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Chapter 21: The Dating Game

Birth of the New Demon King

It was early in the morning when Kurotsuchi got up. Being a kunoichi for many years, and one who had been trained extensively in the ninja arts by her grandfather, Kurotsuchi was always one to rise with the sun. The fact that her ability to use chakra was sealed up and she was more or less a prisoner living in the house of the man she had been ordered to kill did not change that fact.

After going through the morning rituals almost every person in the entire world does; sitting up, yawning, stretching, and eye rubbing, Kurotsuchi took a moment to survey her surroundings.

The room she found herself in was surprisingly nice, nothing at all like what she would have expected someone who was essentially a prisoner to be given. It was a decently sized room with cream colored walls, plush carpeting and expensive looking furniture. Connected to her room was a door that led to her own bathroom, and another sliding door that led to a closet for her clothes.

Not that she actually had any clothes to put in there, having been more or less dragged straight from Tetsu no Kuni to Konoha. Such was the life of someone who was more or less a servant to their village and had just been bartered off in order to avoid a war.

Getting up, Kurotsuchi began the process of getting started for the day. Being a kunoichi of Iwagakure, and someone who had her own quirks from her service to the village, Kurotuchi's wake up routine was an unusual process. Being from a village like Iwa, where water was scarce, her showers were very quick; no more then two minutes tops and always taken cold. This was partially because the cold water helped her wake up, but also because she couldn't just let the water run in order to heat up. It was wasteful. After her shower do stretches in front of a full body mirror while in the nude.

Unusual? Definitely. But there was a method to her madness.

Kurotsuchi was one who firmly believed in keeping not only fit, but healthy. To her, the two terms were completely different. Someone who was 'fit' meant they were in good shape, strong, fast, etc. Someone who was 'healthy' however, meant that they were in good health and were unlikely to injure themselves while exercising or fighting, like pulling a muscle while training.

So Kurotsuchi would do stretches, while looking at herself in the mirror butt ass naked so as to watch her muscles and ensure there were no deformities or any noticeable injuries.

Weird? Yes, but at least she wasn't screaming about youth.

Unlike most women, Kurotsuchi was actually capable of seeing her muscles in complete detail as they moved and flexed. This had nothing to do with her eyesight and everything to do with her body. This was both good and bad. Good because she could check for injuries or deformities without the need for medical ninjutsu. Bad because of what it said about her body, to be more specific her lack of a feminine figure.

For whatever reason, Kurotsuchi did not possess the womanly curves of some of the more notable female kunoichi. Her body was very lithe, or in other words, it was flat.

As in flat as a billboard.

Maybe even flat as a Haruno.

This was something Kurotsuchi was very self conscious about. While she liked the fact that she had great muscle definition, there were many issues that came with it. Like being mistaken for a man, just to set an example.

It was quite the blow on her pride as a woman.

Her seduction techniques were also non existent because of it.

To keep people from commenting on her lack of womanly figure, Kurotsuchi made sure everyone enjoyed her personality. She was generally calm and very easy-going when with her fellow ninja, though while in combat she often displayed confidence bordering on arrogance. Not that she would ever admit to being arrogant. She just had a supreme belief in her superiority and skills.

At least, she did before Naruto tore her and her ANBU squad apart. Kurotsuchi still shivered when she remembered how the blond had massacred her entire squadron, then managed to capture her. The helplessness she had felt as the blond invaded her mind was unimaginable. It had been much like watching a movie, she had seen images and information flashing through her mind; knowledge on every little dirty secret Iwa possessed, information on their shinobi forces, infrastructure and more. Everything that she knew about her home village, Naruto now knew as well.

More than his display of power, it was that feeling of helplessness as she watched the blond literally tear all the information about her home from her mind that caused her to fear the blond.

Of course, she would not show him her fear. She may be a prisoner, and he may scare the shit out of her, but she still had her pride as a kunoichi of Iwagakure, and no blond with a pair of freaky eyes was going to take that away.

As her stretches continued her eyes were once again drawn to the seals that had been drawn onto her flesh. The first seal was located on her stomach; it looked like a whirlpool surrounded on four sides by a set of chains that moved up several inches and encircled the whirlpool as if to ensnare it. The seal itself was incredibly complex, from what Kurotsuchi could see, as expected considering it had been placed on her by none other than Namikaze Minato himself. It was this seal that kept her from using any chakra.

The second seal was located on her heart. It contained a much more jagged appearance, where the seal located directly over her chakra core was filled with flowing lines and intricate symbols around the whirlpool, the seal on chest was all sharp creases and points. It looked like a spiked plant of some kind, a bunch of jagged branches growing out from her heart in a chaotic manner. While the other seal was an issue for her, it was this seal that ensured her grandfather's continued subservience.

While it burned her up to think about how she was being used to force her village to follow along with the damn tree huggers demands, Kurotsuchi did her best to ignore the general feeling of hate, as well as the two seals located on her body. She'd had a month already to grow accustomed to doing just that, so it wasn't hard.

As Kurotsuchi continued her stretches, she never heard the door open.

"What the fuck are you doing, cunt?"

Kurotsuchi's eyes widened. With enviable speed she spun around and dropped into a defensive stance, ready for whatever the person speaking could throw at her.

She blinked several times in surprise when she saw that it was just the foul mouthed red head from before. Tayuya, she remembered Naruto calling her.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" hissed Kurotsuchi. The girl had not made a good impression on her last night, not that it had been hard to leave a bad impression. With how pissed off she had been with the whole situation, Tayuya's foul mouthed insults had merely been the tipping point that sent her over the edge.

"I think I should be the one asking you that," Tayuya said with a smirk, hands moving to her hips. "But I can see what you were doing just fine. Tell me, do you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror while butt ass naked? Does it turn you on? Huh, washboard?"

Kurotsuchi seethed at that last comment. How dare this little bitch call her that! Just because she wasn't as curvy as this red-haired skank didn't give her the right to insult her lack of chest.

It was while she was in the throws of her anger that the rest of Tayuya's words began penetrating her brain. After several seconds her mind cleared and she looked down. Then she looked back up at Tayuya. Amused brown eyes met frightened pink.

Kurotsuchi screamed.


With due haste, the jonin of Iwagakure turned prisoner of Konohagakure ran screaming into the large closet, slamming the door shut behind her.

She leaned her back against the door, her breathing heavy and her face flush with embarrassment. It was one thing to do your stretches while in the nude in the comfort and sanctity of your own home, alone. But to have someone just walk in on you like that was utterly humiliating. Kurotsuchi was now cursing herself for continuing through with her routine even though she was no longer living in her decent sized apartment in Iwagakure.

Granted, she hadn't known someone would actually have the audacity to walk into her room unannounced, but considering she was a prisoner maybe she should have.

"Hey bitch!" Kurotsuchi grit her teeth at the girls way of addressing her, but didn't get a chance to snap back. "I hope you have some clothing in there, it's going to be difficult for you to come back out!"

"It wouldn't be difficult for me if you would just leave!" Kurotsuchi shouted from behind her closet door. As she shouted another thought occurred to her. "Just why the hell did you come into my room anyways? And haven't you heard of knocking!?"

"Knocking is for chumps," came the response, causing the young Iwa Jonin's right eye to gain a dangerous twitch.

Oh if only she had her jutsu that bitch would have so had her breasts melted off by now.

"And I came in here to tell your sorry, flat chested ass that breakfast is ready."

There was some more teeth gritting by Kurotsuchi at the flat chested comment, but the woman managed to – with a strong effort of will – shove that aside for the moment in favor of attempting to get the red head out of her hair so she could get changed.

"Well, since you've just told me that breakfast is ready why don't you get the hell out!?"

Like that.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Came the amused reply from what Kurotsuchi was beginning to think of as the red headed she-bitch. Fortunately, before the older woman's fury could mount to intolerable levels, there was a timely interruption in the form of another voice.

"Tayuya, what are you still doing in here?"

The voice was young, at a guess Kurotsuchi estimated that whoever was speaking now had to be somewhere around fourteen, maybe fifteen years old. Given that there were only a few people living here that she knew of, she figured it must have been that raven-haired girl from last night, the only one that hadn't spoken.

"It shouldn't take you this long to let Kurotsuchi-san know that breakfast was ready." There was a brief pause. "And just where is Kurotsuchi-san?"

"The bitch is hiding in the closet. Hey, you'll never believe what that washboard does. She –"

"If you say even one word about what you saw I'll murder you!" Kurotsuchi screamed.

"– likes to stretch in front of a mirror butt ass naked. How retarded is that?"

Kurotsuchi screamed. Never in her life had she wanted to kill someone as much as she wanted to kill the red head right now. Oh how her hands longed to grab onto that bitches throat and snuff the life out of her for her insults. The only thing stopping her from doing that was A) she was in Konoha and in particular Naruto's house. She was sure the man would not be pleased if she killed someone living with him and, much as she may try to deny it, he scared her. And B) she was still naked.

There was a sigh from the other end of the door, followed by a loud thump and than some swearing.

"O-Oi!" Tayuya shouted in surprise. "What the hell are you doing Kin-chan!? Quit dragging me!"

"You've embarrassed Kurotsuchi-san enough, Tayuya," Kin said, her voice chiding even as it began to get farther and farther away. Obviously, she was leaving the room and apparently dragging the bitch with her. "Leave her be or we'll be late for breakfast, and you'll have to tell Naruto-Sama why."

There was silence after that, Tayuya having not answered before the door closed. Kurotsuchi waited for several more seconds, pressing her ear against the door and straining to hear anything that may let her know that the two had not actually left the room. When she could hear nothing, she opened the door and poked her head out.

No one was there.

Hurrying out of the closet, Kurotsuchi got as dressed as quickly as she could. When she was once again suited up in the civvies that Naruto had gotten for her the day before (he refused to let her wear her Iwa ninja clothing while in Konoha), a pair of tan shorts, a white T-shirt and a basic pair of sandals, she made her way outside of her room and began walking towards the living room.

There was no one there when she arrived, and for a moment she wondered where everyone was. She assumed they were likely in the kitchen, or dining room if the house had one (and she had no reason to believe it didn't, the house was fairly large), but didn't know where that would be. For all she knew it could have been in the opposite direction she had come from.

Just as she was about to let her frustration show on her face a heavenly aroma caught her attention. Taking several deep whiffs, Kurotsuchi felt her stomach rumble and was thankful no one was around to hear it. She followed the smell and was eventually led into a beautifully crafted dining room with an open kitchen connecting it.

The carpet she was standing on gave way to varnished red wood tiling that looked like someone had spent hours polishing it. The walls were made of the same wood halfway up, but abruptly changed into a more earthen brown. It was with a start that Kurotsuchi realized the brown was actually the rock and that the interior of the house had been cut out from the rock itself. The ceiling was made of the same granite color and just confirmed her assumptions. In the center of the ceiling hung a chandelier, it's many crystal prisms reflecting the natural sun that shone in through a window on the far side that overlooked the entirety of Konoha.

The dining room was connected to a kitchen that looked like it held all of the standard appliances one would expect from a nice house, steel oven, black marble counter tops, varnished wooden cabinets, a large fridge that looked like it could fit several months worth of food in it, the works. The tiling was different two, white paneled squares that looked like the granite from the mountain had been bleached. The kitchen itself was separated from the dining room with only a single wood and granite wall, a large rectangular cut out in the center allowed her to see Naruto flipping what looked like some kind of toast that had been marinaded in something and placed on a frying pan.

"Oi! Are you just going to stand there all day, washboard?"

With twitching eyebrows, Kurotsuchi turned to the newest bane of her existence. Tayuya was sitting at the large, rectangular table under the chandelier, along with Kin and Kit. She was sitting directly next to Kin, who had a look of exasperation on her face while the foul mouthed bitch herself looked smug.

Thankfully, before mount Kurotsuchi could erupt and begin the argument/bitch fight the pair had been getting into since they met anew, Kyuubi intervened by kicking Tayuya under the table, hard.

With a yelp, the younger red head jumped off her seat and ended up hitting her knees on the table, earning yet another cry of pain. She sent the beautiful woman a glare, but Kyuubi just smiled back.

"There is to be no fighting while we're at the table," Kyuubi said mildly. "I would like to enjoy my meal in relative peace, and if either of you threaten that peace I will crack every tooth in your mouth and force you to drink ice water." While the threat itself sounded mild compared to some of the threats she gave – like, for example, castrating someone with a rusty spork and shoving their cock down their throat – both Tayuya and Kurotsuchi seemed to know of the pain this particular threat caused if committed upon them. After shivering in fear for several seconds, Tayuya sat down while Kurotuschi made to sit at the table as far away from the two red heads as possible.

"And now that I can be sure no one's going to try and blow up the room, we can finally begin eating." Everyone turned to see Naruto standing by the entrance to the kitchen, a look of mild amusement on his face and a large tray being held in front of him with both hands. He soon walked in and set of the tray of the breaded dish on the table, then began serving everyone up before he sat down next to Kyuubi.

"Well," he said after a few moments as he grabbed the fork and knife that had been set near his own plate. "Don't stand on ceremony, dig in." And with that, both he and Kyuubi began eating, Tayuya and Kin following soon after.

For a moment, Kurotsuchi simply stared at the food on her plate. She had never seen such a dish before and didn't know what to make of it. It certainly smelled good, and if the way the two younger girls were scarfing their food down it undoubtedly tasted good. But she was still wary.

"What is it?" she asked, poking at the dish with her fork.

Naruto swallowed a bite of his food before speaking up. "I'm not one hundred percent sure, to be honest." When Kurotsuchi gave him an 'are you an idiot' look he shrugged. "I found the recipe in one of the old cook books in Ky-Kit-chan's old home." He paused and shook his head. It was so strange saying Kyuubi's falsified name while inside of his own house. But still, it wasn't like he could just tell his prisoner the truth behind his mate's existence. He didn't trust her as far as he could throw her.

"I see..." Kurotsuchi looked at the food for several more seconds. Eventually, she cut off a piece and speared it with her fork, bringing it up to her nose and taking several more sniffs. It certainly smelled good, divine even, but she still wasn't sure if she should eat it.

"It's not poisonous, flatty."

"I know that!" Kurotsuchi scowled at Tayuya. She was unable to do more than that, however, due to the killing intent coming their way.

"No fighting while eating," Kyuubi said as she ate her own meal with a regal grace that could put queens to shame. It was a stark contrast to Naruto, who while not eating as badly as he used to, was still eating at a quick pace and with little table manners.

The two gulped, Tayuya quickly went back to eating her meal quietly, while Kurotsuchi finally took a bite of the strange looking food.

It was delicious, unlike anything she had ever tasted before, a perfect blend of the robust flavor of egg yoke and a subtle combination of sugar and cinnamon. Divine was a word that did not seem to do the food justice, but was really the only word that fit. Vocabulary such as good, delicious, and savory felt like insults to the incredible dish.

"Looks like someone likes your food, Naruto-Sama," Kyuubi said with a smirk as she watched the, up until now, stoic or angry kunoichi as she stuffed her face with the breakfast Naruto had created.

Kurotsuchi, her cheeks bulging with the food she was now engorging herself on, blushed, the redness making the bulges just that much more prominent and comical. She quickly did her best to swallow everything she had already stuffed into the small orifice otherwise known as her mouth, nearly choking in the process. When she was done, she did her utmost to regain what little dignity she had.

Which, by the way, wasn't very much.

"It was ok, I suppose," she said with a haughty, derisive sniff. "Better than I expected a brute like him to make."

"Brute?" Naruto raised an eyebrow as he looked at Kyuubi with an amused glint, one which was readily returned. The pair returned their gaze to Kurotsuchi, who suddenly found herself feeling nervous under the near identical expressions. "A brute, am I?"

Realizing she had just insulted her captor, Kurotsuchi's mouth snapped shut with an audible click. After several seconds of tense silence, it would of course, be Tayuya who broke it.

"Damn, that shut the bitch up good!"

And with those words, Kyuubi was once more forced to threaten the two, this time adding enough killing intent that the pair literally pissed themselves.

It looked like it was going to be a long day.

Birth of the New Demon King

Minato waited in silence for the noise around him to settle down. They did, and much quicker than they would have before he went to Tetsu no Kuni and... negotiated with Oonoki. Of course, it was not hard to see the reason for that as half the council was now gone.

He was very thankful that he had managed to get rid of the civilian council. At least to the extent that they were no longer a part of the council involved in Shinobi affairs. It had been a rather smooth and sly bit of maneuvering that had allowed him to essentially kick the civilians off the council. He was very thankful that the Konoha Charter stated in no unclear terms that the civilians had no say in shinobi affairs as they were not shinobi and did not understand what went into being one. That bit of knowledge, while not lost, had been conveniently forgotten over time, and in his old age, Sarutobi had simply not been able to remember he could make use of it.

Now the two councils were separated, with the shinobi side dealing strictly with shinobi affairs, and the civilian side civilian affairs. The only two branches that were allowed to mix with both sides was the Hokage, and the council of elders.

As the noise finally died down, Minato decided it was time to speak. "I take it some of you have problems with my decision."

It was Shikaku who spoke up. "While your decision was a sound one, I believe our problems stems from the fact that it means we'll be housing someone from Iwagakure. Even more unsettling is that the same person who tried to kill your son is going to be living with him. What's to say she won't try it again?"

"An excellent insight, one I would expect from you." Minato acknowledged the man's words. "But already taken care of. Aside from the fact that we have sealed her chakra using the Seirei-shin no Hachi-ten, a powerful Uzumaki Seal that was used by the land of Uzu to seal the chakra of powerful criminals, we also have another seal that will stop her from trying to kill Naruto. Along with that, the seal around her heart is connected to Naruto. If he dies so does she, and if she dies so does the Tsuchikage."

Shikaku's eyes lit up in understanding. "I see, you're allowing her to stay with Naruto, the one person she can't kill without being killed herself. But what about Naruto? What happens if Kurotsuchi dies?"

"Nothing, the seal only creates a one way link between Naruto and Kurotsuchi and another link between Kurotsuchi and Oonoki, not the other way around. So if she dies, nothing will happen to Naruto, but if he dies..." Minato trailed off at the end, allowing everyone else to form their own opinions. After a moment, he continued with a shrug. "Anyways, that should keep Iwagakure from trying anything drastic for the moment."

Shikaku conceded that point with a nod.

"The next list on the agenda is our alliance with Sunagakure. As per our agreement we are going to start helping their academy..."

Birth a the New Demon King

In one of the many training fields Naruto could be found practicing his taijutsu. It was one of the many areas that the blond found himself still needing work on. While his chakra control was decent, as was his control over what little youki he was able to channel thanks to the bracelet, his taijutsu still lacked proper form.

Oh sure, it was much better now than it had been before the Chunin Exams, but much of his prowess in hand to hand combat came from his physical abilities. His incredible strength and speed meant that finesse and skill weren't needed when dealing with weaker opponents, and considering Naruto was a power house, many of the enemies he had fought so far fell under the weaker category.

However, his battle with Itachi, Kisame, Kakazu and Hidan had shown him where he was lacking. Much as he was loathe to admit his weakness, Naruto knew that were it not for his extremely potent Youki, he may not have been able to fight them off as he had. And so he had decided to get better in the specific ninja arts he found himself lacking in.

The first step was gaining an actual taijutsu style. During his foray with Kyuubi into the depths of Makai, Naruto had learned how to utilize his impressive strength and speed to overpower his way through most situations. He learned movement, and how to throw a proper punch and kick without overextending himself and leaving himself open to counter attack. But he still did not have a proper style.

That being said, none of the styles Naruto had found within the Konoha shinobi library were a good match for him. They were all designed with a more minimalist mind set. Maximum damage with minimum effort as it were. Naruto was a powerhouse, able to not only take incredible damage but give out several times more damage in return, and when combined with the speed and power he received after being turned into a demon you had a being who simply had no need for finesse and deception.

Thankfully, Kyuubi had been able to help him find a style that would suit his needs. It wasn't quite a style per se, as it had no name and there were no practitioners of the art. In fact, the term 'style' was only used due to the fact that there was no other way to truly describe the type of combat he was learning.

The stance he used was wide, much wider than what would be traditionally used by most shinobi. His legs were spread apart and his knees were bent at exactly forty five degrees. He had a much lower center of gravity because of this. To top it off he never stayed in the same spot, even if he wasn't attacking or defending his body was in a constant state of motion, always moving and bobbing as if dancing to an unheard beat.

With a sudden that would have startled anyone his fists began to lash out, light blurs of movement the only sign to show they were even moving. One hand would always be pulled back into his torso, while the other would extend sometimes into a full punch complete with corkscrewing motions, and at others it would be a quick jab meant to startle opponents and knock them off balance and open them up for more powerful attacks.

He soon began adding kicks into his maneuvers; high kick, low kick, sweep, round house, reverse heel kick, his fists and feet worked in tandem, blurring together and almost making them look like a single form of movement rather than multiple attacks from different limbs.

Sweat flew off his body as he began picking up the pace, attacking with even greater speed and ferocity. Each time he threw a punch several droplets of water were thrust off his hand. Every time his feet were launched into a kick a trail of sweat would shoot into the air.

Soon enough, he stopped sticking with simple punches and kicks and began adding knees and elbows into his string of never ending attacks. Constant movement. A flowing of one brutal, bone breaking attack into another. Naruto worked his body like a machine, keeping the same fast paced attacks going for well over an hour with no pause for rest. By the time he had finished his routine, the blond's upper body was soaked in sweat and his pants were sticking to his legs rather uncomfortably.

A quick dip in a nearby stream got rid of the worst of the grime, as well as cooled his body down, and a quick burst of youki dried himself and his clothes.

He looked up at the sun, judging it to be about noon. He still had several hours before he needed to pick up Anko for their date, which meant he had plenty of time to eat.

And he knew just the place to satisfy his appetite.

Birth of the New Demon King

Samui stood over the cutting board as her skilled hands used the knife to slice the vegetables on the board up into perfectly proportioned sizes at speeds no civilian could ever hope to match. Whenever she finished with one of the vegetables, she would set them aside where they would be eventually dumped into whatever ramen broth was being made at that time.

She was glad that her weapon of choice was a tantō. While only possessing the same general shape, that being only due to the fact that the knife and the tantō were both small blades, the sword that she had sealed away inside of the containment seal on her left thigh was about the same exact length of the knife she was currently using give or take one or two inches. And while their weights were also slightly different, with the knife being more top heavy due to it's wider surface, that didn't change much in the way of difficulty when wielding it with the same efficiency as her tantō, especially she wasn't using it in combat.

Wielding a tantō to gut enemies was a completely different kettle of fish than wielding a kitchen knife to cut vegetables.

While her hands were a blur of motion as she sliced and diced away, Ayame stood beside her, one hand on a ladle as she stirred the pot containing Miso soup. By now, the younger girl had gotten used to the ridiculous ease and speed with which Samui worked, which essentially just meant she was no longer gaping at her with wide eyes and an open moth. Now the two of them were actually able to hold a pleasant conversation together, and Samui would admit it was actually kind of... cool to speak with the simple Ramen Waitress.

While she didn't know much about shinobi, beyond what everyone else knew (not like Samui could say anything without giving herself away anyways), she was still pretty cool.

By this point in time Samui had gotten into a routine. Every morning she would wake up early and do some exercises, stretching, and run through her sword kata's within the privacy of her own home. No sense in giving away her identity as a kunoichi by running through her kata's elsewhere. After a shower she would come over to Ichiraku's where she would almost immediately be bombarded by customers and a harried Tuechi and Ayame. She would work her eight hour shift before going home, then she would use what time she had left to either pick up necessities like groceries, tour the village, or spend time with people she knew in Konoha – namely Naruto.

It got a tad boring sometimes, but there wasn't much to be done about that. She just had to grin and bear it.

Thankfully, spending time with Naruto made things bearable. The man was actually pretty cool.

"One order of Shrimp Ramen, here you go!"

Samui glanced over at Ayame out of the corner of her left eye as she served the customer sitting at the bar. He was the only one right now, today being a surprisingly slow day. If she were honest, Samui was rather grateful for this. While not as strenuous or adrenaline pumping as shinobi work, working at the ramen stand was often filled with hectic activity and frantic rushing. The place had become quite popular as of late. Not that she couldn't see why. It was, after all, the entire reason she had been able to get a job there.

She would have to find some way to thank Naruto for his increased popularity later.

The sounds of the flap rustling let her and Ayame know that there was a new customer. Being the one currently in charge of greeting new customers, Ayame turned around with a bright smile on her face.

"Hello, welcome to Ichiraku's! How may I – oh! – Naruto-kun!"

Hearing the name of the man who had occupied the majority of her thoughts since she had come to Konoha, Samui turned to see said blond just now moving into his seat. It was easy for her to tell that he had just come back from training, her keen eyes picked out the way his muscles strained as he moved to signify he had been working them something fierce. Several droplets of water traveled in a lazy path down his bare torso, letting her know that it was also likely he had cooled himself off in lake or stream before coming here.

"Hey nee-chan!" Naruto greeted with great enthusiasm. The smile on his face was rather... infectious. Despite not being the designated target of that smile, Samui found herself smiling as well. "How have you been?"

"Good," Ayame said, only a light blush staining her cheeks. It was clear to everyone that she was physically attracted to Naruto, not that Samui could blame her, but she knew that the girl actually had a crush on someone else. That still didn't stop a girl from admiring a fine example of male when she saw one, even if she did like another person.

Somewhere within Konoha a certain scarred Chunin sneezed.

"What can I get for you?"

"I'll have six bowls of Miso Ramen, two bowls of Shrimp Ramen, and three bowls of Chicken Ramen."

Ayame grinned, "hungry, are we?"

"Famished," Naruto said with a grin of his own. "I just got finished training. And besides, I haven't had decent ramen in a month. I think I'm beginning to go through withdrawals."

"Well, we can't have that can we?" asked Ayame, letting out a tinkling laugh. She came back towards Samui, who instinctively began working again, grabbing some of the vegetables that would be used in Miso soup and slicing it with expert efficiency.

Before she could cut more than a single vegetable, however, Ayame placed a hand on her wrist and stopped her. Looking up, she saw the Ramen Waitress looking at her with a slight twinkle in her brown eyes.

"Why don't you go and spend some time with Naruto-kun for a bit while I do this?" she said with a wink, right before she grabbed the knife from Samui's hand and pushed her out of the way and towards Naruto.

Samui blinked several seconds, then shrugged and walked over to the counter where Naruto was sitting, his forearms resting on the top as he watched her walk.

"Samui-chan," he greeted with a smile.

"Naruto-kun," Samui's mouth turned upwards just a fraction of a millimeter, it was the closest she ever came to a smile. She and Naruto had only just started using the more affectionate suffix – just after he left for the month, in fact – and while that might not seem like a big deal to some, to her it meant they were getting closer.

Speaking of...

"You were gone for quite a while," Samui leaned on the counter slightly as she let her posture slouch. This had the effect of making her bust more than a little visible, though not on purpose. She knew that Naruto wouldn't fall for such an obvious ploy of seduction, having already seen the woman who was on his arm.

That Kit girl, even Samui could not help but feel slight jealousy over her beauty.

"I was on a mission."

Samui nodded. "I had heard about that. Apparently you, Jiraiya-sama, and Hokage-sama all left to go on this mission, though no one knows what it was about." There had been a lot of speculation, however, theories ranging from a top secret assassination of one of the other kage's, to the trio traveling to a foreign land far outside the Elemental Nations. The amount of theories put forth had been numerous, and each one sounded more ridiculous than the last.

Honestly, who would believe that Hokage-Sama had been ordered to perform a task for the Shinigami?

Somewhere in the Spirit world, a certain binky sucking brat suddenly sneezed. He ended up getting snot all over his binky and began swearing enough to make a sailor die of a heart attack.

"So where did you go?"

Sorry, can't tell you that," Naruto sent an apologetic smile, then a wink. "If I told you, I would have to kill you."

Samui rolled her eyes at the crack, even though a part of her knew that he was being somewhat realistic. Any mission that involved the kage of a village meant it was something big. Any mission involving the kage of a village and it's two most prominent S-ranked ninja meant it was something huge. The most likely thing she could think of that would force a kage to get involved in would be another kage.

Perhaps Minato had a meeting with one of the other four kage's? She doubted it would be the Raikage, the Yondaime and A-sama had been rivals since their first fight during the Third Great Ninja War, where Minato had not only held off A by himself, but had also managed dodge the man's fastest attack while A was wearing his lightning armor, as well as evading B-Sama's attempts at capturing him. Yeah, there was no way Raikage-sama would speak with the Yondaime, especially when it might blow her cover.

So who could it be then? The Kazekage was dead, having been found in a ditch where Orochimaru left the man's corpse. It could be the Mizukage, but from what Samui knew they were still isolated and quite possibly still fighting in their civil war. That left the Tsuchikage.

Now there was an interesting idea. The Tsuchikage hated Minato even more than Raikage-sama. At the very least, A-sama respected Minato's power as a ninja. The giant of a man had even lamented the fact that his rival was dead, back when he was truly dead, though that could just have been because he longed to battle the man again.

So what possible reason would the Tsuchikage have to meet with his most hated enemy?


"Hmmm?" Samui blinked, then leaned back in surprise when she saw Naruto's face intimately close to hers. "N-Naruto..." she stuttered in slight surprise, her eyes widening and her cheeks turning slightly pink. When had he moved so close?

"Are you alright?" he asked, leaning back in his seat now that she was focusing on him. "You seem to have spaced out there for a moment."

"I'm fine," Samui took a step back. She shook her head. She was beginning to get too comfortable here, letting her guard down like that. As an undercover agent, she needed to remain vigilant at all times. "Just thinking is all. I think I'll go help Ayame-san and see if we can't get you you're ramen faster."

"Trying to get rid of me already?" asked Naruto with a pout.

Samui gave him a thin smile. "Not at all, just want to fill that rumbling pit you call a stomach."

As if on cue, Naruto's stomach gave a terrible rumble that almost shook the small ramen stand. The blond rubbed the back of his head as a sheepish grin crossed his face. "Ah, well, I suppose I should let you get back to work. Wouldn't want to keep you from making my ramen. Thanks, by the way."

Another small smile was his reward. "It's cool."

Birth of the New Demon King

Anko bit her lip as she nervously paced across the floor of her living room while she awaited her date for the night. She was dressed in civvies, a pair of tan shorts that rode high on her hips and were very tight that fit her like a second skin and showed off her derriere very nicely, a white shirt that strained slightly across her bust, and a pair of basic sandals. Naruto had told her to dress casual, he hadn't told her why, but she had heeded his words.

She was very lucky she had been able to find them, Anko possessed almost no clothes that were not her usual skirt and trench coat combo. It had taken her a good hour to find these clothes, hidden as they were in the back of her closet. They were a bit tighter than she was used to, and had probably not been worn since she was younger. Still, they fit well enough, and that was all that mattered.

Pausing in her pacing, Anko turned her head to look at the clock on the far right hand wall.


Five minutes before Naruto said he would arrive. Knowing the blond, he would be a little early so she probably had two or three minutes.

She went back to nervously pacing.

Anko wasn't sure why she was feeling so nervous. This wouldn't be the first time she and Naruto had gone out, just the two of them. They had done quite a bit together, from going to the movies, to dinner, they had done all kinds of things together that she would normally only ever do with either Kurenai or Hana and had most certainly never done with any other man. It wasn't like they were going to be doing something they hadn't already done.

So then why did this time feel so much different?

Because this time, they were going on a date. Not a get together between two friends, as Anko had convinced herself the other times they had spent hanging out were. This was going to be a real date. And her first one to boot. That it was with Naruto just made her that much more nervous.

The ringing of the doorbell almost caused Anko to jump. She hurried over to the door, then stopped and took several deep breaths in order to calm down. She told herself that even if this was a date, it was the same thing as what they had done every other time.

It didn't really help.

Steeling her nerves, Anko opened the door to see the blond who had been causing her so much anxiety standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. He too was wearing civvies, a pair of loose fitting black pants and a white T-shirt with a leaf insignia inside of the Uzumaki spiral. The outfit was finished off with a pair of basic sandals. He looked good, Anko thought as she stared at his upper torso, noting the way the shirt was straining against his muscles while in their relaxed state.

"Hey," Naruto greeted.

Anko grinned to hide her nervousness. "Hey yourself."

Naruto chuckled, "you ready?"

"You bet your cute ass I am." Naruto laughed at the woman's quip and held out his hand for Anko to take. After locking the door, the two of them left the apartment complex and began walking down the street.

"So what are we doing?" asked Anko, trying to make conversation. "Movie? Dinner? A walk through the park?" From what she understood, those were what most people did on dates. Or at least what she thought people did on dates. Having never really been on one herself, all she knew came from books and some of the talks she had heard from other kunoichi.

"Psh," Naruto scoffed. "Dinner and a movie? How cliché is that? Nah, I've got something loads better planned for our date?"

"Oh?" Anko raised an eyebrow, she was curious now. However, Naruto remained silent as he led her through the village by the hand.

After several seconds of this, she began to get irritated.

"So what are we doing?"

"It's a surprise."

His response gained an eye twitch from Anko and she began to needle him about what they were doing. Yet no amount of badgering seemed to give her the knowledge she sought, he just smirked that infuriating smirk and told her 'it's a secret' before clamming up. She thought about using her interrogation techniques. But if she did that then Naruto might not be able to take her out on their date.

Very few men could walk properly after she had shoved several needles filled with venom from one of her snakes summons into their balls.

Now that she thought about it, most of those men tended to die if not given treatment within a few hours after being administered the poison.

Eventually, Anko just gave up on getting the information she wanted from the blond and decided to try and find out where they were going through other means.

They were nowhere near the entertainment district of Konoha. Looking around, Anko noted the buildings, taking in their shape, size and general make up. Most of them were large warehouses, steel structures that looked like half cylinders buried in the ground. That meant they were in the North district.

A frown crossed her face as she wondered why the hell they were in the Northern district of Konoha. Aside from a few warehouses the only thing that was there was the gate that led outside of the village.

Which was exactly where they were going, apparently. Anko watched in a mixture of curiosity and bafflement as Naruto let go of her hand and signed them both out at the small guard stand where a pair of Chunin were sitting.

When Naruto grabbed her hand again and pulled her passed the large gates of Konoha, Anko had finally had enough.

"Alright," Anko channeled chakra to the bottom of her feet, stopping their movement and almost making Naruto jerk her arm off as he had quite the grip on it.

When he looked back at her, Anko gave the younger man a glare.

"I've been patient enough, tell me where were going or you're going to have a meeting with my snakes."

"Threatening your date, Anko-chan?" asked Naruto, his eyebrows raising and his eyes shining in amusement. When she just continued glaring at him, the blond sighed. "Alright, alright, I'll tell you where we're going. There's a fairly large town several klicks from here."

"And that's where we're going?" asked Anko, raising a single eyebrow.


"And just what will we be doing there?"

"Now that I won't be telling you." Anko huffed, crossing her arms over her bust and puffing up her cheeks. It was an adorable look, and Naruto laughed, which just made her puff out her cheeks even more.

That is, until Naruto scooped her into his arms.

"W-What the hell are you doing!?" Anko squeaked, her cheeks reddening to a dangerous degree.

"I figured it would be faster if I did the traveling for us," Naruto gave her a blindingly innocent smile that was so not innocent it wasn't even funny. Before Anko had the chance to call him out on his bullshit, the blond took off. "Now make sure you hang on!"

"What!? Now just hold on a second, NaruTTOOOOOOO!"

Anko's scream of fear and anger could be heard all throughout Konoha.

Birth of the New Demon King

Anko growled at the laughing Naruto as they walked through the streets of the city they were in, a bustling trading town that looked like they were in the middle of some kind of celebration. There had to be thousands of people milling about, talking, laughing, playing games and looking at the many stalls that lined the street. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun.

The Snake Mistress noticed none of this, busy as she was glaring at a grinning Naruto.

"You know," her blond companion began, that infuriating grin still on his face. "You keep scowling like that and it's going to give you wrinkles."

If anything, his words just made Anko scowl more.

"Now, now," Naruto chided when he saw this. "Don't pretend you didn't enjoy the ride. I know you well enough to know that you liked it." He gave her a knowing look, causing Anko to blush. "You looked like you were about to start whooping by the end of it."

"Whatever," Anko turned her face away from him so that he would not see the red flush staining her cheeks. It was a little late for that, but one had to give the woman effort for trying. "I should feed you to my snakes."

Naruto just laughed her comment off before hooking his arm through hers. Not giving the woman any time to say anything in protest (not that she would), he quickly led her off into the crowd.

Despite trying to pretend she was still angry at the sudden speed traveling she had been subject to, Anko found herself grinning and laughing with Naruto seconds later as they began traveling through the crowd and enjoying the many attractions. The pair sampled some of the local cuisine from the small food stands and tried their hands at many of the game stalls.

Of course, considering the pair were ninja they had an unfair advantage when it came to the games. There wasn't a single stall they didn't win something at. By the time they had finished playing at the stalls they had a large pile of stuffed animals that they would never be able to carry on their own. They ended up giving over half of the cute fluff toys away while the other half was sealed into a scroll. Only one of the stuffed animals was left out, a small red fox with large eyes that Anko had taken to hugging to her chest as they walked around the festival.

Naruto felt a very small moment of envy for the fox. Just a bit.

"So..." Anko started talking as they walked through the crowd. It was beginning to get late, the sun was setting, the golden orb in the sky lowering behind the horizon, painting the sky in a myriad of oranges and pinks. "Do you have anything else planned for this little excursion of ours?"

Anko had to admit that she'd had a lot of fun. Her nervousness at going on a date aside, their time together had more or less been exactly as it had been before they had called the time they spent with each other a date. In fact, aside from them doing something completely out of left field (going to a festival had been an unexpected though not unpleasant situation), there were only a few differences worth note.

For one thing, Naruto was a lot more physical with her. Before, whenever they hung out, there was always a bit of distance between them physically speaking. Today though, with the exception of when they were playing games at one of the stalls, the blond Uzumaki had kept their arms encircled at all times. At first Anko was a bit uncomfortable with it, seeing as she had never done something like this before, but after a few minutes of being physically close with a man she had grown to enjoy the intimacy. She had even allowed her head to rest on his shoulder as they walked.

In answer to her question, Naruto tossed her a grin.

"We've got one more event before calling it a day," he informed her, a slightly mysterious glint in his eyes. "First though, we need to get you something more appropriate to wear."

Anko blinked.


Naruto didn't answer her question vocally. He simply gave her that infuriating grin before dragging her into the nearest clothing store.

"Ok," Naruto smiled at his date as she gave him an irritated look. "Pick out a kimono."

Anko blinked. She's been doing that quite a bit lately.


"A kimono," Naruto smirked. "You know, traditional robes that most people in the Elemental countries wear?"

"I know what a kimono is," Anko scowled at the blond Uzumaki. Of course, the scowl did nothing but make Naruto smile as he completely ignored her words.

"You should preferably pick something more formal. Something nice."

Anko glowered at the blond for a second, hoping against hope that her evil eye would make him quake in fear. At the very least she wanted to get a cringe. Seriously, with the crap she was putting up with from him and his damn cryptic ways getting some kind of fearful reaction out of him would be nice.

Naturally she got nothing but a wider smile, and so, grumbling all the while, Anko began looking around the shop for something to wear.

The store was actually quite nice. It was well lit and had a rich atmosphere. It was also quite large, filled with rows upon rows of formal wear. Anko saw everything from regular kimonos to more traditional kimonos to furisode, Hōumongi and everything in between. There was a lot to choose from. A lot. And for a simple gal like Anko, someone who rarely ever dressed up except for on certain occasions, it was more than a little overwhelming.

Despite this she did find something that she thought looked nice. It was a beautiful dark blue kimono that looked like someone had taken the night sky and imprinted it onto the fabric. Dotting the silk-like cloth was hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of stars that, while perhaps not an astrologically accurate depiction of the stars, created a breathtaking image that Anko couldn't help but like.

Yes, even Mitirashi Anko liked to feel girly and beautiful on occasion.

The kimono was to be held closed with an obi of the same color. Dark blue. It also had a physical representation of stars on it, though this one differed in that it was an image of an entire galaxy. The millions of tiny dots swirled around what looked like a giant hub of mist. Spreading outwards from the hub was what looked like arms, or tentacles that ended in soft points.

Absently, she wondered how someone could think a galaxy would look like that when no one had ever seen beyond their mud ball of a planet.

Probably science fiction novels.

A few seconds later she found herself in the changing room putting the kimono on while Naruto stood outside waiting for her. When she was finally finished putting on her kimono, Anko walked out of the door and grinned before striking a pose.

"So what do you... think...?"

Only to drop out of it seconds later when she saw Naruto, who was now wearing a kimono of his own. He was wearing a pair of dark orange hakama and shitagi. The formal kimono he wore over it was a very dark blue bordering on black and was being held closed by an orange obi. On the back of the kimono was a large painting of the Kyubi no Yoko laying down while it rested it's head on it's pause. The image was painted in such breathtaking detail that it almost looked like the Kyuubi might jump out of clothing at any second.

"See something you like?" asked Naruto with a large, vulpine grin on his face. He enjoyed seeing the shell shocked look on the beautiful woman's face and the flush of pink painting her cheeks.

Anko nodded absently, showing that, yes, she did indeed see something she liked. It was only after she realized what he said and what she was doing that she managed to regain control over herself. She shook her head once, then looked at him again, trying to keep herself from stripping him with her eyes.

"When did you have time to change?" she asked. At her question, Naruto looked down at himself, then back up at her, his face holding an expression of innocent confusion.

"What are you talking about? I've been wearing this all day."

Anko's eyes twitched.

"No you haven't!"

"Uh huh," Naruto said with a smile. "You just didn't know it."

The eye twitching became incessantly violent.

"I.. but you... that's..." Anko tried to articulate her annoyance to the blond, but couldn't think of anything to say. Thus she just ended up sputtering incoherently, her face red and her eyes twitching.

Naruto laughed, causing her even more irritation, before he grabbed her hand and began dragging her out of the store.

They walked down the street, Anko still annoyed and angry at Naruto, and Naruto smiling his amused smile. They must have made quite the pair as a lot of people who glanced at them couldn't help but stare at the two.

"So are you finally going to tell me where we're going? Or am I going to have to kick your ass for continuing to be all cryptic with me?" Anko asked tersely. Naruto just smiled at her.

"You'll see where we're going in just a second," Naruto replied as he deftly guided her through the crowd.

Anko did not even bother keeping the annoyance out of her face this time. She liked Naruto, she really did. But this whole being cryptic and vague bullshit that he was pulling with her just pissed her off. Who knew the blond could be so damned bothersome.

"Here we are."

Snapping out of her daze, Anko made to look around their new destination. They were still at the fair. The good number of people milling about told her as much, but they must have wandered off the beaten path because there were not as many people there.

In front of them was a large building. It was designed in a much more traditional style than most buildings. It was a wooden building painted, unpainted and made of a rich, dark wood. The building, elevated about a foot off the ground, was surrounded by a wooden railing. Instead of standard doors, this building had fusuma that were painted to look like a beautiful grassy landscape underneath a setting sun. it didn't take long before Anko recognized what this place was used for.

"This is..."

"A little birdy told me that you enjoy tea ceremonies," Naruto said. Anko took that to mean either Kurenai or Hana told him about her love of tea ceremonies, as they were the only two people in all of Konoha who knew about it.

She made a promise to herself that she would smother them both with a pillow in their sleep.

"Come on," Naruto spoke again, this time while he linked his right arm through hers. Anko looked over at Naruto to see a smile on his face. Not the vulpine-like grin he had been sporting during most of their date, but a genuine smile.

Unbidden, a smile came to her own face.

"Ok," she said, letting Naruto lead her into the building. Maybe this date wasn't so bad after all.

Birth of the New Demon King

It was much later at night when Naruto entered Anko's bedroom via the window. He would have made use of the door, but since Anko was fast asleep in his arms and in no position to tell him where she hid her key ― and he was too much of a gentleman to search her ― he had been forced to resort to more extreme measures.

Moving over to her bed, Naruto gently laid Anko on top of the covers. He would have tucked her in, but considering she was still wearing her kimono and he wasn't going to strip her while she slept, he thought it would be best if she were not under the covers.

The woman whined slightly, no doubt from the missing warmth caused by his body heat, but eventually settled down. Naruto smiled for a moment, then shook his head, and quickly made his way outside of her apartment. The right way this time.

After creating a clone to lock the apartment behind him, Naruto closed the door and waited until he heard the clicking sound of locks being put in place before taking his leave.

As he was just about to leave the apartment complex, Naruto turned his head to look at a small portion of shadows that seemed darker than the rest.

"Don't worry," Naruto said, his eyes crinkling as he smiled. "I didn't do anything untoward to her."

"I never said you did anything to her," Kurenai stepped out of the shadows as she spoke. There was no need to hide there since Naruto had been able to pick her out anyways.

"You didn't have to," Naruto shrugged. "The fact that you are hiding next to Anko's apartment in the middle of the night tells me all I need to know."

Kurenai shifted a bit, perhaps feeling a tad guilty, or maybe just sheepish at being caught by a newly appointed jounin, Naruto couldn't really say. And it wasn't like it truly mattered in the end. What he and Anko did was nobodies business but him and Anko.

Unless they became serious. Than Kyuubi would have to get involved, but that was neither here nor there.

"Anyways, she's sleeping right now, so please be quiet if you go in to check up on her, alright?" Naruto didn't wait for a reply as he walked out of the complex and into the night. He thought about using shundo to get home, but decided it was a nice night out and that a walk would be better.

He wondered if Kyuubi had gone to sleep yet? Knowing her, she was probably still awake, waiting by his bedroom door so she could pounce on him when he got home.

Hmm... maybe he should shundo home after all.

Birth of the New Demon King

Kurenai watched the young blond leave with a small frown on her face. Even now she still wasn't quite sure what to think when it came to that young man.

He was nice, certainly, almost too nice some would say. In most cases, that would be a red flag for a player looking for some tail. But he had plenty of chances to get into Anko's skirt. Many in fact. Kurenai knew her friend very well, and was well aware that if given the opportunity, the former apprentice of Orochimaru would gladly give her virginity to that man. Yet despite having had numerous opportunities, and having slept with Anko several times ― albeit, on the couch ― he had yet to take advantage of the woman.

On the other hand, there were many things about Naruto that bothered her. He was something of an enigma. There were many things about him that she just did not know, that no one knew except for maybe his father and Kit.

A good example would be his relatively new looks. People don't just go from skinny little brat with tons of baby pudge on their face to smoking hot adonis within a few days. Especially if that change happened during a very important survival exam inside of a forest filled with deadly creatures, powerful ninja, and killer plants.

Then there was his attitude. He still had the same 'take no shit' attitude now that he always had, but he was no longer a loudmouth making proclamations about how he would be Hokage to anyone who would listen. There was also a rougher edge about him that had not been there before. Though Kurenai assumed that it probably had something to do with his increased abilities.

Which, of course, brought her to another point. Before the Chunin Exams, Naruto was a genin level shinobi. No. Naruto was below a genin level shinobi. He might have even been worse than a normal academy student. Oh sure, he knew the kage bunshin no jutsu, which was impressive, but it was all he had known, and according to rumor all he could do with it was spam out dozens of clones in the hopes of mauling his opponent.

Now he was an S-rank ninja responsible for the death of Orochimaru, another S-rank ninja who was said to be on par in skills with any of the five kage's. It should have been impossible for someone like that, for anyone period, to gain that much skill and power within a five day period. And she did not believe for one instance that his power came from some kind of long since dormant bloodline. The Rinnegan was an ocular Kekkei Genkai, not a body modification one.

Yes, there was something about Uzumaki Naruto, some great secret that no one in the village knew. And until she knew, she would keep an eye on him.

All for Anko's safety of course.

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