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ChiChi Mau

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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

She was told life was planned. She was instructed she had a mission in life. She listened and never asked questions. Humbly she followed and never led, it wasn't her role. With a coat of red lipstick, black body suit, that showed only her eyes she would leave her home. She would check her mail diligently for instructions and perform every task.

She was no one, only a ghost to the world. Her life scripted; friends nonexistent, and her heart taken. She lived in a home that boarded many like her and she never stood out. She walked as graceful as a panther and ran as fast as cheetah. She was one of the greatest in her league but she would never show that.


"Yes?" She asked. She sat with her legs crossed Indian Style her eyes sealed shut and her back tall.

"It is time for you to leave," informed the woman. The lady stood tall, her hands clasped behind her back and a small piece of paper extended to ChiChi.

Onyx orbs fluttered open and ChiChi looked up to her sensei and with a nod she took the sheet of paper. It had been eighteen years that she had been training in the league. She had never spoken to anyone outside of the large walls of Muroki Temple and now she had to leave. With no words she stood and excused herself from her sensei's presence and made her way to the room door.

She took one last glance at the training room and then made her way to her room which she shared with twenty other students. Once she reached her bed she saw her belongings packed into a small bag on the bed. Also a shirt and pants laid out beside the small bag. She touched the simple garments; astonished by its beauty. She had never worn any clothes aside from her full black body suit. The shirt had "You must feel silly getting beat by a girl" printed on the shirt with a flower. Quickly she changed into the clothes and placed her body suit into her bag. When she finished she left, she headed towards the small dome room in the center of the temple. She passed the slip of paper to a man that sat inside and waited silently for instructions.

"ChiChi Mau," spoke the man, "you shall live with a man by the name of Ox King. Your assignments will be brought to you by a contact by the name of Vegeta. You will not have to report to us if all your missions are carried out. However, if you fail to accomplish the mission and don't report, you know the consequences?"

ChiChi nodded and the man handed her an envelope. She knew what was inside of the large envelope and for thirteen years she waited for this day. It had been training every day and nightwith only a promise of leave on one's eighteenth birthday. She had watched for years as others around her grew to age and had left and all she could do at that time was dream.

"Inside is your passport, ID, contact information and forty thousand yen. A bus is waiting outside for you, take it and get off at the fourth stop. You are to never discuss with your contact what has occurred within these walls. Understood?" Asked the man.

She nodded again and with that she left and made her way to the large black double doors. She froze at the exit; she could see the large bus that was parked with passengers inside. It looked enchanting outside of the walls; the road to her looked like a long narrow walkway for the bus. She gripped the envelope in her right hand and her small bag of luggage in the next. Cautiously, she made her first step outside of the walls that she had known as home for eighteen years.

"Hurry up if you're getting on the bus," shouted the driver. He was a large man with curly brown hair and blue eyes. He was chewing on tobacco; he ran his large fingers through his mass of curls and got on the bus.

Quickly ChiChi hurried to the bus, she glanced around taking in all the passengers on board. Then when she was satisfied she started to make her way down the narrow walk way to an empty seat. "Hey, Ms. You have to pay for your ride!"

ChiChi frowned, placed her luggage down and then opened the small envelope and made her way back to the front of the bus. "How much?" she asked.

He looked her up and down, chuckling as he read her t-shirt. "Little lady I don't think you should wear that. After all it doesn't look like you could harm a fly," he giggled.

"How much?" she repeated, firmly. She didn't understand the man's behavior nor did she like it.

"Four hundred yen," he retorted.

ChiChi counted out the money from the wad placed inside the envelope and gave it to the man and then took her seat. Everything was new to her from the air in the bus, to the wailing of a

baby in the front seat. She never witnessed anything of the sorts in all her life only the harsh training of her masters. The mountain and trees outside the bus all were a blur but inside was a world.

She picked up her bag into her lap holding tightly to her envelope. This world was very different from the one within the temple, it perplexed her. Various people were smiling but to her it was a curl on their lips that made their teeth show and she didn't understand why they did it. She wondered if her lips could do the same.

She felt like a newborn baby. "Excuse me, can I have that seat?" A woman with long curly brown hair asked, her eyes as green as leaves. Nodding, ChiChi moved over to the seat by the window to allow the woman to sit. The woman had a long brown gown on with butterflies in her hair and it mesmerized her.

She stared out of the bus at the blurry scenery until they came to the third stop and the engine of the bus halted. The woman sitting next to her exited as well as a few others that were on the bus and then new faces begun to board. They all made their way down the long narrow walk way and she watched each one intently. With a roar the engine came to life again and the bus driver closed the door and she was relieved that they would be on to the next stop. However, just as they were about to pull off, a bang on the window stopped the bus. She peered up from her seat to see what had happened and for the first time she saw a boy that appeared to be her age.

"You're very lucky, I was just about to pull off," stated the bus driver.

The boy curled his lips like the others only it was bigger and it looked so much more magnificent to her. His ebony hair was unlike any she had ever seen before it stuck out in every direction and his eyes were large. He was dressed in an orange GI that covered his body but from what she could see he was well defined.

"Thanks for stopping," he replied, sheepishly. He gave the man his yen and then looked around the bus, his right hand rubbing the back of his neck as he searched for a seat.

As he looked in her direction she quickly looked out the window to evade his eyes. He was no one she had ever seen before but it felt like she did.

"Can I sit there?" She glanced away from the window to the boy that now hovered over her. Again, she quickly grabbed her bags and with no words moved to the next seat.

The bus begun to drive down the narrow road as the boy took the seat. He smelled like sweat and his GI was drenched. His arms were well defined, he had the body of a fighter; she admired that. "I don't," he said aloud.

ChiChi arched a brow, and glanced around. Who was he speaking too? However, he had to be speaking to her because he stared directly at her. "What do you mean?"

"Your shirt it says I must feel silly," he replied, pointing at her shirt, "but I don't. I've never gotten beaten by a girl before. I haven't met any strong enough." He still held the curl on his lips like it was his lifeline. "Do you fight?"

"No," she answered, tersely.

He looked her over slowly and then rubbed his chin, his left brow arched, eyes narrowed at ChiChi. "I don't get it then, why would you wear that shirt if you don't fight?"

She stared blankly at him, he was odd. She gripped tighter on her bag and turned to look back out the window. She wasn't raised to talk so much nevertheless about foolish things! She onlyhad one more stop to go before she reached her new home.

"I'm Goku," the boy interjected. She turned her attention back to him, his hand extended. She looked over it carefully examining it as if it were a weapon. "What's your name?"

"My name?" she repeated. It was the oddest thing to be asked a question that she couldn't reply with 'yes' or 'no'. "ChiChi."

"It's nice to meet you, ChiChi," he chirped. "So how long do you have to go?"

"The next stop," she answered.

"Me too," he added. "You look like a fighter," he stated.

"You look odd," she retorted. He laughed and she was confused again. "Why are you doing that?"

"Doing what?" He ceased his laughter, his eyes fixated on her now wrinkled nose. "Do you mean, laugh?"

"Laugh…" she repeated, "I've never done that before. Why do you do it?"

Goku couldn't help but laugh again; he had met someone very similar to himself. He slumped back against the cold bus chair, never taking his eyes off of her. "I don't know. It just happens when something is funny."

"I don't understand," she exclaimed.

"I don't know how to explain it, but I know it makes me feel good." Goku's lips puckered up as he began to think again. How could she not know what funny or laughter was? Of course! "You must be adopted like me!"

"No," she answered. "I'm not, I have a father Ox King Mau," she replied, and Goku sighed. It fell silent between the two of them for a moment.

"I've never seen you on this bus ride," Goku interrupted the silence. "Are you staying there?"

"Yes," she answered.

Something about ChiChi enticed Goku. He looked over her again, she was very small but her body was cut like a fighter. She had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and her lips painted red.

"Where are you from?"

"I think we talked enough," she spat. She turned away from Goku and looked again outside at the blur of darkness that zoomed by.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I bothered you," he apologized. However, she didn't say a word to him. She continued to stare out the glass window and he at her. Something was odd about the girl but she was very beautiful.

He grew up with a few friends: Yamacha and Krillen, they always talked about how beautiful girls were but he'd never seen it. They all look the same to him but this girl – ChiChi, was very different from any girl he had ever seen.

The bus screeched loudly as it came to a stop, he looked over to ChiChi. "This is our stop," he chimed. She didn't reply, she waited till he stood and then till he exited the bus. Then she stood and made her way to the bus doors. She clutched both the envelope and bag in her hands and slowly descended the bus stairs. "ChiChi," Goku exclaimed, "I don't see anyone here to get you. Maybe I could take you home and I could tell you what laughing is."

"I will be okay," she answered, as she pulled out a sheet of paper that had an address printed on it. She strained her eyes to see what it said, but with a flicker of his finger Goku gave her all the light she needed. "How did you do that?"

His smile returned, "It's my Ki."

"Ki?" Mesmerized she watched as the small flame floated within Goku's palm in the shape of a ball. She had never witness anything like it in all her training, it excited her.

"Would you like me to teach you?" he asked.

"Ye-," she caught herself, "I can't have you. I'm not good news Goku, thank you for offering to help me."

Goku was now more confused than ever, why did girls have to be so confusing? He shook away all thoughts and with the smile still evident on his face he let his Ki die. "I don't think that there is anything I can't handle, I can teach you don't worry."

Something inside her thumped and it winded her for a moment leaving her speechless. She had never had anyone offer to teach her something she wanted to learn; instead it was always something she didn't ask too. "I don't know…I'm not like every other girl."

"I know," he admitted.

Again that thump hit her inside and for a moment she thought she felt a curl at her lips. "ChiChi Mau," came a thundering voice, from behind the two.

Just as quickly as the smile begun it faded and she turned to see a large man with a beard parked behind her. He wore a bright pink shirt and brown overalls; he was sitting inside of an open top red hover car. With no words she hurried to the small car and placed her bags in the back seat as soon as the doors opened.

"ChiChi Mau, I'm Son Goku! I'm not afraid of anything and I would love to teach you to use your Ki!" He shouted, as the car drove away. He didn't understand why but in that moment he knew his life would change forever because of ChiChi Mau.

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