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Chapter 46- No Regrets

If the sky opened up for me,
And the mountain disappeared,
If the seas ran dry, turned to dust
And the sun refused to rise
I would still find my way

Natsuki Shinomiya stood amidst the control of Bright Television's recording studio, surrounded by banks of computer monitors and mixing consoles, recording equipment and multi-track configurations, watching intently at the woman inside the live studio recording room opposite him. Separated by double, clear glass panels, Haruka Nanami concentrated on recording the first of the two songs she collaborated.

By the light I see in your eyes
The world I know fades away
But you stay

Her intonation is perfect; the pitch of her voice is smooth. Weeks of fine-tuning and rehearsing for the background music to play in accompaniment, resulted in the first series of trial records scheduled for today, and he wanted to be there more than anything. Not only that it helps him visualize the music video they needed to do as scheduled, but to see her once again. It's been days since he last saw her. And he felt as if he won't be able to breathe his next if he didn't at least see a glimpse of her. It sounds downright pitiful, but for a guy who is very much still in love with a remarkable woman, he is most willing to just see her and be content.


"Haruka," the audio engineer spoke over the microphone, interrupting her midway to her song, "I need you to increase your pitch on the next stanza as discussed earlier, okey?"

And then the engineer turned to Ren Jinguuji, who was sitting casually on a high stool a few feet away from her. "Ren, lower yours in the third line of the next stanza."

Haruka nodded, holding the large earphone on one hand before sneaking a glance at the man opposite her, who nodded his acknowledgement before capturing Haruka's gaze with his own.

A pointed look; a small nod; a tug at the corners of the mouth.

The exchange was quick, barely even noticeable by all the people inside the control room, but it was enough to elicit a faint reaction from Haruka, whose cheeks bloomed red before concentrating again on her recording work.


Blinking twice, Natsuki took a couple of strides closer, stood next to the engineer manning the main bank of controls and stared hard at the two of them. Neither noticed his approach. They were far too busy drinking into each other's presence. He could barely suppress the jealousy building inside of him; hands curling into fists.

The subtle reaction was enough for him to confirm what he has been dreading for weeks, the thing he always discuss with his brother whenever they meet each other to exchange news and observation on the woman they've sworn to watch over.

It has begun. His jaw tightened.

Natsuki Shinomiya knew it the moment he saw her for the first time after a few weeks of not seeing her; knew it the moment his eyes alighted on her face. His mind just can't seem to wrap around the idea, and so he waited for the confirmation, which came a few minutes later: the exchange of looks, the blush on her cheeks and the slight tremble of Ren's fingers. It made him feel mad, disappointed and crazy at the same time. What is he expecting? He should have prepared himself for this day to come. Satsuki may spout nonsense that it will never happen, but he knew in his guts it will happen soon.

Haruka and Ren, rekindling their relationship.

As the earth reclaims it due
And the cycle starts anew
We'll stay, always
In the love that we have
Shared before time

He swallowed a lump on his throat, watched with a somewhat blurry vision, the woman singing before him in the studio. Even the tone on her voice is different; mellow, like tempered chocolate for the ears. After months of hearing her sing endlessly, he can tell the slight changes of emotion in the tone of her voice with accuracy. Haruka sings with passion tinge with confusion, sadness and anger; but now her singing voice, though passionate still, is now filled with wonder and contentment.

So this is how a woman in love sings.

It's pathetic the way he still continues to carry on loving her. He should have known better than to let things get out of hand. He never had a chance with her at all. What the hell was he thinking? It is very, very careless of him to continue pining for someone he never really had a chance to be with since the beginning

Unconsciously, his hand lifted and he softly caressed his lower lip with his thumb, memories of that passionate kiss they shared underneath the shade of sycamore trees.

I'm sorry, Haru-chan. I got carried away.

But he couldn't stop himself from avoiding her. That's the problem with someone like Haruka. She's hard not to love, and when you do, it's harder to let go of such feelings for her. Everytime he made an attempt, it's like dying a thousand deaths everyday. And he bet his whole beloved collection of Sulamith Wulfing that his brother, Satsuki, is having and even harder time forgetting her.

You fool, you have a job to do. Stop daydreaming and go back to reality.

Gritting his teeth, Natsuki Shinomiya took the small pocket notebook he always carried around with him and began scribbling notes and ideas on its blank pages. Halfway through his scribbles, his hand faltered, creative mood vanishing. His enthusiasm regarding his job disappeared. He feels defeated, broken-hearted, and yet, strangely he is not surprised that this happened. The fact that Haruka finding love with Ren again fills him with finality, as enevitable as the sun setting on the horizon.

Would he be able to contain his hurt and anger when they finished recording today? Can he face Haruka with a pained expression?

He might cause a rukus if he sees Jinguuji's face. If that bastard show a smug face at him, he will introduce him to his fist.

His pencil snapped into two and he stared at it. No, he won't be in the right state of mind when his sanity is in chaos. Feeling a headache coming his way, he took a step back, putting as much distance as he could muster.

Summoning the courage to smile bravely, he tapped the audio engineer and motioned for him that he will go outside to take a short break. And then he waved to a few of his colleagues inside the room. They all acquiesce, and he backed out quickly in order not to disturb the recording.

I didn't lose my mind it was
Mine to give away

But he need not have bothered. The two lovers are too wrapped up into their own world, singing their hearts out to each other, to even pay attention to the people hovering outside; people who are secretly wishing to be part of their existence.

Including him. God, how he wish he is the one with her now.

Couldn't stay to watch me cry
You didn't have the time
So I softly slip away...


Haruka Nanami closed her eyes, mouth yielding to his lips. Unable to stop her hands, they wandered from his neck down to his chest, where she could feel the unsteady beating of his heart.

Her fingers seemed to have a mind of its own, automatically going for the buttons of his shirt, having acquired the expertise to unbutton them in record time.

She felt his hands unbuckling the belts looped around the waist of her jeans, and she moaned softly.

"In here?"

Teasing laughter answered her question. "Your fault."

"Why is it my fault?" she asked in mock indignity, her fingers smoothing the skin on his chest, feeling the hardness delightfully under her caress. His male nipples puckered in response.

"I can't help but be aroused at the sight of your singing face. You make me want to toss you over my shoulders and lock you up inside this room for hours on end."

"But we only got fifteen minutes!" she said in a half-hearted protest. She looked up at him, eyelashes slowly lowering halfway down her eyes.

"Cherie, I can be very creative with just fifteen minutes." His heated voice increased the tension building up on her loins.


He pushed her gently against the wall, and she complied without further protest. The straps of her bra were undone underneath her blouse, and her nipples hardened when hot breath blew on them before taking one into his mouth.

He teased her so with his tongue, nipping and rolling the pebbled nipple between his teeth. It sends pinpricks of desire shooting down her back, increasing the dampness of her core.

She felt him tighten his hold on her waist as he eased a hand inside her panties. When his fingers probed boldly, she gave a muffled groan of surrender.

Feeling like a teenager who is about to do something forbidden behind her parent's back, Haruka trusted her tongue into his mouth. When he delivers such promises like that, she would be sure that Ren Jinguuji would fulfill it.

She's never been so in love and happier these days. Ever since that delicious reconciliation she had with him in his family's music room, she's been on a high for the last few days. Though they can only spend a few hours in between their tight work schedule, every minute is precious to them. A ten-minute romp in an obscure room, a sneaky kiss in between takes, a squeeze of a hand here and there is never enough. But she doesn't care. Haruka has thrown caution in the winds and has let fate takes it course. It was probably the most reckless decision she has done in years, but if there was a time that she needed to seize the moment, this was it.

Whatever doubts she has about Ren, she completely pushed it at the back of her mind for the moment. Their intense attraction towards each other has taken precedence. They have yet to talk about their reconciliation; talk about what transpired between them in the lost years. She wanted to know what happened to the woman Ren was with in the photographs she received; even contemplated on showing it to him if they ever got around to talking at all. She guessed that woman is no longer attached to him. Otherwise, why else would he be in this room with her? But she felt she needed to know at least why it happened. Who send the photos? The way it arrived to her seemed rather questionable. And she needed to hear his explanations, his answers.

But every time she tries to bring up this topic, the timing is always not right, or Ren is too busy being attentive to his ministrations on her physical needs; she even needed to rush out for the next appointment when she feels he is on the verge of a having a serious talk with her. And she feels guilty about it. She owe it to herself to at least unravel all these questions that has been plaguing her for a long time. And she believes it's the same thing for him, too. Or, is it only her that feels the same way?

Sometimes, she's beginning to think, he is deliberately distracting her from bringing up the subject.

Be careful, Haruka. You are being reckless again. How can you tell that this time, he is not just after your body again? If he has nothing to hide, he should be open to you.

Oh be quiet, she told herself sharply. She knew that. She's letting her heart rule her decisions again. But for once, why can't she just enjoy this freedom for a bit? Besides, he loves her. She cannot doubt those words he uttered at least.

I love you, he whisperedwhen they were at the music room. At that time, he is so intense with the way he uttered it that it's highly impossible to tell that he is lying. She would know if he is lying.

Her jaw clenched as a wave of desire rolled down her stomach. And her nails digging a little harder on his back than intended.

"Are you always like this with your girlfriends?" She whispered in a casual, teasing manner, blinking coquettishly. She feels unsure now, trying to hide what she feeling beneath her teasing remarks.

He gave her a quirky smile, poked at her clit, and watched her let out a hiss.

"I don't have a girlfriend for quite some time now, Haruka." He replied gruffly.

"Really." She tried to be flippant in her answer. She regretted letting him distract her;

And she regretted being a coward. She should have faced her fears and confronted him now to know what is really going on this time. She has a lot of questions swirling in her mind. And she is afraid that it might be too late for her to back out again if Ren is not sincere with his reconciliation with her.

He's changed. He won't betray her a second time, right?

She stared at his eyes, trying to gauge the truth in reflected in the irises. She's been casual in her questions. She didn't want to pry too much. Given their celebrity statuses, she has no idea whether he is telling the truth on this. She has no way of telling. He could be an expert at dodging such probing questions.

"Haruka." Ren caught her jaw with his free hand. "Look at me."

She lifted her face to gaze into his ice blue eyes.

Whereas before he used to glare at her with anger and bitterness, lately his eyes are no longer cold. The emotion he is feeling is clearly written there: love, desire and trust.

"You still don't trust me." Ren said softly.

How can I completely trust you when you broke me once? Suddenly, she realizes some of her physical hunger for him is draining way, and he felt it.

"No, don't."He slowed down his fingers sliding through the folds of her pussy. Her breathing quickened.

She wanted to give him the benefit of doubt. But she's itching to know more. She's itching to clear the air between them so that they can stop meeting in secret. And once her mind latches onto something, it will continue to stay with her.

"Haruka, you and I are going to talk tomorrow. Alright?" he captured her lips with his own. "We have a longer break tomorrow. And you did mention that your schedule wouldn't be so full. You can ask whatever you want to ask and I will tell you everything. You have questions, well, I have questions too. I know you are afraid of this. This special thing that we share, the thing we reignited. The attraction we feel for each other is intense, the bond we have is deeper. That much you can't deny."

She gave a sigh, even as her body trembled in reaction with his tender caresses. Her eyelids fluttered.

"Tomorrow, then." She said.

"I knew this wouldn't be enough to convince you. So I spend several nights thinking about a solution on this. I always have the impression that it was my fault that you disappeared years ago. Somehow, I did something that made you run to the opposite direction. God knows what it is. I really have no idea. But if you are willing; if we are taking this to the next level, after we have our talk tomorrow, I want you to move in with me. I will get a special license for our marriage." He said huskily.

"What?" her eyelids flew open. Is he serious? Isn't it too fast? "M-marry you?" she pulled away from him slightly, but he prevented her from moving away.

Still holding her in an intimate fashion, his icy blue eyes now burned with resolved. "Yes, I want you to marry me. With all haste. I don't care what other people say. I don't even care if Hijirikawa objects. He has no control over your decisions. Yes, marry me, Haruka."

Her mouth dropped slightly open. Her whole body trembled, either with the sweet sensations he is doing to her or because she was not expecting him to say those words, she didn't know. "But, are you sure?"

"It's the only way I can prove that you can trust me. I am giving you my name. We will marry and you will be my wife. Once we exchange rings, you will have to put your complete trust on me." He said fiercely, still cupping her. "You are now mine. I don't want you to continue living with that bastard Hijirikawa. I should have insisted on it before you left that music room."

She felt a lump on her throat. Marry Ren. It may be too fast, too soon to say yes. But if he is willing to go that far to prove that he has changed and he is ready to have a fresh and honest start with her by offering marriage, how can she say no?

Her heart pounded so loud, it feels like its going to explode from her chest. She could not contain all the mixed emotions she is feeling now: elation, love, and giddiness. Marry Ren!

She wrapped her arms around him. "Oh, Ren." She could not utter another word. She swallowed the lump in her throat, unable to suppress the happiness bubbling inside her.

"I love you." He whispered in her ear. "I'm sorry, I took you by surprise. I bought a ring but I don't have it with me…"

She interrupted him. "I love you. The ring doesn't matter at the moment. Your conviction and words are enough."

"I'll take that as a yes, then."

Pulling him against her body, she helped him remove her jeans. As soon as the skin-tight denim was off her legs, she felt the rush of cold air prickle her skin. Ren wasted no time. Hauling her up easily, she wrapped her legs around his waist, the thin material of her cotton underwear deliciously rubbing against his crotch.


But her lack of experience, she tries to make it up with her enthusiasm with having sex with him. Ren seemed to appreciate her eagerness to please him.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked softly, the erratic beating of his heart loud in their ears.

"A little," she admitted, "But it feels..good." Red-hot warmth bloomed in her cheeks.


We'll stay, always
In the love that we have
Shared before time

"Don't hold back, my heart." He whispered against her swollen lips. "I promise you we will both reach heaven together." He bucked again, his strokes increasing its pace. She could feel his whole body starting to tremble, preparing on his own release.

"Ren." She said, clutching his hair with her fingers, "Oh, God! Ren!"

His final push was enough to shatter her from inside. And they both surrendered to the demands of their flesh' fulfillment of promised ecstasy and oblivion.


Tell me a story
Where we all change
And we'd live our lives together
And not enstranged

He shouldn't have followed the two of them out. But he couldn't help it. He encountered his brother as he went out of the recording studio; face a mixture of hurt and anger, sadness and rejection. Sensing that something disturbing happened, he opened his mouth to ask him what happened, but his brother quickly countered it with a "Don't ask" look.

So instead of prying, he offered him a cigarette. A smoke might calm him down, though Natsuki does not have a habit of smoking like him. But to his surprise, he accepted it and he fumbled for the ornate case he always carried around with him. He tossed it to his waiting hands and watched his younger half hurried down the hallway in a dark cloud.

He must have stood there for a time, because just as he was about to enter the same room Natsuki went out, he saw the other pair of doors open to his right.

His reaction to dart inside the room was done unconsciously on his part, but the pounding on his ears signify his instinct on the alert that something is about to unfold. And it may have something to do with his brother sporting a furious expression.

The men inside the room were all chatting and taking a break; obvious from the shoptalk they were making, checking their phones and calling someone. No one paid attention to him. He glanced towards the recording room, saw no one inside and understood that the two people he was expecting to see were the ones who went out just now.

Ren probably went out for a break. Haruka may have rushed out to the ladies' restroom.

Making a split second decision, he opened the door again and went out as casually as he could, to see Haruka turning into a corner. He could not tell from the profile of her face whether she is angry or annoyed. Did Jinguuji do something to Haruka that made Natsuki livid? It's not the first time Haruka is displeased about Ren.

Lately, he always sees irritation and annoyance painted on her face whenever she finishes her session with Jinguuji. And he always was the one who give her words of encouragement to be patient for a little while longer. Though deep inside, he is content to see that Haruka is not as affected by Jinguuji's charms as what his brother feared. Haruka Nanami loathes Jinguuji.

However, last week, he was out on a business trip, and he assigned his brother to occasionally drop by to keep an eye on her. And yesterday, Natsuki left a cryptic message that something bothers him when he checked on Haruka after another trial recording session.

Thank God that his meetings ended quickly, and he decided to rush back to talk to his brother as soon as possible. He came straight from the airport into this studio, after receiving a text notice from Natsuki that he is coming here.

What the hell is she up to? Worried, he decided to follow her. Natsuki's sour mood is most likely connected with her. He can let his brother chill while he monopolizes Haruka's time to find out what happened.

This is also the perfect opportunity to ask her why she is avoiding him in the last few days when he tries to call. He's beginning to get suspicious that Masato may be involved with this.

Sing me a love song
Drop me a line
Suppose it's just a point of view
But they tell me I'm doing fine

Following her trail, Natsuki hurried to catch up with her. But when he turned to the corner where he first saw her round up, it was empty.


The end of the hallway leads to back parking lot. There were only the discussion rooms on one side, the toilets and the… supply closet.

Satsuki stopped, puzzled at her sudden disappearance. She probably went out for some fresh air. Though it is unlike Haruka to go out in the middle of a session, he understands if she is under pressure.

But as he headed towards the side door, he heard faint noses inside the supply closet.

Whirling on his heel, he faced the door, moving closer. His palm rested on the worn out timber panel. Noises are coming from the small space inside.

There is no mistake. She is inside the room. And she is not alone.

Ren Jinguuji is with her.

His breath hitched, a vein on his forehead throbbed. No wonder Natsuki is livid! He suspected Haruka and Ren are together. Again.

He felt himself tremble with rage. Why?! Why choose that Jinguuji bastard, goddamned it! After she left him!

I know from the outside
We looked good for each other

Felt things were going wrong
When you didn't want to be bothered

Satsuki leaned heavily against the doorframe, wanting to smash his fist on the door. The sounds of low talk and Ren's deep murmurs made him even angrier. When did it happen? How very sly of her to keep this from him. And here he thought he only needs to worry about Masato's influence when clearly, she's been playing on both fields. Or does she never really intend to accept Masato after all? He very much doubts Hijirikawa would easily let her go.

For weeks he's been carefully plotting on how best he can prove to Haruka that Hijirikawa is nothing but a ruthless scum. Bidding his time, waiting for Hijirikawa to make the wrong move.

Now it seems like, it really is not going to happen. His focus on Hijirikawa mad ehim blind to other potential influences. Haruka Nanami never really forgot her love for Jinguuji. Apparently, her hostility towards him has melted away. Probably because Jinguuji never forgot his intense attraction on her, too.

He has so many plans for her. So many. He wanted to get another chance with her, show her how much he really loves her. He is even preparing to offer his help to make her an even better star. After all, he and his brother are influential in their own right. They have a better understanding of this industry, plus their experience is sought after and they have Uncle Saotome to back them up if need be. Masato can only make mountains move because of his business influence, but he needs to know more if he intends to continue Haruka's meteoric rise to stardom.

I don't want to hate but that's
All you've left me with
A bitter aftertaste and a fantasy of
How we all could live

He could feel a sense of growing anger towards Haruka. Was this really what the homecoming to Japan is all about? Was she capable of planning such a thing?

And did Masato ever know about this? He was almost on the verge of begging her to rethink about continuing to live with him. Their relationship is incomprehensible. Masato only cares about acquiring people he can't buy or bribe with money. And Haruka, there is so much more she can do, and he is the right person to guide her. Not Hirijikawa, not even Jinguuji.

And now, he finds out she is back in a relationship with him. Without even informing him or his brother.

No, he thought to himself, clenching and unclenching his hand, trying to stay in control. Haruka is not the type to fool other people behind their backs. I would have to believe that she and Masato are never really together. Masato thinks he has her eating out of the palm of his hand.

The idea brings a little comfort to him. Hirijikawa will not have the upper hand. The affection he saw several times was something that Haruka gives willingly to the man who she is with when she ran away. As a gesture of gratitude. Haruka did slip out a few stories that Hijirikawa took care of her when she left Japan, during those short occasions that they exchange on something a little more serious than casual talk.

However, having Jinguuji permanently into the picture, he could not accept. He should have listened to Natsuki's arguments. Ren Jinguuji managed to turn her head around to his advantage at this stage. How could he do such a thing? Did he break his engagement to his rumored fiancée just to be with her now?

His chest hurt. The sounds of teasing and murmurs turned to moans and groans. He's not stupid. The couple inside the room is taking advantage of the short break to make the most of their time together. Making love.

I didn't lose my mind it was
Mine to give away

He didn't know how long he stood there, silent. The sounds of lovemaking tormenting his mind and ears. And yet, Satsuki Shinomiya continued to stand there, absorbing the impact of his heart breaking. He shouldn't blame anyone but himself for prolonging his agony over Haruka. It's his fault for being blind to her rejections; persisting to continue a hopeless battle for her attention. He'd better go now and look for his brother. It's where he should be right now.

When a single tear fell on his shirt, he straightened up and walked away. Unable to bear hearing more of the sounds of their passionate union ringing on his ears.

Couldn't stay to watch me cry
You didn't have the time
So I softly slip away...


"Two months. First trimester will complete in three weeks, I reckon. Congratulations." The female ob-gynecologist extended her hand in greetings before giving her the thin folder containing her medical records.

Eagerly, she took the file, flipped through it to confirm with her own eyes what she has been waiting for months to happen.

Her baby.

An ironclad assurance that her plans will not go awry: a baby who will carry the Jinguuji family name. Takumi will not be able to turn away his first-born grandchild. And this child will inherit the vast power held by Ren Jinguuji's family.

"Satisfied?" the doctor smiled at her. "You are fairly healthy, so there should be no problem for you to deliver a healthy baby too."

Anri de Montfort shut the folder closed and beamed happily. Finally, all her efforts are not wasted. She and Ren went off for several tests just to confirm that they are capable of bearing children. He agreed to her requests after she feared she might be the problem. Of course Jinguuji men are fertile, she just wants to make sure her physiology is perfect.

"Why don't we go back to my office so that we can discuss a series of bi-monthly check ups? And you will need supplements to ensure that your child won't encounter any hiccups before you deliver."

"May I meet you there in 10 minutes? I want to give my fiancé the good news." She excused herself, standing up from the chair and gathering her handbag.

"Of course."

The doctor went out of the examination room to give her some privacy. As soon as the door closed behind her, Anri fished her phone out and began to press the correct buttons.

She heard two rings before someone answered.

"The next phase of our plans begin?" he asked.

"Positive." She confirmed. "We only need to wait for the baby to be born. But I am thinking of moving the wedding date closer. I've been anticipating it."

"There is no need to do that." Louis said. "Having that baby alone is enough to cow the Jinguuji family into submission."

Anri frowned. "I don't want to deliver this child without the wedding. I refuse to have my child born without having everything finalized and legitimate." Her hand gripped the phone. How dare Louis interfere? Yes, she is much obliged with his generous cooperation and help in attaining the revenge they seek. But she is the one who planned this. And therefore, only she can make judgement calls on situations that don't go according to plan.

"I don't recall putting you in charge," she said evenly. "I will move the date of my wedding and you will assist me."


She was about to hang up, when she heared his answer.

"As you wish, Aunt Anri."

And the line went dead.



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