"The Metropolis Story…"

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Summary: Poet/Champion turned reporter/Champion (the vampire thing was involuntary) for the second least respectable news organization in Metropolis, William Soames Walthrop is assigned the job of uncovering the mysterious silence of a famed, deceased silent film star of the great film inspired by the greatest city on Earth. Both the other reporter/Champion and other reporter/seedy investigator of things mysterious in town hate his guts.

Part VII…

"Walthrop is going where?!" the voice on Kent's cell phone incredulous.

"England, sir…" Kent repeated. "At least, so far as we can tell…And Mr. Kolchak appears to be going with him…So I guess we should wind up this story, sir?"

And return to real news…He did not say.



"I told you to stick to Walthrop like glue, Kent, and I meant that. Get a seat on that plane and don't ever force me to tell you to do that again…!" slam of phone.


Wonder if that's a real desk phone or if he just uses an app on his cell for the effect, Kent pondered.

"He said to get on that plane…Didn't he?" Lois, a bit smugly. "Told you…"

"I didn't say I didn't agree with you about that, Lois." Kent, sighing. "Just that it does involve a lot of money…"

"Kent? Are you the reporter in charge of this assignment?" Lois eyed him.

"What? Uh…Certainly…"

"Good…For once a little assurance…" she regarded him with amused surprise. "I thought you were going to say something like 'well, gosh gee Lois, I dunno, I guess so'."


"Even better…" she beamed, then returned frown. "Then act like it and take an opening from your editor most reporters on a story would kill for and charge two tickets to London on the Daily Planet." she stared at him. He blinking…

"C'mon…Make me proud of you, Clark." she cooed.


"You alright, Will?" Margaret, concerned. William showing a definite aversion to even the possibility of light entering via the closed window she sat by. And not much more tolerance toward a chance of any rays via the others… Curling up in a ball between herself and Karl, coat wrapped round, hat firmly pulled low.

"He'll be fine. A little airsick…" Kolchak noted to an equally concerned flight attendant who'd noted William's condition.

"A little water, William?" Margaret suggested. "Karl…" she indicated the flask he was carrying, which he'd sworn and a flight attendant had certified after demanding inspection as water.

"Oh, not this water, sweetheart…"

"Karl! Is that booze after all?" she hissed.

"No, the last girl checked, remember?"

"I remember you have a way of getting around such ladies…" frown. "Give it here…" she grabbed it.

Hmmn…Smells like water…Though a faint hint of…What? Perfume? "Is this diluted wine, Karl?" she stared over at him.

"It's just water…Blessed, dear water." Kolchak noted. Sidelong glance to William…

Right…Will eyed him.

And you thought it necessary to bring holy water, why?

"Uh-huh…" she took a swig.

"Wait?! Dru…Er…Maggie." Will tried. Grabbing…

Hmmn…She shrugged, handing the flask back.

"It is just water…Something about it though. Oil or something in it?"

"It's special...Just a few minerals and such…" Kolchak noted. "A bit of sulfur…William is allergic, though, so best to have the flight attendant bring him some."

"Absolutely…I get quite red and puffy." William noted.

"Well…I'll go and see if she can bring you some…" Margaret rose. Moving across by Will, then Kolchak…

"Thanks, love. And forgive Karl for his lack of manners in not getting up himself."smile to her, Kolchak frowning.

Thanks I get…

"Ok, what the hell are you carrying holy water in your booze can for?" Will hissed, watching Margaret move up the aisle…

Well, no sign of her bursting into flames so…

Thumbs up for the Shanshu and Wolfram-Hart's Humanity restoration spell. For now…

"Just in case we run into some of your or Maggie's less than admiring colleagues, my friend." Karl noted. "It's my understanding there are some where we're heading. And that quite a few who migrated to the USA and the other Americas vamoosed back on the collapse of Wolfram Hart, USA. Just a little personal protection for Maggie as well as me…"

"Fair enough…But just be careful using things like that around her. Her humanity should be set but you never know what buried memories a thing might trigger. Especially an Unlife-threatening thing like that."

"I'm keeping them under wraps as much as I can. You gotta admit, this was the best place to hide holy water from her…" Karl grinned, jostling flask a bit.

"Right…Anyway, as to the mission at hand. And speakin' of poor Maggie…"

"I'm sending her on special assignment while we tour the Council's archives…" Karl, nodding. "I don't want her having to face a bunch of nervous Brits with crosses and crossbows…"

"And ten thousand plus Slayers to back them up…"

"Exactly…So she'll do some shopping in London for her poorly dressed boys. To make us presentable for Berlin and Geneva…While we see what we can learn about your old girlfriend."

"Brigitte was hardly my 'girlfriend'." Will sighed. "She and I had a truce and she didn't dust me, nor did I kill her. But that was about the extent of it…"

"That sounds like quite a relationship to me. Why?" Karl eyed him.

"She or me…?"

"Both? Why did a vampire and a Slayer who didn't fall madly in lust…Pardon…" he grinned at Will's frown. "Eternal, blessed, purifying love. Not fight it out? And made nicely-nice?"

"Circumstances…" Will noted. "And Spike, whatever my counterpart was…Was always a very practical fellow."

"Clark?" Lois hissed as Kent returned to his seat in coach. Having made careful surveillance of the first class area…Utilizing his abilities in X-ray to avoid having to annoy the flight attendants or risk detection…

"They're there…Talking about someone named Brigitte?" Kent frowned, puzzled.

"How do you know that? You didn't even go into the first class area…"

"I peeked and the acoustics are very good…"

"Great…Well, if that's the extent of your reporting and observational abilities…" annoyed glare.

"I got what I needed. And your idea of my pretending not to know where I was was pretty silly."

"What?" glare intensified.

"Pretty…Silly…" he replied. "And as your boss…Yes…" he eyed her annoyed look. "…your boss by appointment of our chief editor…I'm disappointed you came up with such a poor idea."

"What?!" slight choking sound.

"I'd guess you wanted Walthrop or Kolchak or their assistant, that nice Margaret girl, to spot me. Leaving the field to you…?" he smiled at her.

Narrow look…

"I thought so…" he nodded, leaning back. "Anyway, we now have a couple of leads. One of which you know…One…I think I'll keep to myself for now. Goodnight, Lois…" he closed his eyes, pulling hat over face.

Glare…Followed by slight yielding… "You're learning, hayseed." she noted, leaning back as well.

"Just remember I expect to be informed on anything you pick up when you come back after sneaking up to try your own idea. But if you get caught, you're on your own." he told her…Keeping eyes firmly closed.