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Harry, Hermione and Ron were working on a Potion, Severus Snape was glaring down at Harry his onyx's eyes blazing with anger but within they were blazing with pain of holding in a secret he wanted to tell. Meanwhile Draco Malfoy the sneaky prat he is, took a few extra slices of Slugs and threw them in Neville's potion that was directly behind Harry, the Cauldron exploded and Harry turned around startled by the noise.

"LONGBOTTOM!" Snape bellowed taking the boy his arm strongly, missing that Harry was hit by a thick chunky bile liquid, which caused him to become dizzy and fall to the floor.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled startled, Ron fell to the floor shaking his friends shoulder worried him self.

Severus turned around abruptly forgetting Neville and looked down shocked at the boy's body, the worry stuck in his throat where he couldn't find words to say.

"P-Professor what do we do!" Hermione ask frightened when she saw Snape made no move.

Snape closed his eyes and shook his head, "Weasley levitate Potter to the infirmary" he said, when he saw the boy made no move " NOW WEASLEY!" he screamed which made the red head nervous but did as he was told.

Severus watched his heart heavy with dread as Ron took Harry up to the infirmary.

"Class dismissed" Snape said his voice cutting, "Longbottom, you will have Detention with me today 8:00 sharp" he said giving the boy a sharp look that made go sheet white.

Neville nodded ran out of the room, Hermione gave her professor a long look before leaving and running up to the infirmary, Severus sat down his hand running down his face, then stood up and made his way to the Headmasters office. I muttered the horrid password then knocked quietly before entering into the room. Albus Dumbledore sat in front of his desk sucking on one of his Lemon Drops when he looked up to see Severus enter. A soft smile came upon his face.

"Severus my boy?" he said, "would you like a Lemon Drop?" he asked smiling.

Severus gave the man a hard stare. "no Albus I would not like one of your atrocious muggle candy" he said taking a sit, Albus shrugged popping a new one into his mouth.

"Now Severus, what brings you here?" he asked.

Severus looked at him, hating that the man had that twinkle in his eyes and was looking at him as if he doesn't know what could possibly the reason on why he comes here, he hated that he followed his request in keeping the secret, he hated that he kept if for more then 15 years, 15 years has he suffered slowly, and the man doesn't even give a bloody coot.

"what do you possibly think I'm here for Albus" he said his voice indifferent.

Albus frown knowing the reason just hoping he was wrong, he knew Severus was hurting, he knew Severus wanted more in the word world was to claim what was rightfully his, and he had to take that away, though he knew Severus thinks he doesn't care, he does and he cares deeply, he knew the pain that he was going through and knew he would continue with that pain until Voldemort was defeated.

"Severus, why do you keep asking if you know the answer would remain no it is to dangerous for you to claim him" he said.

Severus looked at his mentor with anger in his eyes.

"Dangerous, he life is a constant danger you think adding a father to the mix who could protect him would be more danger?" he asked.

Albus sighed, and his face grew older then it was.

"Severus, I know you want your son, I understand your pain, but the war is to dangerous, you being his father now would create complications. I know you want to protect him but you have to continue to protect him from the sidelines. I'm sorry my boy, but Harry as to stay thinking his Harry Potter not Alexander Salvatore Snape" he said.

Severus looked at him. "you don't understand, how can you possibly understand, I have to be a cruel, uncaring, bastard to my own son. Make it look like I would care less that his dead, if I had it my way, I would be in the infirmary holding him, but I CANT due to the bloody war that makes my son a hit spot, people wanted him dead since he was born, his living the life of an adult since he was 2, tell me Albus when is my son going to have his life" Severus as upset.

Severus Snape wasn't a man to loss his cool, and not especially in front of the man who asked for a strong spy for the Light. He was always a pro in keeping his calm and his emotions collected, but one thing that would move Severus to the core, was his son, and he was to a point of breaking.

Albus sighed hating to see the man who was stronger then anybody he meet before, to a point of falling apart, and he hated to be the cause he hated to not be able to give the boy he though of a son a happy news, to make the boy in front of him smile and laugh, but with the dangerous lurking around the corner he knew he couldn't.

So Albus did what he thought was best, and apologized again.

"I'm sorry Severus, but the answer is still no" he said,

Severus looked at the man, took a deep breath his lips turning into a straight line and his eyes narrowing into slints he gave the Headmaster a curt nod and turn swiftly his robes arching in the back with a great show and stalked out of the room slamming the painting behind him, the walls of office shook with its velocity.

Albus sighed deeply his heart aching, but knew that he was doing the right thing, well he hoped he was.

Severus stalked the halls angry, fighting with him self if he should return to his classrooms or head for the infirmary, he knew he couldn't show any emotion toward Harry's condition though his heart was aching with pain and his mind was breaking with worry, he couldn't. he hated that he knew Albus was right, if word was to leak out that Severus Snape was the father of Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived, Severus life would be in danger and Harry's, would be in more danger then it was already. He wouldn't allow that.

So with pain in Severus heart he started to make way to his dungeons, that would give him at least some comfort. But before he made it to the steps, he heard steps running down he stars to were the infirmary was connected and saw a disheveled Hermione Granger.

"Ms. Granger would you mind telling me why you are running in such a outlandish way" he asked curtly.

"Professor!" she said shocked but glad to find a teacher. "Harry he disappeared." she said, before those words were out of her mouth Severus was already ascending the stairs two at a time to see what had happened to his son.

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