So basically what happened after I officially ended this is this.

My own character (interdimensionalPortaller / iP) got an account, some boring stuff happened post-Portal 2, such as Portal: Prelude Convention etc.

iP then got in a dialogue with the Chell that is actually canon to Portal 2, empatheticAmazon / eA, which went down like this:

- interdimensionalPortaller [IP] began trolling empatheticAmazon [EA] at 02:13 -
IP: ...
EA: {{Okay, that may work.}}
IP: ((Stress on MAY))
EA: {{Um.}}
IP: Moron kernelsprite, huh?
IP: Still better than that brown girl aspiring to take over the world.
EA: Yes, but that's fixed at this point.
EA: Wait, what?
IP: (Link to combineOverseer's Formspring)
EA: Okay then.
EA: Anyway. Looks like he's going to start some exposition now that he's not a moron.
IP: Who?
EA: My sprite.
EA: Wheatley. He was a core, this robot thing, built specifically to be an idiot in order to make another one stop murdering us
EA: I'll give you the full story later.
IP: Oh that Wheatley?
EA: You know him?
IP: Probably?
IP: ((I can explain))
EA: Okay. So how?
IP: ((This character is SUPPOSED to be Chell, but I decided to write up a story for Portal 2 before Portal 2 and got 90% of things wrong))
EA: {{Okay.}}
EA: Eh, never mind. It's irrelevant now.
IP: (( (Link to Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time) ))
IP: What is irrelevant?
IP: That metal ball?
EA: How you know him.
IP: That.
EA: It'll just make everything far more confusing than it needs to be.
IP: He was in Aperture Laboratories.
EA: In any case, I still don't know where I am or what I'm doing here.
EA: Hang on, whaaat? You were there?
IP: Yeah, and?
EA: I thought there was some kind of alternate universe thing going on here. You know what, that actually explains it.
IP: Explains what?
IP: That you're playing Sburb?
EA: How you know him. You probably know alternate universe him or something.
IP: Alternate universe what?
IP: Wheatley?
EA: Yes.
EA: What's your name, anyway?
IP: Assuming our knowledge about Wheatley is different, yes.
IP: You can call me "Ms. Johnson-Rattmann".
IP: That author calls me that
EA: Wait, what? What?
EA: Is your first name Chell?
IP: Yes.
IP: And?
EA: Oh my god.
IP: Wait did you say that?
EA: You are me.
EA: What the hell is going on here?
IP: You weren't in Portal:Access All Areas, were you?
IP: Hence, you are not me.
EA: Okay, but...I guess I just need to get used to this alternate universe stuff.
EA: Because I'm talking to me from another dimension, evidently.
EA: (If I'm wrong, please correct me)
EA: But in any case, I am, and I have no idea what I should say here.
IP: Probably?
IP: I have figured out some of time travel stuff, but alternate universe me?
EA: I don't know.
EA: Well, let's see how far our lives have been the same.
EA: When they diverge.
EA: Just speak up when I say something you didn't do, okay?
IP: Okay.
EA: So.
EA: I'll just start at the testing, because I'm not sure what happened beforehand at this point.
EA: I woke up from stasis to hear GLaDOS talking to me.
IP: Yes,
EA: Went through 19 test chambers, found a few back areas where Doug drew on the walls.
IP: Okay, the same,
EA: She tried to throw me into an incinerator, so I escaped and eventually ended up killing her.
EA: I was thrown out of the facility, then dragged back inside...
IP: Yes.
EA: ...put into stasis for the next 300 years, only waking up once in between.
IP: Three hundred?
EA: Wheatley then entered my relaxation chamber and got us out of there.
EA: Yes, I think.
IP: I quite remember it was until 2107.
EA: Huh. So that's probably where it diverged.
IP: But then, yes, I remembered that Wheatley did the same.
IP: Sort of.
EA: Sort of?
IP: Points of divergence work like small changes, growing over time.
IP: I think.
EA: I wouldn't know. What are you in charge of in your session, anyway?
IP: What "my" session?
EA: Because if it's alternate dimensions, then that would be helpful.
EA: Oh yeah, the whole all sessions thing.
IP: It isn't really "mine",
EA: ?
IP: I'm not really PLAYING SBURB, you know?
IP: I'm just in the Incipisphere, where I'm sure it's the other session than yours.
EA: I thought you were.
IP: No, I wasn't.
EA: you tagged along with another player, or what?
IP: Once I woke up in a room with yellow walls
EA: Okay...
IP: And some half-recognizable voice told me she wanted to get rid of me and get me into "a mod".
IP: And I said that I'm going to "Portal:Access All Areas".
EA: Hmm. Odd.
IP: And it turned out that that Portal:Access All Areas was stranded in the Incipisphere.
IP: It was in a session all along.
EA: Which, if I'm understanding Wheatley's cryptic blather, is where I am right now. Or one of them, anyway.
IP: Different sessions.
IP: Different Skaian systems.
EA: Hmm.
EA: I'll have to go soon.
IP: Okay.
IP: Any chance we will talk again?
EA: I hope.
IP: Goodbye.
- empatheticAmazon [EA] gave up trolling interdimensionalPortaller [IP] at 02:36 -

- interdimensionalPortaller [IP] began trolling empatheticAmazon [EA] at 06:37 -
[06:38] EA: Oh. Hello.
[06:38] IP: Hi.
[06:38] IP: Where we stopped?
[06:38] EA: I'm not sure.
[06:38] IP: Something with Skaian systems.
[06:38] EA: Augh, hold on.
[06:39] EA: Sorry, more of those fucking skeletons tried to sneak up on me.
[06:39] EA: I'm doing this quest thing for these consorts.
[06:40] EA: Augh, again. Okay.
[06:40] EA: I think that's it. So. Skaian systems.
[06:40] IP: Different sessions.
[06:41] EA: Yes. So I assume that means different mediums, different Skaias, different everything.
[06:41] IP: Yes.
[06:41] IP: As far as I've figured out, "my" session has three planets.
[06:42] IP: One greenish black, one bright yellow-orange and one brown-gray.
[06:42] EA: Okay.
[06:42] EA: Besides the bright gold one I keep waking up on.
[06:43] IP: That goofball with a chained moon?
[06:43] EA: Yeah, it's been happening for a while. Thought it was just normal weird dreams.
[06:43] EA: But apparently it's real.
[06:44] EA: I think I've heard that whoever's in charge of space wakes up early. Wasn't sure what that meant until just now.
[06:44] EA: Augh, ogres. Can't catch a break here. Just a minute.
[06:45] EA: Okay, I'm back.
[06:46] IP: And what are these dreams like besides living on a golden planet?
[06:47] EA: Well, there are these people that look like they have white shells or something
[06:47] EA: And once there was this eclipse or something.
[06:48] IP: How are you sure they are people?
[06:48] EA: Where it went into where I can only assume is Skaia.
[06:49] EA: I don't know. We have talked.
[06:49] EA: Oh, and I can fly too. Almost forgot that bit.
[06:49] EA: In the dreams, I mean.
[06:49] IP: Why fly when there is the portal gun?
[06:49] EA: That's not the point.
[06:49] EA: The point is, well, I can.
[06:50] IP: Hmm.
[06:51] EA: So, I'm guessing it's standard for the _ of Space to start having those dreams early.
[06:51] EA: From the little bit I've learned, anyway.
[06:52] EA: Oh crap, I have to go!
[06:52] EA: Bye!
- empatheticAmazon [EA] gave up trolling interdimensionalPortaller [IP] at 06:52 -

- interdimensionalPortaller [IP] began trolling empatheticAmazon [EA] at 01:55 -
[01:55] IP: So what?
[01:55] EA: I don't know, honestly.
[01:55] EA: I'm still figuring things out here.
[01:55] IP: Litlle busy with the quests for your consorts?
[01:56] EA: Well, that's over with.
[01:56] EA: But I'm still trying to figure out some stuff.
[01:56] EA: Found some ruins a little earlier, I'm looking around in there.
[01:56] IP: Well,
[01:56] IP: I am quite literally LIVING in some ruins.
[01:57] EA: Hmm.
[01:57] IP: Look like a test chamber.
[01:57] EA: Interesting.
[01:57] IP: With boxes and buttons.
[01:57] EA: Although I guess I should have expected it.
[01:58] IP: And I don't know for how long these were abandoned, but for sure longer than three hundred years.
[01:58] EA: Hmm. Is the post-apocalypse pre-recording thing working?
[01:58] IP: Nah.
[01:58] EA: Oh.
[01:58] IP: The technology isn't even as advanced as Aperture's
[01:58] IP: .
[01:59] EA:'s something else?
[01:59] IP: Yeah.
[01:59] EA: Oh, I think I know.
[01:59] IP: A Communist civilization.
[01:59] EA: That's not what I had in mind, but hey. Plausible considering what else has happened in the last day.
[01:59] IP: What was that?
[02:00] EA: Just, you know, entering Sburb and things like that.
[02:00] EA: Sorry if it was unclear.
[02:01] IP: What was?
[02:01] EA: The "things that have happened in the last day" thing.
[02:02] IP: You never told me anything about entering, you know.
[02:02] EA: I am not good at this, am I?
[02:02] EA: *shrug* I'm just not good at this conversation stuff.
[02:02] EA: Which is very sad, considering I'm talking to essentially me right now.
[02:02] IP: Essentially.
[02:02] IP: The experiences are still different.
[02:03] EA: Yeah, you do have a point.
[02:03] IP: So.
[02:03] IP: First of all, is this "entering" related to Sburb?
[02:04] EA: Yes.
[02:04] EA: I'm in a session, apparently as the Rogue of Space.
[02:04] EA: Still trying to figure out exactly what that means for me, but oh well.
[02:05] EA: I'm exploring these ruins I found in my land, and I'm discovering a few things.
[02:05] IP: These other ruins of what?
[02:05] EA: Agh, crap. Something just came up.
[02:05] EA: Again.
[02:05] EA: I have to go.
[02:06] EA: I'm not sure what they're of, but...I still have to go. Now.
[02:06] EA: Talk to you later.
- empatheticAmazon [EA] gave up trolling interdimensionalPortaller [IP] at 02:06 -

There were also several logs at Formspring, but one thing worth mentioning is that both of these females got the frog temple language figured out.

And then I decided I can't beat a dead horse over and over and over and announced a Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise "sunset."

And that's where it ended.