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Carlisle's master bedroom was huge, a serene oasis. It was located downstairs in an underground level of the house. Carlisle didn't want windows like the others, he enjoyed being private and quiet when he needed time to think or study. Tiffany glanced around as Carlisle opened the double bedroom door. The floor was covered in white fluffy carpet, huge paintings hung on the white walls, and a long green fashion curtain hung on the wall above the white satin king size bed. Two dressers and the bed was framed in beautiful dark mahogany.

Carlisle walked to left side of the huge bed and laying Tiffany down, "now there. Wait right there." Walking to one of the dresser, grabbing a extra black bag that was kept at the house for emergency purposes. Hurrying back to the bed, glancing in reddened eyes as his body slid on to the bed by her, sitting down. "Tell me how you're feeling." looking down at the bag he placed by her side, hands dug through.

Taking in every perfect detail of the gorgeous face in front of her while he wasn't looking, "extremely overwhelmed" slipped right out of her mouth. Eyes widened then she smiled to cover it up.

Golden eyes darted up quickly at her, stopping what he was doing to listen to her.

"It's just a cold. I was working outside in the yard yesterday in that freezing, wet weather." eyes narrowed slightly thinking how the others upstairs probably were laughing at her about right now or will seriously be messing with her later. She liked Carlisle, a lot. There was no reason this perfect man would ever be good enough for her. Jasper and Emmett were totally wrong.

Smiling slightly sensing the strong emotions her tiny body were sending off. A hand came up caressing across her cheek "don't worry about the guys. I told them all leave for the night, after Edward told me what Jasper and Emmett were saying to you."

"Oh great, he told you?" rolling her eyes, hands came up covering her face in complete embarrassment. The worst embarrassment of her life.

Chuckling, hands grabbed hers pulling them away "look at me, Tiffany."

The worst case of butterflies filled her stomach making her tremble and the feeling to vomit from the sheer unknown of what Carlisle was about to say. Looking back up in those golden eyes, hands never let her go. "Carlisle, I swear it was all Emmett who started it then Jasper. They both made me so..."

His hand came u to her face, a thumb slid over her lips causing her to stop talking. A grin spread his lips "well maybe they went a little over the top to embarrass you but Emmett and Jasper are right, I do care about you. I have since the first day we met. The whole family knows it." removing his thumb letting his hand drop from her face. "we will talk more about that after I check you out."

Tiffany was shocked and now speachless. Quickly feeling it coming, a hand came up blocking as she turned her head and coughed, which in returned caused those red watery eyes to let a couple of tears stream down her face.

Carlisle's finger wiped away the tears "seems to me, sweetheart, you are catching the flu." left hand digging in the black bag for a prescription pad "I'll write you up a few things and get them while you rest here. Okay? Will you please not leave this room until I return?" glancing quick at her seeing her nod. "I promise it won't take long. I'll make a run for it since it will be faster than driving the car." Right hand grabbed a pen out and began writing "what pharamcy do you use?"

She rattled it off quickly then coughed with eyes shut. When she look back up, he was gone. With a sigh, Tiffany blinked several times then scanned the room "he's fast." Figuring it wasn't going to help her case to try to leave, she layed back on to the extremely soft plush bed. No one was home, her car was at her house, so the only way home was to walk. It was too cold and didn't have a jacket, thanks to Emmett. "What is a girl to do being home alone with a sexy vampire doctor who says he cares for her?" a slight giggle escaped while her body turned to the side, eyes staring at the shut double bedroom doors wondering how long it was going to take Carlisle to get back.