Title: A Chance to Change

Summary: The day before he marries Ginny Harry goes to Gringotts; he uncovers the disturbing truth. He travels back in time; his new mission: Befriend Draco Malfoy and win the heart of Severus Snape. SSHP MPREG abuse Good!LV AD MW RW GW Bashing SLASH FEMSLASH


Warnings: Good!Voldie, Time Travel, Slash; AD, MW, RW, GW Bashing, child abuse, sexual abuse, mpreg

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter One – A Trip to Gringotts

Harry grins as he shifts the silk black robes on his shoulders. Yes. Tomorrow is the big day, the day he'll finally marry Ginevra Weasley, the love of his life. He sighs happily and walks out of his little room in the Burrow. He walks down the stairs and heads to the entrance in the dining room.

He glances to his right and grins at George who was sitting at the table, writing up the schematics for another new WWW product. Harry walks up to the table. "Hey, George," he says, attempting to get a glimpse of the new product and failing as George had used a charm to hide what was written.

The aforementioned Weasley looks up at his soon-to-be brother-in-law. "Hey Harry, where you headed?" he asks, smiling up at him with a grin.

"To Gringotts; I've got to get my accounts in order for the wedding; I'll catch you later, okay?" He says, walking out the front door. George stares after him with a slight frown. Why had his mother asked him to stop Harry if he was going to Gringotts? Whatever, it's not his place to interfere; he'll just lie and say he didn't see him leave. He turns back to his new invention with a sad smile; working on these products always reminded him of his lost twin brother and love, Fred.

Harry stares up at the imposing building of Gringotts. He sighs in relief when he realizes that they had fixed the place since he was last there. The whole dragon incident was really destructive. He hesitantly walks up the steps and strides through the doors. Maybe the Goblins wouldn't hate him for destroying their bank a few years back.

He hesitantly walks up towards the new head goblin, whose name he didn't yet know. He clears his throat and opens his mouth to speak, but before he can say anything, the goblin speaks to him. "Ah, Lord Potter, we've been meaning to speak with you."

Harry hesitates and blinks. Lord Potter? Since when did he obtain lord status? "Speak with me about the wedding, right? Well, that's why I'm here."

The goblin looks at Harry strangely. "No. We've been trying to contact you about your parents', the previous Lord Black's, Tom Riddle's, and Remus Lupin's wills." Hadn't the boy gotten any of their missives?

Harry frowns. "Wait. They all had wills? And why do I need to hear Voldemort's will? That doesn't make any sense." Confusion spreads through his mind and takes hold of his features.

The goblin sighs and calls out in Gobbledygook. Apparently that blasted old man can still manipulate lives even from his rightful place in Hell. He turns back to Harry when another goblin approaches. "Lord Potter, Ragnok here will sort all this out. Just follow him into his office."

Even when disoriented, Harry doesn't ignore his manners—how could he when they were painfully instilled in him at a young age; and bows to the head goblin, saying, "May your gold forever flow." He turns and follows after Ragnok, missing the looks of surprise on all the goblins' within hearing distance faces.

He follows the other goblin into his office and takes the seat in front of him. As the goblin makes his way around the desk, Harry becomes restless, dread sitting icily in the pit of his stomach. Why did he get the feeling this visit will most likely end badly? "What's this about these wills?" He blurts out, not being able to hold in his confusion.

The goblin sighs. "Yes, well, you were supposed to see your parents will on your eleventh birthday. Dumbledore had told us he had it under control but it appears that he did not follow through with the order." He holds out four papers for Harry to take, murmuring, "I might as well just let you read them."

Harry cautiously takes the four parchments and holds them out in front of him. Did he really want to read this? He was originally here for Ginny so that she can be with him. Yet, why was that one of the furthest things from his mind?

I, James Harold Potter, and I, Lily Potter, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, rendering all previous wills null and void.

If you're reading this, than I guess that means we've died. Harry, if things didn't go the way we wished, we hope you realize that we love you. Please, it was not your fault that we died, so please never blame yourself. You were our own little angel; we love you no matter what. Now we move onto the good part.

To Remus Lupin, we leave 1 million galleons. You can't give it back because we're dead, use it, and be happy. Settle down with a certain scruffy-looking animagus if you wish. Have a bunch of pups together, you know the drill.

To Sirius Black, we leave 1 million galleons as well. We know you don't need it, but you've been a great friend to us and we don't really know how to thank you. Well, except we also leave our estate in the Norwegian countryside. Yeah, I know it's in a weird place, but it was always really peaceful with a big forest for certain dogs and wolves to prance around in contentment.

To Severus Snape, we leave 2 million galleons, the Potter's golden potions equipment, a five year membership to that apothecary in America that has rare ingredients(note that this membership won't activate until you personally go there), and finally our estate in France. James is sorry about what he'd done when we were at Hogwarts and we know this does nothing to alleviate the pain, but I hope it can help. Buy those rare potions ingredients that you've been wanting. You've always told me, Lily, that you've wanted to visit France, so now you have a house there of your own. I'd also like to let you know that I forgive you, Severus, and I'm sorry that I was unable to tell you earlier. And I, James, would like to formally apologize for the wrongs I have done unto you, Severus, I had no right and you are a person deserving of great respect. I'm sorry.

And to our son, Harry James Potter, we leave all else. Use it wisely son and please don't trust Dumbledore. He is not the man he claims to be.

On our son's eleventh birthday, he is to be emancipated from all guardianships. He will gain lord status immediately after being emancipated and will have free reign over all our vaults, not just the trust fund we leave for his school items in case Albus interferes somehow. And if we die before that time, he is to go and live with Sirius Orion Black. If that is somehow unachievable, he is to go to the following people in this order, moving down the list if he is unable to live with the next possible person:

Remus Lupin

Frank and Alice Longbottom

Minerva McGonagall

Severus Snape

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

Never under any circumstances is he to be under the care of Albus Dumbledore or my sister and her husband, Petunia and Vernon Dursley. If all of the above names are not options, he is to go to a loving wizarding family.

This concludes our last will and testament.

Harry's breath catches in his throat. Nothing in this will had come to pass. He was never to go to the Dursley's; he was never supposed to endure their abuse. Why would Albus overlook that, his parents trusted the Malfoys more than the Dursleys. "All the money had been moved as of your twelfth birthday," Ragnok says, noticing that Harry had finished reading this will, "but not to the places they've been supposed to." If they didn't go to the right places, then where did they go?

Harry didn't want to voice his question but he bites his lip and tentatively asks anyway. "W-where did it go than?"

"Remus Lupin's money was transferred into an account under the name of 'The Order of the Phoenix', Lord Black's earnings were transferred to an account under the name of 'Ronald Billius Weasley', and Severus Snape's money was transferred to an account under the name of 'Albus Dumbledore', the membership was sold for 1 million galleons and transferred into an account under the name of 'Molly Weasley', the potions equipment was taken out by Albus Dumbledore himself September 1, 1991; and the estate was transferred into an account for 'Ginevra Weasley' whom has also been getting a monthly allowance of 5000 galleons since September 1992 now totaling 480 thousand galleons from the Potter main vault." Ragnok pauses and looks up at the man in front of him.

Harry was staring at the desk in a mix of shock and horror. Was it all a lie? She was getting paid? He was about to marry someone who probably didn't love him. Then how come he loves her so much? That thought shocks him from his stupor. "Is there a way to check if I am under the influence of any spells or potions?"

Ragnok blinks. He hadn't been expecting that. "Yes, there is, but we can check after you read the remaining wills, they are really important."

Harry nods and looks down at the next will in his hands, Sirius'.

I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind(shut it Moony) and body, do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, rendering all previous wills null and void.

Okay…I'm dead. I just know that that bastard Albus was involved, so Harry; don't go beating yourself up about it! It's not your fault! However I die, it was probably that old geezer's fault, never yours. Okay, now that that's all cleared up, onto the money dishing.

To Severus Snape, I leave 3 million galleons and a formal apology. I'm sorry, you didn't deserve what we did to you; I wish I could give you more, but you never really liked anything in my vaults. Well, except, I'll leave you my books, I never read them; hopefully there'll be something you like.

To Remus Lupin, I leave half of my remaining fortune and all my estates in other countries. See the world, Remy, I knew you always wanted to. Please don't hold yourself up in a dimly lit room because you blame yourself for my death. I love you Remy, don't ever forget that.

And to my one and only godson, Harry Potter, I leave all else I have yet to mention. You have gained the title of Lord Black, go have people piss their pants in fear. Use it well and give Dumbledick a punch in the face for me, will you? I love you Harry, not the same way as Remy, but you get the idea.

This concludes my last will and testament.

Harry sucks in a breath. "This money never made it to the places it was supposed to either, did it?" At the goblin's shake of his head, Harry sighs and leans back in his chair. "Okay, where'd this money go to?"

Ragnok clears his throat and says, "Severus Snape's 3 million galleons was added to an account called, 'Potter-Weasley wedding', his books have been sent into the Hogwarts vault; Remus Lupin's money was sent to the main Weasley vault while his estates were being divvied up and added equally among the vaults entitled: 'Ronald Billius Weasley', 'Ginevra Weasley', and 'Molly Weasley'. And the rest of the Black vault, which was supposed to be given to you, Lord Potter, was sent to Albus Dumbledore's vault."

Harry was seething. That lying, manipulative bastard was stealing from him! He lost nearly everything! Well, at least nothing bad could have happened with Remy's will, right?

I, Remus Lupin, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, rendering all previous wills null and void.

I'm sorry Harry, but I can't really give you much because I don't have a lot to give, but I'm leaving everything I own to you. I made some mistakes in the past that I wish I could have corrected, one being the acceptance of my inner wolf. It appears that when Sirius died, I should have been in more anguish than I was. I've found that the reason behind that, and it was that I, unlike most werewolves, have two mates, one being Sirius, and the other being my alpha, Fenrir Greyback. If I had accepted my wolf, I would have realized this and hopefully started the bond, but alas, due to Dumbledore's 'Light' views, my wolf was bad and I was to ignore it.

I truly hope you can make the right decisions from now on Harry, and don't fall into that evil man's scheme!

This concludes my last will and testament.

Harry frowns. That was sad and confusing. Fenrir Greyback? He was found dead after the final battle, the Order claimed he was killed in vengeance by a light wizard when he truly committed suicide. Could it be because he was too overwhelmed with grief that both his mates had left him? He looks back up at Ragnok's grave expression. With a sigh, he asks, "Where did Remy's stuff go?"

"It was transferred to the Molly Weasley account."

Harry sighs and leans back in his chair. Well, now he knows who he can trust. Hermione was good, as well as George, and probably the older Weasleys, but not Molly, Ginny, or Ron. Great. Just great. He lost the friends he thought he had. What would have happened if he had accepted Draco's friendship?

He looks down at the last will. The one he was most curious about. With a sigh, he holds Tom Riddle's will closer so he could read it. What does that megalomaniac want now?

I, Tom Marvolo Riddle, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, rendering all previous wills null and void.

My rival, Harry Potter, it appears that you have succeeded in killing me. To you, I leave all that's in the Slytherin vaults and I give you the title of Lord Slytherin. Use the power well, you have earned it. It has also come to my attention that in your possession are the vaults of Merlin, the vaults of Gryffindor, and the secondary vault of Salazar Slytherin. Thus, I also leave you with some advice: live life to the fullest because very few have another chance.

There was a way to nullify the prophecy, alas I had found out too late. Actually, the prophecy had ended the minute my horcrux in you was destroyed. Neither can live while the other survives. It was speaking of you. Neither you nor the horcrux could live while the other survived. Only one could truly inhabit that body. Albus undoubtedly knew this.

And to my beloved, Lucius Malfoy, I leave all my other possessions. I give you the title of Lord Riddle and my eternal love. My only wish was to have spent more time expressing that love. Forgive me, Lucius.

This concludes my last will and testament.

Harry stares in shock. Voldemort and Lucius were in love? Ew. But it's none of his business. He was missing the main point. He owned two of the founders' vaults and Merlin's vaults. How? And apparently Dumbledore didn't know about these. And there was a way around the prophecy? How come he was never told! Dumbledore knew about it! Damn that man.

And what did he mean people can have another chance?

Harry seethes for a few minutes before calming enough to say, "I would like that test now."

Ragnok nods and pulls out a parchment and a golden knife. "Just one drop of blood should do. The check is free, but the cleansing is not."

Harry nods and picks up the blade. Slowly, he runs the edge over his left index finger and watches in morbid fascination as his blood drips onto the paper. His eyes snap back from the parchment to his finger as it begins to heal on its own. Strange, that had never happened before.

He looks back down at the parchment where the words were written in red ink, most likely his blood.

Name: Harry James Potter

Father: James Harold Potter

Mother: Lily Potter née Evans

Lord to the Houses of:






Blocks: Magical block 95% (blocked by Albus Dumbledore October 31, 1981)

Comprehension block 30% spells, 80% potions, 99% martial arts, 85% general knowledge, and 90% logic (blocked by Albus Dumbledore October 31, 1981)

Vigilance block 75% (blocked by Albus Dumbledore September 30, 1991)

Untraceable Magic block 100% (blocked by Albus Dumbledore May 20, 1992)

Spells: 25 Compulsion spells

56 Loyalty spells

10 Repulsion spells (Repel Severus Snape)

15 Repulsion spells (Repel Malfoy family)

50 Repulsion spells (Repel Tom Marvolo Riddle)

5 Repulsion spells (Repel Dark magical creatures)

22 Naivety spells

Potions: 1975 Love Potions (Love Ginevra Weasley)

12 Ignorance Potions (Magical knowledge)

54 Meekness Potions

34 Loyalty and Compulsion Potions

Harry fumes at the paper and the goblin's mouth drops. Never before has he seen someone so drugged and still living. Ragnok stares incredulously at the paper "1975 Love potions?" he asks. He breathes out, "How could someone have that many without being poisoned? And why would one need that many?"

Harry looks down at the paper. "I've always been stubborn," he murmurs, "and I think I might've been gay. Since I didn't really feel anything towards Ginny until after the war was over; I believe they started to dose me the moment I met her which was my first day at Hogwarts, but they didn't work as well as they hoped; then I guess they started giving me multiple a day to 'keep me in line'." He glares at the parchment. "And what the hell is with these blocks? Was he trying to kill me?"

Harry scowls. Dumbledore was dumbing him down! The nerve of that man! And don't get him started on the repulsion spells. Repel dark magical creatures? Was he supposed to hate Remy? Damn that man! "He apparently thought of you as a major threat, Lord Potter-Black-Slytherin-Gryffindor-Merlin." Harry blinks at the long name.

"Just call me Harry. And when can you cleanse me of these horrid spells and potions?"

Ragnok blinks. Hardly any wizard asks to be called by their first name. "Well, this many potions and spells, it will cost quite a lot, but we can cleanse you straight away. But the blocks…I have never seen someone with your magical ability and have it only be 5% of their total ability for this long. Taking off the block, the resulting magical eruption could be catastrophic. We have no idea what would happen. If this had been when you were 11, we could probably reel in your magic enough to control it when it's first released, but once you entered your magical inheritance, which is 17 by the way, we have no idea what will happen."

Harry falls silent and looks long and hard at that paper. He didn't want this. He didn't want to marry Ginny, not anymore, not after what he's learned. "Cleanse me of everything. I am willing to take full responsibility for any consequences. But first, I have a question, what is 'untraceable magic'?"

"Untraceable magic is magic that the ministry cannot trace. It's basically the same as wandless and wordless magic. But, you'd have to use a certain part of your brain. To perform untraceable magic, focus on your index finger tip and when you hear a gentle humming, it will be untraceable. Just think the name and do the wand movements with you arm."

Harry nods. "Okay, thanks. Can we start the cleanse now?"

Ragnok nods and calls out in Gobbledygook. In comes another goblin. "Please take Lord Potter-Black-Slytherin-Gryffindor-Merlin to the cleansing room."

The goblin nods and leads Harry out of the room. Over his shoulder, Harry calls out, "May your gold forever flow." As they were walking down the hall, Harry glances at the goblin. "Thank you for doing this, Griphook."

The goblin pauses but doesn't stop walking. He looks up at Harry. "No one ever remembers a goblin's name."

Harry blinks. "Well, please call me Harry. And as I said before, thank you for what you are doing. I have recently discovered some disturbing news." He looks down at his feet. He wishes he didn't have to find out this way. He wishes that he had let the hat put him in his rightful house. He wishes he had taken Draco's friendship.

"Those were some truly disappointing developments. We goblins never trusted Dumbledore. He was manipulative and meddlesome. He was always sticking his nose into things that were none of his concern." Griphook stops and runs a finger nail over a crack in the stones in the wall in front of them.

The crack glows red before the stones slowly start to separate. The two walk into the room on the other side. Harry stares in awe at the vast space of the cleansing room. "Wow," he breathes out in shock.

"Yes, well, we have to release magical blocks at times and we need space for the magic to run wild," Griphook explains. "Go stand in the middle of the room and we'll start the ritual by removing your spells first."

Harry walks to the middle of the circle placed dead center of the room. Griphook stands off to the side, in front of a control panel of sorts. Harry looks up as the door opens once more and Ragnok walks in, holding a piece of paper. "Would you like to know how much this will cost, Harry?" Harry nods. "Well, each potion cost 100 galleons to cleanse, each spell cost 500 galleons, and every 5% of a block is 1000 galleons. So, you'd be spending 207500 galleons on potions, 91500 galleons on spells, and 97800 galleons on blocks. That comes to a total of 2,414,800 galleons."

Harry raises his eyebrows. Wow. That was a lot of money. "Okay, just remove it from the Potter main vault." Ragnok nods and stands next to Griphook.

"We'll be starting the ritual Harry," Griphook says, pressing a button. "Here goes your repulsion to Dark creatures."

Harry was standing watching Griphook in mild confusion. How could buttons do anything to get rid of potions and spells? Just as that thought leaves his mind, a weird tingling starting from his head travels though his body. What? This was a strange sensation.

The feeling gets stronger as Griphook presses another button, saying something about repulsion of Snape. No, not Snape, Severus. Why does he want to call the man that? His mind starts racing though his memories of the man and he frowns at the strange feeling that coincides with the memories. What was that?

His fingers twitch when the next button was pressed. They were getting rid of them in increasing order of how many there were. So, the next was his repulsion to the Malfoys. His mind zips to his first meeting with the boy and his abnormal hatred to the boy without even meeting him. He was under the influence of the potion then? When did he get the dose than? It hit him. Hagrid. He had drunken some tea from the man.

No…he thought he could trust that man. Damn, there's another one to add to the untrustworthy list.

The strange tingling increases and Harry's mind goes numb before abruptly being filled with knowing. If his eyes were open, one would see the bright intelligence shining within them. The naivety spells were no longer in effect.

Harry gasps as the compulsion spells go next. It feels as though a weight was lifted off his shoulders. He no longer had to go against his will to help Dumbledore or the Weasleys. A soft smile slides onto his face. The smile broadens into a grin as the loyalty potions wear off as well. His grin soon disappears to a frown. What's this feeling?

It was a memory from when Voldemort was first being explained to him by a neutral person. He wanted to follow that side? Did he really think like that? Was he really willing to follow the Dark Lord over Dumbledore? Yes. Vo—er, Tom—was not that bad. His ideals were the right ones, not Dumbledore's.

The Light was clouded by ignorance. They were told muggles were harmless. They aren't. Hasn't anyone ever bothered to look up on muggle history? They can make bombs large enough to destroy whole cities in seconds. Frankly, wards won't be able to protect against something like that. Were they stupid?

Tom's idea of separating the two worlds was the right one. And for those muggle-born or raised witches and wizards; they know nothing about wizarding culture, they would benefit from having a primary school to go to in order to learn culture and customs of the world they're about to enter.

The tingling soon subsides and Griphook says, "Now we'll move onto the potions." He searches the control board in front of him before muttering, "Say farewell to your ignorance."

Suddenly, a sharp pain erupts from his stomach. He groans and falls to his knees. He liked the way the spells wore off better than this. It wasn't painful at all.

The two goblins watch as Harry starts to writhe in pain on the floor. "Now on to the Loyalty potions." He presses another button and a stronger pain erupts within Harry.

Merlin, it hurt so much. But he could feel the effects changing. Looking back on his memories of his lessons at Hogwarts, he understood so much more now than he did at the time. He groans as the next button was pressed. They're taking away his meekness now. He won't be as humble; that he can live with. Sometimes his own personality bugged him and he had no idea why. Now he does. He bugged himself because he wasn't who he was meant to be.

Suddenly, his heart throbs and he falls onto his back. He body convulses before stiffening with his back arched and his eyes wide. His heart aches. Why? This pain is so great that it's drowning out the pain in his gut.

A memory flashes in his mind. It was a memory from the final battle, a memory that he had constantly blocked out for reasons he never really understood. Severus' pale face with his unblinking, dull eyes staring at him invades his thoughts. He feels tears sliding freely down his face. He shuts his eyes tightly to try and block out the image.

The potions seep out of his system one by one, and the more that disappear, the more pain in Harry's heart. He finally realizes it. The reason he can't bear to see Severus' dead, the reason his heart pains him so much, the strange feeling he has when remembering his old potions professor; it was because he loved him. He was in love with Severus Snape and now the man is dead. Dead before he even got a chance to know Harry's feelings. He was dead before Harry could prove himself to the man.

The tears flow stronger. He doesn't want that. He wants to be with the man. He doesn't want the man dead. He wants the man alive and by his side. He wants that man to be the one he marries, not Ginny.

He loves Severus! He wants it to be changed! He doesn't want to live this life anymore! He needs Severus!

During Harry's mental rant, he doesn't even notice that all his blocks are removed except his magical one. "Okay, here we go," Griphook mutters, his finger hesitantly hovering over the button. "Let's see what his magic can do."

He presses the button. Harry's magic erupts in a spinning tornado around the boy. It lashes out at everything around.

'Please,' Harry thinks, 'Let me be with Severus! I want another chance…' His body begins to levitate upwards inside the tornado, and still Harry didn't take note of his surroundings. "I WANT ANOTHER CHANCE!" he shouts out, the tears never ceasing. Suddenly, everything goes black and the two goblins stare at the now empty place where Harry Potter once was.

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