 'til the day I die."

Dosu eyed the green clad Genin wearily. He knew better then to judge the boy because of his terrible fashion sense, that speed he had shown proved he was good.

'No matter how good he is, he's no match for all three of us,' Dosu thought as he began to advance towards Lee.

Darting forward Dosu uncovered the odd gauntlet he was wearing, rearing his fist back to strike at the Genin. Much to his shock said boy waited until he was halfway there before slamming his hands into the ground and pulling out a large chunk of rock and dirt. Dosu's arm hit the rocks, causing it to explode.

"While I have not seen you fight, I remember seeing you use that strange gauntlet against Kabuto-san," Lee stated calmly. "Because I don't know what it does, logic dictates that I shouldn't let you hit me with it."

Dosu narrowed his one good eye as he landed on the ground before rushing back towards the Konoha Genin. Lee waited for his opponent to calm calmly, and when Dosu was in range struck out with a right, left combination. The right fist was blocked but the left happened to fast for Dosu to see it until it was too late. Dosu stumbled back and was then kicked in the ribs and went flying back a ways. Grunting he got back up and was forced to jump out of the way when Lee sent a punch at him that was strong enough to make a crater when it hit the ground.

Lee stood back up and faced Dosu who came back at him. Dosu swung at Lee with the arm that did not have the gauntlet attached to it. Lee blocked the arm, grabbed onto his as he threw his opponent into a tree, leaving a small impression.

Dosu narrowed his visible eye as he pushed himself out of the impression he was in before charging at Lee again. Realizing that straightforward tactics wouldn't work, he decided a little deception was in order.

Coming in Dosu made a feint with a high punch, when Lee moved to block him; he switched attacks and came in with a kick that caught lee unawares.

By the time Lee had recovered Dosu was nowhere to be seen. A kick to the back of his head sent Lee stumbling forward before he felt a hand grip his leg and toss him into the air, then slam him into the ground.

Lee got back to his feet and searched for Dosu. As he did he felt a presence behind and saw Dosu coming in with his gauntlet covered fist reared back.

'I am sorry Gai-sensei, but I must use 'that' jutsu!' Thought Lee as he unwound his bandages.

As Dosu got within striking range, Lee disappeared from view before appearing below him and kicking the Oto Genin in the chin, hard. As Dosu soared into the air Lee appeared behind him, wrapping the mummified Genin in his bandages. Then Lee started to spin, slowly at first but it gradually picked up more and more speed until the pair looked like a drill plummeting to the earth.

"Oh shit!" Zaku shouted as he saw the speeding drill that was Lee and Dosu. "There's no way Dosu can survive something like this!" The spiky-haired Oto genin began running through a quick series of handseals, ending on the Monkey seal.

"Take this! Omote Renge (Hidden Lotsu)!" yelled Lee as he released his hold on Dosu. Just as he was about to hit the ground Zaku slammed a hands into the ground and sent a wave of air towards the spot Dosu was about to hit. A few seconds later Dosu hit the ground head first, implanting himself into it with a little over half his body sticking up.

With a few wiggles and grunts Dosu got himself out of the ground and stood back up no worse for wear.

"That actually would have killed me had Zaku not softened the ground for my fall," Dosu said as he looked at his now tired out opponent.

"I-impossible," Lee muttered as he fell to the ground, his muscles having torn from using his jutsu.

"It seems that attack you used has some serious backlash," Dosu mused as he saw Lee kneeling on the ground, panting.

"It matters not; I may be tired but so are you. I can still win," Lee said, giving Dosu a confident smile.

"Not in that condition you can't," Dosu chuckled, "And in case you haven't noticed I'm not the only one you need to deal with. Now I'm getting rather irritated at your interference, so I'll just finish you off now."

Dosu charged forward once again as he reared his arm back for another attack. Lee tried to dodge only to receive a jolt of pain for his troubles as the after effects of the jutsu kicked in. he looked up just as Dosu swung at him. Lee was lucky enough to dodge the attack, albeit barely, but before he could even think of retaliating his vision began to get blurry and a sharp pain filled his head as his ears bleed.

Lee tried to stand, but as soon as he moved he was forced onto his hands and knees as he began to throw up.

"You like?" asked Dosu, "I call this my Melody Arm. With it I can amplify sound waves and use the vibrations they cause to break through your eardrum and damage the inner membrane making you lose your semblance of balance. You won't be able to function properly for a while now."

Deciding he did not want to be left out Zaku lifted up his hands and pulled his palms up to reveal the whole he had in each hand. "My specialty is the ability to control supersonic airwaves and air pressure, slicing up or blasting my opponents. To us, your jutsu are laughable."

"As you can see, you have no hope against us. You put up a good fight, but it's time to say good bye kid," Dosu reared his melody arm back, ready to strike.

He didn't get the chance to swing as a powerful punch connected with his jaw, launching him back several feet. Dosu looked up in surprise at seeing a fiercely determined Sakura standing beside Lee, her fist held out in a punch.

"So it looks like she's not completely useless after all," Zaku commented with a sneer.

Sakura panted as she glared at the trio. There was no way she could win against one of them, let alone all three at the same time. 'I wish Sasuke-kun was awake,' Sakura thought to herself. 'Surely he would save me if he were.''

'CHA! SASUKE-KUN WOULD KICK THEIR ASSES!' Came the voice of inner Sakura, the alter-ego that existed inside the pinkette's head. Unfortunately Sasuke was unconscious and Lee was beaten. He had protected her while Sasuke was out of it, so the least she could do was help him until Sasuke could wake up and save them.

"S-Sakura-san?" asked a wide eyed and surprised Lee.

"Don't worry Lee, I can at least hold them off for a bit while you recover," Sakura said with a determined expression

"Heh, I don't even know if she's worth the effort," Zaku commented.

"Well then, why don't I take care of this?" Kin asked rhetorically.

Sakura looked at Kin before dashing towards her; she flung several shuriken before going through a set of hand seals. Kin blocked or dodged all the shuriken and looked at the pinkette only to see…three of her?

"You don't honestly think a pathetic jutsu like that is going to work do you?" snorted Kin as she threw several senbon at Sakura. All three Sakura's burst into smoke with the one in the middle also being replaced with a log.

Sensing a presence behind her Kin turned to see three more Sakura's, all of them doing hand seals. Kin gave a grunt of annoyance as she tossed more senbon, once again, the two on either end disappeared in a puff of smoke while the middle one was replaced with a log.

Kin spun around just as Sakura appeared behind her, blocking the punch the pinkette sent her before lashing out with her own fist. Sakura stumbled back, giving Kin the opportunity to knee the girl in the gut before kicking the back of her legs, forcing Sakura onto her knees. Then she grabbed Sakura by the hair, pulling on it as hard as she could, forcing Sakura to yelp in pain.

"Well get a feel of this, it seems her hair is softer than mine," Kin's smirk turned into a disgusted sneer. "If you have time to take such good care of your hair, you could have spent it better training. You're not even a real kunoichi are you, probably just a pathetic fan girl for the Uchiha boy over there. Hey Zaku! Why don't we kill that Sasuke guy in front of this little bitch!"

"Heh, it would be my pleasure," Zaku said as he made his way over to the shelter.

Tears began leaking out of the corner of Sakura's eyes. Everything was going wrong, Sasuke was unconscious and about to be killed, and these people were going to force her to watch. These things weren't suppose to happen! Sasuke was suppose to wake up and save her, and then they would get married and she would have his babies! And now they were both going to die.

Despite having nothing to do with her current predicament, she blamed Naruto for not being awake to help her protect Sasuke.

A yank on her hair brought her head back up. "C'mon, pay attention. My teammate is going to kill your boyfriend, I wouldn't want you to miss it."

Sakura's eyes widened, 'I can't let them kill Sasuke-kun!' Sakura brought her kunai up, causing Kin to take notice.

"You don't seriously think you can get me like this, do you?" Kin asked with a superior smirk. "Don't be stupid, you're too weak to get me."

"Who said this was for you?"


Sakura slashed the kunai up behind her, cutting off her hair and surprising Kin. Standing up the pink-haired girl reared her head back and smashed it into Kin's face, causing the girl to stumble back.

Sakura then raced towards Zaku, who had taken notice, and began several hand seals. Zaku sent a blast of airwaves at her, but Sakura replaced herself with a log, reappearing on his left doing more hand seals.

"Gah! You're so annoying!" Zaku shouted as he released more airwaves. However Sakura once again replaced herself with a log, this time appearing above him. "That stupid technique will only work so many times!" He flung a kunai at her and then began searching around for where she would appear next.

After a while, when she did not reappear he blinked, then became surprised when he felt blood splatter onto his face, he looked up to see Sakura with a kunai in her forearm still descending on him. She jabbed her own kunai in his left forearm while biting onto his right hand. The two tumbled to the ground with Sakura on top and keeping Zaku from using his airwave attack.

"GAH! You bitch! Get! Off!" He began to smash a fist onto her head attempting to get her off of him. "You god damn crazy bitch! Get off!"

Birth of the New Demon King

Ever since the start of these exams, things have been nothing but trouble for the members of Team Ten. Their first problam had come from Choji, who, after several days within the forest had begin to complain about the lack of food. Thus, Ino had been forced to bully Shikamaru into catching some fish. The second problem had come from the task itself, namely, they hadn't been able to get the other scroll they needed. It hadn't helped that the few teams they had run into had been way too strong for them, and the only time they had run into a single ninja it just had to be last years Rookie of the Year. And that was a guy Shikimaru wouldn't face on his best day.

Needless to say, the whole thing was very troublesome.

If that wasn't enough, and these exams hadn't already gone pear-shaped, the three of them had run into the most troublesome situation to date. Chouji, Ino and Shikamaru had just been minding their own business, trying to find some weaklings they could get a scroll from, when they had stumbled on the scene and watched in horror as one of the people they knew from the academy was getting her face beaten in.

"What do you want to do Ino?" asked Shikamaru, for once his voice not sounding lazy. It was troublesome, but much as he just wanted to watch the clouds or go to sleep, now was not the time.

Ino bit her lip as she remained silent. She didn't know what to do, a part of her wanted to help her former friend. She could still remember how she first met Sakura, the pinkette had been getting picked on by Ami, a former classmate of theirs that had failed to graduate. She had helped chase them away, then discovered they had been making fun of Sakura for her large forehead. Ino could still remember the day she had given Sakura the red ribbon she had used to wear back at the academy, claiming that if she made a big deal of her forehead, then others would simply make more fun of her. They had been best friends up to that point, until Sasuke had come along.

It had been six months into the academy when Sakura had given her back the ribbon she had given the pinkette as a sign of their friendship, claiming that they were rivals from now on for Sasuke's affection. To this day, she and Ino were still enemies. And yet at the same time...

"Ino?" Shikamaru said, snapping the blond from her funk. She looked over at her lazy teammate to see the serious expression on his face. "She's your friend isn't she? Didn't you two know each other really well in the academy?"

Ino looked at Shikamaru, before looking back at Sakura who was still taking a beating. A determined expression came onto Ino's face as she stood up. "Let's get out of here."

Birth of the New Demon King

After bashing Sakura in the face several dozen more times, Zaku finally managed to pry the girl off. The girl had been pretty damn tenacious, hanging on like a pit bull once it got it's hands – or teeth as they were – a bone. Zaku had lost count of the number of times he'd pounded his fist into the girl head, but the last one finally managed to dislodge her. As Sakura was sent sprawling to the ground, he stood up, a scowl on his face as he glared down on her.

"Damn bitch!" Zaku growled, anger and hated permeating his voice. "I'm gonna blow you away, you little cunt!" The Oto genin's hands were quick to come up, the blow holes within his appendages practically humming with chakra. He was just about to blow her to oblivion when team ten appeared, Shikamaru on the left, Ino in the middle, and Choji sitting on his hand on the right. It became clear that only Shikamaru and Ino had come willingly, because Shikamaru was holding onto Choji's scarf, having obviously dragged the larger boy with him.

"What the hell is this? The second line of defense," Zaku snorted. "No matter how many of you losers turn up the outcome is going to be the same." He was beginning to get particularly annoyed by all of the interruptions they'd been having. This mission was supposed to have been simple, find Sasuke and kill him. He was already unconscious and the girl shouldn't have taken much to put down Minimal fuss, minimal risk.

Now they not only just finished a fight with some taijutsu freak that looked like he'd glued catterpillars to his eyebrows, but the pink-haired little bitch had proven to be more trouble then she was worth. And now they had to deal with this interruption.

It was fraying the end of Zaku's relatively short fuse.

"I-Ino?" Sakura voiced her confusion. "Why are you here?"

"Tch," Ino huffed, not bothering to look at the girl as a small smirk formed on her face. "Didn't I tell you before; I'm not going to let you show me up, forehead. There's no way I'm going to let you show off for Sasuke-kun and leave me behind!"

"They just keep swarming in, there like bugs." Dosu mumbled, his single visible eye narrowing into a glare as he looked at the three new ninja now standing in the way of their mission. "These foolish Konoha ninja will be sorry they ever decided to butt into business that doesn't concern them."

"What the hell are you two thinking?" Chouji hissed. "These guys are too dangerous!"

Chouji knew that out of all the teams theirs was likely the weakest. While Shikamaru had never outright said it, he knew enough about his lazy friend to read between the lines. All one had to do was look at the facts. They had the laziest Jonin in Konoha, who preferred playing Shogi to teaching. Shikamaru never trained, preferring to either watch the clouds or play Shogi with Asuma. He himself was always eating while watching the clouds or watching Shikamaru play Shogi. And Ino either only complained, fawned over Sasuke, or talked about how she would beat Sakura – which often involved Sasuke.

It was made worse because each of them only knew one of their clan techniques. Shikamaru was too lazy to learn any more. Ino was too busy being a fan girl. And Chouji was always too busy eating to learn. The facts were they had nothing over this team, if what they had seen so far was any indiciation.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Shikamaru spoke up.

"It's troublesome, but we have to do this. Now that Ino's shown herself we men can't just run away."

"Sorry I got you two involved," Ino apologized. "But we are a three man team, we do everything together."

"Meh, whatever happens, happens," Shikamaru shrugged, "we'll find a way to deal with this."

"B-but I don't wanna die yet!" whined Chouji as he turned around and attempted to make a run for it. However Shikamaru had latched onto Chouji's scarf to keep him from leaving. "C'mon Shikamaru! Let go of my scarf!"

"Hehe, you can leave if you want, fatty," Zaku said, grinning darkly.

Chouji stopped moving completely, all thoughts of leaving disappeared when Zaku said those words. "What did he just say? I couldn't hear him too well."

"I said you can go back into the forest and fuck yourself. Fat ass!" Zaku exclaimed.

'Oh no…now he's done it,' Shikamaru muttered a quick curse of troublesome under his breath. 'That word is taboo for Chouji.'

Chouji did complete one hundred and eighty turn around as steam began to pour out of his ears, "I'm not fat you stupid piece of shit! I'm big boned! And now I'm gonna squash you!"

"Alright! Now we're talking!" Ino cheered, while Shikamaru muttered a quick 'troublesome'. "Take it away Choji!"

"With pleasure!" Chouji put his hand into a ram seal.

"Baika No Jutsu (Double Weight Jutsu)!"

Right before the eyes of everyone present, Choji's body quickly expanded to nearly three times his size. Too many, he looked like a giant balloon. His limbs and head were pulled into his clothing, with chakra coming out of the holes, turning him into a giant ball.

"Nikudan Shensha (Human Boulder)! Pudgies RULE!" He cried out, somehow still perfectly clear despite being inside his close, before he began rolling towards Zaku faster than the Oto genin expected.

"What the hell is this!" Zaku held out his hands and sneered. "It's just a rolling ball of fat ass! Zankuuuha (Slicing airwaves)!" A blast of powerful airwaves was sent towards the rolling ball that was Chouji. As the attack hit, the airwaves proceeded to slow the large ball down, but did not stop the technique in it's entirety. Instead, the two attacks seemed to be in a stalemate, with the airwaves trying to stop the green ball from running Zaku over, and Choji continuing to try and press onwards, unaffected by the airwaves. Neither force seemed willing to back down, and it looked like the fight would become a battle of attrition.

That all changed when Choji ascended into the air, moving out of the slipstream the airwaves created.

"What the-? My airwaves were useless!" Zaku shouted, his voice surprised and his eyes widening. It wasn't everyday someone saw a ball of fat move like that. 'And I can't touch that thing or it will rip my arms off, then I'll be crushed.'

Seeing the predicament his teammate was in, Dosu began to run towards Zaku. Before he could get even five feet he found himself frozen. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed his shadow was attached to Shikamaru who was holding up a hand seal.

"Kage Mane No Jutsu (Shadow Possession Jutsu) success." The shadow using Genin muttered, a bored yet victorious look on his face.

"My body…I can't…move…" Dosu found that even talking was requiring some effort. "This... this must be... some kind of paralysis jutsu!"

Chouji slammed into the ground, forcing Zaku to jump away lest he be crushed. While the Oto ninja may have gotten away clean, the landscape around where Choji slammed into the earth formed into a large crater that was several inches larger then the Akamichi himself.

Shikamaru put his hands on his head with the fingertips touching his head, forming an M and forcing Dosu to do the same.

"Dosu! What are you doing!" Kin shouted as she saw Dosu moving into weird poses.

"Ino! Now it's just the girl we need to take care of!" Shikamaru shouted as he used his hands to make a pair of ears on his head, forcing Dosu to do the same.

"Got it Shikamaru!" Ino made a triangle hand seal, aiming it at the only female Oto ninja. "Take care of my body! Ninpou: Shintenshin No Jutsu (Ninja Art: Body Possession Jutsu)!" Before Kin could do anything, the jutsu hit and the dark-haired girls eyes seemed to glaze over. Ino's body swayed a bit before Shikamaru caught her, while Dosu made the same pose but caught no one.

"It's over now!" The now possessed Kin shouted as she pulled out a kunai. "If you guys move an inch I'll slit this girls throat! When I can't sense your chakra anymore I'll let her go! If you don't want it to end here I suggest you leave your scroll and get out of here!"

Both Dosu and Zaku just looked at her, confusing the Konoha ninja. However, when a smirk formed on Zaku's face, Ino began to get a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Choji!" She shouted, just as Zaku held up a hand towards her and sent a powerful airwave at the girl. Choji managed to get there in time, but due to the position of his body and the fact that he was spinning perpendicular to the attack, he was unable to do fully block off the effects of the jutsu. In the end, while the attack may not have hit his teammate, Choji ended up smacking into Ino, sending her flying while he smashed against the ground several feet away, too dizzy to be of much use. The possessed girl hit the tree behind her, making her yelp in pain and cough up blood. Because of the effects of the jutsu blood also started coming out of Ino's mouth.

"Ino!" Shikamaru yelled in worry.

"These…guys…they don't even care if they hurt their comrade…" Ino said from Kin's body as she lay on the ground.

"Heh, I think you guys are confused about us," Zaku said darkly.

"Our goals are not the stupid scrolls nor to safely complete this exam," Dosu said, his eyes holding a dark quality that made him look slightly insane. "We're simply here to kill Sasuke!"

The genin who had not known that felt their eyes widen in surprise. None of them could understand what was going on. Why were these people after Sasuke? As far as they knew, Sasuke had never done anything to warrant assassins coming after him. So why were these people so adamant on killing him?

'Damn it! This jutsu's gonna end soon!' Shikamaru grit his teeth in frustration at the troublesome situation he found himself in.

"It looks like that girl's jutsu allows her spirit to enter the body of another." Dosu smirked under his bandages, "However if her bleeding is any indication she receives any damage done to the body she enters. That means that killing Kin will also kill that girl."

'Oh man, this is bad.' Shikamaru was sweating up a storm as he realized how terrible of a position they were in. Not only were these Oto ninja stronger then they were, but they had now lost the element of surprise. The mummy looking genin had already figured out his and Ino's jutsu, and Choji's jutsu were straight forward taijutsu attacks. No need for analysis there.

And now they were in a bind; his jutsu had worn off, Choji was down and too dizzy to actually do anything, and Ino had already used her only jutsu and it hadn't worked out as planned. Shikamaru knew he would need to come up with something to get them out of this, and fast.

"Would you really kill your teammate?" he asked, trying to stall for time. Anything, even a second or two would be good. The longer they lived, the better their chances of survival were.

"Psh, you seem to think we actually care about the girl," Zaku said, looking at the Konoha genin with a grin. "The only reason she's even on the team is because her skills compliment ours. But if she can't even keep from getting caught in a worthless jutsu like that, then she's just useless baggage."

"Bah, I can't take this anymore."

Everyone looked up to see Neji and Tenten on a branch several meters above them. Neji scowled as he crossed his arms, "Some small time ninja from a second rate village like Oto fighting a bunch of kids. You call that a victory?" He scoffed, "How pathetic."

"They keep coming out like cockroaches," Dosu mumbled.

"Lee…" Tenten muttered as she saw her teammate.

Neji looked at her before look back at the battle, more specifically three Oto genin. He channeled some chakra into his eyes, causing veins to bulge around the sides of his head, and if one looked closely enough, inside of his eyes as well. The glare he sent the Oto ninja, enhanced by the bulging veins of his Byakugan caused Dosu and Zaku to freeze in their tracks.

"The kid with the bowl cut is our teammate; it looks like you went a little overboard with him."

"So what if we did? What are you going to do about it?" Zaku gave the Hyuuga a defiant glare.

Neji opened his mouth for a moment before he smirked and deactivated his Byakugan, "I don't have to do anything."

Everyone wondered what he meant with that statement, but it soon became clear when a vile and evil chakra descended onto the clearing. Everyone turned to see Sasuke, still on the ground, but with a violent purple chakra leaking out of his body like wisps of smoke. It wasn't long before the chakra covered his entire body, encasing him in an ugly purple barrier.

Said barrier soon exploded, purple chakra lashing out in all directions. Sasuke was standing, his legs spread out, the upper half of his body slouched down in a slightly feral position. The right side of his body began to glow with odd orange markings that spread across his face, arms and legs like a parasite, strange symbols that looked every bot as evil as the chakra he was unleashing felt.

"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura mumbled in shock, awe and more then a little lust as she saw all of the power he was emitting.

"This," Sasuke Uchiha said in awe, his eyes looking at the arm that was covered in all of the fuīnjutsu markings. "This power… this is just what I need to kill Itachi." As if just noticing for the first time that he was not alone, Sasuke's head raised and his eyes sought out all of the people around him. Everyone his gaze landed on tensed, minus Zaku who either didn't feel the power he was emitting, or simply didn't care.

A sick grin spread across Sasuke's face.

"How come I wasn't invited to this little party?"

Birth of the New Demon King

Naruto was breathing heavily as he continued defending himself from Raizen's ruthless attacks. The man was absolutely insane! It was taking all he had not to get himself killed, relying more on dodging then blocking as the mans hit's hurt like hell. He had no clue how long this battle had been going on for, but he was beginning to tire.


Raizen's yell resounded through the sewer as the Demon King continued kicking his blond descendants ass. He sent several quick, straight jabs right to Naruto's face, who managed to dodge one by tilting his head as he back pedaled, and blocked the other with his left forearm. The wince Naruto made when he blocked the attack, however, let everyone know that it still did damage, even if it didn't hit it's intended destination.

"Don't just dodge me! Attack! Stop being so god damn pathetic!"

Naruto grit his teeth as he tried to attack, moving forward, fist cocked back for a corkscrewing punch...

...Only to get a fist smashed into his face. Naruto staggered back, and was not even given the chance to clear his head as Raizen kicked him in the gut. Naruto bent over Raizen's foot as he coughed up blood, folding like a chair when the mans foot left his stomach.

"This is pathetic," Raizen sneered at the blond. "To think I have such a weak heir."

Naruto snarled as he leapt up. No one called him weak! He would show this man not to mess with him!

Beginning his assault again, the blond launched a flurry of strikes that were all dodged by Raizen. However, if one were to look at the attacks as they came, then they would have noticed how each punch seemed to become faster and faster. It wasn't long before Naruto's fists were a literal blur of motion, barely visible to the human eye.

Fortunately for Raizen, he was no human. The fists, while fast, were still moving in slow motion to him. He dodged each and every attack accordingly, not even needing to use his hands to block the blows as he merely tilted his head and twisted his body.

"Not bad, but it's still not good enough."

A loud growl eminated from Naruto's throat, and once more the blond seemed to push himself to new heights; his attacks became even faster, his movements surer, his strength went through the roof. While none of the attacks had hit Raizen, he could feel the power rolling off the fists that came his way, each attack with enough force that his long and jagged looking hair was blown back.

Raizen smirked as a light red haze began to cover Naruto's body as the blond's assault continued. His speed began to increase even more, his fists started moving so fast that Raizen was actually forced to block rather then dodge. As more and more power began eminating from the blond, his speed and strength reached an unprecedented level.

"Excellent!" Raizen said with a grin as he felt the strength of Naruto's hits, no longer able to dodge and thus relegated to blocking. They were not as powerful as his own, but the boy was still young and had not yet come fully into his demonic heritage. Given time and the proper training, Naruto could easily be just as strong, if not stronger then he was.

Naruto did not reply as the red layer of energy turned black and covered his body even more, making it so that neither Raizen or Kyuubi could see anymore then his outline. The red energy soon began to change shape, making the figure taller, more muscular, the spiky hair on the back began to grow and his face became more angular as all of the baby fat was burned off.

Finally Raizen received a heavy hit in the face, sending him flying back. Raizen grinned as he landed on his feet and looked at the new Naruto that appeared before them when the red energy melted away.

"I am pleased to see that you may be worthy of being my descendant after all. Unfortunately, my time with you is now done," Raizen said.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked. He was breathing heavily, as if he had just run a marathon. Or had a fight with a Demon King. However, he was still ready for more. "I hardly know anything about these powers, and you expect me to master them on my own?"

"Not on your own," Raizen shook his head. "Kyuubi will be here to help you, just bind her to you, it should not be too difficult."

Naruto felt an odd shiver at the man's grin, he never noticed Kyuubi blush at the words.

"I have left her with instructions on how to help your powers grow. So farewell for now young Naruto." Raizen began to fade out of existence, but had one more parting comment for the blond before disappearing entirely. "Oh and be sure to hide those eyes of yours. After all, you would not want an enemy to find out about them until you know what they can do."

Naruto watched as Raizen faded away before he looked over at the girl, who had not moved from her position since his and Raizen's battle started.

Naruto walked over to the young woman who stiffened upon his approach.

"Come here," Naruto said, his newly awakened demonic blood making his tone more commanding.

Kyuubi did as told, moving until she was in front of the cage, though her eyes were still on the ground. Naruto reached out, placing a hand under Kyuubi's chin and lifting her face so he could make eye contact.

After several minutes of watching Kyuubi fidget under his gaze, Naruto asked the question her had been wanting to know since he had spoken with Raizen. "Raizen-ojisan said that you were not yourself when you attacked the village, what did he mean?"

"I was manipulated by a man who had placed me in a genjutsu," Kyuubi started hesitantly. She clearly didn't want to talk about it, but this was her new lord and thus, she couldn't ignore such a clear cut order. "It was designed to torture me over and over again until I had become nothing more then a raging beast that he could bind to his will."

"You don't seem like the type to fall for a simple illusion," Naruto commented with a frown. "I had been told Kitsune were masters of illusions."

"We are. The reason I fell to this mans abilities was because I…"

"Yes?" Naruto asked when Kyuubi stopped talking.

Kyuubi sighed as she realized it would be best to get this out of the way with. "The reason I was susceptible to that man's illusions was because of how I was attacked. The first time he brought me under his control, he had summoned me to this plain by surprise and I had no time to actually resist him. The second time he managed to control me was because... because at the time I had been trying to escape from your mother."

"My... my what?" asked Naruto in a whisper, as if he had not been sure he heard the fox woman correctly.

"Your mother, Naruto-Sama," Kyuubi said, looking away, clearly uncomfortable. "It's obvious you don't know, but you are not my first Jinchurikki. I have had two before you. The first was Uzumaki Mito, the wife of the Shodaime Hokage who sealed me within herself during the first time I had been... controlled. My second host was Uzumaki Kushina, your mother."

"I see..." Naruto closed his eyes as he processed that information. It was hard to believe but her words made sense. From what he had heard the Kyuubi appeared out of no where, and without warning as it began attacking the unprepared village of Konoha. Most of the academy students had just accepted the knowledge without question, but Naruto had always questioned how the Kyuubi had managed to kill so many of the villages civilians. One would have thought that if the Kyuubi had been coming to Konoha, the village would have prepared, or even abandoned to village to rebuild at a later time. Which meant Kyuubi had appeared without warning, and done so close enough to Konoha that she was able to attack immediately after appearing.

He wasn't quite sure what to think about this new information, he wasn't even sure he wanted to think about it. Deciding it would be better to know more, he asked, "so what happened?"

"Because of the rarity of Jinchurikki this isn't common knowledge," Kyuubi began. "But there is a point when a female Jinchurikki's seal weakens to the point where a Bijuu can escape, when she is in childbirth." Naruto's eyes snapped open at those words and Kyuubi flinched under his cold gaze. Despite the slight fear she gained from his new power, power that was far beyond her, she continued. "I hadn't realized that at the time, all I knew was that the seal was weakening and I wanted out. I tried to break out of the seal, but someone, your father I think, was keeping the seal from breaking. However some time during my struggle, the resistance on the seal stopped. The next thing I knew was coming out of the seal. I had thought I was free, but then I ran into that man. The man who used me, manipulated me and turned me into his plaything!"

"Who was this man?" asked Naruto.

"His name is Uchiha Madara." The blond's eyes widened and Kyuubi continued. "He is the founder of the Uchiha Clan."

Naruto frowned, with his new senses he could tell she wasn't lying. But... "Wouldn't Madara be like, a hundred something years old? How could he possibly be alive?" Even he had known of the man who helped found Konoha, he had been the second choice for Hokage when the village was founded. When he betrayed the village Hasharima, the Shodaime Hokage had fought and killed him. Or so the story went.

"I don't know," Kyuubi shrugged. "I don't know much about him, only that he used me twice."

With everything he had learned, Naruto decided to withhold his judgment over Kyuubi until he could process it all.

"I'll be leaving for now," he said at last. Looking at Kyuubi his eyes narrowed slightly. "We will be having words when I get back. And you will explain everything you know to me."

"H-Hai, Naruto-Sama," Kyuubi stuttered when Naruto released some of his power of back up his words.

Naruto nodded before disappearing from the seal.

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