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Rain poured on the hospital roof, running down the windows to the pavement below. Onodera jumped as lightning flashed and thunder roared violently. The storm had suddenly appeared, hitting the area with such ferocity it seemed like a hurricane. Onodera sighed, closing the blinds on the window and looking over to Takano, who began to stir on the bed next to him.

"Mmm… Wha' 'appened?" He grumbled, sitting up. Realizing that his head was throbbing with pain, he lifted his uninjured hand and placed it on his forehead. "My head…"

"Well, yeah, hitting the pavement tends to hurt," Onodera sat in the chair next to Takano's bed. "You passed out on the way here. I couldn't carry you, so I called the ambulance. They brought you here," Takano looked around. He didn't even notice he was in a hospital until the word "ambulance". "They're keeping you overnight just to make sure you're okay. The doctor said it was due to the blood loss and fatigue."

"Right… Haven't slept since you went missing; been too busy running around looking for you…" Onodera turned a light pink and shyly looked down. Takano directed his attention to the smaller man.

"Idiot!" He spat, not looking up. "I can't believe I actually worried about you…" Takano placed a hand on Onodera's head. He ruffled the brunette hair slightly. "Don't do that." He murmured, barely protesting the warm touch. The other man pulled Onodera's chin up, kissing him fiercely. Onodera tried to pull away, but Takano's grip was as strong as ever. Helplessly losing himself, he stopped struggling and relaxed his muscles. Just before he completely lost it, Takano pulled away and smiled. Even though he didn't want to admit it, Onodera could feel the draw towards Takano.

Onodera took his arm out of the other man's grasp, but Takano seized the limb once again and pulled him up into his lap. Takano wrapped his arms around Onodera's tiny frame, refusing to let go despite the smaller man's rebuttal. "H-Hey! Let me go!" He tried to squirm out of the larger man's hug, but the arms just tightened with every movement.

"I won't let you get away this time." Takano murmured with his face buried in Onodera's back. Onodera instantly stiffened his muscles, turning even redder. He could feel his body becoming more heated, and everywhere Takano touched began to ache. His stomach twisted with emotion.

"You're still recovering…" Onodera spoke quietly. Takano let his grip loosen, turning Onodera around so that he could see his face. The look on his face made Onodera feel even more bothered; Takano's eyes glinted with lust and his smirk was no better. He looked away, face still bright red.

"I feel fine."

"You're not." Onodera lifted one hand up, poking Takano's forehead. The other man winced, making Onodera smile. "See?"

Takano grabbed his wrist, pulling him close. "That hurt…" He whispered into Onodera's ear. Onodera felt a chill run down his spine. His voice was like velvet, the tone so smooth and deep. Takano let his other hand run down the front of Onodera's jacket, unzipping it along the way. When he reached the bottom, Onodera couldn't help but flinch, knowing how close his lover's hand was to the bulge in his jeans. Onodera prayed that Takano hadn't noticed, but after knowing him for this long he knew that the other man would. Takano looked down, then back up at Onodera's face. He smiled, knowing that he was winning the "battle" with Onodera's denial.

"That isn't…!" He stuttered, looking around frantically for an escape. There was the emergency nurse button, but having someone see them was the last thing he'd wanted.

"Oh? Then what is it?" He rubbed his hand gently over the lump, making Onodera gasp. Takano unbuttoned the jeans, pulling them and his boxers down slightly.

"H-Hey! We're in a hospital! You're still recover-ah!" Onodera's angry protest was interrupted when Takano took hold of his erection. He ran his hand up and down, receiving a moan in reply. Onodera's hands grasped tightly onto Takano's shoulders, and he looked away from the other man.

"Ritsu…" Takano pulled Onodera into a kiss with his injured hand, continuing to move his other one. Onodera's gasps were stopped by the kiss, but as soon as he pulled away he began to pant. Takano pushed Onodera down onto the hospital bed, removing his hand from Onodera's digit in order to hold himself up. Onodera's eyes, half closed, looked up at the larger man, wanting more. He groaned in pleasure as the kisses began trailing down his body. Once they reached below his bellybutton, Takano stopped, looking at Onodera's face.

"W-What….?" Onodera asked. Takano just smiled, opening his mouth to speak.

"You're not telling me no."

The mood seemed to dissipate quickly. "Y-You jerk!" Onodera yelled, angry. "Get off of- ngh!" Onodera closed his mouth, holding back a moan as Takano let his lips barely graze Onodera's erection. He put his mouth over the tip, and then slid it down over Onodera's skin. Onodera panted louder, and the moans escaped his tightly closed lips. His hands drifted to Takano's head, knotting his fingers in the dark hair. He squirmed, feeling the heat rush downward. Onodera's grip became tighter; He could tell he couldn't last much longer. "Ta-Takano…" He whimpered, allowing himself to drift completely into the moment. He felt the emotion escape through him, into Takano's mouth. He let out a loud moan of pleasure, nearly screaming. Takano removed his mouth, wiping it clean with one hand and licking it afterward. He sat up, looking at his uke. Onodera refused to look at Takano, blushing furiously and furrowing his eyebrows. Tears were in his eyes. Takano reached his clean hand out, wiping the drops from his eyelids. Onodera glanced at him, still looking angry. "You're an ass…"

Takano just chuckled, lying back down next to his lover. "I know." He smiled, pulling Onodera into his warm embrace. "I'm tired."

"I wonder whose fault that is." Onodera deadpanned. It was amazing how quickly he could regain his composure, just as it was amazing how Takano could act so unaffected by what just happened. Onodera sat up, shrugging off the hug and pulling his pants back over his hips. As he buttoned the jeans, Takano wrapped a large arm wrapped around his small frame, pulling him back down onto the bed. He sighed, allowing the embrace to last and in fact curling up into it. The taller man's breathing made Onodera's hair move slightly, and he couldn't help but fall asleep to the hypnotic rhythm of their heartbeats.