Swoop Bike Baby

Chapter 4- Possessiveness

Durge groaned, lying on the floor, surrounded by burning rubble from the explosion that had temporarily disabled him. As his limbs reassembled themselves and pulled themselves together as he grunted, "What a fucking hassle." Dark red and light purple strands lashed out to other scatted pieces of him and pulled them back to his body, rebinding them to their original form as he sat up. "Where's that fucking Mandalorian?" Durge wondered aloud, looking around When he had been fully assembled again, he got to his feet and shrugged off the debris that would have held a normal person pinned. "Ha." He snorted and walked to the hotel.

"The Ma'am that was with you?" The Clerk asked, "She grabbed a few things and ran out." Durge left the hotel. Lala had probably grabbed all of their things from the room and ran to the ship to lock up. Clever. He walked to the ship docks and looked up, seeing one of the doors of his ship missing.

"Hm." He said, going to his ship slowly, hearing yelling,

"Get your hands off of me, you bastard! Don't you ever learn?" That was Lala's voice. Was it really Lala? He'd never heard her yell before. "Touch me again, I dare you! I'll give you another set of nails across the face!"

"You're so violent." Someone else voiced, "As much as I like your voice, quiet down so I can concentrate on unlatching this." Durge looked inside. Boba Fett had broken down the door to the bedroom, where Lala had secured herself, and was attempting to jimmy the latch with a small screw driver. Lala turned over,

"Here, big boy, let me help you with that." Lala said, taking the screw driver and tossing it to the other side of the ship. Boba looked at her, "Oh- I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to play fetch." Boba got to his feet and went to retrieve the screw driver. Lala swiftly unlatched herself and ran out as he back was turned, latching herself to the driver's seat and hiding in the seat. "Being all locked up makes me a little thirsty. Durge used to take real good care of me."

"Then I guess I'll be taking it to the new level." Boba called, searching the back of the ship for the screw driver. He got to his feet, unsuccessful in finding said screw driver. "I'm going to my ship to get something that will cut your chains. Don't move." Boba said, leaving out of the back, not noticing Durge, who slipped in and Lala looked at him in shock, gasping,

"He said you were dead." She said softly and Durge unlatched her from the driver's seat and latched her to the passenger seat as she willingly moved.

"I won't die from the sheer luck of some dumb-ass Mandalorian." Durge told her, noticing her ripped skirt. "What happened?"

"I turned on the chastity panties. He didn't like that too much, and tried to surprise me when I'd turned them off by ripping my skirt." Lala said, "I threw him down." Durge nodded and flicked a couple switches, "I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about. You defended yourself." Durge said, the back hatch closing and another, thinner, door replaced the lost front right door. "The ship needs repairs, so let's get back and repair it." The ship lifted off the ground as she buckled in, "Oh, look, there's our friend, Lala." Lala looked over, Boba Fett on a level above them, "Let's give him a warm goodbye." Durge said, pressing a button and the rear guns turned to the front and shot the other bounty hunter where he stood, as Durge turned on the intercom while the mandalorian got to his feet.

"Go ahead and take the bounty, Fett, but I'm taking my trophy. Here's another present for how well you treated her." Durge grunted, shooting more at the mandalorian, turning off the intercom,

"Durge, he's dead, that's enough." Lala said, Durge looking at her, "We need to report to the Count." Durge looked away and turned the guns off, leaving the planet's atmosphere. There was only silence was he drove, until he put the ship into warp drive.

"I wanted to make sure he was dead." Durge grumble moodily, Lala looking at him, "It's bad enough that he busted into my ship while I was out but…He deserved everything I gave him and more." Lala unlatched herself and hugged him,

"Thank you for coming to my rescue, Durge. It was very heroic of you." She said and Durge put his hand on her waist,

"Heh, well, I wouldn't say 'Heroic'. I'd say 'possessive'." Durge told her, and she sat in his lap, "Whose your Daddy?"

"His name was Mak' Teay." She answered and he groaned, "Um…you're my Daddy?" That brightened his mood, "You're my Daddy, Durge." She repeated ad earned herself a smack on the ass, "Ow! I don't want to play this game anymore." She whined and he laughed,

"We'll have to hold out on our friend Dooku for now. The ship needs repairs desperately and so do I." Durge said, and she got off his lap, "Sit." He ordered and she sat back down in his lap. He rested his head on her chest, "Sorry."

"For what?" She asked and Durge tightened his grip on her,

"I told you no one would touch you." Durge reminded her and she hugged his head gently, "And that fucking Mandalorian ripped your skirt." He growled, "If I ever find him again, he's dead."

"Sssh," She said softly and he calmed down, listening to her heart beat. "Calm down. The only one who got hurt was him." Durge reclined in his chair, "That's better. Just rest a little bit." He rested his face in her cleavage, making her blush brightly before looking away as she pat his head.

"Lala, let's fuck." Durge said boldly and she blushed harder, "But you're already hurt. I rather not." "Lalita." She hesitated, thinking about it bashfully, "Won't we be out of warp drive in a minute or two?" She asked and Durge shook his head, "We have fifteen minutes, give or take a couple extra for the ship to slow down." Lala looked away unsurely, "If I'd come any later, who knows that that Fett would have done?" She blushed,

"Ok…But not here."

"No. Here." He said firmly, "I'm not stepping foot in that room until it's been cleaned and thou rally sanitized, and the bench is too small for me." Lala hesitated, "Th-There's no way we could-" "Wrong again." She blushed as he leaned his chair further back, "There are a variety of positions, you know. A good one here would be the 'Cowgirl'."

"Why don't I like the sound of that?" Lala asked, and he reached back untying the leather from around her neck before brushing his thumb against one of his hickies. "Ahhhn!"

"Did you moan in such a manner when the Fett touched your neck?" Durge asked, pulling her hips closer to his own, holding her thighs,

"No," She gasped, as he brushed more of them, "I refused to." Durge chuckled and she batted his hand away, "How could you think I'd do something like that, I don't even know him!"

"You don't have to know someone to sleep with them." Durge answered and she got off of his lap and punched him in the stomach angrily, "Urk!" He groaned and held his stomach,

"You're the worst." Lala told him, as Durge slowly recovered, "You can sit there in pain for all I care." Lala yelled and vanished into the de-doored bedroom where she latched herself to the hook and sat on the floor. Durge stood up when he'd recovered from the shock of her hitting him, and attempted to venture close to the bedroom but kept his disgusted distance, as she sat there, watching, arms crossed over her chest. He growled and paced moodily five feet away from the door, keeping contact with her as he went back and forth.

"Look, I wasn't here and I don't know what he tried to proposition to you."

"don't you have a little more trust in me that to sleep around with anyone who corners me?" She demanded and Durge scoffed,

"I trust you to know where the better deal lies and to find a way onto the 'Winner's side'." Durge said and she looked heart-broken, "No, I didn't mean it like that-" she turned her back to him and rested her head on the bed. "Lala," Durge whined and she said nothing, "I'm sorry."

"You better be, you just called me a prostitute." Lala said, trying to ignore him. "Not a slutty prostitute, a high class one- oh, shit, that came out wrong too." Durge said, and she glared at him, "I was just joking with you- trying to set the mood." He said, and she looked away, thinking, before glancing back. He's stopped moving and was just standing there, palms together like he was praying. She looked away and he was surprised.

"I'll accept your apology if you promise to take better care of yourself." Lala said, unlatching herself. "Promise?"

"Yeah." She came out, grabbing a bottle of perfume on her way out and spritzed herself down with it. "All better." Durge chuckled and she sat back on her bench as he went back to driving. When they landed, she jogged inside to heat up his bath, then unloaded the swoop bikes into the garage. "Sanitize, huh?" she murmured, trying to think of someway to sanitize the room aside from cleaning it. "Hand sanitizer?" She mused, before hearing a knock on the door and changing into a fresh dress right quick and answering the door. Count Dooku and General Grievous, once again, were let in, "Hello." She greeted, curtsying, "Something to drink?"

"That would be nice." Dooku said, "That transmission you sent had me worried."

"I just wanted to inform you before I was possibly killed is all. Excuse me, I'll go get Durge." She said as the two sat down in the waiting room, "Dooku and Grievance- Grievous- are here again." She said as Durge looked over, sitting on the bed. "I'm going to get them tea. Should I collect the rest of the weapons from the ship?" He nodded and she continued on her way as Durge joined the men as she made tea for their guests. Lala turned around, Grievous standing in the doorway, scaring the hell out of her so much that she fell on her ass. The dishes almost fell before she caught all of them, a tea cup and saucer on her head, the tea pot on her elbow, a saucer on her knee, and a tea cup almost about to fall of the edge of her foot. Grievous went over and saved the tea cup, putting it back on it's saucer, picking up the saucer from her head There was a soft click and another set of arms lifted the tea pot off her elbow, allowing her to get back to her feet. "Thank you, General."

"Not a problem." He responded and she took one of the cups back and the tea pot, as his arms clicked back into one pair, and he pulled out her cloak from underneath his own white and red cape, "You forgot this." The General informed her and she took it, smiling at it,

"I was wondering wherever I left this. Thank you for holding on to it for me, General." She said smiling at him and he looked at his cup of tea. Lala left the Kitchen

~O~ Elsewhere on the Planet where Lalita is from ~O~

A large ship landed and a girl skipped out happily, "Oh, I'm so excited! I finally get to see my master and my love after all this time." She said, dirty blond hair dancing this way and that as she stopped skipping and came to a halt, "Hey, make sure you don't forget a single present, ok? They're all for the Master and if I forget one she'll probably be heart broken."

"Yes, Mistress." Her slave answered. Once upon a time her 'Slave' had been the man who took her from the Village, but since she got tired of taking orders and took charge, he'd become an obedient dog. Good enough to do her bidding, anyways. She turned around, shuddering,

"Stupid Imperialist scoundrels." She cursed, "You make my stomach churn in the worst of ways!" "I'm Sorry, Mistress Lelane, I almost have all of the presents."

"Lee- Lahn!" She corrected him, "If you embarrass me in front of my master, you're dead, do you understand!" she yelled, turning around and walking off, finding the Village not too far off. Dead bodies decayed in the sun and ashes were left from whatever savage had destroyed everything. "Oh by the Gods! Slave, forget the presents and come quickly!" The Slave ran over, looking around, "Quick, slave, look for a woman with milk and honey skin and long brown hair!" He scoured the corpses and came up empty handed, Lelane letting out a sigh of relief, "Oh, thank the heavens my Master isn't here. Now, look for something that could give us a clue to who did this massacre!" Lelane ordered, waving her hand towards the dead bodies and her whipped slave looked around and found a piece of metal with a strange insignia on it. "Oh, oh, bring that here!" He did so and she snatched it from him, looking at it, "You can trace this, right?"

"It will take some time but we can hunt down the one with that symbol." Her slave answered and she glared at him darkly, "Yes, I can, Mistress Lelane."

"Good." she said, tossing it back to him and he caught it, "It's good that all of my presents to the Master are non-perishable. Quickly, now, we must find her." They returned to the ship and she leaned over his shoulder as he checked the symbol,

"It belongs to a bounty hunter for hire named 'Durge'." Her puppet answered and she thought about it, "What now, Mistress?"

"I must find my master at all costs, Slave!" she ordered, "You try and figure out where he's been and we'll look for information on him." She kissed his neck and her slave trembled, "You've been a very, very good boy- I think it's time you have a reward." She purred and the Slave looked at her, "First, find the last known location of this 'Durge' then I'll give you your treat." she said, her finger tips brushing against the underside of his lower jaw and he grinned happily,

"Y-Yes mistress!" Her slave answered obediently as she sat down, slowly licking her lips,

"I'll save my sweet Master Lalita from this scourge of space 'Durge'!" Lelane moaned, "Ooh, and the thought of the Master already is making me so hot!" She said, panting lightly, "I've got enough toys to keep us going for days." She calmed down, lighting biting her lip, "But I don't have a servant to offer her…No matter, we'll pick one up, right Slave?" "Yes Mistress." Lelane smirked, and parted her glossy pink lips,

"To the song of the wind we fly, we fly, to the sound of the order we die, we die. All love belongs to one and everything belongs to all, to the master of mistresses and the banshee of the golden chime, Lalita is all mine." She sneered, a lustful look in her eyes, "Lalita is all mine."

~O~ Durge's permanent home. ~O~

"So, Lala, tell me about yourself." Count Dooku requested, setting his tea down, on the table, "I'm particularly interested in your origins."

"I don't think our planet had a name, sir." She answered, "I lived in a quaint, naïve little village where we knew thought only other villages existed. Travelers came, sometimes offered to bring one or two of my fellows with them, and we never saw them again." Durge looked at her, "As some inconsiderate jerk started setting fire to the houses of my friends and family, I was forced by my family to run into the forest as their screams of agony and pain filled the air like the stars do the night sky." She took a sip of her own tea, "When I left my hiding spot to see if anyone had survived, I wound up running into the man next to me and he decided I was the perfect trophy. Thus, I wound up here. That's about all, Sir."

"I'm sorry, I thought I heard a part about an 'inconsiderate jerk'?" Durge said and she looked at him,

"Are you confused? Yes, I was talking about you. You were the only one wearing heavy battle armor to a peaceful village." She told him and he looked away,

"How many were in your family?" Dooku asked.

"I…don't remember." Lala answered, looking down.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Dooku said, "How about friends?"

"I don't remember them well." She responded, "I can't seem to remember much about anything. I think I was too busy with what I was doing at the time before I was brought here that I seemed to have forgotten everything else. I can't even remember what I was doing the day Durge found me." Lala gripped her cup, "I can only remember running but I can't remember where too."

"Hm. Interesting. Amnesia, possibly?" Dooku asked and Lala didn't answer but got to her feet and excused herself, taking the empty dishes and took them to the kitchen to clean them. For some reason, she seemed to feel- empty. "I'm going to pair you up with Ventress, Durge." Dooku announced as she walked back into the room, sitting down.

"Ah, well, looks like I'm going to hunt down that Mandalorian and ask him if he's doing anything this weekend." Lala said icily, looking at Durge, who looked back.

"It's not like that, Lala. I go on missions with her, she's not even a friend-" Durge said, trying to plead his case and she looked away, Dooku said,

"Why do you request missions with her then?" Dooku asked, just to see Lala's reaction. Durge looked over at Dooku and asked, "Why the fuck would you say that-! Wa-Wait, Lala, he's lying!" Durge got a punch to his stomach, crippling his armor and he gurgled, "Oh, the pain…" With that, she left for the kitchen,

"That was amusing." Dooku said, "Looks like she's jealous of Ventress." "It should be the other way around." Grievous voiced, "I believe it's best we leave." Dooku said as the two took their leave, as Durge went to the kitchen, picked Lala up and set her on the counter.

"I don't have any interest in Ventress." Durge told her bluntly and she looked at him, "Dooku enjoys pairing us up because we get the job done faster." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I swear. I don't request her assistance either."

"Fine, but you promised me that you'd take better care of yourself." She snapped, Durge groaned, "Get the hell out of the kitchen and in that tub." Lala said firmly and he trudged out of the kitchen. She got off the counter, brushing herself off and went to the waiting room to collect the dishes. She paused and stood up, standing there tense for a few moments before sneezing, "Achu! Why is it so cold here?" She murmured, and went back to the kitchen and cleaned the dishes quickly.

"Lala! My champagne!" Durge called and she smiled softly to herself as she got the beverage from the fridge, shook it up, and poured it into a glass. Lala went to the end of the unused dinning room and pulled a few bounty papers from the printer, going to the bathroom and giving him his glass and the bounties. "So, Lala, I just noticed that I have a shower- and it's a five person one."

"Why in all of creation, would you have a five person shower when it's only you who lived here until I came along?" She asked and Durge shrugged,

"I killed someone for this house, ok? I only like the bathtub, lay off." Durge said, looking at the bounties, as the shower turned on and he looked over. Lala closed the shower stall door as she bathed, "Hey, that's not fair!"

"I'm tired and I smell like-" She sniffed herself, "Cheap cologne. I'll only take a minute then I'll leave." Lala said bluntly, washing herself off quickly.

"Make sure you take more than a minute, that fucking asshole touched you." Durge grumbled, looking at the possible bounties, as she scrubbed herself clean. When he was done, Lala exited the bathroom for the bedroom. By the time Durge entered the room, she had already fallen sleep. Durge chuckled and latched her to the hook in the bedroom, drying off before lying next to her. Lala sleepily snuggled up in the sheets, breathing softly before Durge closed his eyes, listening to the beating of his name.

Durge. Durge. Durge.

~O~ Elsewhere ~O~

"Mmm, mm!" She moaned, hair brushing against his thighs as he groaned and came, "Ahhn," She moaned, pulling her mouth off of his member, swallowing down everything she'd just been given before licking her lips, "Thanks for the meal, Slave." She giggled, standing up as her submissive and exhausted slave panted,

"Of course, Mistress Lelane." They responded and Lelane wiped her mouth, looking away,

"You men cum too easily, there's not much fun in it anymore." Lelane said and her slave jolted from the icy comeback, "Mmm, but I'm going to keep you around. Don't worry, you're still of use to me." Her slave smiled happily, "So, where are we going right now?"

"I searched some records and they said that the most recent even that involved Durge, was on Tatooine. It was some type of scuffle in a bar. I thought you may want to check it out, Mistress." Her slave answered, and she thought about it. "There was also a skirmish about him fighting with another bounty hunter."

"Doesn't he have somewhere he goes after all of these missions?" Lelane asked and the slave perked up,

"I could check for you, Mistress Lelane." "Then do it." She ordered and he nodded, "Go and get me my scrap book!" He hastily got to his feet and ran into the back of the ship, coming back with a thick book and giving it to her. Lelane opened the book, "Mistress, you never told me what was in that book." Lelane huffed and looked at him,

"Fine, nosey!" She said, blushing darkly, "They're all memories of my Master that we made." Lelane answered. Pictures of Lalita in various fetish outfits filled the book to the brim, and she flipped through it. "It's been a while so my Master must have grown like I have- I'll have to make even better memories with her." Lelane purred, moaning and hugging the huge book to obnoxiously large chest. "Slave! I'm ready for another round!" Her slave looked over giddily,

"As am I, Mistress." Her slave said before she glared at him angrily and he cowered in fear,

"Who said you could speak, slave?" She demanded and he shook his head, not meaning to anger her obviously, but she was pissed anyway. "Just shut up and take off your pants!" He did so compliantly, "You're going to regret pissing me off, Slave, one way or another, you won't be able to move much tomorrow!" She yelled, pushing him down. "You fucking men never learn anything!"