It hurt… Everything hurt…

"Stand up and fight me like a man!"

Kenichi let out a small whimper as the angry girl charged at him once again. He had to bite his lip to keep from screaming out as her foot connected with his chest. He flew back from the force of the blow and struggled to rise to his feet.

"Fight me, dammit!"

"I've already told you… I don't hit women." Kenichi replied in a slightly shaky voice.

The girl bowed her head and Kenichi could visibly see her shaking in anger. He tensed up once again, because the last time he told her that he had nearly been ripped to shreds.


The girl charged at him once again throwing kicks left to right. Kenichi jumped back and fell into a steady retreat from her. As the two of them moved further and further away from the scene of the battle Kenichi once again tried to reason with the girl.

"Stop this please! You don't have to do this!"

"Shut your damn mouth. Do you even know who I am? Kisara, my name's Kisara." She said while relaxing a bit.

Seeing this Kenichi allowed his self to get some rest, and regain his energy. Kisara locked eyes with the younger boy, and found her face getting hot. She turned away from the younger boy and mentally swore at herself.

'Pay attention you idiot he's your enemy! Although he is kinda cute…'

"Why are you doing this?" Kenichi asked pulling the girl from her thoughts. She looked over at him and without missing a beat had her foot pressed against his face. In turned Kenichi flew back and coughed up blood.

"Don't play like you don't know," She said reverting to her normal calm demeanor, "It's all that Milk Cow's fault. People like her really irk me. Trying to be all nice when they have perfect bodies… Then men like you practically flock them just increasing their ego."

As Kenichi struggled to get to his feet Kisara walked over to him slowly. When she was standing right in front of the struggling boy she took her foot and kicked him in his side, causing an audible cracking sound in the air as she broke his ribs. She then turned him over on his back using her foot, and then pressed it down in the center of his chest restricting all his movement.

"See even now you fight to protect her. Tell me it isn't because she's pretty with a nice body."

"It isn't like that with Mui-san…" Kenichi forced out with labored breaths startling Kisara, "Yes, she is very beautiful and yes she does have an amazing body, but she's more than that. She was my first actual friend."

At this Kisara froze. She just didn't understand. Why was he protecting someone just because they were a friend? It both annoyed her and confused her to no end. As she looked down at him she finally had an idea.

"So… You're saying if I was precious to you… You would serve under me?" She asked with an evil glint in her eyes.

"No! To care for someone is not to make them an underling, and I'd never consider someone like you a friend!" (Obviously hasn't read the manga)

Kisara simply smirked like she was circling a wounded animal. She then removed her foot from the boy's chest allowing him to take a few breaths of fresh air. She then slowly lowered herself until she was seating on his stomach, causing Kenichi to go red in the face.

"W-what a-a-are you d-doing?" He stuttered. Kisara simply smirked wider.

"I'm gonna make you show your true colors, then I'm gonna make you my underling."

"W-wha…" Kenichi started before he was cut off by the girl kissing him roughly. He tried to push her off however she held tight. She then started to run her hands along his boy making him shudder and drawing a moan from him.

Kisara smirked sultrily, and rotated her hips against Kenichi's drawing a moan from both of them. Her upper half then fell onto Kenichi allowing her to rest her breasts against his chest. This of course had the desired effect on the hormonal teenage boy and he shifted his hips up trying to get Kisara's body closer to his.

She struggled against him and finally allowed him to latch on to her ass. She then rose up a bit and took her shirt off over her head. She then reached a hand behind her and undid her plain red bra. When she felt Kenichi staring at her she blushed and tried to cover herself.

"They're not as big as that Dairy Cow's but I still think they look pretty good." Kisara explained as she tried to defend her breasts.

"No… They fit you perfectly…" Kenichi said totally spellbound by the older girl. Kisara blushed once more and kicked Kenichi.

"Don't such weird things you punk." She whispered.

Kenichi then grabbed Kisara's breasts in his hands, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He then started to pinch her nipples eliciting a small scream of pleasure from the girl. Smiling slightly at his achievement Kenichi leaned his head forward and captured one of Kisara's erect nipples in his mouth, causing the girl to arch her back as she tried to get him to do more.

Swirling his tongue around her nipple Kenichi started to suck on it and then when he got a positive response from the girl above him started moving his other hand against her other breast. Moaning and grinding her hips against Kenichi's Kisara nearly screamed out loud when Kenichi decided that it would be a bright idea to bite down on her nipple.

"Come on kid, do- *pant* don't you think *pant* you should do the other one?" Kisara said with an ounce of pleading in her voice.

Nodding his head Kenichi moved to the other breast and began to minister attention to it as well. While he was doing his 'sermon' and a damn fine one at that, Kisara felt her panties begin to stick to her sex. She could feel the wetness and with it came a fire which just wouldn't go out. Rolling her hips against Kenichi's she let out a moan as she felt his rapidly growing erection press into her through her pants.

Letting go of Kisara's nipple with an audible pop, and a frustrated groan from the girl Kenichi started to move his hands down over her stomach even stopping to play with a rather ticklish spot near her side. Laughing a little Kisara looked down at the boy who stared back at her with lust evident in his eyes.

"Why do you get to wear clothes when I can't?" Kisara asked in a teasing manner before unbuttoning Kenichi's shirt. Kenichi smirked and then lifted himself up and started to pull Kisara's pants off of her. If a few seconds the two were standing in nothing but their underwear.

Both teenagers blushed as they tried to make this a lot less awkward for them. Kisara hooked her fingers in her panties and began to pull them down slowly. When she finally got them off the only thing Kenichi could do was stare and drool.

"So it's natural huh?" Kisara turned a deeper shade of red and prepared to rip Kenichi a new one before he pulled his boxers down quickly. Kisara let out a small 'eep' as she saw its size.

'Is he seriously gonna put that in me?' She asked herself.

Kenichi looked at her and walked forwards and grabbed her lightly. He then moved his hands down to her ass and cupped it tightly. He then pulled Kisara to his body while she started to grinded on him once again, making his already hard dick stand up even harder.

Kisara smirked a little and moved her hand down to Kenichi's dick and lined it up with her entrance. She shuddered in anticipation, and rubbed it up and down her slit lubing Kenichi with her juices. She then smiled when she saw Kenichi practically drooling in anticipation for what was to occur.

"You ready kid?" Kenichi nodded his head and prepared himself. Kisara then pressed him against the ground and pressed the tip of Kenichi's dick inside her, with him already lubed up it slide in effortlessly.

As Kenichi went in further and further he found himself at a barrier.

"Don't you dare…" Kisara threatened. Kenichi started sweating and nodded his head. Kisara rose her hips up and came crashing down on Kenichi causing her to scream in pain, while Kenichi groaned in pleasure.

Kenichi tried to move his hips before Kisara grabbed his head, forcing him to look lock eyes with her. When Kenichi looked at her he felt like a bastard and looked away from her, because without saying it her eyes pleaded with him to stop.

Neither of them said a word as Kisara slowly got used to Kenichi's size. After a few seconds she began to move her hips up and down slowly prompting Kenichi to grab her and move with her. As the two of them moved slowly they began to get impatient and moved faster and faster.

"H-harder… Fa- fa- faster!" Kenichi did as he was told and began to double his speed and strength sending Kisara into a fit of very loud screams. As her body bounced up on his Kenichi grabbed her breast and pulled her down to his chest, while continuing to fuck her silly.

Eyes rolling to the back of her head and tongue hanging out of her mouth Kisara could say nothing as her body was pounded into harder and harder. After a few minutes of this torture Kenichi felt Kisara clamping down on him as she released an orgasm that had her screaming his name. Not wanting it to end yet Kenichi endured and continued to screw Kisara, which due to her previous orgasm left her extremely sensitive and before long she was cumming once again. As Kenichi endured once again he felt Kisara clamp down on him a final time and allowed himself to release with her.



As the two fell down from their high Kenichi quickly clothed himself and helped Kisara into hers. As he prepared to leave he felt her lean onto his back and the two of them stayed in that position for awhile before they heard Kisara's name being called. She released him and watched him walk away calmly, before limping over and yelling at her underlings for yelling at her.