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-Back To The Present-

Severus was angry, Albus had denied his offer to go and get his son after 5 hours had passed and there was only a 2 hour window for his son to have a chance to come home. Severus growled annoyed and sat down on a seat rubbing his temples, his son had 45 minutes to get back, and even though he wouldn't admit it to no one he was worried and concerned that his son wont want to come back home. That he lost any chance possible to be with him.

Severus laid his head back a solitary tear going down his cheek, he never had a chance to hold his son to tell him that he loved him. He wasn't there for his birthdays or special events. He missed all the times his boy had feel and scraped his knee all the times he cried out and his daddy wasn't there to pick him up and kiss his tears away. Severus let out a sob, his son had to come back he had too.

There was a racket in his lab and Severus heaved himself up from the sofa growling he didn't have time to give detention to anyone at the moment, he made himself walk grudgingly to his office only to be welcome with the Mutt and the Dog. Then it hit him, they were back, maybe his son was back too.

"Lupin! Black!" he spoke hating that he sounded desperate.

Remus helped his husband up and scowled at his brother "you can cut it with the last names Severus, I know your angry and upset but enough" he said glaring at him.

Severus blushed and looked away sighing. "sorry" he whispered don't get him wrong, Remus and Sirius were his brothers he just got so angry that he couldn't be with Harry and they did it made him Jealous. "is he back?" he asked looking at them, fearing the worst.

Remus smiled.

"his back" he said strongly.

Severus held himself against one of the black tops his body losing any strength he closed his eyes and breathed deeply through his nose, his baby was back. He didn't know he was crying until he felt the tears roll down his cheeks. Remus saw his brothers reaction and sighed walking to him, and took him in a hugged. Severus let himself be taken by the older man and let out a sob. His baby was back it was ok now, it was ok.

Arthur was trying to stay strong for his son, it had pass the hours so slowly and Harry hasn't returned it was down to the last 45 minutes and Arthur couldn't help but fear that Harry wasn't going to return. He looked over to see Ron punching the wall over and over sobs shaking through his body, Hermione was currently sleeping in the cot next to the one Harry disappeared in, she had tired herself out after hours of desperate pleading. He sighed and stood up and walked over to his son wrapping his arms around the crying form.

"Shh, son your going to get yourself sick" he whispered, it pained him to see his son this way.

Ron turned to his dad.

"I-I cant" he whimpered "H-Harry's m-my brother I-I cant l-lose him dad" he cried. Arthur sighed and held his son tighter missing when Harry landed on the bed behind them.

Harry landed on something soft and when he opened his eyes he realized he was in the infirmary back at Hogwarts, well he hoped he was, he looked around him and realized Mr. Weasley hugging Ron.

"R-Ron" he choked out.

Arthur and Ron both let go quickly and turned to the voice they loved so much to see Harry sitting on the bed rubbing his head. Ron ran so fast to Harry's side, Arthur was afraid he'll hurt himself he smiled as he saw Ron hug Harry so tightly.

"Oh god mate I thought I lost you" he whispered.

Harry sighed he knew now that they love him, as he saw around him he saw Hermione asleep on the bed, her eyes puffy with what seem must have been tears. He sighed and tighten his arms around Ron's shaking form.

"hey Ron I'm back I don't plan to leave again" he said.

Ron sighed and nodded he pulled back and looked at Harry intently "where did you go?" he asked. Arthur looked intently on him also.

Harry sighed and looked down, "I went to my parents last year last Hogwarts" he whispered Arthur became pale slightly and looked at him fearing he was going to see anger and betrayal, before Harry was able to continue, the door opened in came Dumbledore along with Madam Pomphey the ruckus made Hermione twitch in her sleep and wake up they all saw Harry at once.

"Harry!" they gasped.

Hermione jumped and ran into Harry almost knocking him off the bed.

"Ms. Granger would you kindly please let Mr. Potter breath" Dumbledore said sighing sadly. Hermione just held tighter crying into his chest.

"Herm its ok, I'm not leaving I promise" Harry whispered into her ear.

Hermione sniffled and nodded letting go and getting off the bed, Ron held her close to his side. Poppy made her self over to him and analyzed glad to find nothing wrong with the boy. Harry helped himself up into a sitting position and looked at everyone around him.

"its good to have you back my boy, you gave us all quite a scare" Albus muttered looking at the boy, he hoped he knew the truth.

"Harry you were say something, can you please continue" Arthur spoke.

Harry nodded looking around, his father wasn't anywhere near the room and even thought he tried to let it not bother him it still hurt, he sighed and looked at his hands. "Where's Professor Snape?" he asked, that shocked the people in the room but made Arthur smile slightly so was Albus.

"he's in his chambers do you want me to call him up here?" the Headmaster offered.

Harry shook his head and got of the bed, "no I'll go, I have to talk to him" he said.

Ron looked confused along with Hermione.

"Mate you can talk to Snape later" he said sounding confused.

Harry looked at him and shook his again "no this is important I need to talk to him now" he said giving the Headmaster and Arthur a look. "I'm sure the Headmaster and Mr. Weasley can explain why but I need to speak to the Professor immediately." he said walking out of the room with only one thing in his head, to fix the relationship between his father.

-In the Dungeon-

Harry made himself down the cement stairs he was going to directly to the Potions class and nothing and no one was going to stop him, he was so close until someone spoke behind him, he growled and turned to see Draco Malfoy standing outside from his tower.

"What do you want Malfoy?!" he asked he knew he was the cause of him going to the past.

Draco swallowed hard and walked over to his enemy.

"Look Potter, this is the first and last time I ever do this but I'm sorry my prank made you go to the past, if you didn't come back we would have been screwed" he whispered looking around making sure no one was over hearing.

Harry looked shocked and stood there for a few minutes until Malfoy made a snide comment.

"Did the cat catch your tongue Potter" he asked.

Harry sneered at him and turned. "yes Malfoy I see that you would have been screwed" he said walking away, Malfoy growled and walked back to his chambers, but unknown to either of them they made a silence truce.

Harry took a deep breath standing in front of the door to the Potions Classroom all the determination he had just melted away he was afraid to go through that door, his mind was set to talk to his father but now, now he was frightened, what if his father didn't want a relationship, what if he was distant because he wasn't proud of his him. Harry sighed deeply and moved back leaning against the opposite wall.

"Go in" a voice said.

Harry looked up and saw Ron he was shocked if Albus and Mr. Weasley told him the truth he thought that if anyone wasn't going to talk to him or comfort him it was Hermione, he didn't expect Ron to be there quite contrary he thought Ron wouldn't speak to him ever again knowing he was the son of the Snaky Potions Master."Ron!" he said shocked.

Ron sighed and walked over to his best friend leaning against the wall next to him.

"so your Alex instead of Harry that would be the most difficult thing to get over" he said with a smirk. Harry looked like he grown two heads. "the most difficult, did your father tell you everything!" Harry asked.

Ron laughed.

"I don't care, Harry… I mean Alex" he said groaning.

"you can continue to call me Harry, Ron I don't think it would be best to tell him" Harry said sadly looking at the giant iron door.

Ron looked at him. "what are you talking about, of course your telling him" he said outraged.

"and what if I get him killed like Cedric huh Ron, I cant lose him" he whispered tears in his eyes "I cant"

Ron sighed and took his friends shoulders firmly making the boy look at him. "you listen to me Alexander Salvatore Snape" Ron said lowly but stern "I am not going to sit back and let you suffer knowing he's your father, look your afraid that he might not want you" Harry looked down "that he might decide to not have a relationship but me and Hermione can assure you that he cares more then you know Hermione told me that when you first disappeared she went to find a teacher Snape was the first one she found before she finished explaining he was already in the infirmary, and he was ready to explode. And Neville, Neville said he apologized to him and actually believed him when he said that Malfoy was the one to throw the extra slugs to Neville's potion causing it to explode" he said.

Harry looked at him then gasped slightly.

"that would explain why Malfoy just apologized to me" he whispered.

Ron looked shocked "only one person can convince him or influence him to do that, that's his head of house" he said, Harry sighed and turned back to the door, behind the steel was his father the man he wants to get to know, that he wants him to be a part of his life.

"I'm scared Ron" he whispered.

Ron sighed but smiled "its understandable, you've known your father as the Potions Master the one that technically made your life miserable for 6 years, of course your going to be scared." he said. Then pushed Harry to the door "Go" he said.

Harry smiled and nodded, Ron gave him a smile in return and walked out of the dungeons, Harry turned back and took a deep breath then opened the door he heard people arguing and saw his godparents, Sirius was rubbing his lower back his stomach must be aching him.

"Sirius, Remus do you mind if I speak to Professor Snape alone please" Harry said letting him know he was in the room.

They turned to him and Remus smiled along with Sirius, Snape looked shocked and his heart ached to hold him, to make sure he wasn't hurt when he was away.

"Certainly, come Sirius I want Poppy to check you before we leave" Remus said rubbing Sirius round stomach, Sirius rolled his eyes but followed his husband out of the room.

Harry watched them go and turned to his father he noticed that he had placed back his cold and indifferent mask. Snape spoke before Harry had a chance too.

"If you're here Potter because of the potion you can make it up in detention with me today at 7" he sneered turning his back to his son closing his eyes at the pain he felt.

Harry looked at him part of him wanted to leave when he heard the word Potter, but a bigger part of him wanted to stay and fight for what he knew could happen.

Harry sighed deeply wishing for any strength he could find, and sat down looking at his hands. He didn't see as Snape turned around and fought the feeling of walking over to him and hugging him tightly.

"aren't you intrigued to know where I disappeared two?" he asked.

Severus wanted to ask don't get him wrong, he wanted to know everything about his son but he knew he couldn't so he placed on his famous sneer and scowled at the boy.

"why would I be intrigued with anything you do Potter?" he asked and flinched inside when the look of pain that crossed his son's features.

Harry couldn't he got so used to being with his father loving him and having the man in front of him hate him was too much he got up.

"I'm sorry sir, it was a mistake coming here" he said and turned to leave.

Severus didn't want his son to leave the room not with his disappearance still fresh in his head and heart so he stopped him "Wait Potter, I apologize I haven't gotten any sleep in the past few days" he said and was glad to see Harry turn and look at him. "what did you come here for?" he asked.

"to ask you a question?" he said.

Severus took in a deep breath and nodded curtly.

Harry looked at him and walked closer "was it hard" he whispered. Severus looked confused but didn't talk. "Was it hard walking away, giving me to James and not looking back, living me and Mom so we can have a better life" he said tears in his eyes.

Severus stood frozen looking at Harry as if he lost his mind, he couldn't comprehend what his son had just said, because it was impossible, his son did not just ask him if it was hard to leave him if it was easy to give him over to James. Because the answer to that question was no, it was never easy and as much as he trusted James he regretted the moment he ever did it. The moment he had to walk away was the most heartbreaking day of his life.

Harry watched the thousands emotion flash through his fathers eyes, shock, confusion, pain, love, regret. Harry said looked down he was afraid of his fathers reaction and wondered if he was doing the right thing.

Severus knew he had to answer him he just didn't know how.

Harry felt two arms on his shoulder and he looked up to the now tearful warm eyes looking down at him. "walking away from your Mother and you was and still is the thing I regret the most" he whispered.

Harry let out a sob and threw his arms around Severus body crying earnestly into the mans black robes, Severus held him tightly his own sobs.

"I'm so sorry, baby, I'm so sorry" Severus whispered tears streaming down his face as he held tightly into his boy, Harry sobbed until his body went limb in Severus arms.

"Harry!" he said shocked and concerned.

The door to the Potions Classroom opened showing Albus, Remus, Sirius and Arthur both smiling sadly. Severus looked at him "he knows" he whispered.

Remus smiled and walked over to taking the unconscious Harry into his arms "what's wrong with him Remus" Severus said worried he cant lose him not again.

"his alright Sev" Sirius spoke "he's just exhausted, he's been through a lot, his emotions are extremely high" he said placing a hand on Severus shoulder.

"Place him in Severus chamber, Remus. I'm sure they need to catch up" Albus said the twinkle in his eyes fading "Severus I'm sorry, I was wrong in keeping him away from you and always ignoring your pleas as of now your done spying you need time with your son" he said sadly.

Severus looked at him and nodded "thank you sir" he said.

"we should leave them alone" Arthur spoke, "I'm sure Severus needs some sleep also" he said throwing a look to his friend, Severus blushed slightly and nodded.

The mens left leaving Severus in the middle of his classroom a soft smile on his face. His had his boy, Alexander Salvatore Snape was home were he belonged.

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