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Anyway, so for those past months I've been in love with the pairing Shizaya 3 seriously they are like meant to be you know. Sexual tension and stuff. :") i mean even the mangaka made a fanfic of them having hot sex alryt ;) 'nuff, SHIZAYA all the way.

So, I made this fluffy fanfiction :) #They are alreay married here. K?

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"Izaya, why did you marry me?"

"Oh, that's a lame question Shizu-chan. It's because you're the strongest man in Ikebukuro."

"So you're telling me you married me because of my title?"

He nod but was clearly not listening, "Ahh and you're well known."

"So its because I am famous then?"

He continued. "And you're one and only brother is a famous idol." he was getting excited. "So it means, he'll probably share his fortune with you!"

He scowled. "Ah, so it is money then? I did not know you're THAT materialistic, and for heaven's sake you're loaded with cash."

A deadly glare. "I am not protozoan! And I am not finished yet!"

He sighed. "Fine, other reasons?"

He eyed him and shrugged. "You're tall."

"And so does a lot of people." He rolled his brown eyes, this is getting annoying, and he only wanted no expecting, one simple answer.

Instead, he is giving him many.

"Oy, Kadota's tall too. Why don't you marry him?"

"Cause he's I don't know kind of weird? And he is always on that van."

Long elegant and pale fingers started to drew circles on his shoulder.

"Your body is built nicely too."

"You said the same thing about Tom too. Ahhh… I get it you married me because I asked you first."

The loving touch turned into a hard smack. "Honestly, do you really have to oppose everything I say?"

"Go on." he sighed.

"And you look really, really hot in a bartender suit." A wicked smirk was seen.

He raised an eyebrow, "So you want me for my sexy body?"

The smirked turned to a full grin. "Uh-huh. And you're very handsome."

"Hmmm… never thought of that." he frowned, but sounded amused and quite giddy.

"So looks does matter to you?"

"Of course."

"There is a lot of good looking people around so why me? Why not Simon? He is tall too and quite has unique features."

"Shizu-chan, you're doing it again."


"Opposing me."


"Anyway, I don't know Simon as well as I know you, you've chased me far too many times that we've I actually known you."

"So you married me because we are sort of close?"

"Yes but…"

"You could have married Shinra; the two of you get along with each other positively."

He gasped. "What do you think Celty-san will do to me if that happens?"

The thought made him winced. "Then what about Kadota?"

"Told you, he is too weird and NORMAL."


"I barely even see him much more TALK TO HIM."

"So… I am the most suitable?"

"Well of course."

The blonde, looked away hiding the smile and blush that crept his face.

"Also, as long as I live, I won't ever let that poker-faced-Blondie chick take you away from me, got that?" A dangerous voice.


He shakes his head, "Nope, Ikebukuro will just be too boring without you."

"Back to our topic," he clapped his hands excitedly, "It's because Mairu and Kururi likes you, so you'll be able to babysit them for me!"

He sweat dropped.

"And the fact that my father actually liked you was way over the top."



"Just tell me you love me."

The raven haired man gaped at him.


A pink tongue stuck out to him and he continued to rant…

"And you always make me laugh the hardest and cry the hardest. You also have this unpredictability that mesmerizes me for you can never be categorized as someone who is just human. You're special. And you spoil me…"

Was it too difficult for him to utter three simple words?

"And you surprise me every time!"

"Just admit that we got married because we love each other."

A dirty look was shot to him, "Shizu-chan, you do know action speaks louder than words?"

Yes, he knew that. He knew he loved sex- No I mean making love to him, but sometimes he just want to hear those three words from his pretty little mouth.

He looked like he wasn't going to say anything so he decided it was pointless.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." He leaned in and captures his lips to kiss him goodnight and retreated to his side.

"Give up already? that is not the Shizu-chan, I know."

He mumbled a whatever flea' it was better to sleep and dream about him telling him the words he longed to hear than listened to his meaningless chatter.

"Don't you want to know the real reason I married you?"

He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. Trying to act as it was nothing, when it meant everything.

"Three words." Hazel brown eyes snapped open.

"I…love…you?" He guessed eagerly and hopefully.

He shook his head. He could see his smile, that rare beautiful smile, reserved for him. Only.

"No, Shizu-chan." he said softly, hugging him from the back.

"We belong together."

And he found himself smiling back, holding tightly the hands in his chest.

"Yeah, you're right."

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