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So, Izaya is here is pretty much a jealous bitch. :-) I only support SHIZAYA PAIRING. :-)

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"Izaya what are you doing still awake? Its late."

An annoyed look appeared on the pale face,

"Say that again, but slower. It's. Late. Where have you been all this time?"

"Of course at work."

A snort. "Uh-huh and pigs fly and so does the sun rises on the south."

"I'm telling the truth."

"Like I will believe you."

A pissed voice, "Then it's not my problem."

Pale hands starts to pull him close, really close other times he'll be really turned on, "You smell of a woman."

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do. It's not Celty or Anri. Not even Ruri. Who is she?"


Red eyes narrowed. "You also smell of mint."

"I was dozing off."

"And the woman?"

"Only a co-worker."

"I want her name, don't you dare lie, I am an information broker."

"Why is there a need to know anyway?"

"Why it is so hard for you to answer?"

"Because its annoying. With you, one question leads to another."

His eyes narrowed more. "That's because I am smart."

"It's Vorona isn't it? The poker-faced blondie who likes to act like she's cool?."


"You were with her earlier, weren't you?"

He sighed, damn he is too tired to argue. "So?"

"You shit! You did not even deny it!"

See, I know it's going to be so fucking annoying. "Please don't start, its nothing."

"My marriage is over! I will call Shinra immediately!"

"Nonsense!" He rolled his eyes. "Look, I know what you're thinking. But I swear you got it wrong and Shinra is not even a lawyer!"

"Oh, really? And I don't care if he is not a lawyer, I'll make him~"

"I'm not cheating on you and never will."

He crossed his thin arms across his chest. "Prove it."

"But there's nothing to prove! You're being ridiculous!"

"Am I not supposed to? Shizuo, you've been coming home late more and more these days!
And sometimes you just disappeared without telling me anything! I have a right to be suspicious!"

The weight of his name made his heart skipped, "And you think I was cheating on you?"

"Who knows?"

"Get real, Izaya! You know committing with you is enough for my whole life, why would I need another?"

"I don't know. For sex? Maybe I don't satisfy you anymore~ maybe you wanted to try having sex with a woman, you're not contented with my body aren't you?"

"You know that is not true!"

Definitely not, he stared at the raven black perfection on front of him and all he can think about is bed, or a couch or counter or just someplace he can get him laid.

"If you're not cheating on me," he pulled the collar of his vest. "Then what's this?"

He saw the red smudge. "Um…"

"Is that lipstick?"

"No, it's just–"

"Take off your shirt! Let's see what else she left you!"

"Izaya, calm down! You'll wake the neighbors!"

But long slender fingers is slowly clawing in his clothes. "Aha! Hickeys! If youre going to cheat don't forget to erase the evidence!"

An irritated scowl. "You're such a know-it-all. You tell me."

"Shizu-chan, you fucking cheater!"

"You really got me wrong!" He tugged his shirt down. "Look! You have the same thing, too!"

He followed his gaze and immediately shut up.

"Who's cheating now flea?"

He replied innocently. "Well, I know I'm not!"

"Same here!"

"Oh, yeah? What about the lipstick?"

"It's not a fucking lipstick!"

"I'm not blind, Shizu-chan!"

"Well, look and stare it again!"

"Blood?" He looked up at him, alarmed, and then noticed the cut on his jaw. "How did you–?

"Get this? You threw me your flick blade, don't you remember?" he answered annoyed.

He turned crimson. "I have a good reason to it!"

"Seeing me walking along side Anri is not a good reason for acting violent towards me! I'm your husband, for God's sake! Not some enemies!"

"Well, you guys look like you were all lovey dovey it really pissed me off!"

He felt a headache was coming. "We don't! We don't even talk, Fuck Flea I hate it when you're like this."

A glare. "And that's why you cheat?"

"For the last time: I'm not cheating on you!" He insisted, fighting the urge to suddenly grab something and throw him something. Hell, he was just too much.

"Then why were you with Vorona? No, don't tell me it's because of work! I'm not stupid! I know spending time together until two in the morning is hardly because of work!"

"But it is because of work and Tom is with us!"

"Like I don't know you! You're Shizuo, You're too kind, unmotivated, violent, and prefers to play with cats than work–"

"and finds you an annoying flea but still is very much deeply, madly, passionately oh and crazily in love with one Izaya Orihara." He fight the urge to blush.

He shut up.


"Oh but wait, there is no Izaya Orihara, not anymore."

"Oh, right. Heiwajima Izaya."

His pink lips curled into his trademark smirk.

"See, Heiwajima Izaya, there's no need to trouble yourself for being jealous. I know that cheating on you is like digging my own grave."

He laughed at last, evilly. "Very good Shizu-chan~ glad you see it my way."

The blonde smirked, "You and Me. Bed now."

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